The legacy of Calimendil

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This adventure is set in Rhudaur and/​or Cardolan in the year 1643 of the Third Age. It involves the finding and recovery of four magical weapons which had belonged to King Calimendil of Cardolan and his lieutenants (some of whom perished in the wilderness of Rhudaur in 1235). The search for these weapons may eventually lead characters to follow the trail of one of Calimendil’s lieutenants into the lair of a lost tribe of degenerate Dwarves, who may or may not be cooperative in helping the characters to obtain what they have come for.


In T.A. 1235, Cameth Brin was besieged by Cardolan. At the very moment of victory the Orc armies surprised the armies of Cardolan turning it into a rout. A huge section of the royalty and army died that day. Unbeknown to most was that several groups of extremely loyal and able men took the body of the King away from Cameth Brin. These groups were hunted down by Orcs and Wargs. The groups consisted of Tardor plus 15 pikemen; Saral plus 24 mixed soldiers, bearing with them the King’s body, and Ilan plus 10 mixed soldiers.

Each group of lieutenants went in a different direction. As Saral went along the Mitheithel River his company was attacked, losing the King’s sword and several soldiers, and the group was eventually surrounded and killed. Tardor went via Rivendell and was attacked in En Egladil near a river. Ilan’s group made it most of the way home but was attacked and killed to a man by a marauding band of Trolls and Orcs. Tardor did not survive, and his group was leaderless, panicked and confused. (Note: the exact locations for all of these events may be chosen according to the GM’s preference).

The survivors of Tardor’s group found a cave entrance during a great storm and inside stumbled upon a tribe of Petty-dwarves. They fought their way through and down the Dwarven tunnels to the next level which the Petty-dwarves had just started to explore. During the next days the Petty-dwarves made several forays down to deal” with the problem but each time were repulsed. They eventually closed the connecting tunnel with the large doors hoping to starve them out. The only food the soldiers could find were glowing fungi. After years of eating these they were slowly transformed into strange undead beings.

The four weapons

Tardor, Saral and Ilan were all right-hand men of King Calimendil, brave and mighty lieutenants. Mighty as they were, some of their fighting prowess was from the bonded magic weapons that Calimendil gave them. These were four weapons: a sword, hammer, bow and spear. Individually the powers were quite small but when activated and joined they were mighty indeed.

Inactive they seem to be just + 5 weapons (a very good roll will show that they have other abilities). When activated by immersing them into their corresponding element, they become +5 and can cast the first level spell from their corresponding spell list once per day (i.e. the Sword which is activated by fire uses the spell list Fire Law).

To fully utilize their powers they must be touched together. Their powers go up by the number of weapons touched. Thus if three were touched then they would all be +15 and able to cast up to 3rd level the spells from their corresponding spell list. They would still only be able to cast any spell once from the list per day. The weapons, their elements and wielders are as follows:

Weapon Element Wielder
Sword Fire King Calimendil
War Hammer Earth Saral
Bow Wind Ilan
Spear Water Tardor

When initially found, the sword appears to be old and rusty. A successful Use Items partially activates it, surrounding it with a magical aura as though new. A very good Use Items roll would give hints as to how it could be activated (raw elements, all the heat being sucked from the immediate area etc). Each weapon is attracted to the others when inactive. The weapon will either gently tug in the direction or possess the current holder and make them run towards the next weapon. Activating the weapons might become an adventure in itself (through the breath of a fire dragon, magical fire, wind, and so on; be creative).

If the holder of the sword is Dúnadan, you could introduce some very good political maneuvering in Cardolan. Push him/​her as the reborn King/​Queen, etc. Ardagor could also be brought in as a possible threat, as he is doing some major horse-trading around T.A. 1643. The holder of the weapon will also experience dreams derived from the original wielder’s past, all of which may give hints/​clues to the weapon and its origin:

Possible dreams

1D10 Scene Description
1 – 2 Calimendil viewing his campaign against the Hillmen Standing on a hilltop, a large army of pikemen surrounds a fortress (It checks to recognnize Cameth Brin if they’ve ever been there). A feeling of self-satisfaction and pride comes over you. Several armored people stand beside you.
3 – 4 Calimendil during the rout at Cameth Brin Panic and dispair as the screams of the dying fill the air. The sounds of battle are almost overwhelming. Orcs and men swarm towards you. Stand firm!” you yell as you ready for the attack (It is dark and they may notice Cameth Brin).
5 – 6 Calimendil with his Queen You stand inside a fortress before a garden. A lady in fine clothes and an unadorned fillet comes towards you smiling. A lady-in-waiting follows behind.
7 – 8 Calimendil in his youth A middle-aged man in fine clothes is reaching down towards you with a kind but stern face. He seems to be leaning over something.
9 – 10 Calimendil fighting his last stand with Tardor Daylight, a lightly forested area. Orcs and wargs sweep down towards you and your group. You see a figure in purple-trim with a ram’s head emblazoned on his shield fighting three Orcs. A sharp pain lances through your body.

