G2 - The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl

It is assumed that the party has either followed a map obtained at the Steading or used the magical chain found there, to arrive in the neighborhood of the Glacial Rift. If they spend a few hours searching the area, they will discover a hidden cave in which they can safely hide themselves, their mounts, their equipment, and even treasure if they take minimum precautions with respect to keeping their hiding place secret: do not lead pursuers to the spot, make undue noise there, etc. 

In any event, the same search will also reveal the Rift. The thick arrow indicates the beaten path which the giants follow to enter the place. There are two icy ledges along either face of the Rift. Both slope slightly downward, with occasional high steps which combine to make the paths progress from 250 feet above the bottom of the Rift at their beginnings to about 150 feet above at their far ends to the south. The Rift and the openings along it are the entrance to the caves and tunnels in its face. Caves and caverns are from 25 feet to 45 feet high tunnels and passages are from 20 feet to 30 feet ceiling height. The party may travel on the surface of the glacier — mountain (over the caves shown) to circumvent the whole Rift if they so desire. Ropes can be lowered to gain the ledges below — from 50 feet to about 150 feet depending upon position. As the rim and the ledges are covered by ice and snow, each turn that the party is moving along them a die is to be rolled; l in 6 indicates a member of the party has slipped and fallen, and there is a 3 in 6 chance that the character falling will continue to slip and slide over the edge. If the party is roped together, when one member slips over the edge, the next must be rolled for with a 2 in 6 chance of following. If more than half of the party goes over the edge, all fall. Each member falling to the bottom of the Rift takes 1d6 damage for every 10 feet falling distance. 10 dice maximum due to the cushioning effects of snow drifts. 

The whole place is windy and very cold. Visibility atop the Rift is about 150 feet. The wind at the bottom of the Rift is worse still, and visibility there is only 30 feet. The floor of the rift is a maze of snow and ice hillocks and mounds, with peaks of ice and rock thrusting up here and there like fangs. Movement through this howling maze of cold is reduced to 50% of normal. Due to wind force and eddying currents, levitation or flying there will cause movement in a random direction equal to one-half the distance flown or levitated. (Use 1d8 to determine direction: I = north, 2 = northeast, 3 = east, and so forth.) 

The map the party has shows only the entrance to the Rift, and they have no idea as to which path to follow or what they will encounter (other than the certainty of frost giants). Other than a few traces of giant footprints, the ice and wind-driven snow hide all traces of who or what use the ledges to gain access to the caves. The party must learn for themselves what lies in store. 

If the party decides to retire between forays into the Rift, they may use their hidden cave as a base if they have seen to its provisioning. Of course, magic-users must have their spell books in order to regain spells used. When the party does retire to rest and recuperate, experience points should be awarded for treasure taken out and monsters slain.

Notes for the Dungeon Master

There is considerable information contained herein which is descriptive and informative with respect to what the players see and do. This does not mean that you, the Dungeon Master, must surrender your creativity and become a mere script reader. You must supply considerable amounts of additional material. You will have to make up certain details of areas. There will be actions which are not allowed for here, and you will have to judge whether or not you will permit them. Finally you can amend and alter monsters and treasures as you see fit, hopefully within the parameters of this adventure, and with an eye toward the whole, but to suit your particular players. Morale checks for the giants should not normally be made. If time permits, the giants will organize traps, ambushes, and last ditch defenses against continuing forays into their stronghold. You must work up such cases and plans according to existing circumstances, but assuming clever advice to the giants. 

When playing this chapter, be certain to keep track of the fate of important giants and their allies and captives. The former will generally flee to the next higher ranking stronghold, and the latter will be available for assistance to some parties. This assumes survival, of course, as well as opportunity. Some provision for movement of surviving giants is shown, but you will have to modify or augment these groups according to the outcome of previous adventuring by your party. This principle will also hold true with regard to any additional scenarios which you use if they concern any of the creatures connected with this series. Such continuity of encounters will certainly tend to make the adventures of the party more meaningful and exciting.

