Elven Character Glossary

A Note Regarding the Elven Character Descriptions

Sections 6.2 and 6.3 describe Elves covered in ICE’s Middle-earth role playing game products. Most entries are based directly on the characters created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Those character names marked with an *, however, indicate entries based on characters developed by ICE for game use. These characters were not invented by, or used by, Professor Tolkien. Nonetheless, they provide variety and should help you understand some of the elements required when developing your own high-level characters. 

Aegnor (I)

Lvl: 90. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Slopes of Dorthonion. Aka: (S. Fell-fire”; Q. Aikanáro”).

RM Stats: Co-102; SD-90; Ag-104; Me-91; Re-100; St-103; Qu-104; Pr-100; In-94; Em-96. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-102; Ig-96; In-94; Pr-100; St-103. Appearance: 91.

Aegnor was the fourth of the five children of Finarfin and Eärwen, the others being Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, and Galadriel. Despite their father’s return to Valinor following the Prophecy of the North, he and his brothers remained caught up in Doom of the Noldor and continued on to Middle-earth in pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils. Aegnor’s friendship for the sons of Fingolfin tied him to this sad quest, during which he perished. Although less reckless and aggressive than the sons of Fëanor or Fingolfin, he nevertheless embodied the Noldo qualities of pride, bravery, and curiosity.

Upon returning to Endor, Aegnor settled on the slopes of Dorthonion with Angrod. This they held in fife from Finrod, to whom they swore allegiance. Because these grassy, windswept hills lay along the northernmost point of the line of defense against Morgoth, the brothers lived amidst an omnipresent danger. It was hardly surprising that they were among the first to fall in the Fourth Battle (Battle of Sudden Flame; S. Dagor Bragollach”) against the Black Enemy.

Aegnor was a prince of the Noldor. Extremely tall (7′0″), he enjoyed a warrior’s build and the fair features of the House of Finarfin. His blond hair sparkled in the moonlight and his blue eyes gleamed in the heat of battle.

Aegnor’s Principal Items

High Elven Sword (Terecris)
(S. Troll-cleaver”) A +50 Galvorn broadsword, it strikes as a two-handed sword which delivers twice the normal concussion hits. It uses the broadsword’s fumble range, and is a Holy Sword which yields an Impact critical in addition to any other critical strike result. Bearer receives a constant Haste or Alkar (lvl 30, of Light’s Way list) spell for up to 10 minutes (60 rnds) a day.

Aegnor’s Special Powers

270 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Open Mentalist lists to 30th lvl.

Aegnor’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 61,84,120,150 – 1,305 – 6,314,362.

Aegnor (II)

Lvl: 30. Race: Noldor. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist (Fighter). Home: Beleriand; Ost-in-Edhil. Aka: (S. Fell-fire”); Lord Smith of Mirdaithrond.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-98; Em-97; In-72; Pr-99; Ag-99; Co-100; Me-87; Re-84; SD-67. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-99; Co-100; Ig-86; It-72; Pr-99. Appearance: 96.

Aegnor was an associate of Celebrimbor since their years together in Nargothrond, and though not the most adept at delicate operations, he is a master of fires and furnaces. A Lord Forger, he supervised all smelting operations at the Mirdaithrond (“Halls of the Jewelsmiths”) in Ost-in-Edhil. In fact, he designed most of the forges and smelting facilities. Although generally a good-natured and patient man, he had no time for Annatar, the Lord of Gifts,” and never shared his most powerful forging secrets.

An impressive figure, Aegnor was 6′10″ tall, and very strong of build. His hair was dark brown, and his eyes so dark blue as to be almost violet.

Aegnor’s Principal Items

Broadsword (Morgurth)
(S. Black Death”), a Galvorn broadsword +40, it cannot be fumbled, and should Aegnor’s opponent try to parry, there is a 50% chance their weapon is cut in half (magical items may receive a bonus).
Of amber Laen, one is +3 PP, the other x3. They can both be used simultaneously, and both must be worn for either to work. They also confer complete protection from all heat, electricity and cold to the hands and lower arms.

Aegnor’s Special Powers

60 (+3) PP. +3/​x3 items. Knows all Base Alchemist lists to 30th level, also Mentalist Solid, Liquid, Gas Manipulation list to 20th level, Magician Base Fire Law list to 20th.

Aegnor’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Lórien 23,33, 56.


Lvl: 105. Race: Vanya. Profession: Animist/​Cleric (Astrologer, Healer). Home: Aman (the Undying Lands).

RM Stats: Co-97; SD-100; Ag-100; Me-103; Re-101; St-94; Qu-99; Pr-105; In-104; Em-104. MERP Stats: Ag-100; Co-97; Ig-102; In-104; Pr-105; St-94. Appearance: 108.

An Elda maiden of the Vanyar, Amarië was Finrod’s beloved. Nonetheless, she remained in the Undying Lands when Finrod went into exile in Middle-earth, awaiting his return from the wars against Morgoth.

Amarië was breathtakingly beautiful, and possessed long, rich blonde hair and unusual deep emerald green eyes.

Amarië’s Principal Items

Staff (Cameste)
(S. Estë’s Hand”) A x10 PP multiplier suited to all realms and professions, it provides wielder with continuous Protections True, Bladeturn V, and Deflect V spells and eliminates recovery time for all healing, lifegiving, and restoration spells.
Robes of Light
Protect as RL (AT 12) with +60 DB, negate 50% of criticals to the body (roll 01 – 50), and provide a constant Alkar spell.

Amarië’s Special Powers

525 PP. x10 PP item. Knows all base Astrologer, Healer, and Cleric lists to 50th lvl, and all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 50th lvl. Knows Mentalism Cloaking, Damage Resistance, and Self-Healing to 50th lvl.

Amarië’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 130.


Lvl: 70. Race: Noldo. Profession: Ranger. Home: East Beleriand.

RM Stats: Co-105; SD-84; Ag-104; Me-89; Re-100; St-102; Qu-101; Pr-94; In-105; Em-99. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-105; Ig-100; In-105; Pr-94; St-102. Appearance: 97.

A Noldorin Elf of the House of Fëanor, Amras was virtually a mirror image of his twin brother Amrod. Together, they were the youngest of Fëanor’s seven sons. Like their brothers, they both swore the awful Oath of Fëanor and both fell prey to its Doom.

Amras was a superb hunter who, like Amrod, possessed a milder temperament than was normal for his line. Unfortunately, however, his Fëanorian passions and pride still ran very deep. When his brothers Maedhros and Maglor attacked the Sindar in Falsas in hope of recovering Beren’s Silmaril, Amras joined them in the assault on the Havens of Sirion. There, he died beside his twin.

The brothers were unusually tall (7′0″) as was normally the case of the great Noldorin princes, and were nobly handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes, looking much like the Vanyar.

Amras’s Principal Items

Long Bow (Aracu)
(S. Noble Bow”) +60 long bow of Orc- and Troll-slaying which fumbles only on roll of 01 and has 2x the normal range. Wielder can fire 2 arrows/​round with no OB penalty.

Amras’s Special Powers

350 PP. x7 PP multiplier. Knows all Ranger lists to 50th lvl; knows Detection Mastery list to 25th lvl, Concussion’s Ways list to 25th lvl, Blood Law list to 20th lvl, and Lore list to 20th lvl.

Amras’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 60,83,124,142,153,247,305.


Amrod was a Noldorin Elf of the House of Fëanor. The twin brother of Amras, he was one of Fëanor youngest and most even-tempered sons. (See Amras” description above for more details.)


Lvl: 35. Race: Silvan. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Dol Amroth, Lórien on Cerin Amroth.

RM Stats: Co-102; SD-84; Ag-100; Me-99; Re-87; St-101; Qu-101; Pr-97; In-94; Em-99. MERP Stats: Ag-101; Co-102; Ig-90; In-94; Pr-97; St-101. Appearance: 91.

Amroth, son of Amdir, was a Silvan Elf-king noted for the founding of the port of Dol Amroth on the western shores of Belfalas (in Gondor). A great seaman and architect, he was a brilliant engineer and scholar with an emotional character. His passionate, compulsive love for the Elf-maiden Nimrodel led to his unfortunate death in T.A. 1981.

Amroth ruled the Kingdom of Lórien, following his father’s death at the end of the Second Age. His long reign was generally peaceful but, in T.A. 1981, it abruptly ended. The appearance of a Balrog in Moria caused his beloved Nimrodel to flee the Kingdom and, although torn by his loyalty to his people, Amroth followed her flight.

When Amroth found her beneath the eaves of Fangorn Forest, she refused to return to the Golden Wood. Instead, the two decided to depart for Aman, where they hoped to marry. They elected to leave from Edhellond near Dol Amroth. Tragically, Nimrodel went ahead but was delayed and, when Amroth arrived at the Haven, he saw but one ship. The Elf-king waited for his love until the autumn winds rose and the weather worsened. Then, one stormy night — while Amroth slept on the ship — the vessel came untied in the high waves. Sundered from the shore, Amroth leaped into the roaring sea and tried to swim back to land, only to perish in the maelstrom. His vain attempt became legend, but nothing is known of the fate of the maiden for whom he died.

A warrior and a noble, Amroth was taller than his Silvan kin (6′6″), although his sandy hair and blue eyes were characteristic of his line. 

Amroth’s Special Powers

35 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows Earth Law list to 20th lvl and Nature’s Ways list to 10th lvl.

Amroth’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Lórien 25, 57. Read LotRI 441 – 42,454; LotRIII 181,506.


Lvl: 95. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Dorthonion. Aka: (S. Iron Champion”; Q. Angarato”).

RM Stats: Co-103; SD-94; Ag-104; Me-99; Re-100; St-105; Qu-103; Pr-101; In-90; Em-90. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-103; Ig-96; In-90; Pr-101; St-105. Appearance: 90.

Angrod was the third of the five children of Finarfin and Eärwen, the others being Finrod, Orodreth, Aegnor, and Galadriel. Because of his friendship with Fingon, he returned to Middle-earth with his brother Aegnor. There, they joined with Fingon and the hosts of Fëanor in the pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils.

Although somewhat reckless and aggressive like Aegnor, Angrod was truthful, and provided King Elwë (the Lord of Doriath) the full story of the Noldorin Rebellion. This act endeared him to the otherwise embittered Sinda monarch, and the two maintained a distant relationship despite Elwë’s disdain for the Noldor.

Angrod later settled on the slopes of Dorthonion with his brother Aegnor. Together they ruled their frontier fief as vassals of Finrod and provided a bulwark against invasions out of Angband. Caught in the slaughter of the Fourth Battle with the Black Enemy, he fell alongside his brother amidst the flame and carnage that engulfed their land.

A great warrior and a descendant of Finarfin, Angrod was quite tall (7′2″) and noble in bearing. His physical attributes were typical of his lineage and, like all of Finarfin’s line, he had blue eyes and blond hair and resembled a Vanya.

Angrod’s Principal Items

War-flail (Beleg Camangren)
(S. Mighty Hands of Iron”) This +50, twin-chained, red Eog flail is a holy weapon that can be wielded in one hand. It fumbles only on a roll of 01, and delivers 2x normal hits, as well as yielding an additional Impact critical (same severity) whenever it delivers a critical strike.

Angrod’s Special Powers

195 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Open Mentalist lists to 30th lvl.

Angrod’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 61,84,111 – 12,120,128 – 29,150,151,305 – 6,356.


Lvl: 50. Race: Sinda. Profession: Bard/​Monk. Home: Mithrim.

RM Stats: Co-94; SD-103; Ag-99; Me-89; Re-97; St-99; Qu-102; Pr-74; ln-94; Em-103. MERP Stats: Ag-99; Co-94; Ig-103; ln-94; Pr-74; St-99. Appearance: 78.

Annael was a Sindarin Elf who hid with others of his kind in Androth, the caves of Mithrim. He became the foster father of Tuor. Subtle, compassionate, and above all rugged, Annael lived an ascetic life, being a fugitive in a relatively desolate area.

Annael was a classic Sinda and had sandy hair and grey eyes. However, in keeping with his storied destiny, he stood taller (6′7″) than the average Grey Elf.

Annael’s Principal Item

Monk’s Tunic
Enchanted tunic serves as AT RL/12 (+40 DB) and provides wearer the ability to change his skin and clothing color to suit surroundings, and gives a +50 bonus for stalking and hiding maneuvers.

Annael’s Special Powers

200 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows all Monk base lists to 30th lvl. Knows Essence Hand, Unbarring Ways, Essence’s Perceptions, Physical Enhancement, Lesser Illusions, Detecting Ways, and Elemental Shields lists to 10th lvl.
Annael’s DB is normally +175 (includes +75 Adrenal Defense), but it is +225 when he uses Dodging spells.

Annael’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 238.


Lvl: 40. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Magician. Home: Gondolin.

RM Stats: Co-74; SD-101; Ag-89; Me-102; Re-104; St-59; Qu-94; Pr-84; In-102; Em-104. MERP Stats: Ag-89; Co-74; Ig-104; In-102; Pr-84; St-59. Appearance: 86.

The father of Voronwë and a friend of Tuor, Aranwë was a devoted servant of the Vala Ulmo. He was a skilled mage, who was well-studied in the Laws of Water.

Aranwë’s Special Powers

200 PP. +7 spell adder. Knows Wind Law and Water Law lists to 50th lvl, all other Mage lists to 30th lvl, and all Open and Closed Essence lists to 20th lvl.

Aranwë’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 239.

Ardana *

Lvl: 40. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Astrologer. Home: Mûmakan. Aka: (S. Noble Taker”?); Aradana (S. Lady of the Land”); The Lady.

RM Stats: St-81; Qu-99; Em-69; ln-100; Pr-101; Ag-100; Co-96; Me-97; Re-98; SD-99. MERP Stats: St-81; Ag-100; Co-96; Ig-90; It-100; Pr-101. Appearance: 99.

A beautiful Eldarin woman, and former follower of Varda, Ardana left Aman with her Noldo kindred, ostensibly to recover the Silmarils. But Ardana wished only to go to Middle-earth and rule a land of her own under the stars. She did not mourn the passing of the Two Trees, for they obscured Varda’s lights. It was not long before the Black Enemy’s servants discovered her and twisted her mind to a dark path. When the Sun and Moon arose — clearly machinations of the Valar to blot out the stars — her allegiance to Melkor was complete. Morgoth sent her out to discover a way to bring down the Lights when he himself failed. South she travelled, where she met Morthaur and a plan was forged, along with a dark alliance to rival any in Middle-earth in later ages.

Ardana’s Principal Items

Three-foot-long with an ebony handle and mithril head, strikes as a +30 mace. Unholy weapon, casts Darkness 500’ radius at will, fires Shockbolt +20, 4x a day with 2x concussion hits.
Of mithril, it creates a continuous Mirrormind, acts as a x6 Astrologer PP enhancer, protects the head as a full helm.
Enchanted Card Deck
Master Ardan Deck, containing images of all the members of the Court. Usable as communication devices. With her Master deck, Ardana can cut in (or listen in) on all other interactions (except the Male Fëatur’s illicit use).

Ardana’s Special Powers

120 PP. x6 PP item. All Base Astrologer lists to 30th level, Channeling Weather Ways list to 30th and Barrier Law list to 10th; Mentalist Solid Manipulation, Cloaking to 30th, Liquid Manipulation, Gas Manipulation to 20th.

Ardana’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor II, 16 – 17, etc.


Lvl: 34. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Astrologer. Home: Menelcarca, Mûmakan. Aka: (S. Lord of the Heights”?); The Astrologer; Arael (S. Lord of the Stars”).

RM Stats: St-86; Qu-99; Em-89; In-100; Pr-102; Ag-97; Co-98; Me-97; Re-98; SD-95. MERP Stats: St-86; Ag-97; Co-98; Ig-98; It-100; Pr-102. Appearance: 104.

Charming and yet somewhat reclusive, Ardûval was solitary master of the lofty Ardan observatory Menelcarca (S. Fang of the Heavens”). He served faithfully the Dark cause, his accomplishments including the corruption of the Starseer Conclave. Legends tell that the Menelcarca, situated upon a lone, sheer mountain, was so high that Ardûval could actually talk to Morgoth in the Void. There is no basis for such ideas, however.

In appearance, Ardûval was 6′6″ tall, slender, with curly brown hair and pale blue eyes.

Ardûval’s Principal Items

A 1” diameter crystal orb with a tiny pentagram etched within. It is a x4 Astrologer PP enhancer, allows free use of Mentalist Brilliance to 30th level, and creates an enhanced Aura at a thought, providing +30 to DB.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Ardûval’s Special Powers

102 PP. x4 item. All Base Astrologer lists to 30th lvl; Channeling Barrier law list to 10th; Mentalist Telekinesis, Movement, Mind’s Door, and Cloaking lists to 10th lvl.

Ardûval’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 22, 42 – 43.


Lvl: 70. Race: Noldo. Profession: Ranger. Home: Nevrast, Gondolin, and then in Nan Elmoth. Aka: (S. Noble Elf”); Aredhel the White; Ar-Feiniel (S. White Lady”).

RM Stats: Co-101; SD-87; Ag-100; Me-101; Re-98; St-99; Qu-100; Pr-103; In-105; Em-101. MERP Stats: Ag-100; Co-101; Ig-100; In-105; Pr-103; St-99. Appearance: 108.

Aredhel was the sister of Turgon. The Noldo daughter of Fingolfin, she was the Elf-king’s youngest child and only daughter. Hers was an unsettled life.

She lived in the hidden city of Gondolin during her youth, but loved to ride and hunt in the wild. Adventure stirred her soul. Her restless spirit prompted her journey afield, where she met and fell in love with the smith Eöl. Beautiful and possessed of a haunting charm, Aredhel captured Eöl’s fiery heart and they married. Their union produced the traitorous Maeglin, the jealous heir of Turgon. Unfortunately, it also resulted in Aredhel’s early death.

Eöl proved to be crazed and, as Maeglin grew, Aredhel became closer to her son. When she fled from Eöl and tried to establish her son’s claim to the throne of Gondolin, Eöl followed her. Quarreling before Turgon’s royal seat, the incensed Eöl fired a poisoned dart at Maeglin, but Aredhel interposed herself in the missile’s path. She died from the wound, and fell before her kin in the halls of youth.

Aredhel was tall (6′5″), had dark hair, and possessed a pale, translucent complexion. She wore only silver or white, earning the name Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady.

Aredhel’s Special Powers

350 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Ranger base lists to 50th lvl, five Open Channeling lists to 10th lvl.

Aredhel’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 60 – 61, 131 – 38, 305, 358.


Lvl: 35. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Dorthonion; later Falas. Aka: (S. Royal Tower”).

RM Stats: Co-104; SD-98; Ag-102; Me-101; Re-70; St-105; Qu-101; Pr-94; In-45; Em-97. MERP Stats: Ag-102; Co-104; Ig-70; In-45; Pr-94; St-105. Appearance: 93.

Arminas was a Noldo warrior who followed Angrod before the latter’s death in the Battle of Sudden Flame (the Fourth Battle against Morgoth). He later dwelt with the Sinda shipwright Círdan in the Havens of Sirion in Falas. From there, Arminas (accompanied by Gelmir) carried a vital warning from the Vala Ulmo to the Noldor at Nargothrond. This dispatch was unfortunately unheeded by Turin, leading to the disaster at the Battle of Tumhalad.

As suggested by his name, Arminas was a stalwart fighter whose tremendous strength enabled him to hold his ground against most foes. His loyalty, dependability, and determination made him a fine herald and a superb messenger. He was also a great rider who, while not particularly brilliant, possessed an excellent memory.

Arminas’s Special Powers

70 PP. x2 PP multiplier. Knows Essence’s Perceptions, Physical Enhancement, and Elemental Shields lists to 5th lvl.

Arminas’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 212.


Lvl: 15. Race: Half-elf. Profession: Bard. Home: for nearly 3000 years in Imladris, then Gondor, finally Lórien. Aka: (S. Royal Maiden”), Evenstar (Q. Undomiel”); Daughter of Twilight.

RM Stats: Co-90; SD-94; Ag-99; Me-101; Re-97; St-84; Qu-102; Pr-105; In-100; Em-100. MERP Stats: Ag-99; Co-90; Ig-100; In-100; Pr-105; St-84. Appearance: 104.


Arwen was the beautiful Eldarin daughter of Elrond and Celebrían. Born in T.A. 241, she lived with her family in Rivendell (S. Imladris”) throughout her early life, until after the War of the Ring. When she married Aragorn in T.A. 3019 (after a 39-year engagement), she was over twenty-seven hundred years old.

Arwen moved to Minas Tirith in Gondor following her wedding, and she lived there as Queen until her husband’s death in F.A. 120. She then retreated to Lórien, where she spent her last months. Upon her passing in the winter of F.A. 121, she was buried on the Cerin Amroth, where she and Aragorn had pledged their love some 162 years before.

Like her father Elrond and her uncle Elros, Arwen had the choice of life accorded to all Half-elves (S. Peredhil”). She could live and die as a mortal human or she could select the course of the immortal Firstborn. After marrying Aragorn, she chose his fate, and thus became mortal. Arwen gave Aragorn a number of children, including one son, and together they enjoyed many golden years before sharing the gift of death”

Arwen was known for her glowingly dark beauty, which was reminiscent of her ancestor Lúthien. Because of this exquisite countenance and her sublime nature (and the waning of the Elves’ presence in Endor), she was known as the Evening Star of her people.

Arwen’s Principal Item

Elven Cloak (Imladagollo)
(S. Cloak of the Deep Valley”) This hooded, grey-green cloak provides wearer with a +50 bonus for hiding and stalking maneuvers and enables wearer a +100 bonus for climbing, acrobatics, or landing maneuvers.
Crown of Arwen
This delicate, mithril symbol is shaped like a leafy wreath. It is a x6 (Mentalism/​Channeling) PP multiplier which negates 60% of head criticals (roll 01 – 60) and acts as a full helm (without impeding spell-casting).

