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A Cause of Death

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rer 5 

Lan­guage : English 

Set­ting : Bel­fa­las


Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rer 8 

Lan­guage : English 

Set­ting : Cale­nard­hon

Darkness over Eriador

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rer 11 

Lan­guage : English 

Set­ting : Arthe­dain

Adventurers Club

Iffgûld’s Keep

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rers Club 8 (German trans­la­tion in Zau­ber­Zeit 4.) 

Set­ting : post-TA 2911 Rhu­daur

Synop­sis : A frost giant from the Misty Moun­tains has esta­bli­shed him­self in a ruined castle in the Etten­moors. The Ran­gers hire the PCs to deal with him.

The Stolen Sword

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rers Club 9 

Set­ting : Arnor

Synop­sis : A mis­sion to reco­ver the sword Gala­grist for a knight of King Arge­leb II.

The Legend of Zagoth

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rers Club 11 

Set­ting : Rhu­daur

Synop­sis : A dun­geon crawl through a tower in the Troll­shaws once inha­bi­ted by an evil sor­ce­rer.

Zirifair’s Sorcery

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rers Club 10 

Set­ting : Anó­rien

Synop­sis : An inves­ti­ga­tion into the Great Plague through the streets of Minas Anor.

The Stolen Steed of the Sovereign

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rers Club 11 

Set­ting : FA Rohan

Synop­sis : A chase after Snow­shade, the per­so­nal mount of King Elf­wine of Rohan.

Raid on Barluin

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tu­rers Club 12 

Set­ting : Rhudaur/​Dunland

Adventures Unlimited

A Gift from the West

Publi­ca­tion : Adven­tures Unli­mi­ted 3 

Set­ting : TA 3018 Misty Moun­tains

Synop­sis : Set in the weeks right before Ara­gorn arrives with the Hob­bits in Riven­dell. The party expe­riences dreams (simi­lar to those of Fara­mir) of a glimpse of hope out of the west and a light fallen from the sky. After sear­ching for hints they arrive at a spot in the Misty Moun­tains where a shi­ning meteo­rite lies. Unfor­tu­na­tely a party of Dwarves, who were there first, claim it as their own. The PCs must find a sui­table solu­tion to get the rock to Riven­dell (where Elven-smiths will use its light to reforge Aragorn’s sword, Narsil), and to satisfy the Dwarves” right­ful claim on it.


The White Lady

Publi­ca­tion : Ærden 

Lan­guage : English 

Set­ting : TA Thar­bad

Synop­sis : An Orkish mage is enga­ging in foul bree­ding expe­ri­ments in a secret lair in the Misty Moun­tains. In order to lure new vic­tims, the mage’s ally in Thar­bad hires the PCs to jour­ney to the lair on the pre­text of reco­ve­ring a lost sword named the White Lady.

Fantasy Chronicles

Five Farthings

Publi­ca­tion : Fan­tasy Chro­nicles 4 

The Little Troll

Publi­ca­tion : Fan­tasy Chro­nicles 8 

Game News

The Legend of Troggha’s Tower

Publi­ca­tion : Game News 4 

Set­ting : Mor­thond

Grey Worlds

Issue 1, 2, 3



Death on the Wing

Publi­ca­tion : The Guild Com­pa­nion (Decem­ber 1998)

Set­ting : TA Núme­ria­dor or Moun­tains of Mirk­wood

Synop­sis : PCs raid a lair of winged mons­ters.

In the Angle
  1. Minas Bre­thil (March 1999)
  2. The Scourge of Small­forge (May 1999)
  3. The Marau­ders (July 1999)
  4. The Siege of Har­nalda (Octo­ber 1999)
  5. Trap­ped in Har­nalda (Decem­ber 1999)
  6. Ennemy Within (July 2000)
  7. The Haun­ted Vale (Octo­ber 2000) 

Set­ting : TA 1644 Rhu­daur

Fire and Ice
  1. Fire and Ice (August 2000)
  2. The Wat­cher of Carn Dûm (February 2001) 

Iron Crown Quaterly

The Healing Tree

Publi­ca­tion : Iron Crown Quar­terly 2 

Set­ting : Mirk­wood

Ogrut’s Task

Publi­ca­tion : Iron Crown Quar­terly 5 

T’revor’s Tale

Publi­ca­tion : Iron Crown Quar­terly 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 


Where the Withywindle Flows (Part 1): The Lost Dúnadan

Publi­ca­tion : Mael­strom 1 (Mael­strom Publi­shing : Gene­ral Deli­very, RR1, Gil­ford, Onta­rio, Canada, L0L-1RO ; Sub­scrip­tion cost is \$27 US or \$33 Cana­dian per year. One year sub­scrip­tion includes 6 issues.)