Upper Level (Caves and Rift Floor)

The northern sections of the caves and caverns are basically formed from ice, with a few areas of rock here and there. In these areas a faint greenish light makes torches or similar lights unnecessary. Fireballs used in such areas makes the footing within the area of effect very slippery (slip and fall 2 in 6 per 10 feet moved). For from 2 to 5 turns after such magi-cal fire is used, the area is also filled with a thick fog which reduces visibility to 5 feet. 

A boulder blocking passage can be moved by three persons of normal strength, success indicated by a roll of 1 – 2 on 1d6. A character with 18 or better strength can move such a rock alone, at the same chance. If aided by other party members, add 1 to the chance for each helper with 18 or greater strength. 

If the party is on the floor of the rift and fleeing from pursuing monsters, any change in direction by the party calls for a die roll (1d6) to determine if the monsters continue to follow; 1 – 2 indicated that they do so, but 3 – 6 means that the party successfully eludes the monsters. This is allowed due to the blizzard-like conditions in this area.

Upper Level Wandering Monsters

Encounter occurs 1 in 12 (Id 12); check each turn. Wandering monsters are assumed to be creatures not shown on the matrices, and their appearance is simply chance, although they can reinforce existing monsters in an area if circumstances favor this action on their part. 

  1. Frost Giants [3]
  2. Ogres [4 – 18]
  3. Winter Wolves [2 – 8]
  4. Yeti [2 – 5]

Upper Level Rooms and Areas

B. Positions of large boulders.

1. Guardroom Ice Cavern

Four frost giants lair in this place at all times to prevent any unauthorized use of the south passage. If any combat is going against them, one of their number will flee down this passage to give the warning of intruders to the guards at Areas 9 and 10. There are four piles of hides, four giant sacks, and a pile of rocks and ice chunks for hurling. The guards will certainly hurl missiles if they are not immediately meleed. Their treasure is at Area 6. See also Area 2 hereafter.

Encounter: Frost Giants [4]

2. Guardroom Ice Cave

Three frost giants on standby guard. If they hear noise from Area 1 they will rush to their help, or if they are attacked they will raise a cry to bring the guards from Area l to aid them. There are four piles of sleeping skins and two bags in the cave. Under the third pile of skins is a silver belt worth 1.600 gp, one giant wears a jeweled chain on his wrist (3,000 gp necklace), and one sack holds 4,126 gp. There is an ample supply of boulders and ice blocks at hand for hurling at opponents.

Encounter: Frost Giants [3]

3. Empty Ice Cave

If loud noise is made herein, the ceiling of ice and icicles will collapse, inflicting 3 – 30 hit points of damage on each creature in the cave.

4. Small Ice Cave

This is the den of five winter wolves-a male, female, and three half-grown young. If the young are molested, the parents will fight at twice normal values. They have no treasure, although there is a litter of bones and the like in the place.

Winter Wolf Adults [2]
Winter Wolf Cubs [3]

5. Ice Cavern

The giants have frozen eight corpses of their victims, standing them upright in blocks of transparent ice. Evidently these are meant to frighten off trespassers. The bodies are obviously mutilated and very dead, not merely frozen whole. Each of these corpses has some valuable item with it in the ice: 

  1. Dwarf with a battle axe +1
  2. Elf with a long case at its feet (wand of cold with 16 charges) 
  3. Human wearing a jeweled belt (worth 7,000 gp) 
  4. Human with a tube in its hand (a scroll of protection from elementals) 
  5. Dwarf with a spilled pouch of 37 gems (10 gp each) at its feet 
  6. Human wearing a ring of fire resistance 
  7. Half-elf grasping a sack with a burst seam showing silvery coins (471 sp)
  8. Human in gleaming armor (armor of vulnerability –2 but appears as + 2 until actually struck in combat) 

If a fireball is used to melt the ice blocks, all magic and jewelry will be destroyed. Lesser fires or chipping will cause melting or vibrations which have a 10% per block cumulative chance of causing the ceiling of ice and icicles to collapse and inflict 6 – 60 hit points of damage on each creature beneath.

