Vala Character Glossary


Lvl: 485. Race: Vala (Exalted). Profession: Mage/​Alchemist. Home: The Mansions of Aulë in Valinor. Aka: The Smith; Mahal (Kh. Maker”).

RM Stats: St-140; Qu-100; Em-150; In-100; Pr-120; Ag-140; Co-145; Me-120; Re-150; SD-100. MERP Stats: St-140; Ag-140; Co-145; Ig-135; It-100; Pr-120. Appearance: 100.

Aulë was the master of crafts and material things and the closest in mind and character to Morgoth. He was the Lord of the Earth and understood and manipulated its substances. Thus, he built the mountains and carved the valleys, molding the surface of Arda according to Eru’s vision. When Morgoth remade or unmade Aulë’s works in the struggles before the Battle of the Powers, the Smith toiled t ’ restore the results of his labor; but in the end this proved impossible, and Arda’s image ultimately lost its symmetry.

Aulë’s creations were legion. Aside from the adornment, weapons, and trappings required by his fellow Ainur, his forges produced the Two Lamps, Illuin and Ormal. They illuminated the World in the early Elder Days. Erecting peerless peaks to hold them, he crafted each to hold the enchanted aura devised by Varda. Following their destruction and the subsequent death of the Two Trees, the Valar again called upon him to fashion vessels for the Great Light, so he produced the Sun and the Moon.

The greatest of the Smith’s works, however, may have been the race of Dwarves (Kh. Khazad”). Although burdened by his conscience, Aulë secretly molded the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves beneath the mountains of Middle-earth, hoping that they might instill special life into Arda. This conception was his own and was against Eru’s thought, but it was not the work of malice and did not lead to his downfall. Confronted by his Lord, Aulë submitted and almost destroyed his seven offspring, but Eru permitted them to sleep until an appointed time for their birth (after the awakening of Elves and Men). The One pardoned the Lord of the Earth, who remained loyal to the Balance of Things.

The transgression that led to the birth of the Dwarven race was in keeping with Aulë’s character. Like Morgoth, the Smith enjoyed making physical objects and longed to create life. His greatest joy was in the fruition of his heartfelt labor. Unlike the Black Enemy, though, Aulë’s works embodied love and their intended purpose was to augment creation — not to replace or be apart from it.

Unfortunately, while Aulë’s servants shared his drive to create, they often lacked his love and wisdom. His first high servant, Sauron, was seduced by the Black Enemy even before entering Eä. Saruman, Sauron’s successor, suffered a similar (albeit less epic) fate. Both fell prey to the desire to be the master of the material world and, like Morgoth, both rebelled.

Aulë’s love can also be attributed to his spouse Yavanna. His wonderful wife provided the Smith with a balancing affection. She tempered his materially-oriented spirit with her knowledge and empathy for living things and, together, they presided over the caretaking of earth.

Aulë’s 7’ tall fana was stout and strong. His long, braided hair, black beard, and red-brown skin gave him the image of a large (7’ tall) Dwarf. Indeed, his children resembled their father.

Aulë’s Principal Items

Forge and Tools
Aulë’s mountain smithy is adjacent to his Mansions. It contains an enchanted forge and tools which enable him to create items at 100x the normal rate for a smith or alchemist.
Hammer (Eceru)
(S. Lord Maker”) + 140 war hammer made of gold inlaid black eog. Its enchanted head is harder than any substance, and it yields 1 – 10 impact criticals (of the same severity) each time it delivers a critical strike.

Aulë’s Special Powers

Aulë can move and breathe with equal ease on or beneath the land. In order for him to move through a solid inorganic substance, he need only have a gas- permeable crack through which to pass.
Aulë has absolute control of all inorganic material which is affixed to or part of the earth within a range of 485 miles (i.e., 1 mile x Aulë’s lvl). He need only concentrate in order to move and mold the earth, although such movement must be (i) continuous and (ii) confined to a speed which does not exceed a Dwarfs walking pace. It also requires a # of PP equal to # cubic miles of material x 10 x distance moved (in miles).
Aulë knows about the origin and properties of all inorganic substances.
22,220 PP. Base spell OB is 242; directed spell OB is 485. Aulë knows all Mage lists and all Open Essence lists (MERP), and all Alchemist lists, Closed Essence lists, and Sorcerer lists (RM).


Lvl: 450. Race: Vala (Valië). Profession: Animist/​Healer (Cleric). Home: Valinor. Aka: The Healer; Mistress of the Fountains of Renewal; Mistress of Peace and Rest.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-120; Em-110; In-140 Pr-110; Ag-120; Co-130; Me-140; Re-100; SD-100. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-120; Co-130; Ig-120; It-140; Pr-11O. Appearance: 120.

Estë was the wife of Irmo and, like her spouse was a caretaker of the living. Her concerns were with the rest and renewal of the body and soul. No Vala had greater powers of healing.

The placid, grey-veiled Estë took care of the Fountains of Renewal in the Forest of Lórien. Both she and her husband resided in the magic woods, although she rested alone by day on an isle in the mere called Lorellin (S. Lake of the Golden Stars”). Estë’s quiet, gentle fana walked beside Irmo during the peaceful hours of night, the time of rest of peace.

Estë’s Special Powers

Estë can heal through normal means, or she can transfer injuries from others to her own body (e.g., like a RM Healer). In the latter case, she can entirely and instantly relieve others of their infirmities by simply touching them (a number whose cumulative levels are less than or equal to Estë’s hit total). Then she can heal the absorbed damage at a rate equal to the cumulative number of levels of those she relieved. She can raise the lifeless, lifegiving;’ so long as they have died within the last 450 hours. In addition, Estë can absolve anyone of any disease or poison that afflicts them.
Estë can bless any water source (e.g., a well or spring), providing it with the power to heal any wound, disease, or infirmity (short of death) affecting those who ingest its waters. She can affect only one water source at a given time.
18,900 PP. Base spell OB is 425; directed spell OB is 450. Estë knows all Animist lists and all Open Channeling lists (MERP), and all Cleric lists, Lay Healer lists, Healer lists, and Closed Channeling lists (RM).