Lan­guage : English 

Set­ting : Eria­dor

Synop­sis : Part 1 of a 6-part MERP mini-cam­paign : The Lost Dúna­dan ; Pine for Mal­lorn ; Free Folk’s Fair ; Hob­go­blins and Half-breeds ; The Pre­cious ; Down the Barrow.


Raid on Lauremar

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 4

Lan­guage : English Set­ting :

Love Conquers All

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 7

Springtime in Arthedain

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 11 

The No-Win Scenario for MERP

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 12 

Short Adventure Ideas

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 17

Middle Earth for Fantasy Hero

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 19 

Set­ting : TA 1970 Arthe­dain

Synop­sis : Role­playing in Arthe­dain, 1970 Third Age

The Miller’s Tale

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 21 (Reprin­ted in Other Hands)

Set­ting : TA 2031 Minas Tirith

Synop­sis : PCs inves­ti­gate a murder in Minas Tirith and get caught up in the dirty dea­lings of an uns­cru­pu­lous miller.

The Spears of Savaron

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 24

A Nightmare for Melyanna and the Fugitive of Gondor

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 26

The Assassin, the Thief, his Lover and the Mage

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 26

Other Hands


Beyond the Third Age : Roleplaying in all ages of Arda

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 1

Sum­mary : Cam­paign ideas for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Ages.

Enemies to Protect Us

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 4

Set­ting : TA 3019 Dun­land

Synop­sis : The wizard Saru­man is about to soli­dify an alliance with the Dun­len­ding clans in anti­ci­pa­tion of his war on Rohan. Théo­dred (son of King Théo­den) sends the PCs to spy out Dun­land days before this hap­pens. If the PCs manage to frus­trate the alliance by dra­wing off the sup­port of some of the Dun­len­dish clans, Saruman’s strength will be les­se­ned.

Semper Fidelis : Some Ideas for a Second Age Campaign

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 5

Sum­mary : Out­line of a Second Age cam­paign cen­te­red on Gondor and Umbar.

The Queen of Shadow : A Fourth Age Campaign

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 5 (Danish trans­la­tion in Athe­las 2.)

Sum­mary : Ela­bo­ra­tion of the Fourth Age cam­paign ideas out­li­ned in Beyond the Third Age.

Eyes of the Blind Night

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 6 — 7

Set­ting : TA 1450 Gondor

Synop­sis : The sequel to the tale of Nei­than in ICE’s Kin-strife module (with a cir­cum­stan­tial tie-in to the « Lost Elen­dil­mir » adven­ture in Sou­thern Gondor : The Land). The Black Númenó­rean Cult of Melkor seeks to exter­mi­nate the Line of Aná­rion and ins­tall a des­cen­dant of Queen Berú­thiel pliant to its will (Nei­than) upon the throne of Gondor. The anni­hi­la­tion of Gondor’s royal house is to be accom­pli­shed by using the scrying powers of the palantír of Orthanc to aid the cat-spi­rits of Benish Armon in assaul­ting the king and his family. Meanw­hile, to win the hearts of Gondor’s people during his anti­ci­pa­ted usur­pa­tion of the throne, Nei­than pre­pares to quest for the Karma of Alda­rion, which lies in Fuinur’s Well beneath the Mirror of Fire in Far Harad. Howe­ver, in order to cross the Mirror safely, he must first obtain all three frag­ments of the magi­cal key to Fuinur’s Well, one of which lies hidden within the Hall of the Fai­th­ful in Pelar­gir. The adven­ture opens with the cult’s sei­zure and theft of the palantír from Orthanc. The PCs are sum­mo­ned by King Elda­car to find and reco­ver the seeing- stone. The trail leads them to Pelar­gir, just after minions of the cult have worked des­truc­tive sor­ce­ries to gain access to the Hall of the Fai­th­ful (sear­ching for the frag­ment of the key to Fuinur’s Well). The PCs enter the ruined hall just in time to come to blows with the cult and also to stumble across some long-for­got­ten secrets about Berú­thiel and her bloo­dli­neó­then the hall is delu­ged (per « The Lost Elen­dil­mir »), and the PCs must struggle to escape the col­lap­sing hall with their lives. Next they get an oppor­tu­nity to thwart the ritual that will unleash the cats against the royal house, and finally to quest for the Karma of Alda­rion them­selves and defeat Nei­than.