Ice Provision Cave

There are various pieces of frozen meat, some bales of cloth, piles of hides, and a few odd boxes and barrels of foodstuffs here. The third barrel moved will reveal a hole with 3,000 gp, four 1,000 gp base value gems, and a cleric spell scroll with one cure serious wounds on it inside a silver tube worth 300 gp.

6. Cavern

This natural rock cavern is covered with ice formations, so that unless the party pays particular attention, only the lack of light which pervades the ice caves will make this place different from earlier caves and caverns. There are four big heaps of furry hides near the southeastern end of the place (or more if ogres from the Steading survived, for they will also be here). Under each is an ogre, who awaits audience with the Jarl. Any noise will awaken them, and they will give the alarm to Area 8 and attempt to give the party the slip and warn the giants, too. Each ogre has from 100 to 400 gp and 1 – 4 gems (100 gp each).

Encounter: Ogres [4]

7. South Cavern

Ogre mercenaries serving Jarl Grugnur dwell here. There are 12 ogres here. All fight fiercely. Also in the place are five chests, twelve sacks, and three barrels, as well as many piles of the usual skins and hides used for beds. Chest #2 contains an ear collection, and #4 holds 1,300 cp, 2,111 sp, 792, ep, and 5,300 gp. Sack #9 contains six pieces of silver jewelry (worth 100 – 600 gp each) and eight pieces of gold jewelry (200−800 gp each). Barrel #1 contains skulls. Hidden under the 10th pile of skins are two potions of healing and a gold armband with an inset ivory and amber bear (jewelry value 2,000 gp, damaged value 700 gp). The latter is a pass to the Jarl.

Encounter: Ogres [12]

8 – 10. Cavern Guard Complex

The giants here are always alert, and the position of each guard is shown by a circled number. These guards will co-operate and attempt to set up ambushes by the movement of those in area 9 eastward to 10, via the north passage, while those in area 10 move clockwise into area 9 to come into the rear of attacking forces. 

8. This area holds four frost giants. Each has his regular weapon plus one boulder at hand. There are plenty of additional boulders piled near guard positions one and four. These giants have no treasure. 

9. Four additional frost giants occupy this area. Each wears an armband exactly as described in Area 8. There are eight bags piled into the corner at guard position eight, each holding 200 – 1,200 gp. There is also a rock ledge at about 9 feet high which has a stone box on it; inside this box are six more armbands and a pouch of 21 gems (100 gp each). The stone box will not be seen unless it is actively looked for by a creature within 5 feet able to view something that far off the ground.

Encounter: Frost Giants [8]

10. Cave of Bones

This place is the disposal area for unwanted bodies and similar refuse which is tossed into the place by the various giants in the upper area. Although it certainly appears that there might be some treasure scattered among all the bones, there are only a few coins (1−6 each of cp, sp, gp) and some broken weapons, pottery shards, and the like. It takes 1 turn to search a 10-foot square area, and the toads from area 12 will come into the place to look for expected food when they hear noise. Roll each turn, giving 1/6 greater chance per turn with a 1 in 6 probability on the first turn.

11. Lower Bone Cave

This place is littered with bones and skulls, and is the lair of five ice toads. These creatures feed on the leavings in area 11. They have but one treasure, a naturally shaped piece of reddish-purple amethyst (5,000 gp base value) which resembles a toad. They have it on a protuberance in the middle of the cave, and worship it as a god. The toads rest on small ledges from 8 feet to 12 feet above the cave floor, and they will hop down and savagely attack anything which touches the gem.

Encounter: Ice Toads [5]

12. Ice Cavern

This place is the home of a band of yeti who are scouts for the frost giants. Six yeti are here, but have no treasure. The yeti leader is at location A. He wields a longsword +3, frost brand (Neutral, no intelligence, +6 vs. fire-using or fire-dwelling). He has a hoard of 11 ivory tusks (each worth 800 gp, weighing 40 pounds) under a mound of snow.