Arwen’s Special Powers

45 PP, x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Bard base lists to 10th lvl; knows five Open Mentalism lists to 10th lvl.

Arwen’s Lesser Items of Note

Read LotRI 299 – 300,303,307,313,486; LotRIII 56,150,300,310,312,421 – 428,456.


Lvl: 75. Race: Sinda. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Doriath. Aka: (S. Mighty”), Beleg Cúthalion (S. Mighty Strongbow”), the Bow.

RM Stats: Co-104; SD-90; Ag-108; Me-84; Re-87; St-104; Qu-106; Pr-103; In-92; Em-89. MERP Stats: Ag-108; Co-104; Ig-89; In-92; Pr-103; St-104. Appearance: 89.

Beleg was a Sindarin warrior and woodsman, and chief of the march wardens of Doriath. He was, perhaps, the finest Elvish archer to ever draw a bow.

His deeds befitted this legend. He fought alongside the Edain in their early struggles against Morgoth’s Orcs, and later he helped the Western Army in the futile struggle at the Fifth Battle against the Black Enemy (Battle of Unnumbered Tears). When the Demon-wolf Carcharoth ravaged Doriath, he aided his lord Elwë and stood beside the dying Beren.

Beleg was a fast friend of the Adan bandit Turin Turambar, who shared Beleg’s love for adventure. Together, they campaigned along the northern frontier, clearing much of the region of marauding Orcs. However, when Turin was captured by Orcs, Beleg met his end. The mighty bowman sought to rescue his Mannish friend, but Turin — mistaking his ally for an Orc hiding in the darkness — cut down Beleg with the Elven warrior’s own weapon (the great sword Anglachel).

Beleg’s Principal Items

Sword (Anglachel)
(S. Iron-flame”) The great, black Galvorn two-handed sword made by Eöl. The spiteful smith gave it to Elwë in return for a land grant, but Elwë’s wife Melian claimed that the blade was cursed with its maker’s malice. Beleg later acquired it from the arms stores at Menegroth. Anglachel is a +90 two-handed weapon that performs like a bastard sword. It may be wielded with 1 hand with a –20 OB penalty. The Galvorn blade treats a foe’s armor (but Galvorn and Ithilnaur) as if he had none (i.e., AT 1). An Unholy weapon, it also delivers an extra Heat and an extra Slash critical (of one less severity lvl) in addition to any critical strike it yields. Hit results are 2x normal.
Although the sword is intelligent, it is mute. Its subtle, malicious evil can be tied to the hate its maker’s hate. The sword will attempt to cast a 40th lvl Friend slayer Curse spell (Curses list, lvl 25) on its owner/​wielder 1x/​day. It is the mate of Anguirel, stolen by Maeglin from his own father.
Bow (Belthronding)
Beleg’s great black yew bow. A +88 holy weapon, it may fire 2 arrows/​rd. without penalty and has 10x normal long bow range. It only fumbles on a 01, and neither its stock or string will break. Only a person with a +40 or more strength bonus can string it, however. Yields 3x normal hits and delivers an Impact critical (of two less severity levels) whenever it yields a critical strike result.

Beleg’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 190,225 – 6,230,243 – 8,251 – 7,278.


Lvl: 27. Race: Sinda. Profession: Mage/​Sorcerer. Home: Osgiliath. Aka: (S. Maiden Queen”); Witch of Osgiliath; Cat-mistress; Daughter of the Queen; Black Queen; the Exiled Queen.

RM Stats: Co-66; SD-93; Ag-96; Me-100; Re-100; St-58; Qu-100; Pr-102; In-101; Em-101. MERP Stats: Ag-96; Co-66; Ig-101; In-101; Pr-102; St-58. Appearance: 103.

Berúthiel was the Sinda queen of Tarannon, the 12th King of Gondor (T.A. 830 – 913). Notorious for her bitter, self-imposed isolation in the royal tower at Osgiliath, she was an unfortunate choice for Queen.

Tarannon was initially infatuated by her strange beauty, but he later grew to hate her presence. Increasingly unloved, she shied away from her spouse and began to pursue sinister forms of magic. Only her brood of foul but faithful Cats (nine black; one white) enjoyed her trust.

Berúthiel’s subjects reviled her so much that they consciously destroyed virtually every record referring to her rule. She was accused of being a Witch in the service of Darkness, and Gondor’s ills were frequently tied to her supposed enchantments.

As the years passed, tales of Berúthiel’s hate multiplied. Gondorians spoke of how she hated the sounds and smell of the sea, as well as the home Tarannon built for her. Ascetic, she abhorred color and adornment, preferring to wear only simple black and silver garb. Her bare chambers followed a similar color scheme, which suggested the image of a mausoleum. Her only decor, a host of tormented sculptures, filled the private gardens of the palace she despised.

Berúthiel was also rather frightening, for she conversed with her cats, and read their minds and perceptions. Using them as eyes and ears, the Queen terrorized her numerous enemies. Eventually, no one in Gondor dared touch one of the little beasts, and they frequently cursed whenever they happened to see one.

It was not surprising that Tarannon died as Gondor’s first childless King; nor was it considered extreme when he placed his wife and her heinous pets alone upon a ship, setting the adrift in the Bay of Belfalas. The end seemed oddly fitting, as Berúthiel was last seen sailing south past Umbar under a sickle moon, with a cat at the masthead and another as a figure-head on the prow”

Berúthiel’s Principal Items

Robes of the Black Moon
AT No/​1, they give wearer a +33 bonus to his DB and all RR’s.
Cat-skull Necklace
+33 DB. x6 (Sorcerer) PP multiplier which multiplies ranges for familiars by x 66. Enables wearer to simultaneously maintain nine cat familiars.
Dagger (Little Claw)
Strikes as a +33 Short Sword which yields 2x usual hits (and 4x bleeding hits). Tied to an enchanted and demonic Cat-creature, any hits the dagger yields increase the beast’s hit allowance by a like amount. Wielder can summon the Cat-demon with 1 – 10 rnds concentration, but the 10th lvl Demon must fail its RR in order for summoner to control it. (Failure to control it means Demon will attack summoner on roll of 01 – 50.) If summoned, it fights as a Tiger for 2 – 20 rds.
Panther Boots
+33 bonus to all maneuvers, and allows wearer to fast sprint on all non-glassy solid surfaces at any angle up to vertical. Imbedded Landing spell can be cast 2x/​day.
The Cat’s Cloak
invisibility 3x daily, doubles hearing, +33 to perception attempts, wearer may dialogue with all feline beasts, +33 hiding maneuvers.

Berúthiel’s Special Powers

1 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Sorcerer base lists to 20th lvl. Knows Gate Mastery, Spirit Mastery, Lofty Movements, Nature’ Law, and Nature’s Guises lists to 20th lvl. Knows five evil Channeling and/​or Essence lists to 10th lvl, six Open Essence or Open Channeling lists to 10th level, and three Closed Essence or Closed Channeling to 10th lvl.

Read LotRI 405; UT 401 – 2.


Lvl: 26. Race: Sinda. Profession: Scout/​Rogue. Home: Dol Amroth; later Edhellond.

RM Stats: Co-97; SD-65; Ag-100; Me-80; Re-99; St-103; Qu-101; Pr-89; In-95; Em-78. MERP Stats: Ag-100; Co-97; Ig-99; In-95; Pr-89; St-103. Appearance: 83.

King called The Great” because of his ominous size and great strength, and the great weapons and armor he commissioned for his soldiers. However, he was an overly cunning king, seldom speaking or acting without ulterior motives. Some denied his lineage claiming various sorts of nefarious falsification or substitution. His actions and obsessions with the thieving arts did little to allay this perception. His assassination is generally thought to have come from within his own realm, possibly his own bodyguards who were probably more noble than he.

Bladorthin was a lover of the spear, having spent over much time in training both for combat and throwing, and also designing and commissioning especially well made or magical spears. The last spears commissioned were from the Dwarves of Erebor, each had a thrice-forged head and their shafts were inlaid with cunning gold, but they were never delivered or paid for”

Bladorthin’s Special Powers

26 PP. x2 PP multiplier. Knows Cloaking, Attack Avoidance, Brilliance, and Illusions to 5th lvl.

Bladorthin’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Hob 220


Lvl: 35. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Monk. Home: Valinor, later Beleriand, then finally Mirisgroth, in the Mûmakan. Aka: (S. Sudden Hand”); Karol Dekdarion; The Monk.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-101; Em-99; In-89; Pr-101; Ag-100; Co-99; Me-91; Re-88; SD-99. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-100; Co-99; Ig-95; It-89; Pr-101. Appearance: 102.

One of the most cruel Elves to ever live, Cambragol went with his Noldo brethren to recover the Silmarils, but Endor only awakened his lust for power. He was quickly seduced by Morgoth and became one of Sauron’s lieutenants.

There can be little doubt that Cambragol assassinated Drul Chaurka, his predecessor ruler of Mirisgroth. The Monk consolidated his position in a manner which would have made the Black Enemy proud. One of the most physically powerful of the Noldor, Cambragol utilized and corrupted the unarmed combat skills he originally learned from Tulkas. He turned killing into a brutal art.

The Monk, being of the house of Finrod, had golden-blond curly hair and blue eyes. Tall and muscular of build, Cambragol was a truly imposing presence.

Cambragol’s Principal Items

(of Dekdarion), four (2 ankle, 2 wrist) bands of gold, which add +30 to the following: all Strikes, Sweeps and Throws, maneuvers, DB, RR’s vs spells. They allow the wearer to parry melee and missile attacks with equal ease.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Cambragol’s Special Powers

70 PP. x3 item. Cambragol knows all the Monk Base lists to 30th lvl; Essence Hand, Essence Perceptions, and Unbarring Ways lists to 10th.

Cambragol’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 23, 44 – 45.


Lvl: 34. Race: Noldo. Profession: Animist/​Healer. Home: Beleriand; then Aurax-Dûr in Mûmakan. Aka: (S. Chill Hand”).

RM Stats: St-95; Qu-99; Em-99; In-101; Pr-97; Ag-98; Co-101; Me-98; Re-67; SD-56. MERP Stats: St-95; Ag-98; Co-101; Ig-65; It-101; Pr-97. Appearance: 94.

A reluctant member of the Court of Ardor, Camring was a Healer bound by Ardana’s charisma and a hopeless love for Morelen, her daughter. He remained almost exclusively at Aurax-Dûr, healing the wounded.

Camring was of average height and powerfully built — though he fought only when absolutely necessary to defend himself. He had dark brown eyes and short black hair.

Camring’s Principal Items

Pendant (of Lirana)
a 2” diameter flat topaz in gold setting, it allowed the casting of Lifekeeping, also allows channeling of healing spells as far away as 100’.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.
Yellow sapphire in gold, it is a x5 PP enhancer, allows wearer to administer any herb without the usual preparation; also serves as locator for other Court members to Teleport to Camring in an emergency.

Camring’s Special Powers

102 PP. x5 PP item. Knows all Base Healer lists to 30th lvl; Channeling Concussion’s Ways, Calm Spirits lists to 20th; Nerve Law, Muscle Law, Organ Law, Bone Law, Blood Law lists to 25th, Purification to 10th.

Camring’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 65. Race: Noldo. Profession: Scout/​Rogue. Home: Thargelion (the easternmost part of Beleriand), then to the region of Beleriand of Amras and Amrad, after Nirnaeth Arnoediad in Ossiriand. Aka: The Dark.

RM Stats: Co-104; SD-60; Ag-107; Me-72; Re-90; St-106; Qu-107; Pr-100; In-98; Em-88 MERP Stats: Ag-107; Co-104; Ig-90; In-98; Pr-100; St-106. Appearance: 96.

A Noldorin prince, the fourth son of Fëanor. Of all the sons of Fëanor he was the quickest to anger, the most harsh in retaliation of real or supposed affronts, a poor judge of character, and one prone to misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Exemplary in this regard is his underrating of the valor of the Edain and so indirectly increasing the losses of the Haladin; or his unreasoned hatred of the sons of Finarfin thus causing much discord between the Noldor and King Thingol. Naturally, he had quickly taken the awful Oath of Fëanor.

Caranthir was the first Elf to encounter the Dwarves, who at that time were beyond the Ered Luin in the cities of Nogrod and Belegost. As a result of this early encounter, all future trade between the Dwarves and Elves passed through Caranthir’s hands, making him and his people very wealthy.

Caranthir was responsible for guarding the difficult eastern front against Morgoth. After the collapse of the front in the Dagor Bragollach, Caranthir then dwelt with his brothers Amras and Amrod. He fought valiantly in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and was wounded; however, it was Caranthir’s allies under Uldor the Accursed, the non-Edain Men of the East, who betrayed the Eldar that day and caused the terrible defeat.

Afterwards, Caranthir with his other most unwise brethren (Curufin and Celegorm) lived a restless, homeless, and destructive life in Beleriand. All three were killed when they assaulted the Menegroth in an attempt to steal the Silmaril fighting against Thingol’s heir Dior.

Caranthir’s Principal Items

Sword (Caranlhach)
(S. red leaping flame”) +50 red Laen broadsword, does additional heat crits, Firebolt 5x hits +50 5x/​daily, Haste X 3/​day.
Crossbow (Cubeleg)
(S. sudden bow”) +30 light crossbow, reloads itself (fires every round with no penalty), may be held and fired with one hand, does double concussion hits.

Caranthir’s Special Powers

195 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows Item Lore, Cloaking, Brilliance, Self-Healing, Sense Mastery, and Movement lists to 5th lvl.

Caranthir’s Lesser Items of Note

Read: Sil 60, 83, 112 – 13, 124, 145 – 46, 153, 157, 192 – 93, 195, 236, 305. See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 20, 37.


Lvl: 35. Race: Sinda/​Noldo. Profession: Bard/​Seer. Home: Lórien, Imladris.

RM Stats: Co-80; SD-102; Ag-97; Me-101; Re-98; St-78; Qu-88; Pr-102; In-100; Em-99. MERP Stats: Ag-97; Co-80; Ig-100; In-99; Pr-102; St-78. Appearance: 102.

A true Eldarin lady, Celebrían is the only child (apparently) of Celeborn and Galadriel, the wife of Elrond, and the mother of Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen Evenstar.

Tragically, Celebrían travelling party was ambushed on a trip from Imladris to Lórien and overwhelmed by Orcs of the Misty Mountains. Though she was rescued fairly soon by her sons and healed of poisoned wounds by Elrond, she suffered so that she became weary of Middle-earth and sailed over the Sea within a year.

Celebrían was gentle, peaceful, kind and quiet. Naturally, from her lineage she is noble in bearing, tall (6′5″) and blonde. But she does not care for things of violence: weapons or armor or war. Nor does she carry herself with the arrogance or pride of so many in her family. Rather she is meek and unobtrusive. She delights in children, hearth and home, family, gardens, and things of quiet beauty. Often, in the evenings, she delights in taking walks or swimming in the ponds and streams of blessed Imladris.

Celebrían Special Powers

70 PP. x7 PP multiplier. Knows all Seer base lists to 30th lvl, all Open and Closed Mentalism to 20th lvl.

Celebrían Lesser Items of Note

Important Dates

T.A. 100 marries Elrond, T.A. 2509 captured and tormented by Orcs, T.A. 2510 leaves for the Undying Lands.

Read: LotR 300, 486; LotRIII 401, 456, 459


Lvl: 40. Race: Teleri (Sinda). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Doriath in Beleriand; Lórien.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-101; Em-82; In-96; Pr-100; Ag-99; Co-101; Me-96; Re-97; SD-95. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-99; Co-101; Ig-96; It-96; Pr-100. Appearance: 100.

A kinsman of Elu Thingol (“Greycloak”), Celeborn was a Sinda of royal blood. He met Galadriel when she came to Doriath in the First Age to learn from Melian the Maia. There they lived together until that land was overrun, and they fled eastward over the Blue Mountains.

After the fall of Beleriand, he and Galadriel went east of the Blue Mountains and established the realm of Eregion. With his wife he ruled Eregion until Celebrimbor led a bloodless uprising against them. But when Galadriel went to Lórinand, Celeborn remained behind in Eregion, refusing to pass through the Dwarven-city. He remained there for many years, living in a fortified country house, taking no part in the affairs of Ost-in-Edhil.

Galadriel, disappointed but no doubt unsurprised by this turn of events, led a contingent of her followers east, passing through Moria into Lórinand.

Although Celeborn’s history is not as illustrious as Galadriel’s, he is accounted wise, even among the Eldar, having lived for many thousands of years and seen many things both good and evil.

Celeborn’s Special Items

Long Sword
Ithilnaur alloy, +45, Of Slaying Orcs.
Mithril Plate
Ithilnaur alloy protects as full plate: AT 20 (-30) but wears as AT 13.
+30 to hit, fires every round without penalty, strung with Elf-hair (will not break), 2x normal range.
gold, set with an emerald, +30 to DB.

Read LotR 1457, etc., 458 – 62, etc. LotR II 54 – 55, 88. LotR III 309 – 25. See ICE’s Lórien, 27 – 28, 56.


Lvl: 50(65). Race: High Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist (Fighter). Home: Originally Beleriand, Nargothrond, then Eregion until his death in S.A 1697. Aka: (S. Silver Fist”; Q. Telperinquar”.

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-100; Em-101; In-90; Pr-100; Ag-101; Co-98; Me-99; Re-94; SD-76. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-101; Co-98; Ig-85; It-97; Pr-100. Appearance: 100

Among the greatest of the Noldorin Elves, Celebrimbor (S. Hand of Silver”) the Smith was born and lived his early life in Nargothrond, and studied the ways of his grandfather, Fëanor (“Spirit of Fire”). When the War of the Jewels ended, he, with many of his fellows, went eastward over the Blue Mountains. There they founded the realm of Eregion, and he established the Gwaith-i-Mírdain.

Celebrimbor is arguably the second-greatest smith in the history of Middle-earth, surpassed only by Fëanor, who created the Silmarils and the Palantíri. Although Celebrimbor never lived himself in the Undying Lands, he spent many years in Beleriand working with the most illustrious Eldarin smiths, honing his skills. He also has Fëanor’s fiery spirit.

A tall Noldo (6′8″), Celebrimbor is also very strong with a large bone structure, giving him a commanding presence. His hair is dark brown; his eyes are a dark, silvery grey. His glance can be as sharp as knives, but often his eyes hold a distant softness, an almost wistful look. It is a poorly kept secret that he loves the lady Galadriel. As a token of his affection, Celebrimbor forged for her a second Elessar (“Elf-stone”), a powerful item which has the power to stay the wearying effects of time.

In manner the master Smith is soft-spoken, but he has a deserved reputation for impatience with others. Few pupils are bright enough to follow his instruction, and those who are not he has no time to coddle. Celebrimbor is also a basically secretive person; he only shared his techniques of ring making with Annatar grudgingly and in return for considerable knowledge from the Lord of Gifts. Unfortunately for the Smith, Sauron the Maia probably learned more from his mind than Celebrimbor might have guessed. Neither could have achieved as much without the other, but Sauron’s efforts — though effective — lacked the subtlety of the Elven works. In the end Celebrimbor was taken by Sauron while desperately defending the gates of his beloved Guild-hall. The Dark Lord tortured him to death trying without success to learn the hiding places of the Three Elven Rings. 

Celebrimbor’s Principal Items

Lesser Elven Ring
of mithril with a clear gem, +33 to DB, Invisibility once/​round, adds 33 to RR’s against all realms of Power, acts as a x9 PP enhancer (both may be used), will Haste the wearer at will.
Broadsword (Súlhelka)
(Q. Icy Wind”) A clear Laen (enchanted glass) broadsword with an edge of Eog, +45, it is highly intelligent and empathic, acts as a Holy weapon. It is able to Long Door, instantly appearing in Celebrimbor’s hand from as far as 100 miles away. Of Cold, it gives off a chilling mist and delivers a Cold Critical equal in severity to any other critical given. It gives 3x damage to creatures of fire. The wielder is immune to all cold. Súlhelka is also capable of summoning 3x per day the Uttercold, which appears as a stream of blue-white energy, firing from the tip of the sword. It is considered Channeling because of the unusual nature of the power. Items which normally protect the wearer from cold have no effect. The Uttercold may take one of three forms:
Transform up to 10,000 cubic feet of water to ice in one round.
Deliver a 100’ radius Cold Ball, centered up to 300’ away with no range subtraction and a base +30, x6 concussion hits.
Fire the Icy Wind, the concentrated power of the sword aimed at a single target up to 600’ away. Using the Ice Bolt table, it has no range subtraction, a base +90, and delivers x9 damage.
Mithril Chain
improved Ithilnaur alloy protects as full plate (AT 20, +30 to DB) but wears as AT 13.
Highly intelligent, it can analyze any material or alloy within 30 feet, stores (and can cast) up to three 10th-level Essence spells/​day, and adds +33 to all forging operations.

Celebrimbor’s Special Powers

350 PP. x9 PP item. Celebrimbor knows all Base Alchemist lists to 50th lvl, as well as the Base Magician Light Law, Wind Law, Ice Law, and Fire Law lists, to 20th. He has all Open and Closed Essence lists to 20th, except Invisibility, Delving Ways, Unbarring Ways, and Elemental Shields, which he has to 50th lvl. Celebrimbor also possesses many researched Alchemy spells beyond the scope of the usual lists.

Celebrimbor’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 65. Race: Noldo. Profession: Scout/​Rogue (Ranger, Animist). Home: Aglon and Himlad, Nargothrond, Ossiriand. Aka: the Fair, the Huntsman of the Noldor.

