G1 - The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief

Once the characters enter the hex containing the steading of the hill giant chief, it should be clear to them they are in the correct area. Well-worn paths, giant tracks, lair cairns of great boulders and warning signs declaring (in rough giant) the rulership of Nosnra, Chief of the Hill Giants.

The player characters should soon be able to locate the steading itself in the base of a broad valley. The surrounding mountains are rough and riddled with caves, any one of them sufficient to serve as a hiding place.

If the party decides to retire between forays against the steading, they may he assured of relative safety at the hidden cave be camp-provided they take moderate precautions not to leave a plain trail or to be followed to this sanctuary. There are sufficient supplies there for several weeks stay. Each time they return to this base camp they may receive experience points benefits, if any, accruing to them because of the previous adventure. It may likewise be assumed that magic-users have their spell books hidden there.

The steading itself appears to be a solid, wooden fortress without visible windows, but no giants or any other creatures, can be seen about the place, and only the occasional bursts of shouting or laughter can be heard disrupting the quiet dusk. If there are guards at the main gate, they are either well-hidden or derelict in their duties.

Notes for the Dungeon Master

There is considerable information contained herein which is descriptive and informative with respect to what the players sec and do. This does not mean that you, as Dungeon Master, must surrender your creativity and become a mere script reader. You must supply considerable amounts of additional material. You must make up certain details of areas. There are actions which are not allowed for here, and you must judge whether or not you will permit them. Finally, you can amend and alter monsters and treasures as you see fit, hopefully within the parameters of this adventure, and with an eye toward the whole, but to suit your specific players. Morale should not be a factor in most giant actions.

If time permits, the giants organize traps, ambushes, and it ditch defenses against continuing forays into their stronghold. You must work up such cases and plans according to existing circumstances, but assuming clever advice to the giants.

If you plan to continue the campaign by using the other adventures in the series, be certain to keep track of the fate of important giants and their allies or captives. The former will generally flee to the next higher ranking stronghold, and the latter will be available for assistance to some parties. This assumes survival, of course, as well as opportunity. Some provision for movement of surviving giants is given in the latter scenarios, but you must modify or augment these groups according to the outcome of previous adventuring by your parry. This principle also holds true with regard to any additional scenarios which you use if they concern any of the creatures connected with this series. Such continuity of encounters will certainly tend to make the adventures of the party more meaningful and exciting,


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