Yeti Leader
Yeti [6]

14. Misty Ice Cave

Escaping hot air from somewhere beneath filters into this place, making it full of damp, cold fog. The stuff cuts visibility to 3 feet, and the floor is very slippery (with a 2 in 6 chance of falling). Check to see if the fall causes the fumbling and dropping of whatever the party has in hand. Dropped items (which are not too large) have a 1 in 4 chance of falling into a crack in the floor and dropping somewhere into the bowels of the earth, to be forever lost.

15. Ice Cave

This is the den of two snow leopards which are the hunting dogs” and pets of the yeti in area 13. These creatures lair on a ledge above the floor of the cave, and they will always attack intruders by surprise (1−3) or complete surprise (4−6). They have no treasure.

Encounter: Snow Leopards [2]

16 – 19. Barracks Cavern Complex

This area houses the band of frost giants currently readying for a raid into the lands of mankind and his associates. Each of the subareas has piles of hides for sleeping, a table and stools, and a few extra giant-sized weapons around, but there is no treasure except as indicated. All have club, spear, and four boulders to hurl. 

At location X” in area 18 is a clear spring of water about 30 inches deep, at the bottom of which are 272 clear rock crystals worth 10 gp each.

Frost Giants [4]
Frost Giants [4]
Frost Giants [6]
Frost Giants [4]

20. Ice Storage Cave

This place is full of large and small pieces of frozen meat, some of the chunks resembling parts of human and demi-human bodies.

21. Ice Cavern

A rune of warning carved into the ice floor clearly shows that this place is to be shunned.(Any party member able to speak the language of frost giants, or if a comprehend languages spell or the like is available to the party, will immediately understand this as a dire warning!) Only 10 feet beyond the west bend of the cavern, the walls appear to be covered with old, rough ivory-it is full of brown mold. Mounds down the corridor appear to be the bony remains of various creatures, but the growth covers them, so no positive observation can be made. There is no treasure.

22. Guard Ice Cave

Two frost giants are posted as guards here, one watching at the cave mouth, one sleeping on a pile of hides. Each is armed. and there are eight throwing boulders in the cave. They each have a sack, but neither have any treasure.

Encounter: Frost Giants [2]

23. Guard Cave

This position is manned by four frost giants. One giant watches down each passage while the other two sleep on heaps of skins. Each has his weapon and four boulders to hurl. There are sacks in the cave but no treasure.

Encounter: Frost Giants [2]

24. Visitors’ Cave

Five hill giants are camped here awaiting a summons from the Jarl. The cave has five heaps of hides and five giant-sized bags. Bag #4 has a gold-inlayed skull with a report from Nosnra, the hill giant chief, to the Jarl inside. It is a pass to the Hall of King Snurre, the fire giant king, also, and the biggest hill giant knows that they are bound south to the realm of the fire giants after seeing the Jarl so as to take a message to the fire giant king. Each hill giant wears a fur cloak worth 1,000 – 6,000 gp

Encounter: Hill Giants [5]

25. Visitors’ Cave

Five stone giants of very large size have come here to pay their respects to the Jarl and to see how well the frost giants are doing in their war on humankind. They will report their observations to other stone giants if they get the opportunity. They will fight only if attacked. Each has a weapon and three rocks handy. Among the five piles of skins in the cave is a jeweled crown worth 15,000 gp (9 gems worth 1,000 gp each, 2,000 gp worth of platinum) which they intend to give to the Jarl as a gift if he appears to be doing well.

Encounter: Stone Giants [5]

26. Special Visitors’ Cave

This location is warmed somewhat by volcanic activity, and it is lit by dim reddish light. In it are three fire giant messengers who have delivered their message and are about to depart for their own land. There are three huge piles of furs and skins in the place, a rude table, a bench, three stools, a large brazier, and three sacks, each with 3,000 gp plus the usual contents. The strongest fire giant carries a token of the Jarl’s fealty to King Snurre, a solid silver statue of a bear, rampant, with topaz eyes (500 gp each) and ruby fangs (eight gems worth 500 gp each) worth 6,000 gp (silver is worth 100 gp). The statue is carried in a bag at his belt.