Estë’s Principal Items

Healing Stone
A simple, rough hewn stone (7” diameter) composed of enchanted grey adamant. When touched, it cures any disease and purifies any poisonous substances found in one’s body. Holder can touch another and diagnose any ill, mental or physical, as well as ascertaining the cure.
Cup (Lissi Coirë)
(Q. Sweet Stirring ;” S. Leth Echuir”) Upon command (7x/​day), the cup will fill with a sweet wine of holder’s choice. The wine is enchanted and, when consumed, will heal any ill of the mind.


Lvl : 425. Race: Vala. Profession: Bard/​Illusionist (Seer/​Astrologer). Home: The Forest of Lórien in Valinor. Aka: (Q. Desirer”); Dream Master; Lord of Visions.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-100; Em-130; In-176; Pr-140; Ag-105; Co-100; Me-130; Re-120; SD-11O. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-105; Co-100; Ig-125; It-116; Pr-140. Appearance: 115.

Like his older brother Námo, Irmo was one of the Fëanturi (Q. Spirit-masters”). He was the master of emotions and dreams, the spirit of life; thus his name Desirer:’ Along with his wife Estë, he rose at night in his homeland in the Forest of Lórien, journeying when the dreams of Eru’s Children were most active.

While his older sister Nienna shouldered grief, and while Estë healed the body, Irmo soothed the spirit. He understood the basic drives of the soul and, while his brother was the caretaker of fate or doom, he oversaw the wishes and hopes inherent in all spirits. Because of wardship, Irmo was generous and always concerned with the happiness of others.

Irmo’s fana was garbed in a deep forest-blue, like the color of trees in the moonlight. His tall, lithe form and gentle manner suggested his inner peace, but the fire of desire always kindled a very special spark within his eyes.

Irmo’s Special Powers

At night (including dawn and dusk) Irmo can take the form of mist at will, enabling him to travel with the wind or move in any direction at twice his normal speed. In such form he is invulnerable to most physical attacks.
Perfect Illusions
Irmo can simultaneously concentrate upon and maintain a number of illusions the sum of whose levels cannot exceed 425. This concentration only utilizes 25070 of Irmo’s allowable activity. (Treat the illusions as reality for all but Irmo and Estë.)
Irmo can ascertain and visualize the dreams of any individual upon whom he concentrates (and who also fails their RR), regardless of range.
15,725 PP. Base spell OB is 212; directed spell OB is 425. Irmo knows all Bard lists, all Mage lists, and all Open Essence lists (MERP), and all Illusionist lists, Astrologer lists and Closed Essence lists (RM).

Irmo’s Principal Items

Staff (Stave of Dreams)
Irmo’s staff can erase the dreams/​desires of any target within 425’ who fails a RR. The staff is usable 3x/​day and affects the victim for 3 days x amount of RR failure.
Circlet (Irmirë)
(Q. Jewel of Desire”) This gracile mithril headband is adorned with a deep blue diamond, which rests upon Irmo’s brow. A x14 PP multiplying device, it can capture” any dream/​desire taken (erased) by the Stave of Dreams. It holds only one target’s dreams at a given time. Wearer can implant the bound dream/​desire (duplicating it if Irmo so wishes) into the spirit of any target with 425’ who fails his RR.


Lvl: 500. Race: Vala. Profession: Mage (Cleric). Home: Valinor. Aka: (Q. Blessed”); Súlimo (Q. Breather”); Lord of the Breath of Arda; King of the Valar; Lord of the Sky; Lord of Air; the Elder King; Ruler of Arda.

RM Stats: St-120; Qu-120; Em-150; In-150; Pr-145; Ag-125; Co-110; Me-140; Re-150; SD-130. MERP Stats: St-120; Ag-125; Co-110; Ig-145; It-150; Pr-145. Appearance: 145.

Manwë was the King of the Valar and was closer to Eru than any spirit. Only Morgoth and his spouse Varda rivaled his strength. No Vala stood above him.

Manwë and Varda shared an enduring love that knew no limits, one which survived the jealousy of Morgoth. Their bond lent each additional power, and together they were far stronger than the sum of their separate talents. When Manwë sat beside Varda in Ilmaren, he saw anything in Arda above the surface of the land or water simply by parting the clouds.

As Súlimo, the Breather,’ Manwë was master of the skies and controlled the air and weather over Arda. His breath governed the winds, his vision cleared the mists, and his anger spawned the storms that pounded the earth. With Varda, he determined the course of the light that crossed the sky.

As King of Valinor, Manwë served as the ultimate leader of the Council of the Valar and presided over all the deliberations in the Ring of Doom. He was the leader, counselor, teacher, and overseer of his people and, along with his wife Varda, was the patron of the Vanyar who lived on the slopes between his Halls and the fair city of Valmar.

Manwë’s chief flaw was tied to his unwavering belief in Eru’s thought. As a result of his proximity to the One, the King of the Valar did not understand the nature of and motivations behind Evil. Thus, he never comprehended the danger inherent in the Black Enemy, nor did he realize the gravity of Sauron’s machinations. Varda, however, acted as his counselor in many such matters, as did Ulmo; and ultimately Manwë’s wardship bore fruit.

Manwë’s fana was that of a wise, bearded, white-haired lord with clear skin and sky-blue eyes. Robed in rich blue, he appeared every bit the King. Pure white stars shone from deep within his eyes, giving him a glowing gaze.

