11 · The Dark-Ice Fortress

Set­ting: Kala Dula­kurth, in the nor­thern foo­thills of the Ered Mithrin, any time bet­ween T.A. 1640 and T.A. 1975.

Requi­re­ments: A group of mid-to-high level adven­tu­rers of neu­tral dis­po­si­tion or orien­ted to the cause of Sauron. Elves will be a dis­tinct disad­van­tage, but half-orcs or half-trolls will be better recei­ved.

Aids: Sup­plies, a guide, and docu­ments gua­ran­teeing safe-pas­sage.

Turmoil in the Forodwaith

Legends tell of a breed of Orcs that roam the Forod­waith, lin­ge­ring in the lands of their ancient master. The Ice-orcs, as they have become known, are rumo­red to live in a large for­tress north of the Grey Moun­tains.

Many thought the rumors dubious at best, but now the elite of Angmar know it to be true. The Witch-king has learnt of them, and they are now his allies. He uses them to patrol his nor­thern flank, and has been impres­sed with their skills in the icy ter­rain.

Of late, howe­ver, he has become concer­ned with the insta­bi­lity of their lea­der­ship. Sauron, who com­munes with the priest, Urdrak, has infor­med the Witch-king of the poten­tial for poli­ti­cal unrest. The Lord of Angmar cannot afford any dis­rup­tion of his plans, and cannot take the time to deal with the pro­blem him­self, nor can he spare any of his most trus­ted under­lings.

He has given the pro­blem to his second in com­mand, Dancu, to deal with. Dancu has deci­ded to call in out­side help : enter the PCs. The players, per­haps jour­neying through Angmar, will be apprai­sed and contac­ted by Dancu’s agents, and brought to Carn-dum. Unless they have pre­viously proven them­selves to Sau­ro­nic forces before, the PCs will pro­ba­bly have to undergo some kind of test prior to their depar­ture.

If they prove satis­fac­tory to the Ang­ma­rim Lords they will be out­fit­ted with sup­plies, a guide, and shields with spe­cial badges gua­ran­teeing their safe conduct through Angmar’s ter­ri­tory.


The players must first jour­ney to Kala Dala­kurth. The route they take will be east from Carn-dum, across the Forod­waith. While the PCs are given safe conduct, this will not pro­tect them from the ele­ments, or other phy­si­cal dan­gers. Upon rea­ching the Dark-ice for­tress they will be admit­ted without inci­dent. No Ice-orc will ques­tion the vali­dity of their docu­ments.

The PCs must assess the situa­tion, kee­ping in mind that who-ever rules the Ice-orcs in the future should be someone who will defer to Angmar, and endea­vor to maneu­ver the situa­tion to their advan­tage.

The arri­val of the players at the castle will have a pro­found effect on the three prin­ciple pro­ta­go­nists there (see sec­tion 7.2). Urdrak will view the cha­rac­ters as a sign that he has tacit sup­port from Angmar for his take-over plans. Dakal­mog will react sus­pi­ciously, and is not about to give up his power. His influence over some of the neo­phytes and the youn­ger aco­lyte priests could prove deci­sive. Nadash is some­thing of an unk­nown quan­tity, but he does know that if Urdrak wins power his life will most likely end abruptly.

Once the figh­ting starts, within three days after the PCs arrive, the players will be in a very dan­ge­rous posi­tion, espe­cially if Urdrak fails to gain control. The do not know the intri­ca­cies of the for­tress, and in the heat of the battle the Ice-orcs may over­look their diplo­ma­tic status.


Suc­cess for the PCs will bring riches, both from Angmar and the Ice-orc King. A reward from Angmar, though, is some­thing of a double-edged sword, and the PCs may not find it all to their liking (e.g., an audience with the Witch-king, per­haps!). If the players decide to double-cross Angmar, then they would most likely be hunted down by assas­sins of Sauron for the rest of their lives. Fai­lure, in any case, means that the last thing on the players” minds will be rewards.

For more infor­ma­tion on Angmar and the Witch-king, see ICE’s Empire of the Witch-king.


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