Encounter: Fire Giants [3]

27. Wolf Pack

This wild pack of seven animals is encouraged to roam the place by the frost giants. They have no treasure.

Encounter: Winter Wolves [7]

28. Snow-covered Dome of Ice

This formation has been caused by the creature which lairs inside, a remorhaz 30 feet long which has recently moved into the rift. A number of skeletons arc around its icy den, one of a human with a ring of three wishes on its bony finger and a bastard sword +2, giant slayer (unintelligent, either Lawful Good or aligned to suit the most likely PC user). If the monster is destroyed by magical violence (such as a fireball, lightning, wall of fire, or fire elemental), the treasures are lost-destroyed or sunk into the ice and non recoverable.

Encounter: Remorhaz

29. White Pudding

There are two of these monsters; one at each place 29 is shown on the map.

Encounter: White Puddings [2]

30. Sinkhole

This is an ice-coated sinkhole around 12 feet diameter and 100 feet deep which gives access to the Lower Level (area 2).

Lower Level

This area is basically natural formations, with some rough-hewn connecting passages and enlargements made here and there. Passages are about 25 feet high, while the roofs of small caverns are 30 feet to 40 feet high, those of the large ones 45 feet to 60 feet tall. Light in this area comes from torches and cressets which are actually cages for fire beetles, the latter mostly in the part inhabited by the Jarl. Survivors of attacks on the level above will most likely make a stand in area 1 below or attempt to hide in area 3 below if weak and hotly pursued.

Lower Level Wandering Monsters

Encounter occurs 1 in 10; check each turn. 

  1. Frost Giants [4] making the rounds
  2. Ogres [3 – 12] on an errand for the Jarl
  3. Frost Giantesses [3] and Ogre Servants [3] out for a walk
  4. Frost Giant [1] and Winter Wolves [3] searching for possible intruders (ONLY if party is known to be around)

Lower Level Rooms and Areas

B. Positions of large boulders.

1. Grand Entry Cavern

This place is obviously meant to be impressive, as its walls bear carvings of battle and hunting scenes in bas-relief. These carved scenes show giants slaying enemies, hunting dragons and other fearsome monsters, and so on. Torches burn at intervals along its length. The boulder closing the passage to the west is well concealed and looks much like the normal cavern walls, so treat it as a hidden door.

2. Vaulted Cavern

The noise of moving the boulder which closes the place off from the rest of the complex will awaken the two white dragons kept herein. A large ancient male rests atop a heap of treasure: 72,000 sp, 17,320 ep, 2,966 pp, eight silver boxes filled with ivory (weight 3,000 gp each, value 4,500 gp ivory, 1,500 gp each per box), one alabaster statue (4,000 gp value), seven white marble statues of no great worth, a scattering of 1,900 1 gp base value gems, 11 pewter serving pieces of small worth, 24 various weapons (a dagger +2 among them), nine shields, eight suits of armor (including a silvered set of black chainmail +3), 27 urns of small value, and 61 bottles and flasks which have no value except for one which holds poison, one which is a potion of fire resistance, and another two which hold potions of diminution and polymorph (self). The ancient male is directly against the portion of rock which splits the entry to the lair into a north passage and an east passage, and he will surprise intruders on a 3 in 6 basis. His mate is at A. 

A. This location is a ledge with a cave like recess, the whole being about 30 feet above the floor of the cavern. On the ledge a medium-sized, very old female dragon, the mate of the ancient male, hides and watches to see who enters the place. Frost giants bearing treasure to dump on the pile are the only acceptable intruders, for all feeding is done personally by the Jarl and his wife who bring tender morsels to their pets. The female dragon will fly silently to the aid of the male, surprising opponents 4 / 6. She hides twelve gems, eight opals, and four diamonds (1,000 gp each).