Manwë’s Principal Items

Sword (Taramacil)
(Q. High Sword”) Symbol of his lordship, this + 150 holy broadsword strikes as a two-hand sword. Made of enchanted sky-blue steel, it glows upon command, or near any appointed individual (only one foe can be appointed at a time, and wielder must know the foe). When seeking a foe, the sword glows within a range in feet equal to the wielder’s level, growing brighter as it gets closer to the foe. Made by Aulë, the sword is endowed with a 50th lvl enchanted spirit of its own, which serves as Manwë’s familiar. It can communicate through visions or silently speak to the King.
Spear (Gebir Manwë)
(Q. Manwë’s Stake”) A 21’ long enchanted, + 150, sky-blue steel spear inlaid with silver and sapphires. When thrown, it disappears, as if merged with the air, only to reappear at the point of impact. Therefore, it cannot be parried. Its range is 1000’ (without range penalty), and it always returns to the wielder instantly after striking. Any critical strike the thrower delivers is accompanied by three impact criticals of equal level, plus a 50th level Fear spell attack.

Manwë’s Special Powers

Manwë can see perfectly, at night or day, as far as the horizon. He can note every detail, as if he were at the point he upon which he dwells. His gaze parts the clouds, so weather does not affect his view. When he is in Ilmaren with Varda, he can see anything above the surface of the earth or water anywhere in Arda.
Manwë can speak in any voice he desires, to anyone within his sight.
Manwë can direct his voice or sight upon any one individual (within a range of 500’) in order to dominate him. The victim must make a RR versus a 250th level Channeling (MERP) or Mentalism (RM) attack. Failure results in the victim being under Manwë’s control until the victim makes a successful RR. Whenever the victim leaves the 500’ radius effect area — or whenever Manwë stops concentrating — the victim receives one RR per round.
Manwë has absolute control over the air (i.e., wind) throughout Arda.
26,000 PP. Base spell OB is 250; directed spell OB is 500. Manwë knows all Mage lists, all Open Channeling lists, and all Open Essence lists (MERP), and all Cleric lists, and all Closed Essence, Closed Channeling, and Closed Mentalist lists (RM).

Melkor (Morgoth)

In the beginning, Melkor (Q. He Who Arises in Might”) was the greatest of the Valar. He shared power with Manwë, but he never enjoyed the favor that Eru accorded his brother. Manwë, however, was closer to Eru’s thought, for Melkor could not work within the scheme prescribed by the One. When the Valar made the Great Music, Melkor created discord.

Melkor desired to be omnipotent and create according to his own feelings, and not within the bounds of Eru’s vision. Like Aulë, Melkor loved to make things and he revelled in the adoration he received for his conceptions. But he went further than the Smith and, after entering Eä, he openly rebelled. Abandoning his pledge to Eru, Melkor became a fallen Vala and his name was never again spoken by the Powers. He was known ever after as Morgoth, the Black Enemy.” (For more about Melkor see the Morgoth entry under Great Enemies” in Section 7.1.)


Lvl: 475. Race: Vala (Exalted). Profession: Bard/​Seer (Cleric). Home: The Halls of Mandos on the western shores of Valinor. Aka: (Q. Ordainer ”); Judge; Mandos; Lord of the Halls of Awaiting; Keeper of the Dead; Lord of Fate; Doomsmaster.

RM Stats: St-105; Qu-100; Em-120; In-140; Pr-150; Ag-120; Co-110; Me-150; Re-100; SD-150. MERP Slats: St-105; Ag-120; Co-110; Ig-125; It-140; Pr-150. Appearance: 105.

Námo was the older brother of Irmo and Nienna. Like Irmo, the Ordainer was a Fëantur (S. Spirit-master”; pl. Fëanturi”), a master of inner visions and destinies. Námo, however, did not concern himself with the immediacies that occupied his kin; instead he presided over the passing of spirits. His name spoke of his role as the pro claimer of Fate. He was the arbiter of doom, and the caretaker of souls in the afterlife.

Námo resided in the Halls of Mandos (Q. Imprisonment”). There, on the western shores of Aman, he overlooked the Encircling Sea and guarded the spirits that awaited the End of Time and the climax of Eru’s vision. No soul could leave the Halls without his consent, and it was in his ward that the spirits of the Firstborn reposed after their death. Morgoth was imprisoned there, as were the other fallen Ainur who awaited judgment and repentance.

Námo’s wife Vairë lived with the Doomsmaster at their Halls, weaving the record of Time that aided her spouse in his judgments. Aside from the ever-grieving Nienna, she was Námo’s only frequent companion. An air of twilight colored his setting.

Accordingly, Námo’s fana frequently wore a guise of gloom. Black robes adorned his chosen form: a tall, angular, pale body without hair, punctuated with deep-set black eyes.

Námo’s Principal Items

Amulet of Fate
Composed of a black diamond nestled in a simple silver and grey ithilnaur setting, this amulet was a gift of Irmo (Lórien). It is the companion amulet to the one given to Melian. When placed before the eyes of another (range J’ x wearer’s lvl), the target must make a successful RR, or the wearer may read the target’s general doom (e.g., good or bad, and to what degree). Wearer receives a general image (as if it was a dream) of target’s general fate (for the coming period equal to I year x wearer’s level).
Gauntlets (Gloves of Passing)
When both are placed upon the body of the target, the target realizes and visualizes the general nature of their fate. Should the target resist his natural fate (e.g., an undead) or should he physically assail Námo, the Ordainer may concentrate on the target’s demise. Then, should the target fail an RR versus a 100th lvl attack, the target will die, his spirit passing into bondage within the Halls of Mandos. The gloves cannot, however, affect Men.