RM Stats: Co-106; Sd-70; Ag-107; Me-80; Re-90; St-106; Qu-106; Pr-103; In-106; Em-78. MERP Stats: Ag-107; Co-106; Ig-88; In-106; Pr-103; St-106. Appearance: 104.

Celegorm was a Noldorin prince, the third son of Fëanor. He was very fair to behold. He was accounted among the close followers of the Vala Oromë and became the most wood-crafty of all the Noldorin Elves. He was also — initially at least — valiant, for he played a heroic part in the first battle against Angband. Additionally, Celegorm was the master of the great hound Huan.

However, it was Celegorm and his closest friend and ally Curufin who were most severely affected by the Oath of Fëanor. They became cunning and evil, greedy and proud. Both became unable to tell friend from foe. Huan left Celegorm to aid Beren and Lúthien, twice even frustrating Celegorm’s attempts to abduct Lúthien, and helping her to escape when the twisted Celegorm finally succeeded. Celegorm’s greatest evil was done when he attempted to steal the Nauglamír Silmaril in Menegroth. There Celegorm was slain by Dior, Thingol’s heir.

Celegorm’s Principal Items

Bow (Aracu)
(S. noble bow”) +60, fumbles only on a 1, can fire 2 arrows/​rnd with no penalty, ranges 2x normal, arrows fired are of slaying” Trolls and Orcs.

Celegorm’s Special Powers

390 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Ranger base lists to 50th lvl, knows all Animist base lists to 20th lvl.

Celegorm’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 60, 62, 83, 107, 123, 152, 169 – 70, 172 – 73, 176 – 77, 192 – 93, 195, 236, 305 


Lvl: 60. Race: Sinda. Profession: Animist/​Cleric. Home: Falas, the Isle of Balar, Grey Havens, the Undying Lands. Aka: (S. ship maker”).

RM Stats: Co-96; SD-103; Ag-99; Me-106; Re-103; St-96; Qu-102; Pr-101; In-108; Em-98. MERP Stats: Ag-99; Co-96; Ig-103; In-108; Pr-101; St-96. Appearance: 96.


One of the wisest and most heroic in spirit of all the Elves. Círdan was an Elf of the Teleri, of the family of the Sindar. He stayed in Middle-earth on the shores of the Falas at the urging of the Maia Ossë. Círdan and his people were thus called the Falathrim (“coast dwellers”). Círdan was both a great mariner and shipwright.

Círdan avoided all of the terrible quarrels between the Noldor and Sindar. He was close to Elwë and Finrod. Most often he guarded the coasts from any naval assault issued from Angband. He was on the field of battle at least once when he led a seaborne force to relieve Fingon dangerously beleaguered in Hithlum. He was entrusted with the Elvish ring of power Narya the Great, the Ring of Fire (later given by him to Gandalf). Círdan was in the host with Gil-galad at the side of the last King of Lindon, and sorrowed as Gil-galad fell to Sauron.

In the First Age, Círdan dwelt in the Falas until it was overrun. Then he remained hidden with his people on the Isle of Balar. During the Second and Third Ages Círdan was Lord of the Grey Havens, where he supervised the construction of many great ships. At the end he sailed west himself on the last ship to leave Endor.

Círdan was tall (7′4″). He has a most unusual physical trait for an Elf in that by the end of the Third Age he began to look old and grew a long white beard. He was a member of the White Council and was revered for his legendary wisdom. His ships were among the finest ever built, white in color.

Círdan’s Principal Items

Armor (Gaerennon)
(S. sea armor” or sea cloak”) AT:Ch/16 DB: +45, mithril and blue Laen, no maneuver penalties, unencumbering, floats in water).
Bracers (Ossanna)
(S. gift of Ossë”), white Eog and mithril bracers, Alkar at will, x8 PP all realms, +30 on all ship and water maneuvers, allows use of Water Law to 50th and Liquid Alteration (Mystic base spell list) to 30th lvl.
Sphere (Gaergil)
(S. sea star”) clear Laen sphere (F diameter), +50 Navigation rolls, casts Weather Mastery at 100th level using the caster’s PP).
Ring (Sulrostur)
(S. master of wind and foam”), mithril ring with a large star sapphire: may independently control the wind in the sails” of up to 1 mph/​lvl for up to 1 ship/​lvl. Ships must be visibly seen.
Ring (Narya the Great)
the Elven Ring of Fire, through the Second Age until T.A. 1000. For stats see the Article on Gandalf.

Círdan’s Special Powers

420 PP. x8 PP multiplier. Knows all Cleric and Animist base lists to 50th lvl, all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 20th lvl.

Círdan’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 58, 92, 96, 120, 128, 196, 212, 244, 246, 247, 254, 298, 299, 300, 304; LotRI 315, 320; LotRIII 383 – 84, 396, 397


Lvl: 24. Race: Noldo. Profession: Scout/​Rogue. Home: Mirisgroth. Aka: (S. Clever Hands”); Persuvious.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-101; Em-78; In-64; Pr-96; Ag-100; Co-99; Me-89; Re-85; SD-96. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-101; Co-99; Ig-90; It-64; Pr-96. Appearance: 93.

Serving the Monk in Mirisgroth, Curubor’s position in the Court of Ardor was primarily as a consultant on various devices and installations. Second only to Morthaur in his understanding of mechanical contrivances such as elaborate traps and locks, he was constantly in demand.

Curubor stood 6′5″ tall, with the classic Noldorin black hair and brown eyes.

Curubor’s Principal Items

Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Curubor’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 75. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist (Rogue). Home: born in Valinor, then went to Middle-earth: dwelt in Himlad with Celegorm before the Dagor Bragollach, then Nargothrond, then Menegroth. Aka: the Crafty.

RM Stats: Co-100; SD-50; Ag-104; Me-100; Re-107; St-103; Qu-105; Pr-101; In-94; Em-108. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-100; Ig-108; In-94; Pr-101; St-103. Appearance: 100.


Curufin was the fifth son of Fëanor and most like him in skill and disposition. Next to his father, he was the greatest craftsman of all the Noldor and could have been a great help to his kin. He was also known as a wonderful rider. However, he was the most evil of the Noldor, being overwhelmed with ruthlessness, arrogance, pride, and the terrible Oath of Fëanor. The extent of his crimes was great: with Celegorm he twice attempted to abduct and imprison Lúthien herself; they dominated the councils of Nargothrond and drove out the rightful king Finrod; they finally succeeded in capturing Lúthien but Huan the hound of Valinor set her free and the two went to aid Beren. In their most foul act they attacked Menegroth to take the Silmaril committing more murders in the process. They were both slain by Dior.

Curufin’s Principal Items

Knife (Angrist)
(S. Iron Cutter”) +75 Black Eog dagger made by Telchar of Nogrod, cuts iron easily, 4x concussion hits, raise criticals one degree (A becomes B, B becomes C, etc., E becomes E plus A), bleeding hits are doubled in severity. This dagger was eventually taken from Curufin by Beren.
Longknife (Durcarak)
(S. Dark Fang”) +45 black Eog dagger, hits as a broadsword (2x concussion hits), Slaying vs Elves, casts Speed 3x/​daily. Curufin uses this dagger after he loses Angrist.
Lesser Elven Ring
+33 DB, invisibility once/​rnd, +33 levels to RR’s vs all realms of power, x9 PP enhancer.
Tabard (Naramba)
(Q. Fire-shield”) a sleeveless tunic for alchemy and other exercises identical to Fëanor’s. Naramba is cunningly woven of fine cloth as well as Shaalk and Laen filaments. The garb acts as AT:Pl/20 DB: +66 and gives total protection from heat, electricity, or cold, magical or non- magical. The tunic also allows free use of the Fire Law list to 50th lvl. Its natural color is a soft, shimmering grey, but when defending against attack (it does so automatically) it becomes a brilliant reflective silvery field enveloping Curufin’s entire body (treat as Alkar). The tunic does not encumber at all.
Also identical to Fëanor’s, they are matched wrist guards of mithril, Shaalk and Laen, protecting the hands and arms from the elements in the same manner as the Naramba.
Alchemy Tools
+50; forge, bellows, etc.
blood ruby set in mithril/​Laen, highly intelligent, can analyze any material or alloy within 33 feet, +33 to all forging operations, can store (and cast) up to 6 20th-level Essence spells, if the wearer concentrates the amulet may attempt to absorb any spell attack thrown at the wearer (50th level to resist) and pass the power points of the spell to the wearer and let him know what spell was thrown.

Curufin’s Special Powers

525 PP. x9 PP multiplier. Knows all Alchemist base lists to 50th (and some beyond), knows all open and closed Essence to 50th lvl, knows Fire Law and Wind Law to 50th lvl.

Read Sil 60, 83, 123, 152, 169 – 70, 172 – 73, 176 – 77, 192 – 93, 195, 236, 305.


Lvl: 90. Race: Sinda. Profession: Bard/​Mystic (Bard). Home: Doriath, eastern Middle-earth. Aka: (S. Shadowed”).

RM Stats: Co-87; SD-96; Ag-104; Me-103; Re-101; St-88; Qu-102; Pr-109; In-97; Em-107. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-87; Ig-102; In-97; Pr-109; St-88. Appearance: 103.

Daeron was a Sindarin Elf and is considered to have been the greatest of all Elvish minstrels. He was the loremaster and bard of King Thingol. Daeron fell deeply in love with Lúthien, and twice betrayed her to Thingol in the matter of Beren. When Lúthien finally escaped Hirilorn, Daeron wandered off in despair to seek her. Eventually he came to Eastern Middle-earth where for many, many years he sang his love and loss of Lúthien. Daeron finally disappeared in the knowledge and history of the Elves and his fate is entirely unknown. Perhaps he later dwelt for a time at Lond Daer, the ruins at the mouth of the Greyflood river, marked on some maps of Middle-earth.

Daeron may be assumed to have been an extremely passionate, deft, and skillful individual as no one compares with him musically in Middle-earth. His melodies were inspired by Lúthien’s beauty. Further to his credit is his reworking of the ancient Grey-elven runic alphabet. This writing, the Cirth, is probably the oldest form of common writing in Middle-earth as it was widely used by the other races. 

Daeron’s Principal Items

Harp (Tinculin)
(S. Dream Harp” or Dream Lute” x9 PP for Mentalism, +1/​lvl to Bard base spell attack rolls (maximum of 40), Bard spells with duration of concentration last 1 rnd/​lvl, Bard spell ranges increased x10.
Cloak (Daecollo)
(S. Shadow Cloak”), +50 to DB, S/H, moving maneuvers.

Daeron’s Special Powers

540 PP. x9 PP multiplier. Knows all Bard base lists to 50th lvl, 3 Mystic Base lists (Confusing Ways, Hiding, Mystical Change) to 50th lvl, 5 Open or Closed Mentalism or Essence lists.

Daeron’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 95, 113, 166, 172, 183, 357; LotRIII 493.


Lvl: 45. Race: Sinda. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Ossiriand.

RM Stats: Co-101; SD-98; Ag-103; Me-90; Re-92; St-104; Qu-104; Pr-102; In-93; Em-88. MERP Stats: Ag-103; Co-101; Ig-92; In-93; Pr-102; St-104. Appearance: 93.

Denethor was a Sindarin Elf-lord, of the Laiquendi of the Nandor. He was the son of Lenwë who forsook the main Teleri host and left with his following into parts unknown. As the Eastern Lands became more perilous, Denethor led the remaining Elves across the Ered Luin into Beleriand. He was reacquainted with the Sindar and was given Ossiriand to dwell in, the Land of Seven Rivers.

Denethor and the Laiquendi provided some desperately needed help for their allies in the First Battle of Beleriand, but he and his people died in battle in a legendary heroic stand. Such was inevitable in view of the Laiquendi’s lightness of armor and weaponry, the iron weapons of the Orcs, and the vast numbers of the enemy which assailed them on Amon Ereb.

Denethor’s Special Powers

45 PP. x3 PP multiplier. Knows Nature’s Law to 10th lvl, Lofty Movements and Weather Ways to 5th lvl.

Denethor’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 100. Race: Half-elf. Profession: Bard/​Magician (Fighter). Home: Tol Galen, Doriath lvl, Menegroth. Aka: AraneI (S. The Beautiful”), Eluchil (S. Thingol’s Heir”).

RM Stats: Co-105; SD-88; Ag-106; Me-95; Re-99; St-107; Qu-107; Pr-105; In-90; Em-104. MERP Stats: Ag-106; Co-107; Ig-104; In-90; Pr-105; St-107. Appearance: 106.

The son of Beren and Lúthien, Dior was extremely beautiful, having the blood of three great races within him: Maïar, Edain, and Eldar. He was Thingol’s heir. After Lúthien died the second time, the Nauglamír came to Dior. Inevitably, he was unable to resist its beauty, and wore it with the Silmaril. With the Nauglamír and Silmaril about him he was the most beautiful of all the children of Eru. Those who coveted the Silmaril who dared not to take it from Lúthien now moved against Menegroth. Thus, came no less than three sons of Fëanor: Celegorm, Curufin, and Caranthir. Dior’s great might in combat and in magic is demonstrated in the outcome of the tragic battle for he slew all three Noldorin princes but was also slain himself.

Dior had married a kinswoman of Thingol named Nimloth and conceived three children by her: Eluréd, Elurin, and Elwing the White. Dior himself was tall (7′8″) and had the fair complexion and silver hair of his father.

Dior’s Special Powers

500 PP. x8 PP multiplier. Knows all Magician base lists to 50th lvl, all Open and Closed Essence to 20th lvl.

Dior’s Lesser Items of Note

Important Dates

Born in the late 5th Century 1.A., died very early in the 6th Century 1.A.

Read Sil 188, 234, 235 – 36; LotRI 261. 


Lvl: 100. Race: Noldo/​Adan. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Gondolin, finally the Heavens. Aka. (Q. Lover of the Sea”).

RM Stats: St-102; Qu-101; Em-105; In-105; Pr-104; Ag-102; Co-103; Me-100; Re-100; SD-105. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-102; Co-103; Ig-100; It-105; Pr-104. Appearance: 105.

Eärendil, the son of Tuor and Idril (daughter of Turgon), escaped the sack of Gondolin to marry Elwing (daughter of Dior, who was the son of Beren and Lúthien). With the aid of one of the Silmarils given to him by Elwing, he sailed to Aman to plead with the Valar for aid against Morgoth. Manwë found sympathy, and gathered the Ainur for a last march into Endor to cast down the Black Enemy. In the end, Eärendil, was destined to ride in a great ship forever across the sky, the Silmaril bound on his brow. For the War of Wrath, he came down to do battle with the dragons of Thangorodrim and slew Ancalagon, lord of the Winged Drakes. His line continued in the persons of Elrond and Elros.

Eärendil’s Principal Items

Bow (Cuthalion)
(“Strong Bow”) +90 Elven Longbow, it was the instrument of Ancalagon’s demise. Holy, it had triple the normal range and no distance subtractions. It was reputedly fashioned of Mallorn wood.
When borne by Eärendil the Silmaril was absolved of its injurious qualities (perhaps by the grace of Varda). All of the powers of the Channeling Light’s Way list, Mentalist Brilliance list, Astrologer Starlights, and Essence Light Law (and beyond) are at the disposal of this wielder of the Silmaril. It burned away the mists which guarded the Undying Lands, allowing Eärendil to find Aman.

Read Sil 122, 177, 298 – 300, 302, 304 – 9, 312, 315, 319 – 22, 325, 334, 341, 345, 348, 354.


Lvl: 115. Race: Teler. Profession: Animist (Astrologer). Home: Tirion. Aka: (Q. Sea-lady”).

RM Stats: Co-96; SD-101; Ag-102; Me-100; Re-99; St-98; Qu-103; Pr-104; In-105; Em-103. MERP Stats: Ag-102; Co-96; Ig-103; In-105; Pr-104; St-98. Appearance: 103.

An Elda of the Teleri, she was the daughter of Olwë and wife to Finarfin (a Noldo). She bore Finarfin five children: Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel. Eärwen was the niece of Elwë Thingol and so through her the children could claim kinship with Thingol Greycloak.

Eärwen’s Principal Items

Robes of Aman
naturally silvery-white in color, protect as AT: Pl/​20 DB: +30, Cast Mystic Base spell Displacement V at a thought, add 100 to hiding (chameleon properties), makes wearer impervious to all heat or cold.
Staff of Light
(Mallorn, golden mithril, and an adamant ruby), xl2 PP any profession, acts as a spear +88 (Holy, additional Heat, Electric, and Unbalancing criticals), casts Lightning Bolt 18x/​day (+88, 8x concussion hits).
Crown (Alquanna)
(Q. Swan’s Gift”), wreath crown made of twigs from the Two trees and swan plumes, wearer may take the form of a giant swan for 88 hours/​week, +45 DB, constant Alkar, protects head as a full helm, negates 50% of head criticals, casts Swimming True (Lvl 11 Moving Ways) for 8 hours/​day.

Eärwen’s Special Powers

575 PP. xl2 PP multiplier. Knows all Astrologer base lists to 50th lvl, all Open and Closed Channeling and Mentalism lists to 20th level.

Read Sil 60, 111, 305, 306.

Ecthelion (of the Fountain)

Lvl: 50. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Gondolin.

RM Stats: Co-107; SD-106; Ag-104; Me-94; Re-93; St-109; Qu-104; Pr-102; In-99; Em-90. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-107; lg-93; In-99; Pr-103; St-109. Appearance: 101.

Ecthelion was tremendously strong and stalwart, outdone only by the greatest kings and princes among the Elves. Likewise, his courage and strength of will were such that he could stand before Gothmog. He was tall (7′3″) but was most distinguished by a herculean physique uncommon among the Elves.

A mighty warrior, Ecthelion was a captain of Gondolin, the guardian of the innermost gate, and one of Turgon’s two chief lieutenants. However, he is best remembered for the remarkable feat of slaying Gothmog, the Lord of the Balrogs, in single combat. In that contest Ecthelion also died.

Ecthelion’s Principal Items

Helm (Elmirthol)
(S. Helm of the Star Jewel”), a mithril full helm with an adamant diamond set upon a silver spike, mithril, constant Alkar, negates 50% of head crits, wearer cannot be stunned, transparent blue Laen faceplate, casts Commune True x/​day.
Armor (Rilennon)
(S. Brilliant Armor”), AT: Pl/​20 DB: +88, unencumbering, all shining mithril, constant Utterlight V, wearer cannot fumble maneuvers, acts as True Armor (Elemental Shields lvl 50).
Cloak (Celebcollo)
(S. Silver Cloak”), +44 to DB and maneuvers, constant Displacement III, Haste X 3 x/​day.
Battle Axe (Kirrauko)
(S. Demon Cleaver”), +50 2-handed Battle Axe, of slaying minions of Morgoth (demons, Orcs, Trolls, dragons, undead), Holy, additional Electric and Unbalancing criticals.
Shield (Tinmirthalion)
(S. Shield of Sparkling Jewels”), full shield +45, floats before wielder to protect, weapon striking shield must save vs a 20th level weapon slaying, casts Spell Bending True 5x/​day.

Ecthelion’s Special Powers

100 PP. x3 PP multiplier. Knows Detection Mastery, Light’s Way, Purification, and Concussion’s Ways to 10th lvl.

Ecthelion’s Lesser Item of Note

Read Sil 194, 239, 242; UT 46, 50 – 51, 55 – 56.


Lvl: 70. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Nargothrond.

RM Stats: Co-103; SD-95; Ag-102; Me-90; Re-103; St-104; Qu-101; Pr-100; In-98; Em-96. MERP Stats: Ag-102; Co-103; Ig-103; In-98; Pr-100; St-104. Appearance: 99.

An Elf of Nargothrond, Edrahil was the leader of the loyalists who refused to forsake their allegiance to King Finrod Felagund. Edrahil very perceptively persuaded Finrod to turn his crown and throne over to Orodreth (his own brother) instead of simply casting the authority away. Then he and ten others accompanied Finrod as he went with Beren and Lúthien on the quest of the Silmaril. Of his later fate nothing is known except that he probably perished with Finrod in the pits of Sauron, Tol-in-Gaurhoth.

Edrahil’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 170, 172, 174.


Lvl: 90. Race: Vanya. Profession: Bard (Seer). Home: Aman. Aka: (Q. Star-jewel”).

RM Stats: Co-88; SD-106; Ag-98; Me-107; Re-106; St-84; Qu-89; Pr-107; In-106; Em-102. MERP Stats: Ag-98; Co-88; Ig-107; In-106; Pr-107; St-84. Appearance: 106.

An Elda of the Vanyar, this minstrel wrote the Aldudénië known to all the Eldar. The song laments the grievous tale of the destruction of the Two Trees by Morgoth and Ungoliant.

Elemmírë’s Special Powers

540 PP. xl2 PP multiplier. Knows all Seer and Bard base lists to 50th level, all Open and Closed Mentalism lists to 50th level.

Elemmírë’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 76.


Lvl: 65. Race: Vanya. Profession: Animist/​Astrologer. Home: Tirion, Gondolin.

RM Stats: Co-80; SD-103; Ag-90; Me-104; Re-98; St-78; Qu-88; Pr-106; In-106; Em-99. MERP Stats: Ag-90; Co-80; Ig-98; In-106; Pr-106; St-78. Appearance: 105.

An Elda of the Vanyar, Elenwë was the wife of Turgon and the mother of Idril. She perished during the terrible Crossing of the Helcaraxë.

Elenwë’s Special Powers

390 PP. x7 PP multiplier. Knows all Astrologer base lists to 50th lvl, all Open Channeling and Mentalism lists to 10th lvl, all Open Channeling and Mentalism lists to 20th lvl.