Very Old Female White Dragon
Ancient White Dragon

3. Storage Cave

The place contains some remnants of carcasses, a few broken boxes with provisions that are spoiled, some spilled sacks containing moldering grain, casks of wine turned to vinegar and stove-in ale barrels.

4. Deserted Cavern

There are broken items of giant furniture here and there — tables, benches, stools, chairs. Burned out torches are in wall cressets. There are three skeletons of frost giants plainly visible near the center of the cavern. About 4,000 gp are scattered around these bones, and a man-sized shield +1 also lies nearby. The monsters at location B will attack any creatures. 

A. Frost giant skeleton half buried under stone rubble. The clear indication here is that the giant was attempting to flee north for escape from the cave-in of a passage south (behind the rubble) but he failed to make it and was killed by falling rock. One of the giant skeletal hands clutches an iron tube with a map which shows the Grand Entry Cavern (area 2) as a storage place, area 3, area 4 as the Great Hall of Jarl, and a passage south (where the rubble is) which supposedly leads to various barracks rooms, the Jarl’s private chamber, and a treasure room, the passage going 60 feet south and then leading to a complex of 10 caves and caverns. Of course, this is a ruse, cleverly laid by those who motivate the giants… 

B. Six ice toads inhabit this area. They are very hungry, and if any creatures come near them they will seek to kill and devour them.

Encounter: Ice Toads [6]

5. Entrance Cavern

This is the actual entrance to the Jarl’s complex. It is always guarded by two large frost giants with weapons and boulders. One will fight while the other sounds a great iron horn hung on iron chains from above. The horn requires 1 full round to reach, and another round to wind. There is no treasure here.

Encounter: Frost Giants [2]

6. Emissaries’ Cavern

Five ogre magi, recently arrived from the Lord of their kind, are here. They have had audience with the Jarl, and after a special wassail to be held on the morrow they will depart for home with a treaty scroll. This scroll is signed (a special mark) by the Jarl and offers the Lord of Ogre Magi 100,000 gp value in gems, plus whatever loot his minions garner, if they will join the war upon mankind in this territory. Each monster bears a pouch with 10 gems worth 500 gp each (tokens from the Jarl). 

A small iron casket in possession of the largest ogre mage holds a gift to the Lord of ogre magi, a trick box with 18 plates of platinum (100 gp each), 18 plates of electrum (10 gp each), and 18 plates of silver (2 gp each). They slide in secret combination to open a small magical box of holding. (Although the container is but ten inches long, by six inches wide, by four inches deep, it will hold 3 cubic feet of material of 3,000 gp weight. whichever is the lesser.) The box opens by sliding plates on the left, then the top, then the right end in platinum, electrum, silver order on each end, the reverse on the top. If any plate which slides is moved out of order, a tiny poisoned pin will punch into the member holding the box (hits any armor class on 12 or better, –4 on poison saving throw). The box contains 2,000 gp and 2 potions (frost giant control and cloud giant strength). 

The ogre magi leader also wears a necklace of missiles (5 Fireballs of 7, 5, 5, 3, and 3 dice, respectively) and he will not hesitate to use it. The positions of the ogre magi are indicated by circled numbers.

Encounter: Ogre Magi [5]

7. Guest Cavern

A torchlit, tapestried place, with skins and hides covering the floor, and a bed heaped with pelts. There is a chest, a bag, a table, two chairs and a small cabinet here. The cloud giant who is the current guest has just agreed to join the Jarl as his chief henchman (and hopes to end up replacing the Jarl and ruling the rift himself). The chest holds 11,000 gp, and the giant wears a silver belt set with ivory and gems (one ruby, two violet garnets, four fire opals, and twelve zircons, worth 3,000 gp in all).