Námo’s Special Powers

Voice of Doom
Námo can speak in any voice of anyone within a 475’ radius, controlling their attentions. Those within his range must make a RR versus a 47th level Channeling (MERP) or Mentalism (RM) attack, lest they be controlled by Námo so long as he speaks to them. Should Námo recess for more than 1 minute, or should the victim leave the 475’ radius effect area, the victim is no longer under the Ordainer’s control.
Eye of Judgement
Should Námo gaze upon a target and concentrate, the target must make a successful RR versus a 47th level Channeling (MERP) or Mentalism (RM) attack, or they will die.
22,325 PP. Base spell OB is 237; directed spell OB is 475. Námo knows all Bard lists and Open Channeling lists (MERP) and all Seer lists, Cleric lists, Closed Channeling lists, and Open and Closed Mentalism lists (RM).


Lvl : 400. Race: Vala (Valië). Profession: Bard. Home: Valmar in Valinor. Aka: Dancer; Mistress of Joy; Mistress of Celebration.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-140; Em-100; In-130; Pr-140; Ag-140; Co-100; Me-100; Re-100; SD-100. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-140; Co-100; Ig-100; It-130; Pr-140. Appearance: 135.

Nessa was the rather carefree and beautiful wife of the Vala Tulkas. Of all the Valier, only Vána possessed a wilder spirit. Like her spouse, Nessa loved to run, play, and laugh, taking delight in the celebration of life. She embodied mirth, joy, and happiness and never thought to bear arms.

Above all, though, Nessa danced. Cheerfully fluttering on Valmar’s unfading green lawns, she rejoiced in dancing whenever she was at home. In the wilds, she sportily raced the beloved deer that followed her on every frolic, knowing that she could always outrun the beasts that trailed her. Only Tulkas and Oromë were more fleet afoot.

Nessa’s fana was that of a agile but graceful young woman with fiery red-orange hair and eyes as green as the carpets upon which she danced.

Nessa’s Principal Item

Green Rose Crown
Nessa wears a crown made of enchanted green roses in her hair. The crown denotes her station as Queen of Celebration. Its splendid magical glow protects her head as well as any normal helm (and it negates 750/0 of head crits; roll 01 – 75). In addition, the crown’s aura confers joy and reaches into the vilest of hearts. While wearing the crown, Nessa is immune to attack from anyone who gazes upon her (from any range) and who fails a RR versus a 40th lvl Essence attack. Such failure invokes happiness, and prevents the viewer from fighting anyone for 1 – 100 minutes (unless struck).

Nessa’s Special Powers

While dancing, Nessa can leap up to 100’ vertically and up to 500’ horizontally (or any variation thereof). She can imitate and improve upon any dance, tumbling maneuver, or acrobatic maneuver she has ever seen, and her own maneuvers are always treated as having a difficulty category no harder than Easy” (see MERP Table MT-1 or RM/ Character Law Table 15.31).
Nessa can use her voice to create any sound within the range of any mammal found in Arda and, while singing, she can communicate with any deer within 4 miles.
14,800 PP. Base spell OB is 200; directed spell OB is 400. Nessa knows all Bard lists and Open Channeling lists (MERP) and all Closed Channeling, and Open and Closed Mentalism lists (RM).


Lvl: 47S. Race: Vala (Exalted Valië). Profession: Bard/​Mentalist. Home: The Last Home on the westernmost shore of Valinor. Aka: (Q. Mourning”); The Weeper; the Sufferer.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-100; Em-150; In-150; Pr-13S; Ag-120; Co-120; Me-115; Re-100; SD-100. MERP Slats: St-100; Ag-120; Co-120; Ig-107; It-150; Pr-13S. Appearance: 140.

Nienna was the younger sister of Námo (Mandos) and the older sister of Irmo (Lórien). A solitary Vala, she resided at the westernmost point in Aman. There, her lonely tower rose from the sheer grey cliffs bitten by the twilight waters of the Encircling Sea.

Nienna was the Mourner, the Weeper, and she embodied suffering. The very antithesis of Nessa, she did not celebrate; rather, she bore the grief of Ea. Her shoulders supported the suffering created out the errors of all other spirits, for she assumed their sadness. Pitying the most rebellious of spirits, the Weeper suffered on behalf of others. She represented the conscience of Ea. Without her, the pain of their journey through life would have undoubtedly overwhelmed the Children of Eru.

Nienna’s fana illustrated her role. Pale, red-eyed, and with scarlet cheeks marked by unending tears, she walked slowly. There was strength in her watery eyes, however, for she was strong enough to pity and forgive virtually any transgression for which repentance was offered.

Nienna’s Special Powers

Nienna can see into the conscience of anyone she looks and concentrates upon (range based on whether she can distinguish them), assuming they consent or they fail a RR versus a 237th level Channeling attack.
Grief Transferal
Nienna can assume the emotional pain and suffering of anyone whom she touches and concentrates upon. In addition, her touch immediately heals any mental and physical side-effect arising out of such suffering.
21,375 PP. Base spell OB is 237; directed spell OB is 475. Nienna knows all Bard lists and Open Channeling lists (MERP) and all Closed Channeling, and Open and Closed Mentalism lists (RM).

Nienna’s Principal Item

Staff of Sorrow
A + 100 quarterstaff made from the fallen branch of the now-dead Telperion. It is a x10 PP multiplying device that enables wielder to cast any Healer spell (up to 20th lvl). In addition, the staff resurrects sorrowful images in the minds of its victims. Whenever wielder concentrates (up to lOx/​day), those within a range of l’ x wielder’s lvl (475’ in Nienna’s case) must make a RR versus a 20th lvl Channeling attack. RR failure results in victims being incapacitated (for I rd x RR failure number) due to uncontrollable grief.


Lvl: 480. Race: Vala (Exalted). Profession: Ranger. Home: the wild woods of southern Valinor. Aka: (Q. Horn-sounder”); Araw (S. Trumpet;” Béma”); Tauron (S. Forester”); Aldaron (Q. Lord of Trees”); Tamer of Beasts; the Rider; Master of the Wild; The Hunter; Huntsman of the Valar.