Elenwë’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 90, 136.


Lvl: 25. Race: Half-elf. Profession: Ranger. Home: Imladris, and away on many campaigns. Aka: (S. Elf-man”).

RM Stats: Co-98; SD-100; Ag-102; Me-97; Re-100; St-101; Qu-102; Pr-98; In-103; Em-94. MERP Stats: Ag-102; Co-98; Ig-98; In-103; Pr-98; St-101. Appearance: 99.

Elladan & Elrohir

Elladan was one of the twin sons of Elrond and Celebrían (the other being Elrohir). Like his brother, he swore vengeance against all Orcs when Celebrían was captured and held. The brothers succeeded in rescuing their mother but never forgot her suffering and hunted Orcs relentlessly thenceforth.

Elladan and Elrohir demonstrated their thoroughly heroic and wise characters often in the War of the Ring. They rode to the north with the Dúnedain to aid Aragorn; they accompanied him through the Paths of the Dead, and fought their way to Pelargir. They sailed from there with the host of Lebennin and Langstrand and arrived at a critical time during the battle of the Pelennor Fields.

In addition to these mighty exploits, both were permitted to sit in on the councils of the Lords of the West and may have even been considered lords themselves.

The brothers were Half-elves and so had the same choice as that of Elros and Elrond: human life and mortality, or Elvish life with immortality. They eventually chose to remain with the Dúnedain into the Fourth Age after Elrond had departed over the sea, choosing mortality along with their sister Arwen.

Elladan and Elrohir’s Principal Items

Gurthdur (S. Death of the Dark;’ Elladan’s) and Gordur (S. Dread of the Dark” Elrohir’s), sister swords, +20 mithril, of slaying Orcs and Trolls, glows cold blue in vicinity of Orcs (dim within 100’; very bright within 100’); casts Haste X on wielder 3x/​day.
Cubragol (S. Sudden Bow”, Elladan’s) and Cucaran (S. Red Bow” Elrohir’s), sister bows, tasarung and Ogamur +25 bows, fire every round with no penalty, all ranges are tripled, concussion hits are doubled, silent.
Cloaks (Menelcollo)
(S. Cloaks of the Sky”) add 30 to DB, continuous Landing True, Great Leap 5x/​daily, normally sky blue but change color to that of surroundings if desired (+50 hiding), cloaks allow gliding from heights (drop 100’/rnd and sail 100’/rnd) as often as desired (requires a high point to drop from).

Elladan and Elrohir’s Special Powers

100 PP. x4 PP multiplier. Knows all Ranger base lists to 20th and 4 Open Channeling to 10th lvl.

Elladan and Elrohir’s Lesser Items of Note

Read LotR I 39, 300; LotRIII 60, 389, 456, 468.


(S. Star-rider”) Twin brother of Elladan. Same stats and equipment.


Lvl: 65(85). Race: Elda/​Adan/​Maia. Profession: Animist/​Cleric (Bard, Lay Healer, Fighter). Home: Originally Beleriand, then Lindon in the Second Age until around 1693 – 97, when he established Imladris (“Rivendell”). Aka: (S. Star Dome”).

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-100; Em-100; In-101; Pr-102; Ag-99; Co-102; Me-102; Re-101; SD-93. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-99; Co-102; Ig-101; It-101; Pr-102. Appearance: 105


Elrond and his brother Elros were the first of the Peredhil (“Half-elven”), the sons of Eärendil the mariner and Elwing the White. Technically, however, they were a mixture of Maia, Eldarin, and High Edain, being descended from Melian and Thingol, Beren and Lúthien. Because of their mixed immortal and mortal lineage, the Valar gave Elrond and Elros the choice: to be immortal as the Elves, or to eventually die as men do, the soul departing to a place only Mandos knows. Elrond chose to live as the Firstborn, the endless, ageless life of the Elves.

Elrond served as Gil-galad’s herald, both in Beleriand and in the early days of the Second Age, when the latter became King of Lindon. Soon after the beginning of the War of the Elves and Sauron, Gil-galad sent Elrond with a force to aid Celebrimbor. The Dark Lord, enraged that the Noldor were not enslaved by the One Ring, assaulted Eregion and laid siege to Ost-in-Edhil, planning to recover the rings by force. Elrond was not able to save Eregion, but retreated with a number of survivors to a narrow valley along the western side of the Misty Mountains. It was at that time (c. S.A. 1697) that he founded Imladris, the Last Homely House. This refuge, though not a fortress, became a safe haven for Elves and Edain alike for the rest of the Second and the Third Age.

In the War of the Last Alliance, Elrond again went to war by Gil-galad’s side, and saw him fall (along with Anarion and Elendil of the Edain) before Sauron. The Alliance was victorious, however, and Elrond was able to rescue the Mightiest of the Three Elven Rings: Vilya, ring of the Firmament. This conflict brought to a close the Second Age.

The Third Age brought much joy and sorrow to Elrond personally, for it saw the birth of his daughter Arwen and twin sons Elladan and Elrohir. But in 2509 his wife Celebrían was ambushed and struck by a poison dart by orcs in the Misty Mountains. Her sons quickly rescued her and Elrond healed her wounds, but she lost the desire to live in Middle-earth. Soon afterwards she took ship to the West. 

It was at Rivendell that Aragorn was raised, learning from the greatest Loremaster alive. Elrond could be demanding, however: though he loved Aragorn, he would not allow his daughter to marry any man less than the King of both Arnor and Gondor.

Elrond’s influence was also felt at the end of the Age, of course, when he sheltered Frodo. He also presided over the Council where the fate of the One Ring was decided, his wisdom being sorely needed at that time of crisis.

Vilya (Ring of Air)

Mightiest of the Three Elven Rings of Power, it was given to him by Gil-galad just before his departure as co-general of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves against Sauron. As long as Sauron did not possess the One, the holders of the Elven Rings were left free to utilize them to the fullest.

It certainly seems that, despite Rivendell’s location in a narrow valley with a concealed entry, it is amazing that the place remained hidden for so long. Sauron’s servants were scouring the countryside and yet seemed unable to penetrate the veil about Imladris. Indeed, Rivendell and Lórien held a special, elusive status in Sauron’s mind. Surely, he must have been aware of them — and perhaps even suspected that an Elven Ring was at work, yet the Three were so powerful that the Dark Lord was unable to act upon his suspicions. 

Vilya’s specific powers

Perhaps more than the other two rings, Vilya is of healing and strengthening. Nenya shielded a land of complete repose — almost retreat; Narya kindled hearts to action. It was in Rivendell where Vilya abode that decisions were made, actions planned. In appearance Vilya is a ring of pure gold set with a large, clear blue sapphire.

Elrond’s Principal Items

Sword (Helkaluinë)
(Q. Shining Blue Ice”) +50 broadsword forged in Beleriand, of Ithilnaur with a gleaming edge of clear blue Laen (enchanted glass). It — like many of the weapons made at this time — glimmers with a chill blue light when near Orcs (dimly along the edges within 1000’; bright within 100’). It is also a Holy weapon, Of Slaying Orcs and all creatures of Fire. Helkaluinë is also a weapon of coldfire, giving off an intense cold when desired by its wielder, delivering a Cold Critical whenever another crit is indicated. The sword cannot be fumbled when used by an Elf, and will Haste its wielder at a thought.
Mantle of Doriath
Woven by his ancestress Melian, it is a great cloak of grey cloth which confers the following powers to the wearer at will: Displacement V, Invisibility True, Deflections V, and Blur.
Acts as a full helm, also has a 50% chance of simply annulling any head critical. Wearer has continuous Unpresence.
Fine Ithilnaur chain armor which provided protection equal to AT 18 (-30) but was virtually unencumbering.

Elrond’s Special Powers

The Master of Rivendell had powers which transcend some of the concepts and restrictions in the spell lists. Utilizing the unique combination of Lay Healer and Clerical Healing skills, Elrond was able to perform feats of restoration without equal in Middle-earth.
2340 PP. x9 PP item. Elrond knows all Open and Closed Channeling and Mentalism lists to 50th level; he also has at his disposal the Base Bard and Cleric lists to 50th level.

Elrond’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 5. Race: Half-elf. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Menegroth. Aka: (S. Elu’s heir”).

RM Stats: Co-103; SD-90; Ag-104; Me-90; Re-96; St-105; Qu-105; Pr-103; In-92; Em-102. MERP Stats: Ag-104; Co-103; Ig-96; In-92; Pr-103; St-105. Appearance: 101.

Eldarin boy-child of Dior and Nimloth. Following the assault of the sons of Fëanor on Menegroth he was abandoned with his brother Elurín by the servants of Celegorm. Neither child was heard from again.

Eluréd’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 234, 236 – 237


Lvl: 3. Race: Half elf. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Menegroth. Aka: (S. Elu’s remembrance”).

RM Stats: Co-101; SD-96; Ag-106; Me-90; Re-98; St-103; Qu-106; Pr-101; In-95; Em-100. MERP Stats: Ag-106; Co-101; Ig-98; In-95; Pr-101; St-103. Appearance: 100.

Younger Eldarin boy-child of Dior and Nimloth. Following the assault of the sons of Fëanor on Menegroth he was abandoned with his brother Eluréd by the servants of Celegorm. Neither child was heard from again.

Elurín Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 234, 236 – 37

Elwë Singollo

Lvl: 50 (120) Race: Sinda. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: first Doriath in Beleriand, then the cave palace Menegroth by the enchanted river Esgalduin. Aka: originally Sindacollo, Thingol (S. Greycloak”).

RM Stats: Co-103; SD-104; Ag-107; Me-100; Re-103; St-107; Qu-107; Pr-105; In-102; Em-105. MERP Stats: Ag-107; Co-103; Ig-105; In-102; Pr-105; St-107. Appearance: 101.

Elwë Singollo

Elwë was the King of the Teleri, the third and last yet most populous of the families of Elves. He was also considered the High King of the Elves east of the sea. Though he loved Valinor his fate became inextricably bound to Middle-earth for he became enchanted with love for Melian the Maia. While he wandered love-struck through the forests of Middle-earth, his brother Olwë led the Teleri over the sea. A few who did not think Elwë dead remained. When he found these, he remained with them and renounced ever returning to the Undying Lands.

Melian took human form, married Elwë, and bore him the lovely daughter Lúthien Tinúviel. For many years he ruled Doriath by his own great wisdom and the tremendous guidance and foresight of Melian.

Suspicion developed between the Noldor and Elwë when the Noldor did not recognize Elwë’s high kingship — and so his order not to interfere in the affairs of the Teleri. Elwë would have nothing to do with the House of Fëanor after the kinslaying, forbade the use of Quenya in his realm, and would not permit any Edain to enter the kingdom. Thus, his domain prospered for many years.

Elwë’s doom came about because he attempted to prevent the marriage of Lúthien to the heroic Adan Beren by demanding a Silmaril as the bride-price. However, after great and terrible adventure, Beren remarkably obtained a Silmaril and brought it to Elwë. Thus, Elwë’s doom was sealed. He managed to hold off the hosts of Fëanor but he could not hold off the beauty of the jewel which entrapped him. When he set the Silmaril in the Nauglamír (a Dwarvish present received from Húrin) and displayed it before those with less resistance to its beauty than he, the Dwarves coveting the Silmaril slew him.

Elwë was considered a Calaquendi because he was the only Sinda to have seen the two trees. He was the tallest of Eru’s children, stretching to an unprecedented 8′2″. He had beautiful silver hair. He was usually cautious and wise, but he could be very proud and angry when he encountered injustice.

Elwë’s Principal Items

Sword (Aranrûth)
(Q. King’s Wrath”) the great broadsword of Elwë in Doriath and later of the Kings of Númenór. It was perhaps of Dwarvish manufacture by the smiths of Nogrod. It is red Eog; OB +77; does additional Heat criticals; slaying vs Balrogs, Trolls, goblins, Wargs, undead, and dragons; it is highly intelligent; speaks all Elvish and Dwarvish tongues; does triple concussion hits; any armor it strikes is treated as AT1 (skin).
Necklace (Nauglamír)
(S. Dwarf Necklace”) is inestimably costly, set with many precious and heavy gems. However, it is enchanted, does not encumber, wears lightly and comfortably, and raises the wearer’s Pr mod by 50, and gives constant Alkar. When burdened with the Silmaril, the wearer’s Pr mod increases by +125. However, Noldor and Dwarves who see it must also resist a 400th level PASSION aura or strive to obtain it even at the risk of near certain death.
Crown (The Gift of Melian)
Elwë’s crown, +10 Essence spell adder, may cast Essence spells while wearing armor with no penalty, and gives him the ability to cast the base Magician lists and the open and closed Essence lists to 50th level (using his own Essence Power Points), protects head as a full helm, negates 50% of head criticals.

Elwë’s Special Powers

600 PP. +10 spells item, all Open, Closed, and Base Magician Essence lists to 50th lvl.

Elwë’s Lesser Items of Note

Important Dates

Died circa 1.A. 505.

Read Sil 52 – 53, 55 – 56, 58, 91 – 97, 111, 121, 127 – 29, 143 – 44, 157, 166 – 68, 172, 183 – 86, 188, 189, 190, 199, 201 – 02, 227, 231 – 33; LotRI 260, 261; LotRIII 388.


Lvl: 50. Race: Half-elf. Profession: Animist. Home: Menegroth in Doriath, Arvernien, Aman, the White Tower on Belegaer. Aka: (S. Star-spray”), Elwing the White.

RM Stats: Co-87; SD-104; Ag-96; Me-103; Re-103; St-84; Qu-99; Pr-103; In-105; Em-100. MERP Stats: Ag-96; Co-87; Ig-103; In-105; Pr-103; St-84. Appearance: 113.

The daughter of Dior and Nimloth, Elwing remarkably escaped during the attack on Menegroth by the sons of Fëanor (unlike her brothers Eluréd and Elurín who were both lost). She got away with the Nauglamír and its Silmaril, and eventually married Eärendil and bore him the two sons Elrond and Elros.

When the sons of Fëanor came after the Silmaril at Elwing’s home in Arvernien, she cast herself with the Silmaril into the sea, being willing to sacrifice herself rather than let the stone come into evil hands. Ulmo saved her, however, turning her into a bird. Reunited with Eärendil, they won through the Shadowy Seas, and while Eärendil spoke to the Valar, Elwing persuaded the Teleri to sail the ships of the Host of Valinor.

Elwing was the first to make the choice of the Half-elven, and decided to remain with the Firstborn. She apparently could speak with birds and was considered their patron, especially the birds of the Sea.

Elwing’s Special Powers

250 PP. x7 PP multiplier. Knows all Base Animist to 30th lvl, all Open and Closed Channeling to 20th lvl, all Ranger base lists to 10th lvl.

Elwing’s Lesser Items of Note

Read: Sil 122, 178, 291 – 3, 302, 304 – 10, 315.


Lvl: 65. Race: Teler. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist (Rogue). Home: the woods of Nan Elmoth. Aka: the Dark Elf.

RM Stats: Co-100; SD-45; Ag-103; Me-105; Re-106; St-101; Qu-90; Pr-70; In-106; Em-108. MERP Stats: Ag-103; Co-100; Ig-108; In-106; Pr-70; St-101. Appearance: 99.

Eöl is accounted the most skilled of all the Sindarin smiths, and the greatest Elven smith of all time with the exception of Fëanor and Celebrimbor. Eöl is best known for his creation of the superlative metal Galvorn and the forging of the black swords Anglachel and Anguirel (see articles on Beleg and Maeglin for descriptions and stats of the swords).

Eöl’s personal history is grim and tragic, and likewise the fruit which he brought upon the world. He was gloomy and aloof, scarcely caring for his own people, and having no fondness at all for any other Elves. He also created the cursed swords, conceived his traitorous son Maeglin, and he murdered his wife Aredhel in the culmination of a long fit of madness. For this crime he was hurled off the cliff Caragdûr to his death.

He was tall (7′6″) and exceptionally skilled in learning. He was closest of all the Elves to the Dwarves — from whom — he learned his incomparable skill at his craft.

Eöl’s Principal Items

Sword (Fuinrauko)
(Q. gloomy demon”), +75 two-handed sword; black Eog with edges, hilt-guard, and decor of Galvorn; Holy (actually unholy); may be thrown using javelin ranges; triple concussion damage (does 5x concussion hits when thrown); Dances” — will fight for up to 13 rounds by itself (or until it receives a knocked down” result) using the OB of its wielder with the sword, treat sword as AT:Pl/20 DB: +100, can Long Door to Eöl’s hand at his mental command up to 666 miles away.
The Smith’s Ring
x10 PP enhancer for Essence; constant True Armor (Elemental Shields lvl 50); skin is AT:No/4 DB: +44; wearer may work in heat, cold, or electric forges without bodily protection.
Complete smithy and tools
all of Galvorn, Laen, mithril, Eog, or tipped with adamant (+50 to all smithing or crafting maneuvers).
Helm (Thinthol)
(Q. The Grey Helmet”), made of Galvorn with a grey Laen face-shield (instantly tints to protect eyes from any bright light), makes head, neck and face immune to any elemental damages, weapons which strike the protected areas must save vs a 50th level Weapon Slaying or be destroyed, does not interfere with spell casting.
Shield (Gûlthalion)
(Q. Mageshield”), wall shield +50, of Galvorn, floats to defend wielder, may be ridden as a boat by 1 person (250’/rnd), may be flown (600’/rnd) up to 3x/​day.

Eöl’s Special Powers

455 PP. x10 PP multiplier. Knows all base Alchemy lists to 65th; knows Rune Mastery, Unbarring Ways, Detecting Ways, Elemental Shields, Delving Ways, Spell Enhancement, Gate Mastery, Dark Contacts, and Dark Summons to 50th; knows all other Open and Closed Essence lists to 20th lvl.

Important Dates

Executed sometime in 1.A. 4th century.


Lvl: 40. Race: Noldo. Profession: Animist/​Seer. Home: Rivendell (Imladris).

RM Stats: Co-77; SD-102; Ag-80; Me-101; Re-103; St-70; Qu-82; Pr-102; In-99; Em-98. MERP Stats: Ag-80; Co-77; Ig-103; In-99; Pr-102; St-70. Appearance: 100.

A Noldo of Rivendell; Elrond’s chief counselor.

Erestor’s Special Powers

80 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows all base Seer lists to 30th lvl, all Open and Closed Mentalism to 20th lvl.

Note: If given the opportunity, Erestor usually casts True Aura and Displacement III before combat.

Erestor’s Lesser Items of Note

Read LotR I 315.


Lvl: 130. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist (Magician, Fighter). Home: Aman, in Middle-earth on many campaigns. Aka: (S. Spirit of Fire”); birthname is Curufinwë.

RM Stats: Co-101; SD-66; Ag-110; Me-110; Re-110; St-103; Qu-105; Pr-108; In-88; Em-112. MERP Stats: Ag-110; Co-101; Ig-112; In-88; Pr-107; St-103. Appearance: 105.

A great and terrible Noldorin prince, Fëanor was the eldest son of Finwë and the only son of Finwë’s first wife Miriel. Fëanor was the mightiest and most accomplished of the Noldor, and in some ways the greatest of the Children of Eru. From the beginning he was a prodigy of unprecedented skill and formidable intellect, having phenomenal innate gifts of mind and hand, and the passion for an active and aggressive development of those gifts.

In terms of his creations, none could rival him, for he was the greatest smith, craftsman, and alchemist in history. He was first instructed by his father-in-law Mahtan and then by Aulë himself. To his credit is the creation of the Fëanorian lamps, the Palantíri, the adapted Tengwar alphabet, and the art of fabricating gems and crystals. His greatest creation was the crystalline substance Silima which could capture and then continually radiate energy. From that he created the priceless jewels, the Silmarils, which preserved the only remaining radiance of the Two Trees.

It is difficult to fully express Fëanor’s influence on the history of Ea. When Morgoth killed the Two Trees, stole the Silmarils, and then slew Fëanor’s father Finwë, against the command of the Valar Fëanor resolved to return to Middle-earth in revenge of Morgoth and the recovery of the Silmarils. This he vowed to do by the terrible Oath of Fëanor which he swore by his own life and the existence of the greatest of the Valar. All of his seven sons swore the Oath with him and a great number of other Noldor as well. And so, most of the Noldor returned to Middle-earth because of Fëanor and his wrath.

Fëanor was not known for his wisdom, for in his excessive pride and anger he instigated the Kinslaying at Alqualondë and the desertion of Fingolfin in Araman, and many other terrible crimes. 

Fëanor was finally mortally wounded in Dor Daedeloth when he was overwhelmed by Balrogs after his reckless pursuit of an Orcish army.

Fëanor was tall (7′6″), with coal black hair, piercing eyes, and an aggressive demeanor. He had married Nerdanel who bore him seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amras, and Amrod. Nerdanel restrained to some degree the excesses of Fëanor’s great passion, his spirit of fire.