The site of the Petty-dwarf caves

This section of river flows reasonably slowly. It is surrounded by low shrubs on both sides with the southern side having clusters of trees. The shrubs come right up to the bank of the river. Near the sand bank a Kraken has found an underwater cave which has made for a very convenient home; the cave, however, is also a entrance/​exit to the lower level of the Petty-dwarf lair.

The Kraken stays here during the day and patrols the area looking for food and guarding it’s territory during the night. The sand bank is quite solid but if a character stays still they will slowly sink. The Kraken has collected treasure of: 40sp, 2 Tiaras with glass gems (10gp) and a Shield (40% of the normal weight). Stastics for the Kraken are listed in the table on p. 29.

Some 90’ from the northern bank is a large mound (50’ high) that dominates the skyline. It is covered with grass and small shrubs. On the northern end what appears to be a mud slide can be discerned. If they examine the area they may find a broken sword (30%) or human bones (20%). It would take 50 rounds to clear a way enough rubble to gain access to the tunnel leading down. If a long pole or the like is pushed through they will notice that after 5’ it gets very easy to push through. On the north side of the mound is a grassy plain extending some 1.5 miles in all directions.

Encountering the Petty-dwarves

The initial reaction to the party will be one of violence, but when Marat arrives (some three rounds after the alarm has been raised) he will proclaim them to be gods from the Upper Heaven, and all courtesies will be offered. Language will be a problem, but the Dwarves will attempt to use some form of sign-language to get ideas across.

Thortan is making a play” for the leadership of the Petty-dwarves and will be intensely wary of the party. He will try to poison them or otherwise disprove their godhood, eventually persuading Hooton to compel the characters to prove their divine identity by destroying the dark gods,” which are actually the entombed remnants of the rout at Cameth Brin who, as a result of eating the fungi in the caves, have been slowly turned into living fungi, burning with the need to protect their now long-dead commander.

If friendships are made and deals struck between them, Hooton or Marat will ask the characters to contact other Petty-dwarf tribes. Vague maps will be drawn showing a long fell and lake in the Ettenmoors above Rivendell (cf. King’s Horn” adventure in 1st edition boxed MERP rules). If the party knows that the Petty-dwarves are no longer there and offers to find these others, Elrond may know of such groups and will offer information of their whereabouts. Getting to Rivendell may become an adventure in its own right.

If the parry presents Hooton with any unwanted magic items, then he will give them gems in addition to one or both of their own items (the scroll and/​or brooch), or gems and herbs.

The Petty-dwarves

The physical appearance of Petty-dwarves is very similar to normal Dwarves but they are smaller and hairier, with much better eyesight in the dark. The effects of inbreeding are starting to show with some being deformed or mentally challenged. The worst cases are killed and used to feed the fungi plantations, as are any of their number who die.

The Petty-dwarf leaders are: Hooton, tribal elder (8th fighter), Marat, tribal priest (7th), Thortan, warrior leader (6th). Hooton and Marat are the power brokers here, but Thortan wishes to move out this older” generation in order to get new blood into power. Hooton is slightly retarded and is 170 years old. He tries to be wise like his father but only sometimes manages it. He has begun to stoop and has jet black hair like all of his tribe. Marat is 184 years old but acts and moves like he is only 130. Thortan has hit” middle age (about 110). He is fat for a Petty-dwarf and likes to boss everyone around. They all have a gnarled limbs, thin heads and wispy beards giving an ugly appearance. Stasticsfor the Petty-dwarves are listed in the table on p. 29.