Ûvatha the Horseman

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 6 — 7

Set­ting : TA 3017 Rohan/​Anórien

Synop­sis : While cros­sing the River Anduin as they embark upon their hunt for the Ring, one of the Nazgûl (Ûvatha) loses his steed and is forced to com­man­deer ano­ther. His bre­thren let him off near the Hali­fi­rien beacon and conti­nue on towards Isen­gard. With the aid of two Trolls, Ûvatha pro­cures a horse from a road­side inn along with the innkeeper’s son, and then retires to the Troll- lair for a brief respite before pres­sing on. The PCs are lod­ging at the inn and are asked to help reco­ver the mis­sing boy and horse.

The Knife of Betrayal

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 8

Set­ting : TA 1450 Arthe­dain

Synop­sis : While pas­sing through the Artha­da­nian vil­lage of Rood a recent acquain­tance of the PCs is framed for murder. They must expose the true culprit.

The High Cost of Living

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 10 — 11

Set­ting : TA Ithi­lien

Synop­sis : While tra­ve­ling through South Ithi­lien, the PCs stumble upon the scene of a murder in pro­gress and are forced to fight for their lives. If they sur­vive, they have an oppor­tu­nity to thwart (or abet) the machi­na­tions of a cor­rupt Ithi­lien noble­man.

All that Glitters (Part 1): The Seven Swordsmen

Publi­ca­tion : Gon­dica (First prin­ted in Other Hands 10 — 11.)

Set­ting : TA 1641–1944 Haron­dor

Synop­sis : There is a gold rush in Haron­dor. A greedy cri­me­lord hires seven mer­ce­na­ries to drive Dwar­ven pros­pec­tors off their claim. The PCs try to stop them.

All that Glitters (Part 2): The Beauty and the Priest

Publi­ca­tion : Gon­dica (First prin­ted in Other Hands 10 — 11.)

Set­ting : TA 1641–1944 Haron­dor

Synop­sis : A young girl is kid­nap­ped by a band of Haron­do­rian rai­ders and the PCs must save her before her cap­tors sacri­fice her to the Dark Lady of Lugar­lûr.

A Dog’s Life

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 15 — 16

Set­ting : TA 1640s Thar­bad

Synop­sis : An obses­sive animal col­lec­tor from Car­do­lan has hired a pair of rogues to pro­cure for him one of the royal wolf­hounds of Arthe­dain for his mena­ge­rie. The rogues end up abduc­ting a litter of five pups belon­ging to the Cap­tain of the King’s Ran­gers and try to spirit the dogs back to their employer. Howe­ver, their Artha­da­nian pur­suers (in addi­tion to some Ang­ma­rean black ran­gers, who have gotten wind of the situa­tion) catch up with them at Thar­bad, bent on reco­ve­ring the prized hounds. Meanw­hile, a greedy ser­vant from the inn the dog-nap­pers are lod­ging at approaches the PCs, invi­ting them to steal for him a « valuable cargo »…

The Mystery of the Blessed Child

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 20

Set­ting : TA 1640 Mirk­wood

Synop­sis : A mys­te­rious wan­de­rer rescues the PCs from a pack of rave­nous wolves and, in return, implores them to help save an inno­cent child’s life : an evil witch has kid­nap­ped an infant from among the Wood­men of Mirk­wood, and intends to sacri­fice the child in some hor­rible sor­ce­rous rite at an ancient ruin in the midst of the forest. Wary PCs will soon per­ceive that the situa­tion is not quite as simple as they have been led to believe.

Broken Covenant

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 21

Set­ting : TA 1640 Arthe­dain

Synop­sis : A trai­to­rous cour­tier at For­nost beguiles the king’s adop­tive daugh­ter and spi­rits her off to Angmar along with the royal seal. Before the trai­tor reaches his des­ti­na­tion, howe­ver, his cap­tive breaks the enchant­ment she is under, kills her captor, and makes off with the seal in search of a way back to Arthe­dain. Unfor­tu­na­tely, she stumbles upon the lair of one of Shelob’s rela­tives and is trap­ped there by the spider. Gan­dalf sum­mons the PCs to find and rescue her.