Fëanor’s Principal Items

Sword (Ancaruin)
(S. Jaws of Red Flame”), +88 two-handed sword, hilts of golden mithril and adamant ruby; blade of mithril, and red Eog. Holy, highly intelligent, telepathic, able to Long Door 333 miles to Fëanor at his mental call, Haste at Will, may be thrown 1000’ with no penalties. Caster may immolate at will: cannot be stunned or stunned unable to parry, acts as Fire Armor and Lightening Armor, anyone within 5’ takes a C class Heat critical. Of Heat: the sword flames when wielded, does an additional Heat critical, and triple concussion hits.
Tabard (Naramba)
(Q. Fire-shield”) a sleeveless tunic for alchemy and other exercises. Naramba is cunningly woven of fine cloth as well as Shaalk and Laen filaments. The garb acts as AT:Pl/20 DB: +66 and gives total protection from heat, electricity, or cold, magical or non-magical. The tunic also allows free use of the Fire Law list to 50th lvl. Its natural color is a soft, shimmering grey, but when defending against attack (it does so automatically) it becomes a brilliant reflective silvery field enveloping Fëanor’s entire body (treat as Alkar). The tunic does not encumber at all.
They are matched wrist guards of mithril, Shaalk and Laen, protecting the hands and arms from the elements in the same manner as the Naramba. Curufin has an identical garb.
Clothes (Silimacollo)
(S. Cloak of Silima”), shimmering silvery-whe hood robe worn at all times when Fëanor is not doing craft work. It protects as AT:Pl/20 DB: +88, constant Alkar, Utterlight X at will, any spell cast at wearer must save vs a 100th level Dispel or it has no effect and the power points are added to wearer’s own (may not exceed his normal maximum).
Ring of Fire
Gold mithril and clear Laen with a large adamant ruby, xl2 PP any realm, caster may use any spell on the Self-Healing list using his own power points (this trait causes the caster to glow with a deep orange aura when it is used), all fire spells cast by the wielder are x5 hits, x5 range, and 5x area or volume (for area effect spells only).
Boots (Talruin)
(S. Feet of Flame”), winged boots, made of wonderfully worked golden mithril plate and chain: Landing True 6000’, Wall-running, Limb-running, Water-running, Wind-running, Flip I at will. All Fly spells are at double speed. Negate 50% of leg and foot crits.
Of mithril and ruby adamant. Protects as a full helm, negates 50% of head crits, Displacement V 5x/​day, continuous Presence spell.
Constant Resistance True, store 5 spells any level, completely analyze any material within 50 feet.
(in Aman) full of priceless jewels, metal, chemical, etc. working tools, vessels, forges, etc. of enchanted materials (adds +65 to all smithing and crafting work).

Fëanor’s Special Powers

With his incredible Empathy, Fëanor could innately sense the existence and realm of a spell, the category of spell used, the presence of a magical item, or a magic-using being or person to 100’.
1170 PP. xl2 PP multiplier. Knows all base Magician and Alchemist base lists to 50th (Fire Law, Light Law, Enchanting Ways, Imbedding, and Inorganic Skills to 100th), knows all Essence base lists to 20th lvl, all Open and Closed Essence lists to 50th lvl.

Read Sil 60 – 72, 75, 78 – 79, 82 – 90, 98, 106 – 07, 305, 355; LotRII 258, 260; LotRIII 388, 493; UT 23, 76, 229 – 33, 235 – 36, 248, 146, 251, 22, 51, 154.

Fëatur (I)*

Lvl: 36. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Mentalist. Home: Valinor; Beleriand; Angband; Angkirya in the Mûmakan. Aka: (S. Lord Spirit”/“Lord of Spirits”?); Heruthulë (Q. Spirit Master”); The Illusionist.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-101; Em-99; In-86; Pr-101; Ag-100; Co-99; Me-99; Re-96; SD-87. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-100; Co-99; Ig-97; It-86; Pr-101. Appearance: 103.

By his name alone one can guess that Fëatur was close to the Fëanturi, the Valar Námo (Mandos) and Irmo (Lórien). For many years he (and his sister, see below) were pupils of these two, and gained great insights into the ways of Spirits. Born of the House of Finrod, both were graced with golden-blond hair, and unusual amber eyes.

It was not long, however, before the fair twins were lured by the guile of Morgoth. They, along with many others, fell to his charms — as did many of the Maïar. Fëanor was the greatest to listen to Melkor, but he was so strong-willed and proud that, while he was corrupted, he did not become a truly evil slave of the Black Enemy.

Fëatur fled to Angband with Morgoth and the Silmarils, but soon regretted his decision. He slipped away and took the Helcaraxë crossing alone. But the way was closed. Lost on the grinding ice of the far north he prayed to Manwë for forgiveness. The Lord of the Valar allowed Fëatur to enter, and forgave him for his evil deeds. Mandos suggested that Fëatur might yet have a mission to fulfill in Endor, and the Male twin was sent back to try to undo his wrongs.

Fëatur’s Principal Items

Crystal orb on a gold chain, allows free use on Mentalist Brilliance to 30th lvl, x5 mentalist PP enhancer, creates enhanced Blur effect (+30 to DB).
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.
Made by Aulë, invisible while worn, it protects Fëatur’s mind, and allows him to manipulate the Enchanted Ardan Cards. 

Fëatur’s Special Powers

108 PP. x5 item. Knows all Base Mystic to 30th lvl; Mentalist Mind Mastery, Telekinesis, Damage Resistance to 20th; Mind’s Door to 30th; Cloaking, Movement lists to 25th lvl.

Fëatur’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 29 – 30.

Fëatur (II)*

(See Fëatur I for stats and references; the Female twin is a Bard/​Mystic, while her brother is a Bard/​Mentalist).

Identical in almost every way to her brother, Fëatur differed only in that her service of evil never wavered. As Morgoth’s page she dwelt within the very halls of Thangorodrim, and became an integral member of the Ardan Council when the Black Enemy charged his most trusted servants with the destruction of the Sun and Moon.

Fëatur’s Principal Items

Crystal orb on a gold chain, allows free use on Mentalist Brilliance to 30th lvl, x5 mentalist PP enhancer, creates enhanced Blur effect (+30 to DB).
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Fëatur’s Special Powers

Knows all Base Mystic to 30th lvl; Mentalist Telekinesis, Sense Mastery, Lofty Bridge, Unbarring Ways, Rapid Ways to 20th; Evil Mentalist Mind Death, Mind Disease to 20th.

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 21, 40 – 41.


Lvl: 35. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist. Home: Valinor, Beleriand, Ost-in-Edhil. Aka: (S. Dusk’s Door”).

RM Stats: St-94; Qu-99; Em-96; In-82; Pr-98; Ag-100; Co-98; Me-79; Re-81; SD-87. MERP Stats: St-94; Ag-100; Co-98; Ig-85; It-82; Pr-98. Appearance: 96.

The Warden and one of the Lords of Mírdaithrond, Fendomë was a master smith during the heyday of Eregion. Quiet and methodical, he lacks the burning passion of many of his kindred — perhaps extinguished by guilt over his rash acts as a youth. He was one of the most vocal proponents of the pursuit of Morgoth. In Ost-in-Edhil he befriended Galadriel and shared her suspicion of Annatar. Their warnings fell, unfortunately, on deaf ears.

Fendomë in many ways exemplifies the Noldo appearance: grey eyes, coal black hair, and a strong build.

Fendomë’s Special Powers

70 PP. x5 item. Knows all base Alchemist lists to 30th lvl; Closed Essence to 10th lvl.

Fendomë’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 125. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter (Paladin). Home: Araman, Eldamar. Aka: Finarphir.

RM Stats: Co-107; SD-103; Ag-107; Me-94; Re-96; St-107; Qu-106; Pr-109; In-102; Em-92. MERP Stats: Ag-107; Co-107; Ig-96; In-102; Pr-109; St-107. Appearance: 108.

Finarfin was a Noldorin prince, the youngest son of Finwë. His mother was the Vanyar maiden Indis, therefore Finarfin was brother to Fingolfin and half-brother to Fëanor. He was the wisest and fairest of Finwë’s children. He tried to remain apart from the disputes of the Noldor and only reluctantly joined in the pursuit of Morgoth. He was deterred by the Kinslaying and the Doom of Mandos. Finarfin forsook Fëanor’s march into exile and repented of rebellion against the Valar, leading many of his people back to dwell with the Valar. He was forgiven and allowed to dwell in Tirion forever afterwards. Finarfin was the commander of his people in the Great Battle.

Finarfin married Eärwen and produced five children, all noteworthy: Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel.

Because Finarfin’s mother was of the Vanyar, and because Finarfin dwelt often with the Vanyar, both he and his descendants were blonde and fair, being more like Vanyar than Noldor. Naturally, Finarfin was very tall (7′5″).

Finarfin’s Principal Items

Sword (Ainacrist)
(S. Holy Sword”), +75 broadsword, white Eog, hits as a two-handed sword doing triple concussion hits, Haste X 5x/​day, wielder does not fumble and cannot be stunned.
Helm (Tholthoron)
(S. Eagle Helm”), golden mithril helm with a flying eagle as a crest, light blue Laen faceplate: +50 to visual perception rolls, wearer may transform into a giant eagle 1x/​day, negates 50% of head crits, +50 on moving maneuvers, Landing True 10,000’.
Armor (Arennon)
(S. High Armor”), AT:Pl/20 DB: +75, all of white Eog plates, wearer resists all spells at +75, acts as True Armor (Lvl 50 Elemental Shields), maneuver penalties reduced to 0, constant Alkar.
Shield (Sulthalion)
(S. Shield of the Wind”), full shield +50, of clear Laen, mithril, and white Eog. May deflect directed spells 3x/​rnd (attacking spell must save vs a 50th level spell or be effected as Spell Bending True), Cast 100 PP/​day from Wind Law (to lvl 25), may be thrown as a +75 battle axe 1500’, flies back to wielder in one round.

Finarfin’s Special Powers

500 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows Purification, Concussion’s Ways, Blood Law, Bone Law, Organ Law, Muscle Law, Nerve Law, Life Mastery, and Calm Spirits lists to 10th lvl.

Finarfin’s Lesser Item of Note

Read Sil 60, 83, 84, 85, 88, 176, 251, 305, 306.


Lvl: 20. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist. Home: Ost-in-Edhil. Aka: (S. (“Hair of Golden-red”).

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-100; Em-89; In-88; Pr-100; Ag-99; Co-98; Me-75; Re-81; SD-60. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-99; Co-98; Ig-80; It-88; Pr-100. Appearance: 101.

Curious, passionate, impatient and prideful, Finculin shared many traits with his ancestor Fëanor. A youthful member of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, the Smith proved himself to be very skilled, attracting the praise of his uncle Celebrimbor — and the Lord of Lists, Annatar. Eager to learn, Finculin swiftly fell into Annatar’s trap and became a useful (if unwitting) tool of the disguised Dark Lord. Although Finculin was not corrupted”, he abandoned all interests except Smithing, obsessed with his craft.

Finculin’s Principal Items

Sword (Dagnirdraug)
(S. Wolfs Bane”) An Ithilnaur short sword, +30, which glows near Wolves and Wargs; Of Slaying those creatures.
Mithril and topaz, it is a x5 PP enhancer, casts Alkar 3x/​day, heals wearer 3 hits/​rnd, adds 30 to all RR’s vs Essence.

Finculin’s Special Powers

20 PP. x5 item. Knows all Alchemist Base lists to 20th lvl; Essence Lofty Bridge, Unbarring Ways, Essence Hand to 10th.

Finculin’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Lórien 23, 53 – 54, 56.


Lvl: 20. Race: Noldo. Profession: Bard. Home: Nargothrond. Aka: Faelivrin.

RM Stats: Co-76; SD-80; Ag-96; Me-98; Re-90; St-60; Qu-89; Pr-105; In-100; Em-101. MERP Stats: Ag-96; Co-76; Ig-101; In-100; Pr-105; St-60. Appearance: 102.

Finduilas was a Noldorin princess and daughter of Orodreth who was the brother of Finrod and the son of Finarfin. She was the beloved of Gwindor but Finduilas fell in love with Turin when he came to Nargothrond. Gwindor lovingly released her from her commitment to him but bound Turin to be Finduilas’ protector. Turin failed in this due to the deception of Glaurung. He was off to Dor-lómin after Morwen and Nienor when Finduilas was captured by Orcs during the assault on Nargothrond. She was murdered by her captors when the Haladin ambushed them at the Crossings of Teiglin. Finduilas was buried at Haudh-en-Elleth.

Finduilas’s Special Powers

60 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows all Bard lists to 20th lvl, knows 5 Open Mentalist lists to 5th lvl.

Note: Finduilas will cast a True Aura spell if she has the opportunity.

Finduilas’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 209, 210 – 11, 213, 214, 216, 225, 305.


Lvl: 135. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Araman, Helcaraxë, Hithlum. Aka: King of the North.

RM Stats: Co-110; SD-100; Ag-109; Me-96; Re-99; St-111; Qu-110; Pr-107; In-104; Em-94. MERP Stats: Ag-109; Co-110; Ig-99; In-104; Pr-107; St-110. Appearance: 107.

A great Noldorin prince, Fingolfin was the second son of Finwë; his mother was Indis. He was the strongest, most valiant of all the Noldo warriors. He was perceptive, wise and forgiving, as shown by his temperate response to an insult and attack by Fëanor.

He was given the high kingship by Maedhros after the death of Fëanor. Fingolfin was a great tactician, perceiving the infinite strength of Angband against assault, and laid the foundation for the defensive Elvish siege line.

His finish is the stuff of legends and song, for he died in single combat, the greatest champion of good against the greatest force of evil. It came about after the Dagor Bragollach forced the retreat of Fingolfin and all his forces. Fingolfin perceived the defeat of the Noldor on every front and understood the irresistible and unbreakable might of Morgoth’s hordes. Finally, in a rage of despair Fingolfin charged alone across the burning plains of Ard-galen all the way to the very gate of Angband. There he called out Morgoth to single combat. Though there could only be one result from such a battle (his own death), he avoided the earthshaking assaults of the deadly mace Grond long enough to wound the Vala Morgoth no less than 7 times.

Fingolfin had the look of eagles, a natural mighty hero among heroes with a shrewd tactical mind and natural gifts of leadership. He was blonde like the Vanyar, extremely tall (7′7″), and with an almost herculean physique.

Fingolfin’s Principal Items

Sword (Ringil)
(S. Chill Star”), +88 two-handed sword, made of white Eog, mithril, clear Laen, and adamant sapphires. It is Holy and of Cold”, doing additional Cold criticals and quadruple concussion damage. It is also of Will”: the wielder cannot be stunned, stunned unable to parry, made afraid, charmed, or possessed, and will never fumble. It Slays” armor and shields at lvl 100 (enchanted items get a RR based on their level of enchantment). It casts constant Haste when drawn from the scabbard as well as a constant Utterlight V. It may cast up to 200 PP/​day from Ice Law (up to level 20) with all spells having ranges, radii, and hits multiplied x5.
Armor (Belegennon)
(S. Armor of Might”), AT:Pl/20 DB: +88, all white Eog and mithril, constant Displacement III, negates 50% of all criticals to the wearer, unencumbering, constant Alkar. 
Cloak (Collothalion)
(S. Cloak of Shields”), great animated cloak with woven filaments of Shaalk and Ogamur, highly intelligent. It continually whips and blows around the wearer during combat able to defend him as a wall shield +50.

Fingolfin’s Special Powers

675 PP. x4 PP multiplier. Knows all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 10th lvl.

Fingolfin’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 60, 69 – 71, 75, 83 – 90, 100, 108 – 09, 111, 113, 115, 119, 121, 143, 147, 150, 152, 154, 305.


Lvl: 120. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Eldamar, Dor-lómin, Mithrim. Aka: (S. Golden-haired Commander”); the Valiant; Findakáno.

RM Stats: Co-108; SD-92; Ag-110; Me-90; Re-94; St-109; Qu-108; Pr-106; ln-96; Em-99. MERP Stats: Ag-110; Co-108; Ig-94; In-96; Pr-106; St-109. Appearance: 105.

A Noldorin prince, Fingon was the eldest son of Fingolfin, father of Gil-galad, and High King of the Noldor from 1.A. 455 – 473. In Eldamar he was very close to Maedhros, Angrod, and Aegnor, and he was one of the ones who favored the pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils (even though his relationship with Fëanor was not strong). Fingon led the hosts of Fingolfin in the Kinslaying.

Fingon took it upon himself to end the division between the House of Fëanor and the others of the Noldor. So, he summoned Thorondor and together they flew to the cliff of Thangorodrim and rescued Maedhros from his bondage there. For this act especially, but also for his strength and courage Fingon was called the Valiant.

Fingon was unfortunately slain by Balrogs in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. He was succeeded as High King by his brother Turgon.

Fingon was blonde after the nature of his family, tall (7′4″), strongly built and a powerful fighter.

Fingon’s Special Powers

720 PP. x4 PP multiplier. Knows all Open and Closed Mentalism lists to 10th lvl.

Fingon’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 115. Race: Noldo. Profession: Bard (Fighter). Home: Eldamar, Tol Sirion, Minas Tirith, Nargothrond. Aka: (S. Golden-haired Champion”); (S. Hair-eminent one”), Felagund (S. Cave Hewer”); Lord of the Caves; Master of Caves, Nóm, the Faithful, Friend of Men, Findaráto.

RM Stats: Co-107; SD-102; Ag-106; Me-108; Re-108; St-105; Qu-104; Pr-105; In-102; Em-99. MERP Stats: Ag-106; Co-107; Ig-108; In-102; Pr-105; St-105. Appearance: 106.

Great Noldorin prince Finrod was the eldest offspring and son of Finarfin. His brothers were Orodreth, Angror, and Aegnor. His sister was Galadriel. He is known as the great friend of Beren.

Finrod was renowned for not only his great strength and power, but also for his wisdom, justice, loyalty, and for his unmatched brilliance as an architect.

Finrod joined the quest for the Silmarils only reluctantly and suffered the separation of his beloved Amarië of the Vanyar, who remained behind in Aman. He was one of the leaders of the host of Fingolfin.

He first settled in Beleriand and built the remarkable fortress city of Minas Tirith. Then he was guided by Ulmo to find the Caverns of Narog and there built the legendary Elven cave palaces of Nargothrond, capitol of the largest Noldorin realm in Beleriand.

Finrod was the first of the Eldar to encounter the Edain and he taught them in Beleriand. He was rescued from Orcs in the Dagor Bragollach by Beren to whom Finrod gave the Ring of Barahir as a pledge of aid to his house.

Beren later requested Finrod’s help in the Silmaril quest. So Finrod died and repayed the debt battling Sauron in songs of power. He was imprisoned in his own Minas Tirith dungeons and was slain by a Werewolf.

Finrod was tall (7′4″), blonde as was common for his house. He was truly one of the most noble of the Noldor and so carried himself.

Finrod’s Special Powers

460 PP. x6 PP multiplier. Knows all Bard lists to 50th lvl, knows all Open and Closed Mentalism to 20th lvl.

Finrod’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 61, 73, 85, 90, 109, 114, 120 – 21, 124, 128 – 30, 140 – 43, 151 – 52, 169 – 72, 174, 175 – 76, 305, 306, 356, 358; LotRIII 453, 506. 


Lvl: 140. Race: Noldo. Profession: Animist/​Cleric (Animist, Astrologer). Home: Aman, Tirion, Formenos.

RM Stats: Co-106; SD-106; Ag-110; Me-110; Re-108; St-106; Qu-106; Pr-110; ln-110; Em-108. MERP Stats: Ag-110; Co-106; Ig-108; In-110; Pr-110; St-106. Appearance: 109.


Finwë was the first High King of the Noldor and one of the four greatest Elves who led the Eldar on the Great Journey out of Middle-earth in the beginning (the others were Ingwë, Olwë, and Elwë). He was the father of Fëanor by Míriel of the Noldor, and after her death the father of Fingolfin and Finarfin by Indis of the Vanyar. Fëanor opposed the second marriage and there was strife because of it for many years, yet Finwë loved Fëanor more than any of his other kin.

When Fëanor was exiled and went to his fortress Formenos, Finwë himself accompanied him. So it was that when Morgoth stole the Silmarils from Fëanor’s armory, Finwë was slain by Morgoth defending the home and treasury of his son. Even though Finwë was untouched by the shame that was to come upon his house in years ahead, he perished for the same cause as two of his sons: Fëanor and Fingolfin. Like them he was slain by Morgoth for reason of the Silmarils. Following Finwë’s death, his heart was taken by Orcs but was later recaptured by Turgon (his grandson) and encased in gold by him. This relic was called the Scarlet Heart and is the emblem of the king’s folk in Gondolin.

Finwë was majestic in appearance, very tall (7′8″), having long black hair and grey eyes soft with wisdom and love. He was known for his unsurpassed wisdom, concern for good, and his calming influence on the rash Noldor.

Finwë’s Principal Items

Staff (Aldatar)
(Q. Father of Staves”), xl2 PP for any realm, formed of braided limbs of the Two Trees, wielder protected by constant Resistance True and Protections True, +100 in melee, hits as a mounted lance 5x damage giving Crush, Impact, and Unbalancing Criticals. At will the wielder may desire a target that has been struck to suffer the attack of a +50 point blank fireball (only the target and his gear suffers this blast).
Crown (Aglarthol)
(Q. Crown of Glory”), crown of golden mithril, Laen, precious stones. The center prominent stone is a sapphire Fëanorian lamp which shines on its own (+10 DB). Wearer is immune to fear, stun, charm, control, or possession. Crown negates 50% of head crits. On any head strike the weapon must save vs a 50th level Weapon Slayer spell.
Boots (Nimril Palande)
(Q. Brilliant White Boots of Travel”), beautiful white boots which come to mid-thigh, they are studded with 88 large diamonds. They may cast any Running spell off the Lofty Movements list at will. All maneuvers are +50.

Finwë’s Special Powers

1120 PP. xl2 PP multiplier. Knows base Cleric lists to 100th lvl, knows Animist and Astrologer base lists to 50th lvl, knows all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 50th lvl.

Read Sil 52 – 53, 60 – 62, 63 – 65, 69 – 72, 75, 79, 305. 


Lvl: 60(90). Race: High Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Seer (Mystic). Home: Undying Lands; Beleriand (in Doriath); Eregion; Imladris; I Arien; Lebennin. Aka: Alatariel, Artanis, Nerwen; also called Lady of the Noldor, Lady of the Golden Wood, and the White Lady.