RM Stats: St-145; Qu-145; Em-105; In-120; Pr-120; Ag-150; Co-150; Me-100; Re-100; SD-110. MERP Stats: St-145; Ag-150; Co-150; Ig-100; It-120; Pr-120. Appearance: 140.

Oro me was the Huntsman of the Valar. A peerless messenger and tracker, he was the greatest ranger ever to set foot in Arda. His skills in the wild were legendary. As Araw, he was the patron of many Elves and, as Béma, he was revered by Men. He was the best known of the Valar in Endor. His extensive travels upon his white horse Nahar gave him insight into virtually every region of Middle-earth, and left a legacy of familiarity for peoples who never saw him.

Oromë was the older brother of Nessa and the husband of Vána. He shared their passion for life, and their fondness for living things; but above all, he loved the wilderness. Forests were his favorite domains.

Unlike his sister, though, Oromë could be quick to anger. His temper was fiery and his wrath formidable and, although he was not as strong as Tulkas, he could be a more deadly foe. Passion could drive the Huntsman to pursue an enemy to the end of the World.

In Elder Days, Oromë hunted the monsters that came forth out of Morgoth’s breeding pits. No challenge was too great, and he rode far and wide to clear the land of Evil. Then, forests covered vast expanses of Middle-earth, and Oromë seemed at home among the beasts of the wood. He continued his solitary hunts after the destruction of the Two Lamps, even though the animals went into hibernation. Always the warden of the forests, Oromë often stood alone against the onslaught of the Black Enemy’s minions.

Oromë was the first Vala to encounter the newly-born Elves when they awakened in Cuiviénen. There, in the eaves of the Wild Wood of eastern Endor, he cautiously met the Firstborn of Eru’s Children. The Huntsman later took the Elda-lords Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë to Valinor and, after their return to Middle-earth, he led their peoples on the Great Journey westward.

These acts, together with his struggle on behalf of the Quendi in the Battle of the Powers, forever endeared him to the Elves.

Orome’s fana is fair and strong of build. Silver-haired and cloaked in a flowing white cloak, he looks like a pale whirlwind when he rides through the moon-soaked woods.

Orome’s Principal Possessions

Bow (Luvaninque)
(Q. White Bow;” S. Nimcú”) + 200 holy, white Mallorn, long bow. It is seven and half feet long and requires 500 lbs of pressure to string. Makes no sound when fired and only fumbles on a roll of 01. Neither the bow or its bowstring will warp or break.
Horn (Valarómra)
(Q. Horn of the Valar”) White kine horn, inlaid with mithril and adamant. It weighs 48 Ibs. It has a range of 48 miles and, when blown, all allies of wielder within the range receive a + 50 bonus to all their actions for 1 – 100 rounds (this latter power is usable but lx/​day).
Horse (Nahar)
Beautiful 100th lvl white stallion whose coat glows silver in the moonlight. Nahar leaves no tracks and tirelessly runs at a pace of 1000’ per round. It is a Super Large Creature which will fight to the death for Oromë or his wife Vána. His voice is like a song and he can speak to, and understand, Oromë, Vána, or Nessa.

Oromë’s Special Powers

Oromë has a walking pace of 100’ per round and he runs at a pace of 500’ per round.
Should Oromë concentrate, he makes absolutely no noise when moving outdoors.
Befriending and Riding Beasts
Oromë can tame and ride any wild beast as if it was his most loyal friend. The Hunter need only see and call to beast (range 1000’). In order to affect previously tamed, domesticated, or evil beasts he must touch the creature (which then receives a RR).
Oromë can toss any thrown weapon or missile (e.g., a pole) up to 500’ without range penalty, using his normal spear OB; and he can throw his spear up to 1000’ without range penalty. He may throw missiles or thrown weapons twice that far with an OB penalty of –100. Oromë can throw rocks weighing up 30 lbs as far as 500’ with a + 100 OB, yielding a Large Fall/​Crush attack.
Oromë can track any wild creature across any solid surface (including stream beds), so long as he can find any one of that creature’s tracks which has been made within the preceding 480 hrs.
10,560 PP. Base spell OB is 120; directed spell OB is 240. Oromë knows all Ranger lists and Open Channeling lists (MERP) and all Closed Channeling, and Monk lists (RM).

Tulkas (Astaldo)

Lvl: 450. Race: Vala. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Valmar in Valinor. Aka: Astaldo (Q. The Valiant”); the Strong; the Champion of the Valar.

RM Stats: St-150; Qu-150; Em-120; In-100; Pr-100; Ag-150; Co-150; Me-99; Re-99; SD-100. MERP Stats: St-150; Ag-150; Co-150; Ig-99; It-100; Pr-100. Appearance: 130.

Tulkas is the consummate Warrior. He fights without weapons, anger, or fear, and knows no equal in strength or speed. Faster and stronger than any beast, he is a formidable foe and a valuable ally.

Even though Tulkas was not one of the Aratar, Morgoth feared him more than any other Vala. Tulkas’ complete lack of concern regarding threats and dangers presented the Black Enemy with an opponent he could not intimidate. The Valiant One always fought as if he was at play, laughing at obstacles as if they were games or playful challenges. Thus, Morgoth could not use the Champion’s ire as a tool against Tulkas, as he did with other foes.

Exceedingly slow to anger, Tulkas was a fast friend who honored a bond of friendship with his very being. No one was more loyal. His weakness was rooted in his modest intellect, not his compassion.

Indeed, Tulkas’ mind made him a poor counselor and reduced his stature among the Valar. The last to enter Ea, he was not counted as one of the Exalted Powers, despite his supreme physical talents and even though Tulkas subjugated Morgoth during the Battle of the Powers.

Tulkas’ fana had gold hair, a gold beard, and a joyful, ruddy complexion. His deep, joyous laugh and dancing eyes lend him a gentle (albeit powerful) visage.