Encounter: Cloud Giant

8. Prison Cavern

Several torches light the place dimly. A storm giantess who is comely to those of her ilk (and is strong and fights as if she were a male) is chained on the north wall with huge manacles at the wrists and ankles. A fur rug in the middle of the place bears a table and two chairs. Upon the table are heaps of food on golden platters (six, each worth 500 gp), in silver bowls (three, each worth 100 gp), and two huge flagons of ivory set with six gems (100 gp each) set to tantalize her into submitting to the Jarl’s will and becoming his leman. This durance vile makes her a friend to any who rescue her, although evil characters will cause this aid to be of brief duration. (Characters of the same alignment will have an ally for the duration of the adventure in the rift, while those of obviously opposite alignment will be deserted one or two encounters after freeing her.)

Encounter: Olgani, Storm Giantess

9. Servants’ Quarters Cavern

Sixteen ogres dwell here at the present time. They each have their own pile of hides and rags for sleeping, a wooden box for their goods, a peg for their outer garments, and a sack. Each ogre has from one to 100 each sp, ep, and gp in his box or bag. They serve the Jarl willingly and fight fiercely.

Encounter: Ogres [16]

10. Antecavern

Four frost giant guards are alert here at all times. Each has a club, spear, and throwing boulder at hand. They will shout to alert the guards to the south if intruders enter their area. They have no treasure.

Encounter: Frost Giants [4]

11. Great Caverns of the Jarl

This is where all the special functions and feasts take place. Various tables and benches now line the east and west walls, pushed out of the way until a time of need. Caged fire beetles dimly illuminate the place, and the area appears completely deserted, for guard posts A and B are more than 30 feet above the floor and hidden in dark shadow. 

A & B. Each of these ledges holds a watchful frost giant armed with a ballista which he can fire once per round. Each has four spear-missiles for his ballista, two boulders, and his club. Neither has any treasure. Dmg 4 – 24 or 3 – 18 (5−30).

Encounter: Frost Giants Guards with ballista [2]

12. Audience Alcove and Throne Dais

A huge ivory and bone throne decorated with skulls, silver and gems rests at the back of the place. Behind it is a white dragon hide, and before it is the skin of a huge polar bear. An alabaster table and three ivory stools are to the forefront of the throne, the seats of the Jarl’s lieutenants. It is unlit and empty now. 

The throne weighs 600 pounds (of silver) and has the following gems inset: one small diamond (5,000 gp) and 40 huge but dull ones (actually quartz, 10 gp each), eight topaz (three of oriental type worth 1,000 gp each, the others 500 gp each), 10 inset pieces of amber (100 gp each) and 20 citrines (50 gp each).

13. Guard Area

Two frost giants look east and west at all times. They have clubs and two boulders each. If an intruder is seen, they will sound a large gong on the north wall. They have no treasure.

Encounter: Frost Giant Guards [2]

14. Kitchen Cave Complex

Three fire giantesses and four ogres are in the west spur roasting a horse over the natural fire pit there and otherwise readying the Jarl’s food. Various foods and furniture and utensils are about the main room and the east arm. Amidst piled foodstuffs to the north are 4 human captives in a cage. They are not fighters or otherwise useful, nor will they bring any ransom, but they can warn the party of what lies in the areas 15, 16, and 17.

Fire Giantesses [3]
Ogres [4]

15. Weapons Cave

Here are stored 62 throwing rocks, 16 shields, 29 spears, 10 clubs, and 9 helmets, all of frost giant size. There are also nine battle axes which the giants can hurl, and a chain-mail shirt of giant size.

16. Common Quarters Cavern

There are one male frost giant, 12 giantesses, and nine young about the place. There are bed piles of skins and hides, a few stools, 11 large boxes, 5 chests, and many pegs with 14 capes and 9 bags hanging from them. Under the 9th box is a hole with 19,560 gp in it. If the male is killed, the others will not fight unless they are also attacked.

Frost Giant
Frost Giantesses [12]
Frost Giant Young [9]

17. Kennel Cave

The Jarl’s hunting pack of four polar bears are kept here. There are two males and two females; jeweled collars on the males have eight gems each, the females’ have six gems (all 100 gp each). They are very quiet (surprise 4/6) and will attack immediately.