RM Stats: St-95; Qu-101; Em-101; In-100; Pr-102; Ag-100; Co-100; Me-94; Re-96; SD-98. MERP Stats: St-95; Ag-100; Co-100; Ig-97; It-100; Pr-102. Appearance: 105.

The daughter of Finarfin, Galadriel was generally considered to be the equal of Fëanor, superior to him in many ways. Born in the Undying Lands, the daughter of Finarfin and Eärwen of Alqualondë, she grew to be very tall (6′4″), in height comparable to her brothers. She was also strong-willed, and competitive. The Eldar enjoyed athletic games as well as mental exercise, and Galadriel proved again and again that she was the equal of any of the Noldor Lords in depth of thought as well as athletic ability.

One of the leaders of the Noldor living in Tirion in the Undying Lands, she went with her brethren to fight in the hopeless war against Morgoth. It was in Beleriand, in the guarded realm of Doriath, that she met her future husband Celeborn. Although she took no oaths, she — like the rest of the Deep Elves — suffered the Ban of the Valar and was forbidden to return to Aman after the war. At that time, however, Galadriel had no desire to return, having become enamored with the wide lands of Middle-earth, and she desired a realm of her own to rule.

So, it was for many ages of the world that Galadriel remained in Middle-earth, and the land was bettered by her presence. Finally, however, by the end of the Third Age she grew weary of the world. Because of her deeds against Sauron, and most especially her refusal to accept the One Ring when it was freely offered, the Ban was lifted and she sailed into the Uttermost West with the other Ringbearers.

Galadriel’s Principal Items

Nenya (White Ring of Water)

Of all the twenty Rings of power only the Three Elven Rings, forged by Celebrimbor alone, are unsullied by the evil hand of the Dark Lord. In appearance Nenya was an elegant, delicate band of mithril holding a clear, multifaceted gem of adamant, a crystalline material of great beauty and harder than diamond. 

Nenya’s specific powers

Like all true artifacts, Nenya’s power is a function of its wielder. The Elven Rings were made to aid their wearer in learning, healing and understanding, not only for him or her, but those around them. They had the power to hold off the Shadow, and in fact keep at bay the decays of Time itself. Each ring was the center of an Elven haven where the passage of days is not felt, Time flows in strange ways. This was especially true in Lórien, where Galadriel held sway.

The Mirror of Galadriel
A Seer focus device, it enhances the range and scope of the Seer spells in the Future Visions, Past Visions, and True Perception lists, often combining them into a series of visions. Manipulated with caution and skill, it is a very powerful aid, with virtually unlimited range in time and distance. However, as with all items of such power, it is perilous, especially when used by someone unfamiliar with it. In such cases, the Mirror will show swift, fleeting visions, of past present and future, often far away. The images often are drawn from the viewer’s subconscious, and can be misleading if taken too literally.
The Elessar
(given in the Second Age by Galadriel to Celebrían, then to Arwen, then entrusted to Galadriel to be given to Aragorn in mid TA 3019). In appearance the Elessar is a brooch in the form of an eagle with spread wings, set with a large oval emerald.

Specific Powers

Long Knife (Tintelpë)
(Q. Silver Spark”), +33, uses the broadsword table. It glows with a blue light near Servants of Morgoth/​Sauron, is Of Slaying Orcs, Evil Clerics Magicians and Sorcerers, delivers a Cold critical (of same severity as any other given), will cast Lightning Bolt 300’ 3x/​day, and is a Holy weapon.

Galadriel’s Special Powers

Galadriel possesses all Seer and Mystic Base Lists to 50th level. She also has the Mentalist Base list Mind Speech to 20th level, the following Open and Closed Mentalist lists to 50th: Brilliance, Awareness, Illusions, Spell Resistance, Mind Mastery, Telekinesis, Mind’s Door, Movement, and the following Lay Healer Base lists to 20th: Muscle mastery, Concussion Mastery, Bone Mastery, Blood Mastery, Nerve and Organ Mastery.

Galadriel’s’ Other Items of Note

Robes of Aman
Woven in the Light of the Trees, these robes are naturally silvery-white in color, but can change to any color or mottling at the wearer’s thought, adding 100 to hiding. They also cast Mystic Base Displacement V at a thought, provide wearer with AT 20, additional –30 to DB, and wearer is impervious to all heat and cold.
+33, double normal range, can be fired twice per round without penalty, and all arrows fired from the bow are Holy.


Lvl: 28. Race: Sinda. Profession: Animist. Home: Grey Havens.

RM Stats: Co-92; SD-101; Ag-90; Me-99; Re-100; St-84; Qu-94; Pr-97; In-101; Em-98. MERP Stats: Ag-90; Co-92; Ig-100; In-101; Pr-97; St-84. Appearance: 98.

Galdor was the messenger from Círdan to the Council of Elrond. Thus, it may be assumed that he was a Sindarin Elf. It was he who asked for proofs of the identity of the One Ring and also requested news of any advice from Saruman. At that point he was informed by Gandalf that Saruman had misled them.

It may be assumed that Círdan chose Galdor for the errand because of Galdor’s astute mental faculties and wisdom, his knowledge of the people of the Grey Havens, and a good relationship with Círdan personally.

Galdor’s Special Powers

84 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows all Animist base lists to 25th lvl, 12 Open and Closed lists to 20th lvl.

Galdor’s Lesser Items of Note

Important Dates

: Attended the Council of Elrond in T.A. 3018.

Read LotR I 315, 327 – 28.


Lvl: 14. Race: Silvan. Profession: Bard. Home: Mirkwood (the Woodland Realm).

RM Stats: Co-80; SD-63; Ag-94; Me-97; Re-81; St-86; Qu-90; Pr-98; In-79; Em-87. MERP Stats: Ag-94; Co-80; Ig-81; In-79; Pr-98; St-86. Appearance: 97.

Galion was the long time Silvan butler of King Thranduil. A dedicated under-achiever, Galion’s notorious wine-bibbing and his careless partying with Thranduil’s chief guard permitted Bilbo and his company to escape.

Galion’s Special Powers

14 PP. x3 PP multiplier. Knows all Bard base lists to 10th lvl, knows 5 Open lists to 5th lvl.

Galion’s Lesser Items of Note

Read H 173 – 76.


Lvl: 55. Race: Noldo. Profession: Ranger. Home: Nargothrond.

RM Stats: Co-99; SD-96; Ag-101; Me-94; Re-92; St-102; Qu-101; Pr-98; ln-101; Em-98. MERP Stats: Ag-101; Co-99; Ig-98; In-101; Pr-98; St-102. Appearance: 99.

A noble Noldo from Nargothrond, Gelmir was the son of Guilin and the brother of Gwindor. He was captured by Morgoth during the Dagor Bragollach and blinded. Later he was tortured, mutilated, and slain before the walls of Barad Eithel. This terrible fate motived the mad charge of his brother against Angband.

Gelmir’s Special Powers

165 PP. x3 PP multiplier. Knows all Ranger base lists to 25th lvl. All Open Channeling lists to 20th lvl.

Important Dates

Died 1.A. 473.

Read Sil 188, 191.


Lvl: 100. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter (Astrologer). Home: Born in Hithlum, then living in the Havens, then as a fugitive to the Isle of Balar, then serving as lord of Lindon. Aka: (S. Star of Radiance”), originally Ereinion (S. Son of Kings”), then Gil-galad Ereinion.

RM Stats: Co-100; SD-104; Ag-103; Me-105; Re-106; St-102; Qu-104; Pr-105; In-107; Em-105. MERP Stats: Ag-103; Co-100; Ig-105; In-107; Pr-105; St-102. Appearance: 105.


Gil-galad was a great and wise leader, the last of the Noldorin high kings. He was from a line of powerful rulers: the son of Fingon, who was the son of Fingolfin, who was the son of Finwë.

Though he was born before the Dagor Bragollach, he was saved by his father by being sent to dwell with Círdan the shipwright in the Havens of Falas. He escaped also the sack of the Havens to the Isle of Balar. Following the deaths of Fingon and Turgon he became High King of the Noldor. When Celeborn departed Harlindon the remaining Grey-elves also joined themselves to Gil-galad.

Only Gil-galad and his people were undeceived by Sauron’s mask of friendship in the 6th century S.A. He foresaw Sauron’s deceiving the Elven-smiths of Eregion. When Sauron openly assaulted Eregion Gil-galad sent reinforcements, which allowed the defenders to hold out longer. With the aid of Tar-Minastir, eleventh king of Númenór Sauron was defeated and driven out of the west. When Sauron again rose to power, Gil-galad renewed the alliance with the surviving Númenóreans and defeated Sauron again in the Wars of the Last Alliance. Gil-galad, however, also passed away in the final battle falling in single combat with Sauron. Had it not been for the survival of the One Ring because of the short-sightedness of Isildur, the victory over Sauron would have been complete.

Gil-galad is one of Middle-earth’s history’s greatest, noblest, most honorable, and most consistent leaders. His realm of Lindon was the longest lasting Elven kingdom in Middle-earth. He was extremely wise, perceptive, and a faultless judge of character and intent. Physically he had the remarkable physique of the greatest Noldorin princes (7′6″), the fair golden hair found in his august lineage, and the penetrating blue eyes of the Vanyar.

Gil-galad’s Principal Items

The Great Spear (Aeglos)
(S. Snow Point” or Icicle”), made of pure white Eog, +88 OB, Holy, triple concussion criticals, additional Cold and Impact criticals. Protects the wielder vs any cold and the draining power of undead. It can cast the following spells 3x/​daily each, 2/​rnd, at 50th level of ability: Bladeturn I, Ice Bolt (5x hits), Regeneration V, Unpain 50%, and Resistance True. Aeglos with Gil-galad was destroyed by Sauron’s Gauntlet of Slaying on the slopes of Orodruin. But Gil-galad’s fatal contest with Sauron permit-ted Elendil to strike Sauron down.
The Ring of Air (Vilya)
(see article on Elrond).
Robes of Aman
naturally silver-white, they change to any desired coloring and/​or mottling, adding 100 to hiding, cast Displacement V at a thought, AT:Pl/20 DB: +88.
The White Crown
woven from sprigs of the White Tree, x10 PP all professions, maintain concentration spells without concentration for 1 rnd/​lvl, protects as a full helm, negates 50% of head criticals.
The Veil of Lindon
a cape with the same coloring properties as Gil-galad’s Robes of Aman, can cast Alkar at will, swirls to defend its wearer like a full shield +50.

Gil-galad’s Special Powers

600 PP. x10 PP multiplier. Knows all base Astrologer lists to 50th lvl, all Open and Closed Channeling and Mentalism lists to 20th lvl.

Note: DB includes Alkar from Veil of Lindon. DB rises to 340 with Bladeturn or Deflect.

Important Dates

S.A. 3434 defeated Sauron in the Battle of Dagorlad. S.A. 3441 with Elendil overthrew Sauron but was burned to death by Sauron’s heat.

Read Sil 154, 196, 244, 247, 254, 267, 286, 287, 290, 292, 293 – 94, 305; LotRI 83, 250, 257, 319 – 320, 332; LotRIII 389, 452, 453 – 55; R 65.

Glorfindel (I)

Lvl: 50. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Aman, later Gondolin. Aka. (Q. Golden-haired one”).

RM Stats: St-103; Qu-102; Em-98; In-99; Pr-103; Ag-100; Co-101; Me-99 Re-100; SD-104. MERP Stats: St-103; Ag-100; Co-101; Ig-99; It-99; Pr-103. Appearance: 104.

A valiant captain of the guard in Gondolin, Glorfindel escaped the sack of the city and aided in Tuor and Idril’s flight. The party was attacked by an evil force led by a Balrog, however, and Glorfindel engaged the demon in single combat while the others escaped. Both the Elf-lord and the Balrog fell to their death. Glorfindel was of the house of Finarfin, and lord of the House of the Golden Flower.

Glorfindel’s Principal Items

Sword (Calninque)
(Q. White Cleaving”) A two-handed sword, +60, it was of clear Laen with an edge of white Eog. Calninque was Holy and Of Slaying demons. The wielder is Hasted whenever he draws the weapon, and immune to all heat and cold.
a sleeveless overgarment of white cloth, it protected as AT 20 (DB +30) while not encumbering.

Glorfindel’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 237, 301 – 2.

Glorfindel (II)

Lvl: 50. Race: Noldo (House of Finarfin). Profession: Warrior (Bard)/Fighter (Mentalist). Home: Aman; Beleriand; Eregion; Imladris. Aka: (S. Golden-haired”).

RM Stats: St-102; Qu-102; Em-94; In-91; Pr-102; Ag-101; Co-101; Me-92; Re-89; SD-98. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-101; Co-101; Ig-91; It-91; Pr-102. Appearance: 104.


Though not to be confused with another Glorfindel — a Lieutenant of Turgon in Gondolin, head of the House of the Golden Flower — this Glorfindel is a Noldorin Prince of great strength and lineage, chief of the Guardians of Rivendell. He may indeed be a descendant of that other Glorfindel. Not least among his accomplishments was no doubt instructing Aragorn in the ways of combat. He departed the Undying lands with his brethren (though somewhat reluctantly) fought valiantly against Morgoth, and survived the downfall of Eregion and the War of the Elves and Sauron. He led a force in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, as well as commanding the Elven army which defeated Angmar in the Battle of Fornost (TA 1975). Few of his kind remained in Middle-earth by the end of the Third Age.

Not only strong, Glorfindel was accounted one of the Wise, and was a member of the Council of Elrond. He sailed into the West with the Ringbearers at the end of the Third Age.

In appearance Glorfindel was tall (6′10″) and strong, with clear, bright blue eyes and golden hair.

Glorfindel’s Principal Items

Sword (Macilromen)
(Sunrise Sword) A lightweight two-handed sword, Macilromen has a blade of golden alloy with a huge topaz orb in the pommel. It is a +45 weapon which, when drawn, acts as the Astrologer spell Aura Blaze, except Blinding attack is to all within 30’, and the 25 penalty to all attackers is continuous as long as the sword is drawn. Orcs suffer a –30 penalty to their RR’s and are at –50 when attacking Glorfindel. Glorfindel’s comrades within 30’ gain +30 to all RR’s (including morale). The sword also confers Firearmor to its wielder, cannot be fumbled if held by an Elf, is a Holy weapon, and delivers 3x normal concussion hits. Wielder is also Hasted at will, and is able to parry even missile weapons.
Elven boots which confer all of the Ranger Running spells upon the wearer, as well as silent movement, Traceless Passing and +50 to climbing.
White, with the emblem of his house on the breast. The tunic provides protection as AT 17 (-30) but does not encumber.
Lorgl-în (Gold-gleam)
A lesser Elven ring made by Celebrimbor before the great Rings were made with Annatar’s help”, it is gold with a yellow topaz. Lorgl-în grants the wearer +30 to his DB, regenerates him at the rate of 3 hits/​rnd, is a x6 Mentalism PP enhancer, and will cast Invisibility 6x a day.

Glorfindel’s Special Powers

Like many of the greater Elves who lived in Aman, Glorfindel possessed some limited intrinsic healing powers, as if he knew the Channeling Purifications and Concussion’s Ways lists to 10th level.
1200 PP. x6 PP item. Glorfindel knows Mentalist base Mind Speech and Presence lists to 10th lvl, Brilliance to 20th lvl, Mind Mastery, and Cloaking to 10th lvl.

Glorfindel’s Lesser Items of Note

Read LotR I 280 – 286, 293 – 99, 315, 348 – 61; LotR III, 309.


Lvl: 35. Race: Noldo. Profession: Animist/​Evil Cleric. Home: Beleriand; Aurax-Dûr, in the Mûmakan. Aka: (S. The Abominable”; Dread Abomination” (not to be confused with the Maïa Sauron); Morlin (S. Quiet Darkness”); The High Priest; Amaru, god of Mûmakan.

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-100; Em-89; In-101; Pr-100; Ag-100; Co-99; Me-88; Re-82; SD-89. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-100; Co-99; Ig-86; It-101; Pr-100. Appearance: 89.

A shadowy figure in the Court of Ardor, Gorthaur spend much of his time either in his dark cavern or abroad acting as Amaru. He never wavered from his dedication to the Mission; although perhaps he was at times less than wholly enthusiastic.

Of average build, Gorthaur was fairly tall (6′8″) with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Gorthaur’s Principal Items

Scepter (Rod of Umaran)
3’ long rod of ebony with gold head and fittings; strikes as a mace +30; is Of Slaying nonevil users of Channeling, also Unholy and delivers additional Electricity critical. Multiplies range of Weather Ways spells x10 and all Lightning Call strikes are x5 concussion hits.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Gorthaur’s Special Powers

105 PP. x6 Evil Clericism item. Knows Base Clerical Summons, Communal Ways, Life Mastery, Protections lists to 30th; Evil Base Channeling Dark Channels, Dark Lore, Curses lists to 30th; Weather Ways, Light’s Way, Barrier Law, Lofty Movements, Locating Ways lists to 20th.

Gorthaur’s Lesser Items of Note


Lvl: 33. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Seer. Home: Ceber Fanuin, in Southern Mirkwood. Aka: S. Eyes of Gloom”.

RM Stats: St-76; Qu-98; Em-87; ln-89; Pr-101; Ag-100; Co-89; Me-98; Re-97; SD-96. MERP Stats: St-76; Ag-100; Co-89; Ig-98; It-89; Pr-101. Appearance: 100 (though usually lower).

A resident of Southern Mirkwood in the Third Age, Huinen attempted to hold back the Shadow, at least in his part of the forest. His origins are mysterious, though it is likely that he is descended from the Exiles of Aman, doomed to remain in Middle-earth until he has paid for the oath of his fathers.

Huinen’s nature is also rather strange, to the point that most of his associates (few though there were) figured him to be insane. Radical personality shifts accompanied bizarre disguises and journeys, although this may have just been a ruse to lull servants of the Dark Lord into complacency.

In appearance the master of Ceber Fanuin was 6′10″ tall, slender of build, with black curly hair, shot with white streaks. His hazel eyes seemed to change color randomly.

Huinen’s Principal Items

Ring (Paurnen)
(S. Water Fist”) A ring of blue Laen unadorned except for a delicate inscription on the inside which reads, in Sindarin: The wrath of water”. The ring will fire waterbolts, 100’ range, as often as 3x per day. It also allows the wearer to walk on water and mists as if on dry land. The ring can create a mist about the wearer, adding 30 to his DB.
Orb of Seeing 
A one-foot diameter orb set in a small table, it rests in a high tower in Ceber Fanuin. In addition to being a x6 PP enhancer, it allows a Seer to cast spells (in any list he already knows) 20 levels higher than he normally would.

Huinen’s Special Powers

99 PP. x6 PP item. Knows 3 Seer lists to 30th level, 3 to 20th level, 10 Mentalists Open and Closed lists to 10th.

Huinen’s Lesser Items of Note

Read ICE’s Southern Mirkwood 48 – 50, 55.

Idril Celebrindal

Lvl: 40. Race: Noldo. Profession: Bard/​Mentalist. Home: Gondolin until its fall, then Arvernien. Aka: S. Sparkling Brilliant Silver-foot”.

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-104; Em-101; In-100; Pr-104; Ag-110; Co-100; Me-100; Re-98; SD-99. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-110; Co-100; Ig-99; It-100; Pr-104. Appearance: 105.

Idril was the daughter of Turgon, King of Gondolin, and she suffered the unwelcome attentions of Maeglin until his bitter fall with the downfall of Gondolin. With the help of Glorfindel, she escaped with her husband — the lordly Adan Tuor — and her son by him: Eärendil the Mariner.

Idril lived with Tuor for many years in Arvernien, until the man grew old, and they sailed together into the West. Whether they arrived at last in Aman is not known. Her son went on to play a crucial role in the history of Ea.

Idril’s Principal Items

x8 PP enhancer, it was a delicate item of mithril and diamonds. It also provided Idril with a permanent Mirrormind spell vs all mental attacks and intrusions.

Idril’s Special Powers

200 PP. x8 PP enhancer. Knows all Mentalist Bae lists to 30th lvl; all Open and Closed Lists to 20th lvl.

Idril’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 151, 160, 163, 165 – 66, 296 – 300, 303 – 4, 308, 315, 322.


Lvl: 150 Race: Vanya. Profession: Bard (Fighter, Cleric, Animist, Astrologer, Magician, Illusionist, Mentalist, Seer, Lay Healer, Mystic). Home: the Halls of Manwë and Varda on the mountain of Taniquetil (Oiolossë) in Aman.

RM Stats: Co-105; SD-105; Ag-109; Me-107; Re-107; St-110; Qu-109; Pr-120; In-110; Em-107. MERP Stats: Ag-109; Co-105; Ig-107; In-110; Pr-120; St-110. Appearance: 120.


Ingwë is the greatest of Elves, being king of the Vanyar, and High King of the Eldar. He is revered for his awesome power, his imminent wisdom, and the glory to be forever in the light of Manwë, closest to Eru. As such he has transcended in knowledge and power any of the Elves and is in some ways greater than the Maïar. Ingwë led the first of the Eldar, i.e., the Vanyar, to Aman following their awakening. He was therefore the leader of the first company, and unlike so many of his fellows, did not tarry for any reason on the way. Thus, Ingwë was the first Elf to ever set foot on Aman. The High King never returned again to Middle-earth except for the single occasion when he commanded the army of the Vanyar who, along with the Valar themselves, drove Morgoth out forever, destroyed almost all of his foul armies, and ruined both Thangorodrim and Angband.

Ingwë far exceeds normal and natural limitations. Having dwelt in the music and wisdom of Aman for all the ages, he is among the Elves greatest in wisdom and master of almost every profession and skill.

Ingwë is tall (7′4″) and has long golden-blond hair and golden amber eyes. His skin is a rich golden hue.