The upper caves

All the walls are roughly hewn but the Petty-dwarves have been here for 300 – 500 years so they have tried to make it as comfortable as possible. There is dim light throughout this level, as bright lights blind them for twice the normal length. All their weapons and items are non-magical but due to their manufacture and materials are +5. Unfortunately, these lose their bonus after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

  1. This sloping, moist tunnel leads downwards. Movement is easy so long as sudden movements are avoided. Running up would be a hard MM. It would be hard to notice (-10) that the floor is actually mud with a hard, thin crust Anything more than 70lbs will break the crust and fall into the mud. It is very sticky, sucking them down in 5 rounds (or 10 if little movement/​struggle). They will suffocate in 5 more rounds. The mud is 25’ deep. The obvious way across is by magic (Teleport or the like). Someone could climb around the edge but this would be a hard (10) MM with a roll every 20.’ Sounds of digging and voices (in a strange language) can be easily heard.
  2. There are five Petty-dwarves digging a new tunnel system with two guards paying little attention (gambling, perhaps). The guards will raise the alarm as soon as they notice the party and move to defend the others. If attacked, they will hold position and wait for reinforcements, which will arrive in 2 rounds: Thortan plus four guards and then Marat and Hooton 1 round later. A guard is kept on all new diggings as monsters of the underdark are sometimes uncovered (much to the detriment of the tribe which has been decimated by such events).
  3. There are a number of stools and a table here. It is a restroom for the workers from #2. A curtain blocks the view into #4. The family from #4 uses this as their living room after the workers have left. Personal items of little worth are strewn around with some colored cloth on the walls.
  4. A family of four (two adults and two youths) live here. Bedding and personal items can be seen. In the southernmost corner a loose rock will reveal a cache of raw gems worth 30gp, it is easy (+0) to find. If a battle does break-out the male will join in using a stone spear (+5 due to it’s manufacture and materials). One child is mildly deformed.
  5. There will usually be several Petty-dwarves here talking and discussing issues. This is the mid-point between the religious and warrior sections of the tribe. Parts of the walls are decorated with symbols and pictures of historical significance to the tribe. Two of the symbols are magical and will generate a wall of stone between them. Both the elder and priest know the command word to activate. It will last for 10 rounds during which time they will regroup to attack and defend their home. There are a number of tables/​chairs and stools around. The elder and priest could be here (both 30%, either 40%).
  6. This is the communal eating area. A large table and chairs dominate the room. Eating utensils are on benches on the west wall.
  7. The main well for the tribe is here plus several sleeping areas for the workers from #8. Buckets and other gardening implements are around the well.
  8. The walk here glow with a pale green tinge. In neat rows boxes full of fungi grow, some quite large and colorful. This is where they get all of their food and will defend it to the death. There will be several adults and children here at any given time tending the plots. Herbs such as Edram, Attanar, Zur and Breldiar are grown here.
  9. The elder and his wife plus the priest live here in curtained-off quarters. All know of the secret door leading to a safe hole and most of the tribe’s wealth. There is a small chest hidden under the bed (easy to perceive) that has 90gp worth of uncut gems. There is also the elder’s armor which is so impressively worked that it gives the wearer +10 to Leadership and Influence. His +10 short sword is in it’s scabbard hanging on the wall. The priest has a dub and an amulet (+2 adder) here. Both areas have a bed and various personal effects.
  10. This is usually home to the older members of the tribe, but on formal occasions it is used as the audience room where Hooton officiates. The secret door is hidden by an old, slightly tattered tapestry. It is hard to find (-10). The formal area is partitioned off by a heavy curtain showing a particularly large dragon being fought by a warrior Petty-dwarf. There is a slightly raised platform on top of which sits a plain stone throne.
  11. This is the safe room which holds the wealth of the tribe. In a trapped, locked chest (a 5th level paralysis poison lasting for five hours) is: 250bp, 500tp, 60sp, a scroll of Telekinesis and a brooch of +10 vs Elemental Magic. There is a small amount of bedding, table, chairs and food stored here.
  12. This is home to a family of five. Bedding and personal items can be found.
  13. This is home to a family of four. Bedding and personal items can be found. One of the children is severely handicapped.
  14. This is home to a family of five. Bedding and personal items can be found. Two of the children are mongoloid.
  15. This is the bathing area for the tribe. Water bubbles up from the bottom. There are separate times for female and male bathing.
  16. This tends to be the pub” area and is frequented mainly by the soldiers. Two tables and several chairs are here. The wall has been passably decorated with splashes of color. There is a primitive still in the SW corner, which supplies the tribe with a potent brew made from fungi. It is mildly hallucinogenic.
  17. Thortan and his new wife live here along with another couple. All newly-weds have to spend their first year together here. The beds are in the most easterly sections and can be curtained off with heavy drapes.
  18. There will always be an elite and normal guard here. The door is covered with warding symbols (which have no real effect except on morale) and is barred and locked. These guards will not leave except under very usual circumstances. Beyond the doors a tunnel with dripping water from the ceiling leads downwards. About 50’ down the Dwarves long ago tried to block the tunnel, but gave up when they were attacked by the dark gods.”
  19. The barracks for the soldiers. There will be an elite plus four normal guards who bed here (plus the four from #1 and #18).