Tulkas’ Special Powers

Treat Tulkas as a huge creature. Although he is not one of the Aratar, all critical strike rolls applied against him have –40 subtraction (see 4.12 above).
Treat Tulkas’s skin as Plate armor (AT 20) with an inherent DB of 100. His huge hands and inherent solidity give him the ability to strike without weapons using a Flail, Huge Bash, or a Huge Grapple attack.
Enables Tulkas to toss any object weighing 450 Ibs or less up to 400’ without range penalty, striking with a +200 OB on the Fall/​Crush Attack Table. He can throw objects up to 100 Ibs up to 1200’, striking with a + 100 OB on the Fall/​Crush Attack Table. In any case, he can double his range and half his OB.
Anyone coming within 1000’ of Tulkas’ must make a RR versus a 50th level Fear spell. With a RR failure of 01 – 50, the victim flees in fear for 1 – 10 minutes. If the RR failure is 51 – 100, the victim is frozen in place (stunned and unable to move or parry) for 1 – 10 rounds. Should they fail by 101 +, they die of fright.


Lvl: 490. Race: Vala. Profession: Animist/​Sorcerer. Home: The Oceans or, occasionally, freshwater. Aka: (Q. Pourer”); Rainer; King of the Sea; Spirit of the Veins of the Earth; Ocean Lord; Master of Waters.

RM Stats: St-125; Qu-130; Em-150; In-150; Pr-125; Ag-125; Co-100; Me-150; Re-1OO; SD-105. MERP Stats: St-125; Ag-125; Co-100; Ig-125; It-150; Pr-125. Appearance: J05.

Aside from Oromë, Ulmo was the best known of the Valar, for his spirit dwelt closest to Endor. Ulmo’s essence swirled through each rain, coursed through every stream, and lay in every pool and bay in Arda; he came with each morning’s dew. Ulmo resided in the Eä’s highest snows and her the deepest springs. As water was the blood” of the World, the Pourer was truly the Spirit of the Veins of the Earth.

Ulmo was second among the Vala Kings and third in the hierarchy of the Exalted Powers. Only Manwë and Varda stood above him in Eä’s scheme. A loner who rarely took form and only occasionally visited Valinor, he was the virtually autonomous master of the deeps. Ulmo saw and heard all that transpired beneath the waves and knew everything that occurred where water flowed. His knowledge of the Middle Land oft times exceeded even that of Manwë and Varda, for things and events could be hidden from the King and Queen which could elude the Ocean Lord’s notice.

Ulmo’s unique dominion threatened Morgoth, since the Black Enemy’s claim as King of the World did not extend into the sea. Morgoth hated water and feared the untamable ocean, so he attempted to supplant Ulmo by offering the Sea-lord’s vassal Ossë the Kingdom of Water. Ultimately, Ossë repudiated the Black Enemy’s advances and, with the intercession of the Maia Uinen (Ossë’s spouse), he was pardoned by his lord.

Ulmo’s voice was as deep as the sea. It was the greatest in Eä, and his servants proved to be the finest singers ever to grace Arda, save the Vala Vána. Eru conferred more music upon Ulmo than he gave the other Valar, and his command of song-lore was unparalleled. It was his people who taught the Teleri how to sing. Ulmo also directed Ossë to instruct the Teleri about ship making, and these skills were evident in the wondrous creations of the great Sinda shipwright Círdan. These, combined with Ulmo’s mastery of their beloved sea, led the Teler Elves to acknowledge Ulmo as their patron (alongside Varda).

Ulmo’s concern about the welfare of Eru’s Children extended beyond the Teleri. The Ocean Lord transported many of the Eldar to Aman and counseled the Free Peoples throughout the struggles during the War of the Great Jewels at the end of the First Age. Knowing of the secret places where water ran, Ulmo revealed the hidden caves that provided the Noldor refuge in the later stages of the resistance against Morgoth. As a result, although the Pourer’s blistering snows, pounding rains, and roaring seas claimed many lives and sowed considerable fear, many count the Lord of Water as a friend.

Ulmo’s rarely takes a fana, for he seldom comes to land. Instead, he prefers to shift with his capricious waters. When he rises in form, though, he typically appears as a huge manifestation of the themes of the sea. His indigo eyes peer from beneath a chain hood and shining mail, a coat of ever-washed armor whose color gradually changes to a deep green as it reaches into the depths. Ulmo’s black beard also varies its color, occasionally seeming to be nothing more than tangled seaweed. His is a form with the elusive qualities that befit his nature.

Ulmo’s Principal Items

Horn (Ulumúri)
White, sea-shell horns made by the Maia Salmar. Those who hear a tune sounded on this horn never forget the music. The horn’s range is 490 miles beneath or on the surface of open water and 49 miles across land.
Sea Armor
+ 200 unencumbering chain mail coated with an ever-flowing veil of shining water. Its hood (treat as a full helm) and upper areas have a gleaming white-silver hue, while the lower areas are deep green in color.

Ulmo’s Special Powers

Ulmo can move and breathe with equal ease on land or water. He can merge with waves and travel as ten times as fast the currents will carry him or, he can swim at up to 1000’ per round.
While in water, Ulmo can concentrate in a particular direction and hear or see anything that is (i) within the water inside a range of 490 miles or (ii) adjacent to the water within a range of 49’.
Ulmo has absolute control of all water within a range of 980 feet (i.e., 2’x Ulmo’s lvl). He can also create waves of up to 980 feet in height across any water surface in which he resides, within a range of 980 miles.
Ulmo can use his voice to create any sound within the range of any animal found in any water. Using song, he can communicate with any beast that dwells in water.
Ulmo can move or raise to create any island with a radius of less than or equal to 490 miles (i.e., 1 mile x Ulmo’s level). When an island is raised it takes Ulmo one day per radius mile to accomplish the deed and it requires all of his PP. To move an island, it requires all Ulmo’s PP and a period equal to one day per 100 miles the isle is moved.
25,480 PP. Base spell OB is 245; directed spell OB is 490. Ulmo knows all Animist lists, all Mage lists, all Open Channeling and all Open Essence lists (MERP), and all Sorcerer lists and Closed Channeling and Essence lists (RM).