Ingwë’s Principal Items and Powers

The Gift of Manwë
a brilliant cloak of white and gold. Allows flight at 888’/rnd for 16 hours each day; summons and commands up to 8 great eagles within a range of 88 miles; allows unlimited use of Light Law, Wind Law, and Water Law to 50th level.
The Gift of Varda
a beautiful suspended medallion, xl6 PP for all professions, wearer cannot be stunned, possessed or controlled, and is immune to Fear.
The Gift of Yavanna
beautiful white, green, and gold boots which cause 1 plant to spring fully mature in each footstep according to the wearer’s desire: fruit trees, nut trees, Ul-Naza, Culkas, Hugburtun, Mirenna, Oiolossë, Vulcurax, Ankii, or Splayfoot. Usually the beautiful little white or yellow flowers called Simbelmyne (or alfirin or uilos or evermind) fill Ingwë’s steps.
The Gift of Námo
beautiful white and gold gloves. They allow free use of the Repulsions list up to 2 spells per round to level 50. Additionally, the wearer may magically bury all the bodies of the goodly dead within 888’ by waving both hands and singing.
The Gift of Nienna
innate ability to touch the mind” of an Elf by touching his/​her face. Any Elf afflicted with mental disease, control, or great sorrow may be instantly healed to well-being, health, and peace.
The Gift of Estë
a ring of mithril and multi-colored Laen jewels which gives instant Lifekeeping and return to Aman at the feet of Varda on any fatal injury.
The Gift of Tulkas
a beautiful clear white adamant two-handed sword, +88, allows the wielder to make up to 8 full attacks and 8 full parries each round. On a critical result the wielder may choose to give either 8x normal concussion damage, slaying criticals, or a value of 88 on the critical hit roll (50% chance). The sword does not encumber and will return to Ingwë’s hand instantly on mental command from up to 888 miles away. Wielder (or wearer) is naturally AT:Pl/20 DB: +88 and takes criticals on the large creature table.
The Gift of Friends
(from Oromë, Nessa, Vairë, and Vána): a wreath crown woven from the twigs of the Two Trees: Telperion and Laurelin. The radiance of the crown acts as a Bless V spell to all allies within 888’. It also permits friendship, healing, command, and summons of all natural animals within 888’.

Ingwë’s Special Powers

Sitting in the light of Manwë, Ingwë radiates the absorbed Glory and so has a super-natural presence of 120. This presence causes a constant AWE effect to a radius of 8000’, and the more modest constant power of Alkar. All within the AWE radius and in line of sight must save versus a 50th level spell attack or either Panic (if evil) or kneel in obedient submission (if good) unless Ingwë intentionally represses the Light Within. (Some extremely powerful evil beings may be able to protect their troops from Ingwë’s AWE.) Ingwë has never returned to Middle-earth except for the Great Battle, so it is incredibly unlikely that he would ever do so again — at least without the direct encouragement of Manwë or Varda. However, if he did, after a period of 888 days, his Presence would drop to its mere” natural value of 110 and the innate abilities would be lost until another 888 days had been spent in the Presence of Manwë.
Ingwë is immune to spell attacks by anyone except the Valar (unless he wills otherwise).
1350 PP. xl6 PP multiplier. Knows all base lists of Cleric, Animist, Astrologer, Magician, Illusionist, Mentalist, Seer, Lay Healer, Mystic to 50th level. Has all Open and Closed Spell lists to 50th lvl.
Resolve criticals on Ingwë on the Large Creature” tables.


Lvl: 33. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Seer. Home: Taurang. Aka: (Q./Si. Hard as Ice”); The Scholar.

RM Stats: St-86; Qu-100; Em-67; In-89; Pr-100; Ag-96; Co-90; Me-98; Re-101; SD-97. MERP Stats: St-86; Ag-96; Co-90; Ig-97; It-89; Pr-100. Appearance: 90.

Khelekar is as cold as his name implies, with biting dry wit and no patience for ignorance. The Scholar of the Court is ever in Taurclax’s shadow, serving him and the Court faithfully until its dissolution.

Striking and bizarre in appearance, Khelekar is 6′8″ tall and very slender, with snow-white hair and pale grey eyes. He regularly wears voluminous black robes.

Khelekar’s Special Powers

99 PP. x5 item. Knows all Base Seer to 30th lvl; Mentalist Mind Mastery, Mind’s Door, Sense Mastery, Brilliance, Cloaking, Attack Avoidance, Movement to 20th; Evil Base Mentalist Mind Death to 20th lvl.

Khelekar’s Lesser Items of Note

A short sword +30, black alloy, Of Slaying Elves.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 20.


Lvl: 22. Race: Noldo/​Sinda. Profession: Bard. Home: Aurax-Dûr (as a youth); Tumlinde in the Mûmakan. Aka: (Q./Si. Shining Still Lake”).

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-101; Em-84; In-96; Pr-102; Ag-100; Co-99; Me-99; Re-89; SD-86 MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-100; Co-99; Ig-96; It-96; Pr-102. Appearance: 102.

A member of the Guild of Elements (an organization in southern Middle-earth whose purpose was to combat the evil Court of Ardor) Klaen travelled the region seeking information with which to combat the Ardan Court. He was actually the illegitimate son of Gorthaur, his mother a prisoner in Aurax-Dûr. Klaen swore to avenge the crime against his mother and slay Gorthaur.

Reputedly an extremely handsome and charming individual, Klaen was frequently able to elicit information from otherwise unwilling targets. He was of average height (6′6″), slender build, had the sandy hair of his Sindarin ancestors and almost hypnotic blue eyes.

Klaen’s Principal Items

Broadsword (Blade of Inaril)
mithril broadsword +30, Of Slaying Orcs and Dark Priests, glows near either; very intelligent.
Collar of Vallir
creates defensive field over wearer as if he were wearing full plate (AT 20) with no encumbrance.

Klaen’s Special Powers

440 PP. x5 PP enhancer. Knows all Bardic Base lists to 20th lvl; Mentalist Mind Mastery, Mind’s Door, Self- healing, Brilliance, Cloaking, Anticipations, Damage Resistance, Delving lists to 10th.

Klaen’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 28 – 29.

Laurrë Menelrana*

Lvl: 33. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Beleriand, then Tumlinde, in the Mûmakan. Aka: S. Golden Wanderer of the Heavens”.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-100; Em-85; In-98; Pr-100; Ag-99; Co-100; Me-82; Re-94; SD-96. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-99; Co-100; Ig-93; It-98; Pr-100. Appearance: 101.

Descended from the line of Finrod, Laurrë inherited leadership of the Guild from his father, who founded it early in the Years of the Sun. Chrys Menelrana founded the Guild of Elements to thwart any minions of darkness which might spring up in the south. He created many artifacts — strange and powerful items which were made utilizing skills long lost to Middle-earth. Laurrë took over the Guild when Chrys departed for the Undying lands in S.A. 500, and supervised it until it completed its usefulness. The Noldo Prince possessed a certain naivety which on more than one occasion nearly cost him his life. He was never able to clearly predict the actions of the Court — an organization of evil. Only with the help of Fëatur was he able to act effectively.

Laurrë was somewhat short in stature (6′4″) but lacked nothing in skill and strength as a warrior. His gold hair and blue eyes harkened more to the Vanyar than Noldor.

Laurrë’s Principal Items

Sword (Kirlhach)
(S. Cleaving Leaping-flame”) a sword of changing (could become a dagger/​broadsword/​2-​handed sword at a thought) and +30 Laen blade, it was Holy and was not only a flaming sword, but also fired a stream of flame as a x5 Firebolt\ provides heat/​cold immunity, intelligent, cats Haste X, Stun Relief III.

Laurrë’s Special Powers

98 PP. x3 item. Knows Channeling Light’s Way, Purifications, Barrier Law; Concussion’s Ways Lists to 5th lvl.

Laurrë’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 26 – 28.


Lvl: 8. Race: Sinda. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Northern Mirkwood.

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-99; Em-92; In-94; Pr-81; Ag-100; Co-91; Me-92; Re-95; SD-72. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-100; Co-91; Ig-90; It-94; Pr-81. Appearance: 93.

Legolas was the son of Thranduil, the Elven-king of Northern Mirkwood. He was Thranduil’s emissary to the Council of Elrond, and was one of the Nine Walkers on the Quest to destroy the One Ring. He retired to the shores of Lebennin, and eventually sailed into the West.

Legolas’ Principal Items

Of quickness, it fires 3x every two rounds, and is +30 to hit.
Of Concealment, it gives off a shadowy aura adding +25 to hiding attempts.

Legolas’ Lesser Items of Note

Read LotRI 315, 335 – 56, 361, 366, etc.

See ICE’s Northern Mirkwood, 43.


Lvl: 75. Race: Nando. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Cuiviénen, later Wilder land east of the Misty Mountains.

RM Stats: St-105; Qu-104; Em-102; In-101; Pr-103; Ag-105; Co-102; Me-101; Re-100; SD-98. MERP Stats: St-105; Ag-105; Co-102; Ig-100; It-101; Pr-103. Appearance: 103.

One of the first generation, Lenwë led a group of the Teleri later known as the Nandor. Therefore, although he was of the Eldar (those who embarked on the Great Journey) he was a Moriquendi (“Dark Elves”) who never saw the light of the Trees. Lenwë’s people tarried east of the Misty Mountains, and it is their people who later formed the base populations of the Greenwood and Lórien. Lenwë’s final fate is not known.

Lenwë’s Principal Items

An elven longbow, +45, double normal range, with all arrows fired from it considered Holy.
A broadsword of wood with an edge of green Laen, +20, Hastes wielder at will. The sword will not harm plants, trees or animals (unless such are under the power of Evil).

Lenwë’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 56, 108.


Lvl: 27. Race: Sinda. Profession: Bard. Home: Naurlindol. Aka: (S. Wind-Song”); The Harper.

RM Stats: St-86; Qu-100; Em-78; In-93; Pr-101; Ag-99; Co-98; Me-98; Re-82; SD-90. MERP Stats: St-86; Ag-99; Co-98; Ig-94; It-93; Pr-101. Appearance: 101.

Linsûl and Klaen (q.v.), both Bards, had a mutual respect/​attraction, perhaps because of their allegiance to opposing sides in the scheme of southern Middle-earth. Linsûl herself was a powerful spellcaster, more than a match for most of her targets. She served Rilia at Naurlindol, but was most frequently abroad, gathering information for the Court.

Linsûl had red-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Standing a statuesque 6′0″ tall, she attracted attention wherever she went (when she wanted to, that is).

Linsûl’s Principal Items

x4 PP enhancer, allows use of Slaying Song 1x/​day; allows silent casting of Bardic spells.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Linsûl’s Special Powers

324 PP. x4 item. Knows all Bard lists to 25th, Mentalist Brilliance, Cloaking, Attack Avoidance, Delving, Illusions to 10th.

Linsûl’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 19 – 20.


Lvl: 150. Race: Sinda-Maïa. Profession: Bard (Illusionist, Lay Healer, Mystic). Home: Originally in Thingol’s kingdom of Doriath, then with Beren in Tol Galen. Aka: Tinúviel.

RM Stats: Co-99; SD-105; Ag-106; Me-105; Re-109; St-99; Qu-106; Pr-115; In-106; Em-109. MERP Stats: Ag-106; Co-99; Ig-109; In-106; Pr-115; St-99. Appearance: 125.

Lúthien was the most beautiful of all of the children of Eru, and with the Nauglamír (see article on Thingol) was considered the most beautiful sight outside of Valinor. But her might is also truly astonishing. For in her veins ran the blood of Valar, Maïar, and the Elven High-king Thingol. Her lineage was, quite simply, the most noble in all of Middle-earth history. In addition, from both her ancestral gifts and her long training under her Maia mother Melian, Lúthien achieved power in magic second to none: her singing charmed no less than Morgoth and Mandos, and enchanted both Sauron and Morgoth. It was she who made Beren’s acquisition of a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth possible. And it was she who healed Beren’s wounds. She overcame Sauron and freed her beloved Beren. Her name Tinúviel comes from the beauty of her singing.

Lúthien can be presumed to be tall (6′6″), having the beauty of angels, fair haired, with sparkling blue eyes, and the flowing gossamer garb of a quintessential dancer.

Lúthien’s Principal Items

Mother’s Gift
a wreath of ever-beautiful flowers about Lúthien’s head, x10 PP multiplier for all professions, maintain concentration spells without concentration for 1 rnd/​lvl, protects the head as a full helm, negates 50% of head criticals.
The Sash of Yavanna
constant Displacement V, DB +88, wearer can become translucent (subtract 50 from all Perception rolls trying to find her).
The Veil of Daeron
a lightweight dancer’s garb, deflects attacks as AT 20 and adds +100 to spell resistance rolls.
The Dagger of the Dancer
blue mithril, +88, hits as a battle axe doing double concussion hits, throw 8000’ with no penalty, instant Long Door return to hand, does additional Impact and Puncture criticals. If used to full parry, may also cast Deflections For Blade turn V.

Lúthien’s Special Powers

1350 PP. x10 PP multiplier. Knows all base Illusionist, Mystic, Bard, and Lay Healer lists to 50th level, knows all Open and Closed Essence and Mentalist lists to 50th level.

Note: Lúthien’s DB will increase to 230 with the Nauglamír and to 280 with the Silmaril (but with the Silmaril opponent’s also get a +40 OB due to lust). This may be further increased by some spells.

Read Sil 91, 123, 148, 165 – 88, 198, 234 – 36, 306, 307; LotR I 258 – 61; LotR III 388.


Lvl: 35. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Monk. Home: Geshaan. 

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-100; Em-100; In-87; Pr-100; Ag-101; Co-100; Me-73; Re-84; SD-89. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-101; Co-100; Ig-82; It-87; Pr-100. Appearance: 100.

The only member of the Three” of Ty-Ar-Rana to survive into the Second Age, Lyrin was apparently a Noldo, but may have in fact been (at least partially) of the Nando race which founded the ancient Order. A consummate unarmed warrior, he was the least intellectual of the Three and wandered for many years without guidance before meeting Laurrë and rejoining the Guild.

6′7″ tall with dark skin, emerald green eyes and unusual red-brown hair, Lyrin bore the same familial signs as his brethren of Ty-Ar-Rana, but little resemblance to the Noldor.

Lyrin’s Principal Items

Earrings of Lyrin
x6 PP enhancers (for Monks), create an aura providing a 30 bonus to DB, and will Haste the wearer at will.

Lyrin’s Special Powers

630 PP. x6 item. Knows all Monk lists to 30th lvl.

Lyrin’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 26 – 28.


Lvl: 105. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: born and reared in Eldamar, he then went to Middle-earth: he first battled in many regions, then he was shackled to the face of Thangorodrim, then built and dwelt in the great fortress Himring guarding the March of Maedhros, and finally with Himring taken he wandered homeless. Aka: the Tall.

RM Stats: Co-108; SD-90; Ag-110; Me-95; Re-100; St-108; Qu-110; Pr-104; In-95; Em-98. MERP Stats: Ag-110; Co-108; Ig-98; In-95; Pr-104; St-108. Appearance: 104.


The eldest son of Fëanor, Maedhros the Tall was one of the greatest of all the Elven warriors. He was from the very first passionately given to the terrible Oath of his father and thereby committed many terrible and grievous acts. He was, however, the best and most temperate of all Fëanor’s sons, with the single exception of Maglor. Though fully given to the foolish pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils, Maedhros constantly opposed or regretted the great acts of violence committed against others of Eru’s children. Maedhros was a patient ruler, guarding the March of Maedhros for many years, and also striving to curb the arrogance of his brothers.

One of the most significant events in his life was his capture by Balrogs (in an emissary company from Morgoth). He was then shackled by his right wrist to the sheer face of Thangorodrim by a hell — wrought and unbreakable band of iron. He was rescued by Thorondor the greatest of eagles and Fingon (“the Valiant”) but suffered the severance of his right hand. Ever after this, his spirit burned with greater fierceness, and he wielded his great sword with his left hand even more deadly than before.

Maedhros finally did steal a Silmaril, but finding that it burned his hand because of his many sins and the great flow of blood he had shed, he cast himself in despair and regret with the Silmaril into a deep chasm and found there, it is supposed, an unknown grave.

Maedhros would have been simple to recognize, being accounted tall even among the Noldorin princes (7′8″), perhaps surpassed only by Elwë. He had the fair hair and sapphire eyes so striking in his family. The absence of his right hand, the skill of his mighty sword, and the Alkar of his grim but noble visage marked him as one of the truly notable figures in Middle-earth.

Maedhros’s Principal Items

Sword (Silmaruth)
(S. Fury of the Silmarils”) his sword, probably made by Fëanor. The broadsword is red Laen with an Eog edge, +75, does triple concussion hits, does additional Heat and Slash criticals, casts continuous Haste on its bearer when wielded.
A Hand (Camaedhros)
(S. Hand of Maedhros”) a prosthetic Eog right hand. It is initially white but mystically begins to be stained by the blood of his battles. While Maedhros is not comfortable to wear the hand all the time or to wield his sword with it, it is mighty in battle: acts as a +50 normal shield, intelligent, can cast Deflect I or Bladeturn I each round (each spell cast 16 times daily), and may attempt to crush anything in its grasp: either a LGr attack (OB +150), or a 30th level attack on an inanimate item (e.g., swords, etc.).
Armor (Heruannon)
(“Prince’s Armor”) AT:Pl/20 DB: +75, Displacement III, continuous Alkar, negates 30% of body crits, cast Stun Relief III (Body Renewal Lvl 9) at will.

Maedhros’s Special Powers

525 PP. x5 PP multiplier. Knows all Open Mentalist lists to 10th lvl.

Note: Displacement III, DB becomes 250 when using Deflect or Bladeturn.

Maedhros’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 60, 83, 90, 108, 110 – 11, 112, 115, 116, 119, 122, 124, 152 – 53, 157, 188 – 90, 192 – 93, 195, 236 – 37, 246 – 47, 250, 252 – 54, 305.


Lvl: 40. Race: Noldo/​Teler. Profession: Bard/​Alchemist (Fighter). Home: Nan Elmoth, later Gondolin. Aka: S. Sharp Glance’’; London (Q. Son of Twilight”, the name his mother gave him).

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-102; Em-100; In-98; Pr-103; Ag-101; Co-101; Me-100; Re-99; SD-96. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-101; Co-101; Ig-98; It-98; Pr-103. Appearance: 100.

The son and only child of Eöl the Smith and Aredhel, Maeglin was a secretive Elf who lusted for power — more power even than the Princedom of Gondolin. His father was an evil, jealous and spiteful Grey Elf, and these qualities” were apparently carried on to his son. Maeglin’s mother Aredhel, sister of Turgon the King of Gondolin, was a willful woman. She defied her brother by departing the secret valley of Gondolin, and eventually marrying the reclusive Eöl. She remained with him for many years, bearing their child, but at last she could no longer bear Eöl’s company, fleeing with Maeglin to Gondolin. Eöl followed. In an ensuing argument in Gondolin Eöl murdered his wife accidentally — the attack intended for his ungrateful son. Eöl was slain and the orphaned Maeglin adopted by Turgon. He prospered for many years, but when he was captured in battle by Morgoth’s minions, he proved unworthy. Realizing that he would never become King of Gondolin (his adopted father Turgon never having named him true heir), he betrayed the location of the secret valley to Morgoth’s forces. He was slain in the sack of the city. The Noldor curse his name.

Maeglin’s Principal Items

Sword (Anguirel)
(S. Living Star-iron”) One of two fabulous blades made by Eöl (the other being Anglachel), Anguirel was stolen from its maker by Maeglin. Of the shiny black meteoric iron Galvorn, it was +100, and cleaves normal metals with ease. All armor but Ithilnaur, Eog and Galvorn (or other powerful enchanted armor) is useless: target is AT 1. Anguirel was an intelligent blade and has many other powers as well — though it does not speak” as such. Whenever it is drawn, all in sight are affected by a 30th level spell of Loathing. Those who fail a RR wish to slay the wielder. For Eöl, it could not be fumbled — though in Maeglin’s hands there was an additional +1 chance of fumbling. It was essentially a bastard sword, and so could be used one-handed at –20. In any case its effect is that of a two-handed blade, and it will Haste the user at a thought. All spells directed at the wielder must resist versus 60th level or fail (wielder’s spells are unaffected). The sword also delivers a Slash critical in addition to any other indicated.
Also made by Eöl, Maeglin’s armor is of the strange metal Galvorn. It protects as AT 20 (DB +60) yet encumbers as AT 13.
A full shield +30, it is of smoky Laen with an edge of Galvorn, and hovers to protect the wielder.

Maeglin’s Special Powers

Maeglin was extremely perceptive and was able to read the thoughts of unguarded minds in his sight as if he were using the Seer Mind Visions list to 20th lvl.
Maeglin’s voice was renowned for its power and his persuasiveness. Treat this power as if he were utilizing the Astrologer list Way of the Voice to 15th lvl.
120 PP. 6x PP item. Knows all Alchemist base lists to 50th lvl.

Maeglin’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 104, 159 – 66, 192, 237, 247, 297 – 9.


Lvl: 85. Race: Noldo. Profession: Bard (Fighter). Home: Aman, later Beleriand. Aka: (S. Golden Hand”).

RM Stats: St-106; Qu-110; Em-99; In-96; Pr-110; Ag-111; Co-107; Me-96; Re-102; SD-96. MERP Stats: St-106; Ag-111; Co-107; Ig-99; It-96; Pr-110. Appearance: 108.

The Oath of Fëanor bound Maglor throughout his life and eventually brought about a bitter death. Fëanor’s second son and one of the first to swear the Oath, Maglor went with his brothers and father to recover the Silmarils. His realm in Beleriand was one of the first to fall to Morgoth’s forces (through no fault of his own) and afterwards he travelled with his closest sibling, Maedhros.