The fate of Calimendil and his men

Now undead, the ill-fated men have become divided into four different groups (see The Lower Caves”). The group that inhabits #5 – 9 are translucent water ghouls controlled by a semi-sentient slime in #7. They are resistant to fire-based attacks (1÷2 damage) but take double damage from liquid-destroying attacks. They are also very hard (-20) to see before they attack and thus usually get surprise.

The group in #10 – 14 are bluish in color as they ate the fungi in #11. They are mould skeletons and exude such a foul smell that all within a 15 radius must save vs 5th level fear or attack at –20 for the duration of the battle. All their weapons and armor are shiny and new, kept clean by the mould.

Note: Skeletons are unaffected by bleeding, and all Slash crits become Crush crits.

The group in #15 – 19 are all greater skeletons guarding the tomb of Tardor in #17. These are the most human-looking of all, the fungi responding to the hosts’ need. They are also the most intelligent, having defensive and offensive strategies. If a holder of another bonded weapon makes themselves known and proclaims himself to be one of Ilan, Saral or Calimendil or even from the new” King sent to reclaim the body of Tardor, they will obey him/​her.

The group in #22 – 27 all became insane when transformed. They gibber and drool constantly and have taken on nightmarish appearances. They fight without rhyme or reason and will attack each other (25%) if they get within 10.’

Stastics for the creatures are listed in the table on p. 29.

The lower caves

After one hour of being in this level all characters (except Dwarves) must save vs a 5th level fear attack or suffer claustrophobia (all actions at –20 for the duration and unable to make rational/​intelligent decisions). Because of the glowing fungi there is sufficient light Elves or Dwarves to see clearly, but others will need artificial light.

The area is dank, and water continually drips from the ceiling in most places. The air has a sweet smell to it. The tunnels were formed by an old underground river system which has long since dried up. Most of the fungi here would be worth money to a Sage/​Herbalist as all have interesting properties (perhaps 200 — 400gp for a sample of each kind). But care must be taken in storage, with no sunlight and little moisture.

