Lords of Middle-earth™ Volume three

Hobbits, Dwarves, Ents, Orcs & Trolls

How would you like to adventure with Thorin Oakenshield or challenge the battle prowess of an Orc-lord? Could you draw blood from a Cave-troll as Frodo did in Moria or persuade Bilbo Baggins to recount stories of the Elder Days? Have you ever needed to seek help in Fangorn Forest from Treebeard the Ent? Now you can at least try.

Lords of Middle-earth permits you to meet Endor’s most prominent or powerful individuals, the famous or infamous figures who affect the history of the Middle Land. You can call forth all of the major characters found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

This is the last of three volumes in the Lords of Middle-earth series. Volume One covers Elves, Maïar, Valar, and the Great Enemies,” while the Volume Two tells of Men. Together, these three comprehensive works portray the great figures from each of Endor’s varied races.

Volume Three describes Hobbits, the Little People ignored in the histories; Dwarves, the Children of Aulë; Ents, the Shepherds of the Trees; and Orcs and Trolls, creatures perverted by Morgoth to serve his evil ends. Each race weaves a unique pattern in the rich tapestry of Middle-earth’s epics and ballads. Whether waxing or waning in power, these varied peoples have changed the very essence of the Ages by their deeds.


Authors: R. Mark Colburn, Peter C. Fenlon, John D. Ruemmler, Terry K. Amthor, Jessica Ney.

Series editors: Peter C. Fenlon, Jessica Ney.

Development: Jessica Ney.

Page design: Eileen Smith, Suzanne Young, Pete Fenlon, Jessica Ney.

Charts: John Ruemmler, Kurt Fischer, Judy Madison, Terry Amthor, Jessica Ney, Eileen Smith, Pete Fenlon.

Production: Kurt H. Fischer.

Interior art: Liz Danforth.

Cover art: Angus McBride.

Cover graphics: Richard H. Britton.

Layout: Judy Madison, Larry Brook, Suzanne Young, Leo LaDell, Paula Peters, Eileen Smith.

Editorial contributions: Tom Lübeck, Eileen Smith, Terry Amthor, Jessica Ney, Coleman Charlton, Rick Britton, John Ruemmler.

Typesetting: Graphics Plus.

Special contributions: Olivia Johnston, Bruce Neidlinger, Kurt Razmussen, Bruce Hlavin, Deane Begiebing, David Johnson, Bill Downs, Larry Taylor, John Breckenridge, Rob Bell, Kevin Barrett, Becky Pope, Heidi Heffner, Marc Rainey.

Markdown & web conversions, digital layout: Mando.


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First U.S. Edition, January 1989

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Table des matières



The Lesser Tribes

Dwarven Nature

Dwarven Characters Glossary

Dwarven Short Description Glossary

The Noegyth Nibin

The Umli

Dwarven Characters List


Entish Nature

Entish Character Glossary

Entish Short Description Glossary

Entish Characters List


Orcish Nature

Orcish Character Glossary

Orcish Short Description Glossary

Orcish Characters List


Troll Character Glossary

Troll Short Description Glossary

Troll Characters List

Using High Level Characters

Generating High Level Characters