The Knights of Eärendur

Publi­ca­tion : Other Hands 23

Set­ting : TA 1409 Arthedain/​Cardolan

Synop­sis : PCs must rescue the palantír of Wea­ther­top from the Witch-king and use its powers to prevent a plot against the sur­vi­ving royal heirs of Arthe­dain and Car­do­lan.

Family Business

Publi­ca­tion : Links to game-rela­ted Tol­kien Inter­net resources (First prin­ted in Other Hands .)

Set­ting : TA Lame­don

Synop­sis : A nubile pea­sant maiden elopes with her lover. As guests lod­ging in her father’s house, the PCs are asked to help find and repri­mand the star-cros­sed lovers before they consum­mate their rebel­lious union.

The Legacy of Calimendil

Publi­ca­tion : MERP Pro­grams and Adven­tures (First prin­ted in Other Hands 8.)

Set­ting : TA 1643 Cardolan/​Rhudaur

Synop­sis : The PCs stumble upon the magi­cal sword of Cali­men­dil (= Celer­vel­lon), a former king of Car­do­lan who per­ished while at war with Rhu­daur in TA 1235 (See Arnor : The People p. 38.). The sword gives the PCs dream-visions which lead them to the for­got­ten res­ting place of other magi­cal wea­pons.

The Miller’s Tale

Publi­ca­tion : MOTiVE 21 (Reprin­ted in Other Hands .)

Set­ting : TA 2031 Minas Tirith

Synop­sis : PCs inves­ti­gate a murder in Minas Tirith and get caught up in the dirty dea­lings of an uns­cru­pu­lous miller.

White Dwarf

Tolkien’s Moria for AD&D

Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 38

Set­ting : Moria

Synop­sis : Sce­na­rio using Tolkien’s Moria as an intro­duc­tion to AD&D.

The Dawn of Unlight

Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 64

Set­ting : TA/FA Mirk­wood

Synop­sis : A cult of evil Elves and Men seeks to summon Ungoliant’s spirit back to Middle-earth. The PCs find out about it and get a chance to stop them.

Star Spray

Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 73

Set­ting : TA/FA Leben­nin

Synop­sis : Elwing (S. « Star-spray »), wife of Eären­dil the Mari­ner, can no longer endure her sepa­ra­tion from her hus­band (Sil.250) and conceives a plan to regain the Sil­ma­ril that Maglor cast into the sea and use the holy jewel to enable her to join Eären­dil on Vin­gi­lot per­ma­nently. Elwing learns from her bird-friends that the Sil­ma­ril has come to rest on the island of Tol Thúle (a frag­ment of Tol Eressëa that remai­ned tied to Earth when the Undying Lands were remo­ved) and mani­pu­lates Maglor by way of dream-visions into ques­ting for it. Maglor mani­pu­lates the PCs into hel­ping him.

A Secret Wish

Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 77

Set­ting : SA/TA (geo­gra­phi­cal loca­tion left open)

Synop­sis : Glor­fin­del did not actually die in his contest with the Balrog ; rather, Uinen pre­ser­ved his body with a magi­cal kiss. When Bele­riand sunk beneath the waves, one of Uinen’s nymphs spi­ri­ted Glorfindel’s slum­be­ring body away in hopes of awa­ke­ning him. The PCs stumble upon her lair and have an oppor­tu­nity to do the honors.

Where and Back Again ?

Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 79

Sum­mary : Ideas for run­ning Middle-earth cam­pai­gns during the various ages of the world.


Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 87

Set­ting : TA 1050–1856 Dor Rhúnen (sou­theas­tern Rho­va­nion)

Synop­sis : A group of Ent-wives returns out of the East in the Taurë­fantô (an enchan­ted, Noah’s Ark-like vessel that moves across dry land) in order to implant an enchant­ment that will redress Sauron’s curse upon the Brown Lands. The Necro­man­cer tries to stop them and the PCs try to help them.

Letters From a Foreign Land

Publi­ca­tion : White Dwarf 93

Set­ting : Cale­nard­hon

Web sites

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The lost heirlooms of Isyr

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Death in the Sewers

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1900s Thar­bad

Minotaur Island

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1900s Car­do­lan

Encounter with Zarg

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1900s Arthe­dain


Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1640 Car­do­lan

An Abandoned Tower

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1900s Eria­dor

An Old Fort

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1900s Eria­dor

The Tyranny of the Dragon Lord

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1640 Misty Moun­tains

The Uruk’s Head

Publi­ca­tion : Richard Denning’s Middle Earth Role­playing Site

Set­ting : TA 1640 Bree

The Tomb of the Fallen Dúnedain King

Publi­ca­tion : Middle Earth Role Playing

Set­ting : TA Rhu­daur

Synop­sis : The PCs are invi­ted to go kill a band of grave rob­bers and take the ill-gotten goods for them­selves.