  1. There is a floor trap just before you get to this room. It was dug when they first arrived and has never been tended since. Anyone falling into it will take 2 C puncture crits from the spikes on the bottom. A number of Petty-dwarf skeletons are here (Hooton would be impressed if they were brought back with the party for burial). The pool here is rank and stagnant, anyone drinking from it has a 30% chance of falling very ill. There is diffuse light from the glowing fungi in the tunnels to #2 and #4.
  2. There is a Petty-dwarf skeleton here. Little remains of it, and it is covered in fungi. There is a floor trap in the tunnel leading to #3, anyone falling into it will take two C puncture crits from the spikes at the bottom.
  3. This room is quite dry, and in the west corner there is a slight mound, hard (-10) to notice. If this was scraped away, a human skeleton would be revealed. His armor and weapon are now rusted, but his shield is still usable, and is in fact a +5 shield. A smell, hard (-10) to notice comes from #10.
  4. Again, like #1, the pool here is rank and stagnant. Anyone drinking from it has a 30% chance of felling very ill. There is diffuse light from the glowing fungi in the tunnel to #1 and #2. A smell could be noticed (hard, –10) coming from #10. There is a floor trap in the tunnel leading to #10, anyone felling into it will take two C puncture crits from the spikes.
  5. This room is 1.5’ to 3.5’ deep in water. There will be two ghouls searching for food in here. Three others will join them 2 rounds later. The wake of their movement, hard (10) to notice, may alert the party to their presence and coming attack. The slime in #7 controls the attack and they will concentrate on one or two characters, trying to drag them into the water and off to the slime to be eaten. Two successful attacks resulting in B or greater crits will mean that character has been overborne. Due to their translucent nature they are very hard (-20) to perceive, and all in the party who cannot see the attacks coming must lower their DBs by 10. Water flows slowly through the room from #6 to #28. If the party is too strong for the ghouls, they will retreat to #7. Two ghouls will attempt to drag a character to the slime while the others harass the party. It will take them four rounds to deliver the character and two to get back. If the party has made noise or has attacked the blue skeletons in #10 – 14, the ghouls, may have heard it (30% chance) and will be on the ready.
  6. Most of this room is under 3’ of water. There is little of note except for a dry patch in the east corner. Fungi adorn the walls, providing a dim light. The sound of water splashing can be heard from #8/8A.
  7. The water here is 3’ — 5’ deep. In the deepest section (NE corner) lives the slime that controls the ghouls. Due to it’s size, it can attack two targets, possessing the same special resistance as the ghouls to fire and liquid-based attacks. The dry patch is actually slow quicksand, and characters will start to sink after eight rounds and be totally submerged after five (or ten if they avoid movement). The slime will retreat to its lair if it gets below 25% hits or is out-classed by the party. The sound of water splashing can be heard from #8/8A. It will take the slime eight rounds to dissolve clothes and/​or armor, and forty rounds to fully eat/​dissolve a character it has seized.
    7A. This is the lair of the slime. Bones and the like are scattered around. The armor and weapons from the ghoul soldiers are here, most of which are rusted. A +10 sword with +10 soft leather armor could be salvaged, but great care would have to be taken with the armor lest it disintegrate (It would have to be dried and reworked by a learner worker to be usable.). There is also 9gp, 15sp and 43 bp on the floor.
  8. Most of this room is under 2’ of water. Water can be seen coming out of the NE corner wall, beyond which is a tunnel leading to the Kraken’s lair. If enlarged, water will pour from the entrance of this tunnel for 10 rounds before subsiding (knocking over anyone standing in its path). There are fungi on the walls and stalactites.
    8A. This 3.5’ high tunnel leads to the Kraken’s lair, a distance of 100’ along a twisty, slippery tunnel.
  9. This room is empty. The ghouls never use it because it is dry (They can only stay out of the water for 10 – 15 minutes at most).
  10. The ceiling of this room is sparsely covered with blue-topped fungi, which exudes quite a stink. Any loud noise will attract the skeletons in #12 and #13. At any given time there is a 15% chance that one is here or in #11.
  11. The blue-topped fungi here are particularly abundant, thickly covering the walls and ceilings. The smell here is very pungent and all present must save vs. a 3rd level attack or swoon under its aroma. The floor has a spongy feel to it and is actually one large fungus. The pool is clear and anyone drinking from it will recover 1D10 hits.
  12. These are the quarters for two blue skeletons. Because the walls are covered in the blue fungi they are hard (-10) to spot and will usually attack with surprise. Any noise will attract the others from #13. One has a metal head-band which increases RR bonuses (OB is transferred on a 5/1 basis) while the other has a +10 Short sword.
  13. These are the quarters for two blue skeletons. Because the walls are covered in the blue fungi they are hard (-10) to spot and will usually attack with surprise. Any noise will attract the others from #12.
  14. This long, narrow tunnel leads to a small room which is home to a variety of fungi that produce oxygen. As the party moves up the tunnel there is a 5% per 20’ (cumulative) of a naked flame igniting the super-oxygenated air into a fireball. All in the tunnel will receive three B heat crits and a +50 (no DB) Ram/​Butt attack as the air rushes in. The super-oxygenated air will begin to affect the characters at 5% per 20 for all activities (cumulative) as they become silly and have impaired judgement until –25% is reached for MMs and –45% for static MMs. If this could be successfully delivered to Dwarves or a mining guild they would pay handsomely for it (100-l50gp).