Lvl : 430. Race: Vala (Valië). Profession: Bard/​Seer. Home: The Halls of Mandos on the western shores of Aman. Aka: The Weaver; Mistress of Time.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-100; Em-110; In-120; Pr-140; Ag-110; Co-100; Me-150; Re-100; SD-130. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-110; Co-100; Ig-125; It-120; Pr-140. Appearance: 125.

Vairë was the wife of Námo and she lived with him in the Halls of Mandos on Aman’s western sea coast. There, in the remote Place of Souls, she wove the record of Time. Námo used her chronicle to judge the doom of spirits.

Quiet and serious, Vairë served as a fine companion and partner for the Ordainer. Deep purple garb of somber lines draped her slight fana, providing her an air of authority suited to her great role.

Vairë’s Principal Items

Loom of Time
Can be used with any thread or yarn and permits weaving at 1000 x normal speed. Any fabric woven on the loom will retain the perfect image of the thoughts the weaver wishes to implant in its pattern, and it need only be touched in order to convey that image (including all senses) to the person handling it.
Mace (Iaroma)
(Q. Old-voice”) + 100 mace of black Eog, inlaid with amethyst (purple quartz). It weighs 14 lbs and strikes as a flail. Whenever it yields a critical strike, it delivers a Death’s Memory spell (Open Mentalist, lvl 15) to the target, leaving the target with the vision of the death of mace’s last victim. (Should victim survive the critical strike, he must make a RR versus a 20th Fear attack at the outset of the following round.)

Vairë’s Special Powers

Vairë can concentrate upon and touch any solid thing (e.g., a creature or an object) and judge its age and point of origin. She can also visualize the real and recallable memories of any creature that fails a RR versus a Channeling (MERP) or Mentalism (RM) attack.
18,060 PP. Base spell OB is 215; directed spell OB is 430. Vairë knows all Bard lists, all Open Channeling lists, and all Open Essence lists (MERP), and all Seer lists, Closed Channeling lists, and all Open and Closed Mentalist lists (RM).


Lvl: 425. Race: Vala (Valië). Profession: Bard. Home: Valmar in Valinor. Aka: The Ever-young; Mistress of Flowers; Mistress of Song. 

RM Stats: St-99; QU-118; Em-100; In-120; Pr-120; Ag-110; Co-100; Me-99; Re-98; SD-110. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-1l5; Co-100; Ig-98; It-120; Pr-120. Appearance: 120.

Vána was the younger sister of Yavanna and the wife of Oromë. Utterly youthful and untamed, she was the Mistress of Flowers and Song. Like the embodiment of the Spring of Life, she represented birth and renewal among living things. Her fiery nature and passionate songs stirred the hearts of listeners and caused them rekindle memories of their younger years.

Vána loved flowers and birds and tended wonderful gardens in both the wilds of southern Valinor and in the stately reaches of fair Valmar. Wherever she passed, however, the birds sang as if to announce her coming and the flowers peeked forth as if to gaze upon her beautiful fana. Be it night or day, she only needed to look to a flower in order to cause it to bloom.

Vana’s fiery essence produced her fondness for powerfully bright music and brilliant colors. She cherished the dawn and gold hues, loves which she shared with her principal servant Arien. A Fire Spirit of considerable power, Arien took care of the golden flowers in Vana’s gardens for hundreds of years — until the time she was appointed to guide the Sun.

The fana Vana adopted in Valinor was that of a wildly beautiful, unpredictable woman. Bright and graceful, she shunned material things and always remained the Ever-young.

Vana’s Special Powers

Should Vana concentrate, she makes absolutely no noise when moving outdoors.
Befriending and Riding Beasts
Vana can tame and ride any wild beast as if it was his most loyal friend. She need only see and call to beast (range 400’). In order to affect previously tamed, domesticated, or evil beasts she must touch the creature (which then receives a RR).
9,350 PP. Base spell OB is 212; directed spell OB is 425. Vana knows all Bard lists and all Open Essence lists (MERP), and all Closed Essence lists, and all Open and Closed Mentalist lists (RM).


Lvl: 500. Race: Vala (Exalted Valië). Profession: Animist/​Astrologer. Home: Halls of Ilmaren atop Taniquetil in eastern Valinor. Aka: (Q. The Exalted”); Queen of the Valar; Elbereth (S. Star Queen;” Q. Elentári”); Elbereth Gilthoniel; Tintallë (Q. The Kindler”); Fanuilos (Q. Ever-white”); Chief of the Valier.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-110; Em-125; In-150; Pr-150; Ag-110; Co-105; Me-150; Re-140; SD-140. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-110; Co-105; Ig-145; It-150; Pr-150. Appearance: 150.

Varda was the counterpart of Manwë, and was highest among the Valier (female Maïar). Compassionate and wise, she was as bright as the Light she embodied. Her works were many and great, for she created the stars, kindled the Two Lamps, illuminated the Two Trees, blessed the Silmarils, and filled the vessels which became the Sun and the Moon. Truly the Queen of the Heavens (Q. Menel”), she was the epitome of noble strength and beauty.

Varda’s place in the saga of the Ainur and their guardianship in Eli was crucial. A firm opponent of Morgoth (who desired her), she helped Manwë understand the dangers fomented by the Black Enemy’s Evil at a time when the Vala King seemed incapable of recognizing the nature of their foe. Her strong and often active support of the Free Peoples’ struggle contrasted with the reluctance of most of her brethren to intervene in the affairs of Eru’s Children.