Publi­ca­tion : Middle Earth Role Playing

Set­ting : TA 2000–2510 Fram­sburg

Synop­sis : A nefa­rious kid­nap­ping gang ter­ro­rizes the lea­ding houses of the Éothéod and the PCs are hired to put an end to it.


Publi­ca­tion : Linkan’s MERP and Role­mas­ter Page

Set­ting : TA 1–2912 Thar­bad

Synop­sis : PCs hire on as cara­van guards for a mer­chant tra­ve­ling to Minas Tirith and run into Orcs along the way.

The Old Plow

Publi­ca­tion : Linkan’s MERP and Role­mas­ter Page

Set­ting : Gene­ric

Synop­sis : No pre-arran­ged plot, just an encoun­ter wai­ting to happen.

The Silver Skull

Publi­ca­tion : Linkan’s MERP and Role­mas­ter Page

Set­ting : Gene­ric

Synop­sis : PCs live in a town divi­ded into two reli­gious fac­tions. The other side obtains a magi­cal silver skull and the PCs want to steal it.

Withdrawn to Mordor

Publi­ca­tion : http://​www​.geo​ci​ties​.com/​T​i​m​e​s​S​q​u​a​r​e​/​2​0​5​3​/​I​C​E​m​o​r​d​o​r​1​.html

Set­ting : TA 3019 Mordor

Synop­sis : The game starts with the cha­rac­ters cele­bra­ting the immi­nent fall of the West and the com­plete vic­tory of Sauron. Things go down­hill in a hurry when, in full view of the com­pany, the Barad-dûr col­lapses, Mount Doom erupts in fury, and the chief Variag pries­tess present announces that the God Tum­ra­khi, Tum­ra­khi who is Sauron, is DEAD. Ear­th­quakes ensue. Towers and castles fall. The land frac­tures and remakes itself. Dust gets eve­ryw­here, and there’s no clea­ning people due for a long, long time. The cha­rac­ters are now faced with series of choices. They will have to deal with marau­ding bands of Orcs, insane Trolls, and even-more-insane refu­gees who refuse to believe that Sauron is no more. They will have to round up drin­kable water, edible food, and maybe even help to carry their hea­vier sacks of plun­der. Per­haps worst of all, they face danger from spi­rits of air, earth, fire, and water whose pre­sence has been beaten down by the Will of Sauron and his Ring for more than five thou­sand years. These spi­rits will bring Mordor back into the true eco­logy of Middle-earth, but not without some kicking and screa­ming along the way…

Regard­less of the choices of the players, their cha­rac­ters must be drawn along the path that leads to the pass of Cirith Ungol. The route South will be made deadly by the pre­sence of the freed laves of Nurn, now some 200,000 in number, armed and armo­red from the sack of Urlurtsu Nurn and unnum­be­red lesser for­tresses, killing and slaying and killing and bur­ning and killing eve­ry­thing in their path. The Moun­tains of Shadow are impas­sible to most of the cha­rac­ters, and the way North is blo­cked by the ruin of Oro­druin and the pre­sence of the army of Gondor at the Moran­non. The sen­sible, the cowardly, and the prag­ma­tic will agree that Cirith Ungol is the way to go. 

There is one heck of a sur­prise wai­ting for the cha­rac­ters at the base of Cirith Ungol. The Mouth of Sauron has sur­vi­ved the wreck of the Moran­non and has come South to gather the ex-minions of Sauron unto him­self. He needs num­bers and skills to esta­blish him­self out East, and he will latch onto the cha­rac­ters as just the kind of cannon-fodder (sorry, did I say that out loud?) he needs. The remain­der of the adven­ture takes the com­pany, some by their own free will, and some by com­pul­sion (the Mouth is a 50th level Mage, of course) to the Tower of Cirith Ungol. The Mouth believes he will find a signi­fi­cant store of goods, arms, and armor there, enough to sup­port his fled­gling army of Dark­ness in its quest for a new home. The cha­rac­ters will have to exa­mine their loyal­ties and their new­found free will and see if the Mouth is someone to be fol­lo­wed… or fille­ted.


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