Encounter: Polar Bears [4]

18 – 19. Caverns of the Jarls

These large caverns provide quarters for the frost giant gentry. There is a cot, chest, chair or stool, and several hides and skins for each inhabitant. They are lit by torches and a few fire beetles. There are many pegs holding cloaks, capes and bags along the walls. Four huge lockers, three hampers, and six wardrobes arc in various places. Each male giant in the place has 2,000 – 8,000 gp plus his armband (as described in Area 8 of the upper level). Each female has 1,000 – 4,000 gp. The young have no treasure. 

Room 18:

Frost Giant [9]
Frost Giantesses [11]
Frost Giant Young [8]

Room 19:

Frost Giant [3]
Frost Giantesses [4]
Frost Giant Young [4]

20. Jarl’s Antecavern and Trophy Hall

The western spur of the cavern is a private audience hall, with pelts and skins on the walls and floors, a table, and four chairs. On the end wall hang two normal shields, a heavy crossbow of speed, two non-magical two-handed swords, and a pair of huge decayed ivory tusks (worth 10 gp). Some worthless scrolls are on the table. There are three chairs and two tables in the western area, the trophy hall, which has actual rugs upon its floor. On the south wall are a great number of items, including:

Some worthless furs and tapestries showing other triumphs by the Jarl hang on the short north walls. There are several illuminated by caged fire beetles. There are well-worn steps, each about 3 feet high, at the eastern end of the place. Thick leathery hides screen the cavern from area 21.

21. Jarl Grugnir’s Private Cavern

The forepart of this area is filled with a huge table, four chairs, three wardrobes, five chests, five trunks, and seven coffers. The walls are hung with heavy tapestries and various pelts and skins, all of no particular worth. Grugnir, Jarl of the Frost Giants sits at the table in his chain jack, with a huge shield +1, +4 vs. missiles nearby, his sword at his hip (a non-magical two-handed sword which the Jarl wields in one hand, for +4 to hit” and damage) and a platinum drinking horn set with eight gems (1,000 gp value each, jewelry value 9,000 gp) in his hand. Across the table is his Lady” with a cloak of saber tooth tiger hide about her, an iron mace at her hip, and a gold flagon set with eight gems (500 gp value each, jewelry value 6,000 gp) in her hand. Two huge winter wolves crouch under the table, and these pets will note even invisible intruders due to their keen sight, hearing and sense of smell. 

All the various containers in the room contain clothing and useless items except as follows: 

The eastern portion of the cavern is partially screened off by hangings. There is a huge bed, a small table, a chair, two stools, a chest, a trunk, and various odds and ends of clothing, armor, and weapons here and there. The walls are hung with pelts and rugs of no worth. The lid of the trunk has a secret drawer in it which contains six parchment scrolls in tubes: 

These tubes will be taken by the Jarl if he is forced to flee and has time to get them.

Grugnir, Jarl of the Frost Giants
Lady Amgroth
Winter Wolves — Bez and Rebez [2]

A. Behind the wall hangings on the eastern portion of the north wall is a hidden escape tunnel. It is a natural passage about 1 mile long which turns south and exits at the base of the mountain/​glacier area, out of sight of any near the rift. The alcove to the northwest appears empty, but if it is examined with care there is a 1 in 6 chance per person examining the area that they will note a thick iron bar protruding from the wall at about 10 feet above the floor. The bar moves downward and transports whatever or whoever is standing on the floor of the alcove to a spot some 50 feet distant from the entrance to Snurre’s Hall (the Hall of the Fire Giant King). 

An apparently empty ledge along the southwest wall is the resting place of an iron box, totally invisible, and strongly locked. Unless powerful magical sight (i.e. true seeing, gem of seeing, etc.) is employed, it is detectable only 1 in 6, with but one chance for any party, for the magic on the chest is strong and it does not radiate any magic or clue. The box contains poison gas which will form a cloud 30 feet per side, and any within it must save versus poison at –3 (the contents intended are to be taken to the fire giant’s stronghold and given as gifts to the dark elves behind the uprising). In the iron box are:


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