Varda’s constant support for the Eldar, coupled with her lordship over the stars that the Elves held so dear, made the Vala Queen the natural patron of the Quendi. Elves often prayed to her out of love, respect, and need, and she frequently answered their entreaties. The Elven cry Elbereth Gilthoniel” saved more than one of the Firstborn. Of course, Varda aided all the Free Folk. Her lamps guided seamen and travelers of all races, and her enchanted light saved the Hobbit Sam during his struggle with the Spider Shelob. 

Varda dwelled in the Halls of Ilmaren with Manwë. Seated beside her spouse in their above atop Arda’s greatest peak, high above the clouds, she could hear any sound uttered above the surface of the land or sea. The union of King and Queen was stronger than the combination of their separate spirits and, like Manwë, Varda drew splendid power from their love.

Varda’s favored fana shone white, like the glittering snow atop starstruck mountains. Stunningly beautiful, it was beyond compare.

Varda’s Principal Items

Circlet (Vardamirë)
(Q. Jewel of Varda”) A simple, white mithril headband adorned with a single gem of glowing adamant. It gently rests on her noble brow. A x14 PP multiplier, the blessed jewel also serves as Varda’s Crown. Its gem can glow to any degree desired by the wearer, even attaining a brightness normally ascribed to stars. In such case all within 500’ must make a RR versus a 250th Essence attack, with failure resulting in blindness. Should Varda concentrate the light in a less ominous manner, the aura will bolster the spirits of all friends within 5000’, providing them a constant + 50 bonus for all their actions.
Ring (Coríriel)
(Q. Lady’s Ring”) A simple unadorned, white mithril band. It is the symbol of Manwe’s love for her spirit.

Varda’s Special Powers

Varda can hear perfectly, regardless of condition, as far as the horizon. She can note every detail of every sound, as if she were at the point at which it was made. When she is Ilmaren with Manwë, she can hear any sound made above the surface of the earth or water — anywhere in Arda.
Ward of Ilmaren
When Varda is in Ilmaren, her presence is extended out to form a girdle, or presence-wall, with a diameter equal to 50 miles. This 1000 PP per day to maintain; however, it requires none of her concentration. Within this region, Varda can sense the number and basic nature of the presences whenever she concentrates. Anyone crossing the girdle’s borders must make a RR versus a 125th lvl Channeling (MERP) or Mentalism (RM) attack. Failure of 01 – 50 results in the victim being unable to cross the barrier for 1 – 10 days; failure of 51 – 100 results in the victim being unable to cross the barrier for 1 – 10 years; and failure of 101 + results in the victim being unable to cross the barrier for 1 – 10 decades.
Varda has absolute control over all light within 500’ of her person. She also has absolute control over all the light in the Heavens above (and therefore outside) Ar- da. She can direct the manner of, and place of, its entry into Arda. Should she place such light in a vessel (e.g., a jewel), blessing it, she can subsequently concentrate upon the jewel (regardless of range or circumstance), giving the jewel-bearer a + 50 bonus to all his activity. She can concentrate on only one such jewel at a time.
Varda can heal through normal means, or she can transfer injuries from others to her own body (e.g., like a RM Healer). In the latter case, she can entirely and instantly relieve others of their infirmities by simply touching them (a number whose cumulative levels are less than or equal to Varda’s). Then she can heal the absorbed damage at a rate equal to the cumulative number of levels of those she relieved.
26,000 PP. Base spell OB is 250; directed spell OB is 500. Varda can use all the Animist lists, Bard lists, and Opening Channeling lists (MERP), and all Astrologer lists, all Closed Channeling lists, all Open and Closed Essence lists, and all Lay Healer lists (RM).


Lvl : 485. Race: Vala (Exalted Valië). Profession: Animist. Home: Mansions of Aulë or Valmar in Valinor. Aka: (Q. Giver of Fruits”); Kementári (Q. Queen of the Earth”); Keeper of Plants.

RM Stats: St-140; Qu-96; Em-145; In-150; Pr-125; Ag-125; Co-105; Me-100; Re-110; SD-145. MERP Stats: St-140; Ag-125; Co-105; Ig-105; It-150; Pr-125. Appearance: 145.

The second of the Queens of the Valar, Yavanna was the spouse of the Smith Aulë. She was the Queen of the Earth, the incarnation of the spirit that makes living things grow and flourish. Her labors gave the World all its plants, including the Two Trees of Valinor.

Yavanna was the guardian of all the Olvar (Growing Things that Do Not Move), for she planted the first seeds and her blessing gave them life. Accordingly, all peoples who relied on the harvest prayed for her endowment. Her sanctification assured plenty.

Of course, Yavanna’s own gardens were renowned. There, she tended her Olva friends and kept her heart on the pulse of the Earth’s life.

Yavanna’s fana was a beautiful figure covered in a rich, deep, green garb, and her aura glowed like newborn fruit in the noonday Sun. Occasionally, she favored the veil of a great tree whose bows stretched into the Heavens.

Yavanna’s Principal Item

A simple fallen bough from the now-dead Goldeeen Tree (Q. Laurelin”). A + 28 spell adder, it enables the wielder to communicate with any plant (within a range equal to 1’ x wielder’s lvl). The plant will respond according to its gift of spirit, but the wielder can always ascertain the exact nature of the plant and its feelings.

Yavanna’s Special Powers

Yavanna can heal the ills of any plant with 485’ by merely concentrating upon it.
She can instantly control and modify the shape of any one plant within 485’.
Yavanna can make all the plants within a 48 radius grow at whatever pace she desires. She can also imbed any one of her spells into any one living fruit by touching it. The spell will operate only once and only when the fruit is eaten.
25,220 PP. Base spell OB is 442; directed spell OB is 485. Yavanna can use all Animist, Opening Channeling and Ranger lists (MERP), and all Cleric lists, Closed Channeling lists, and Healer lists (RM).


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