Although not an evil or violent being by nature, the oath drove Maglor. With his brother he captured the young Elrond and Elros (though they did not mistreat their prisoners), but the two proved unable to ransom a Silmaril from Elwing their mother. In the end, desperate, they stole the other two from the Host of the Valar (who recently wrested them from Morgoth). But Maglor was unable to bear the pain of the gem and the crimes it had driven him to commit, and cast his Silmaril into the ocean. He was never heard from again, although it is said that he wanders the hidden shores of Middle-earth, singing laments for the lost glory of the Noldor.

Maglor was a great Bard, composer of some of the greatest songs in history — including the Noldolantë, the basis for the Silmarillion.

Maglor’s Principal Items

Sword (Silmanainië)
(Q. Lament of the Silmarils”) +75 broadsword, identical in design to Maedhros’s sword, also made by Fëanor. Silmanainië differed in that it was made of blue Eog, delivered additional Cold and Impact criticals. It also hasted the wielder and delivered triple concussion hits.
Truly unusual armor consisting of many layers of Shaalk and white Eog, it protects as 20 (-75) and encumbers as At 13. It also protects Maglor from all Evil spells.
Triples range of all Bardic Controlling Songs and Sound Control spells; allows silent casting of Bardic spells.

Maglor’s Special Powers

680 PP. x9 PP item. Knows all Bard base lists to 50th lvl, all Mentalist Open and Closed lists to 30th lvl.

Maglor’s Lesser Items of Note

Read Sil 63, 93, 98, 133, 135, 138, 148, 167, 184, 222, 236, 305 – 6, 310, 313 – 4.


Lvl: 40. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Magician. Home: Beleriand, then Ardinaak. Aka: (S. Black Bondage”); The Lord; Vornocollo (Q. Cloak of Darkness”).

RM Stats: St-94; Qu-100; Em-100; In-89; Pr-99; Ag-99; Co-93; Me-99; Re-101; SD-96. MERP Stats: St-94; Ag-99; Co-93; Ig-99; It-89; Pr-99. Appearance: 95.

Chief engineer of the plan to bring down the Sun and Moon, Morthaur was more of a planner than implementor. He rarely left the Citadel of Ardor, preferring to lurk in the certain safety it provided. An original Noldo rebel, he almost immediately fell to Morgoth’s offers of power and realms in the south.

Of average height with black hair, he invariably chose black for his garments.

Morthaur’s Principal Items

Special Ardan Amulet
(see Ardor 18).
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Morthaur’s Special Powers

600 PP. x5 PP item. Knows all Magician Base lists to 30th; virtually all other Essence lists to 30th.

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17 – 18.


Lvl: 25. Race: Taurdhel (Silvan). Profession: Bard/​Mystic. Home: Lórien (east of the Misty Mountains). Aka. (S. Lady of the White Cave”).

RM Stats: St-93; Qu-100; Em-73; In-90; Pr-101; Ag-97; Co-89; Me-81; Re-80; SD-67. MERP Stats: St-93; Ag-97; Co-89; Ig-85; It-90; Pr-101. Appearance: 104.

One of the saddest legends in Middle-earth surrounds the parting of the lovers Amroth and Nimrodel. Though a Silvan Elf, Nimrodel was accounted more beautiful than many of the Eldar. Amroth loved her dearly, but she would not marry him, instead living alone near the river in Lórien, to which she gave her name. Then came the Terror from Khazad-dûm in T.A. 1981, and, unable to bear the horrible wrath of the Balrog in Moria, she fled southwards to the eaves of Fangorn. Amroth was loath to depart his realm and leave it without a king (he had no heir) in a time of crisis, but his love for Nimrodel drove him. He found her there, barred from entering Fangorn by the Huorns. Amroth begged her to return, but she refused. At last she agreed to marry him if he would take her to a place of peace — the Uttermost West.

He somehow came to the bay ahead of her, and there found that all but one ship had set sail for the West. That last ship was about to depart, for the autumn winds were coming, and storms in the bay were sometimes too much even for Elven-ships. But Amroth convinced the captain to wait, hoping that Nimrodel would come. A month passed, and the weather grew steadily worse. There was no sign or word from Nimrodel. At last, one stormy night the ship tore loose from its moorings and headed out to sea. Amroth, who had been living on the ship, awoke in a panic, and rushed out onto the deck. The shore was fast receding. Unable to bear leaving his love, he dove into the sea, determined to swim back to shore. He was never seen again. Of the final fate of Nimrodel nothing is known.

Nimrodel’s Principal Items

+20, it has triple the normal range and cannot be fumbled.
x5 PP enhancer, it provides a misty aura, adding 60 to Nimrodel’s DB.

Nimrodel’s Special Powers

75 PP. x5 PP item. Knows all Mystic Base lists to 25th lvl; all Mentalist Open and Closed lists to 10th lvl.

Read UT 240 – 3, 246, 248, 255, 257, 261, 316; LotRI 439 – 42, LotR III 119, 181. See ICE’s Lórien 25, 57.


Lvl: 135. Race: Teleri. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Cuiviénen, the coast of Beleriand, Tol Eressëa, and finally Alqualondë on the shores of Eldamar.

RM Stats: St-104; Qu-106; Em-105; In-103; Pr-106; Ag-108; Co-103; Me-103; Re-103; SD-103. MERP Stats: St-104; Ag-108; Co-103; Ig-103; It-103; Pr-106. Appearance: 105.

Olwë was the younger brother of Elwë (Thingol Greycloak), and leader of the second Host of the Teleri. When Elwë vanished in Beleriand during the Great Journey, Olwë became King of the Teleri, and led nearly all of his people to Aman in the second crossing. The Teleri settled on Tol Eressëa — learning the art of shipbuilding from the Maia Ossë — before settling on the shores of Eldamar and building the fair port of Alqualondë.

Olwë’s people suffered the cruel attack of the Noldor and the theft of their ships, and never forgot the heinous crimes of Fëanor’s people. When the Valar sailed to overthrow Morgoth for the last time, the Teleri reluctantly agreed to transport the Vala Host, but they remained with their ships, aloof from battle. Olwë himself never returned to Middle-earth.

Olwë’s Principal Items

Crown of the Teleri
clear Laen and mithril crown, protects as a full helm and negates all head/​neck criticals; adds +50 to DB, allows wearer use of the Channeling list Weather Ways to 50th lvl.
Strikes as a mace +50, it delivers an additional Lightning critical.

Olwë’s Lesser Items of Note

Read UT 229, 232 – 4; Sil 54 – 8, 60 – 1, 63 – 5, 97 – 100, 107, 130, 152.


Lvl: 17. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Alchemist. Home: Ost-in-Edhil. Aka: (S. Lonely Heart”).

RM Stats: St-85; Qu-100; Em-99; In-76; Pr-97; Ag-98; Co-89; Me-87; Re-90; SD-67. MERP Stats: St-85; Ag-98; Co-89; Ig-85; It-76; Pr-97. Appearance: 93.

A friend of Finculin’s (q.v.) in the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, Orrerë and the other smith grew apart when Annatar began to monopolize Finculin’s time. Orrerë, a brilliant smith himself, began to turn inward and create items of a disturbing, almost tortured beauty. He was most likely killed in the attack on Ost-in-Edhil, but his final fate is not known for certain.

Orrerë was of average height, with short brown hair and grey eyes.

Orrerë’s Principal Items

Ithilnaur. +30, throw and return 100’ with no range subtraction, strikes as a short sword, Of Slaying Orcs.

Orrerë’s Special Powers

170 PP. x5 item. Knows all Alchemist Base lists to 20th lvl, also Unbarring Ways, Lofty Bridge, Invisibility to 10th lvl.

Orrerë’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Lórien .32, 51 – 53, 56.


Lvl: 36. Race: Sinda. Profession: Animist/​Healer. Home: Tumlindë. Aka: (S. Wanderer”).

Note: not to be confused with the Sun, sometimes referred to as Rana.

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-100; Em-97; In-100; Pr-96; Ag-98; Co-101; Me-92; Re-79; SD-65. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-98; Co-101; Ig-90; It-100; Pr-96. Appearance: 94.

A Healer serving the Guild of Elements in southern Middle-earth, Rana’s job was crucial and frequently an almost overwhelming one. His attitude was invariably positive, however — to the point where some wondered if he was indeed sane. He was apparently somewhat naive (or perhaps dull-witted). Healing seemed to come naturally to him, and perhaps it reinforces the idea that those of simple mind are closest to the Valar.

Of Sindarin descent, Rana was unusually tall (6′8″) with dark curly hair and eyes.

Rana’s Principal Items

mithril with wood and green Laen inlay; x5 PP enhancer, heals 1 hit/​rnd, heals 1 hit/​rnd bleeding.
+25 mithril with green Laen edge; glows within 300’ of Orcs, trolls, Evil priests, Of Slaying Orcs.

Rana’s Special Powers

108 PP. x5 PP item. Knows all Healer Base lists to 30th; Channeling Blood, Bone, Organ, Muscle, Nerve Laws, Purification, Spell Defense to 20th lvl; Concussion’s Ways, Weather Ways, Lofty Movements to 30th; Light’s Way to 25th.

Rana’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 28 – 29.


Lvl: 33. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Sorceress. Home: Naurlindol. Aka: S. Brilliant Void”; The Sorceress.

RM Stats: St-68; Qu-100; Em-99; In-99; Pr-94; Ag-100; Co-87; Me-95; Re-98; SD-85. MERP Stats: St-68; Ag-100; Co-87; Ig-96; It-99; Pr-94. Appearance: 99.

As fiery of temper as her realm might imply, Rilia was both demanding and impatient. She ruled Naurlindol with confidence, daring even to send Sauron of Mordor away. Rilia served the Court of Ardor well throughout its long existence.

Rilia had a wild mane of dark red hair (rare among the Noldor) and tawny eyes.

Rilia’s Principal Items

grey wood, +30 to all fire attack spells, x5 PP enhancer, absorbs all enemies’ Essence spells when held forth aflame (will flame on command, also rendering wielder immune to heat and cold), allows free use of Fire Law, becomes a +25 broadsword on command.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Rilia’s Special Powers

66 PP. x5 PP item. Knows all base Sorcerer to 30th lvl, (Fire Law to 30th), Essence Invisible Ways, Rapid Ways, Unbarring Ways to 10th, Lofty Bridge, Shield mastery, Spirit Mastery to 20th lvl.

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 19, 26, 36, 49.


Lvl: 26. Race: Teleri. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Tirgoroth. Aka: (S. Lord of Steeds of the Wind”); The Messenger.

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-101; Em-46; In-87; Pr-99; Ag-101; Co-100; Me-94; Re-92; SD-89. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-101; Co-100; Ig-93; It-87; Pr-99. Appearance: 98.

Valkrist’s aide at Tirgoroth and the Messenger of the Ardan Court, Sûlherok distinguished himself most by managing to stay out of the squabbles which continually rent the organization. Constantly forced to be the bearer of bad tidings, he somehow managed to avoid retribution.

Of Sindarin descent, Sûlherok was also a master rider of the great birds of Tirgoroth. He had long, sandy hair and hazel eyes.

Sûlherok’s Principal Items

mithril +20, it delivers an Electricity critical, also gives an A” Elec, crit to opponent who parries with a metal weapon; chance weapon is destroyed.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Sûlherok’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 18, 22, 43.


Lvl: 31. Race: Teleri. Profession: Animist. Home: Taurang. Aka: (S. Fang of the Wood”).

RM Stats: St-80; Qu-101; Em-95; In-100; Pr-98; Ag-99; Co-95; Me-96; Re-83; SD-94. MERP Stats: St-80; Ag-99; Co-95; Ig-90; It-100; Pr-98. Appearance: 90.

Mysterious and shadowy, Taurclax managed to keep abreast of the Court of Ardor’s affairs without revealing his identity as a spy for Sauron of Mordor. Residing in the cruel fortress of Taurang (“Iron Tree”) Taurclax held an entire forest region in terror. He escaped the eventual downfall of the Court and his final fate remains unknown.

Taurclax was of average height and build, with brown hair and green eyes.

Taurclax’s Principal Items

Of treeform, allows wearer to become a large tree instantly, and live off the soil for an indefinite period. Wearer remains fully aware of events around him as if he still possessed his human senses.
Of Windmastery, this item is a +20 mace also allows the holder free use of the Wind mastery spell.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Taurclax’s Special Powers

93 PP. x5 item.

Taurclax’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 21, 38.


Lvl: 33. Race: Sinda. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter (Animist, Magician). Home: South Lindon until the mid-Second Age; Northern Mirkwood. Aka. (S. Halls of Star-shadow.”)

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-99; Em-97; In-95; Pr-96; Ag-100; Co-96; Me-93; Re-91; SD-84. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-100; Co-96; Ig-92; It-95; Pr-96. Appearance: 98.

A kinsman of Celeborn, Thranduil travelled with him eastward out of Lindon in the early Second Age, helping to found Hollin. The animosity of the Dwarves of Moria was too much for him, however (the Naugrim especially hating the Sindar — remembering Doriath). He and many of his kin went east over the Misty Mountains and founded a realm in Greenwood the Great. Many of the rustic Silvan tribes gathered under his guidance, and he became the Elven-king of the wood. Great mansions were delved, and Thranduil made the place secure.

After the first thousand years of the Third Age an evil power grew in the southern reaches of the forest and slowly grew to overtake nearly the entire wood. Greenwood became Mirkwood, and it was all Thranduil and his people could do to maintain their own borders in the far northern areas. The tale of Thranduil’s encounter with Dwarves in the late Third Age is told elsewhere, but in the end the meeting proved enriching for him.

Thranduil sent his son Legolas to the Council of Elrond, and in this way contributed to the Fellowship. His Elves also aided the men of Dale in repelling Sauronic forces during the War of the Ring.

Thranduil’s Principal Items

Broadsword, +45, Of Slaying Trolls and Great Spiders. Fumbles only on an unmodified 1.
Elven Longbow +45; fires at twice normal speed; all arrows shot from it are Of Slaying Orcs.

Thranduil’s Special Powers

66 PP. x3 multiplier. Knows Animist Base Nature’s Protection, Plant Mastery, and Nature’s Movement lists to 10th lvl; Illusionist Base Guises, Illusion Mastery, and Light Molding lists to 10th lvl; Essence Lofty Bridge, Invisible Ways lists to 10th lvl.

Thranduil’s Lesser Items of Note

Read UT 243 – 4, 252, 256 – 60, 272, 276, 279 – 83, 338, 342 – 4, 353; Sil 371; Hob 152, 165 – 66, 167 – 69, LotR I 315, etc. See ICE’s Northern Mirkwood, 43.


Lvl: 85. Race: Noldo. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter (Bard). Home: Aman, later Gondolin. Aka. (S. Stone Master”).

RM Stats: St-103; Qu-104; Em-102; In-99; Pr-101; Ag-102; Co-100; Me-101; Re-99; SD-98. MERP Stats: St-103; Ag-102; Co-100; Ig-99; It-99; Pr-101. Appearance: 103.

Turgon was the younger of Fingolfin’s two sons, and left the Undying Lands with the rebellion. Turgon was one of the most farsighted of the Noldor, however, and soon after his arrival in Middle-earth he divorced himself from the suicidal assaults of Fëanor.

A brilliant architect, Turgon dreamed of creating a city to remind him of Tirion, the fairest of all the Elven cities in Aman. Ulmo the Vala came to him and showed Turgon a hidden valley, and so the idea of Gondolin in the Vale of Tumladen was born. In the end Turgon’s secret city was betrayed by his sister’s evil son Maeglin, and Turgon himself was killed in the sacking. Fortunately, his daughter Idril (q.v.) and her son Eärendil escaped, however.

Turgon’s Principal Items

Sword (Ondomacil)
(Q. Sword of Stone”) +60 sword of pale blue marble with an edge of clear Laen (enchanted glass). It will haste the wielder at will, and allows holder to Merge True with any stone.
Sword (Glamdring)
(Q. Foe-hammer”) see Gandalf, page 43.
Ithilnaur alloy, protects as AT Pl/​20 (DB +70).

Turgon’s Special Powers

340 PP. x4 PP item. Because of Turgon’s affinity for stone, he knows the Mentalist Solid Manipulation list to 30th lvl, as well as the Bard lists Sound Control and Item Lore list to 20th lvl.

Turgon’s Lesser Items of Note

Read UT 18, 22, 24, 26 – 30, 32, 33 – 40, 42 – 3, 45, 47, 49 – 56, 63, 66, 146, 160 – 1, 235, 249, 400; Sil 64, 93, 100 – 2, 133, 135, 140 – 1 149 – 51 155 – 7 160, 163 – 5, 186, 191 – 3, 221, 231 – 2, 234 – 7, 240, 247, 281 – 2, 294 – 300, 302, 308, 315.

Valglin (I)*

Lvl: 23. Race: Avari Moriquendi. Profession: Scout/​Thief. Home: Naurlindol. Aka: (S. Gleam of Power”).

RM Stats: St-89; Qu-100; Em-81; In-96; Pr-79; Ag-101; Co-93; Me-95; Re-99; SD-94. MERP Stats: St-89; Ag-101; Co-93; Ig-97; It-96; Pr-79. Appearance: 89.

A quiet, even-tempered Elf, Valglin served the Court of Ardor from Naurlindol, often cooling the Sorceress’ outbursts. She frequently went of espionage missions, utilizing her skills to infiltrate strongholds of the Court’s enemies.

Unusually small, even for a Silvan Elf, (5′2″), Valglin had brown hair and eyes. Her size and unobtrusive appearance often worked to her advantage.

Valglin’s Principal Items

wearer has the ability to see through up to 2’ of stone or wood, 1’ of metal; ideal for examining lock or trap mechanisms. Spectacles add at least +50 to most lock or trap devices.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Valglin’s Special Powers

23 PP. Knows Unbarring Ways, Physical Enhancement Lists to 5th lvl.

Valglin’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 19.


Lvl: 35. Race: Noldo/​Adan. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Tirgoroth. Aka: (S. Powerful Cleaver”); The Lord of Arms.

RM Stats: St-102; Qu-100; Em-89; In-83; Pr-96; Ag-101; Co-100; Me-64; Re-78; SD-85. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-101; Co-100; Ig-83; It-83; Pr-96. Appearance: 95.

One of the greatest warriors in Middle-earth (save the great Princes of the Noldor and Vanyar, Valkrist ruled Tirgoroth in southern Middle-earth, serving on the Ardan Council. Valkrist was consistent in his allegiance, if nothing else.

Hugely built, 6′10″ tall, Valkrist was a truly dominating presence. He inherited the Noldorin features, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Valkrist’s Principal Items

Sword (Ilkiran)
+30 Laen blade of changing, of Cold, fires Cold Bolt +50 3x/​day, 4x concussion hits.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Valkrist’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 22 – 23, 43.


Lvl: 36. Race: Noldo. Profession: Mage/​Sorcerer. Home: Ardinaak. Aka: (S. Lord of Black Sorcery”); The Magician; The Sage of Tantûrak; The Warden of the Citadel.

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-101; Em-100; In-100; Pr-100; Ag-99; Co-98; Me-88; Re-86; SD-85. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-99; Co-98; Ig-88; It-100; Pr-100. Appearance: 86.

As Warden of the Citadel of Ardor, Valmorgûl was responsible for security in the Tower. He was also a member of the Ardan Council, and often dominated that group by sheer force of will. Valmorgûl held Morthaur in contempt, and made it clear that he felt he should rule the organization. It was the Magician who was often responsible for the internal schisms. After the First Age Valmorgûl wore an artificial Laen (enchanted glass) arm — his real arm was lost in combat with the Elf-lord Chrys Menelrana.

The Magician stood 6′8″ tall, with blond hair and flashing blue eyes.

Valmorgûl’s Principal Items

of red Laen and fully operational, the arm makes the user immune to heat and fire, allows him to cast Firebolts 300’ up to 6x a day, flames on command, strikes as a mace +30.
Master Octagon Amulet
See Ardor p 18 for details.
Enchanted Card Deck
Ardan Deck, see Ardor p. 25 for details.

Valmorgûl’s Special Powers

108 PP. x6 Sorcerer PP item. Knows all Base Sorcerer to 30th lvl, Evil Base Essence Matter Disruption to 25th lvl, Evil Channeling Dark Channels to 30th lvl, Essence Lofty Bridge, Spirit Mastery, Unbarring Ways, to 20th lvl, Channeling Barrier Law, Lofty Movements to 20th lvl.

Valmorgûl’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor 17, 18, 32 – 33.


Lvl: 27. Race: Noldo. Profession: Lay Healer. Home: Angkirya. Aka: (Q. Fruitful Hand”).

RM Stats: St-82; Qu-100; Em-94; In-93; Pr-100; Ag-100; Co-98; Me-94; Re-87; SD-99. MERP Stats: St-82; Ag-100; Co-98; Ig-91; It-93; Pr-100. Appearance: 90.

Shy and quiet, Yavëkamba rarely left Angkirya where she served Fëatur. She was a traitor to the Court, being loyal only to the male Fëatur (q.v.) and aware of his conversion.

Darkly beautiful, Yavëkamba had long, straight black hair and brown eyes.

Yavëkamba’s Special Powers

81 PP. x5 PP item. Knows All Base Lay Healer to 25th lvl, Mentalist Damage Resistance, Self-Healing, Mind’s Door, Movement, Mind Mastery, Solid Manipulation, Gas Manipulation, Liquid Manipulation, Speed to 20th lvl.

Yavëkamba’s Lesser Items of Note

See ICE’s Court of Ardor.


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