  15. This seems to end in a pool but it continues on in a U-shape with the lower section filled with water. An easy swim MM will get them to the other side but care must be taken with the storage of their packs, etc.
    15A​.As the party enters this area, they may notice (easy, +0) that their light becomes diminished. This is because of a permanent Shade spell (+25 to hiding). There is always a guard on duty here who will alert the others. Their tactics will be as follows: one is in #17 and will make some noise to attract the party. The skeletons may follow the party, depending on which way it goes. If the party enters #16, the skeleton in #17 will use a Bull-Roarer of Fog Summoning to fill the tunnels with a thick fog. This fog will hopefully obscure vision, confuse the party, and conceal the numbers and actions of the skeletons (Note that the latter know this area intimately and have practiced such tactics for 400 – 600 years). Each has clackers” attached to their shields to make lots of noise. Two from #19 will move around making noise to drive them towards #17 and #18, where there are floor traps spanning the width of the tunnel, with a plank across the center. Anyone running down the middle of the tunnel may therefore avoid a fall, but anyone feeling their way along the walls will suffer two B crush crits. The skeletons in #17 and #18 will then join the battle, using their knowledge of the traps to flee if need be. If the party goes towards #19, the two in #19 will move to #18, while the one in #17 will go right around and attack from behind via #19. The other will move to #16, attacking the middle of the party If the party behaves otherwise, a combination of the above tactics may be used. This room is dry, and footprints can be seen everywhere.
  16. This room is also dry with visible footprints. The traps in tunnels going to #17 and 18 are the same. Two B crush crits and a plank across the middle of the tunnel.
  17. In the NE corner is a cairn holding the body of Tardor. It would take 10 rounds to uncover the body. If the party is still in good shape, the GM might have him rise up as a skeleton lord. He is dressed in his + 5 Chain, Helm with gold timings, gauntlets, shield + 5 and Spear. The spear is plain looking but of very good quality (See the introduction section for more information on it and its abilities.). He still has a pouch with 45gp in it. Along the moist SE wall are the ever-present fungi. The skeleton here is the leader. He has the Bull-Roarer, a +15 Hand Axe, Rigid Leather, shield and a chest amulet (a black gem in the middle with Good” written around it. The gem detaches and, when attached to an object and the word Good” is spoken, it affects the object as a Warm Solid spell. Unfortunately, it is active even when on the amulet, and will always reappear magically in the owner’s possession. The last person to hold the amulet is considered to be the owner. The gem will stick to anything, necessitating an adjustment of OB.
  18. The skeletons have made this room their barracks. Four beds of old thread-bare cloth are neatly arranged along the south wall. There is a crude set of table and chairs made from rocks. If a close observation is made, various gambling tools will be discerned. The skeleton here has Rigid Leather, a shield and sword.
  19. The two skeletons here have Rigid Leather, shields and sword. One will be the guard that raised the alarm. If need be, the skeletons will hide in a recess in the NW wall and attack the party after it has passed. An old blanket provides concealment and is ver hard (-20) to spot.
  20. The pool here is only several inches deep. The north wall is covered with fungi and teems with life. If eaten, the fungi increase virility by 100% (which explains the amount of life here). Strange noises can be heard (hard, –10) coming from #23.
  21. This room is covered in fungi and glowworms. If all lights are extinguished then the exquisite beauty of this room will entrance and uplift all who behold it Exhaustion levels are halved and if any are bards they will write a sonnet that will wring the hearts of many a lover (1000 experience points to the bard).
  22. The southern exit has been blocked off, and a passage through can be made in 60 rounds. The pool is only 5” deep and the walls are covered with fungi that glow with a sickly green light. Strange noises can be heard (easy, +0) coming from #23.
  23. Strange structures are built and destroyed here. The insane soldiers were put here and have been transformed into hideous, nightmarish creatures. Anyone who sees them must save vs. a 5th level fear attack or run away for 1D10 rounds. The noise of breaking down the barrier will (35% chance each) attract an insane skeleton from whatever project” he was working on. All will be attracted by a battle. There will be at least one here, 30% of two and 15% for three. Randomly select which are where. In this room (and #24 – 27) are the same sickly green glowing fungi on the walls. If eaten, a save vs a 15th level attack must be made to avoid going permanently insane.
  24. The monster in here has three arms with an appendage coming out of its forehead. A jumble of rock, clothing, and the like is strewn on the floor.
  25. The monster here is like a cross between a crocodile and a human: green, scaly skin and a large set of jaws. Treat a C crit or better as an A crush crit.
  26. The monster here has three legs and the top twisted 180 degrees so that it walks forwards but sees backwards. It oozes green pus. On two of the legs are magical Boots of Speed II (once per day, see Speed I for more information), though it does not know how to use them.
  27. The monster here has six eyes, no hair and is transparent (All its innermost working parts are visible).
  28. This room is dry(ish) and has three large boulders scattered around. There is nothing else to be seen except for the ever-present fungi.
  29. In here live a number of albino water.
  30. creatures. Light scares them and sunlight will kill them. They are very hard to catch but could fetch a good price with a circus or the like (9gp each). There is a light covering of fungi.

Encounter Table


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