G3 - Level One

Level One Wandering Monsters

Encounter occurs 1 in 12; check each turn. All wandering monsters are assumed to be creatures not accounted for on the matrices. Their appearance is mere chance, although they can actually reinforce existing monsters in the area if circumstances favor this action on their part. 

  1. Fire Giant Guards [3]
  2. Fire Giantesses [2] with Gnoll Workers [12]
  3. Young Fire Giants [4] with Young Hell Hounds [1 – 4]
  4. 3 Giant Visitors: Cloud Giant — Frost Giant — Stone Giant

Level One Rooms and Areas

1 · Entry Passage

The floor here is polished obsidian, and great wall hangings can be seen by the party as soon as they enter. The tapestries between the torches are done in bloody colors and show victorious fire giants. The door guard is in alcove A. 

A. The tapestry hanging before this post is loosely woven so as to allow the fire giant guard in the dark recess to clearly see whoever enters. If intruders are spotted, he will wind the great bronze horn to warn the Hall (area 2). The guard has a club and four boulders. 

If the party severely defeats the giants in the Hall, a ballista (from 10A) will be set up at the far end of the hallway in anticipation of a second raid. This weapon will have a trip at 30 feet into the passage, and the trip will be nearly invisible (notice only 1 in 6, if the party is using lights, and check only once for all). The ballista will fire 6 spear missiles, with a 2 required to hit AC 10, and no adjustments for dexterity are to be given. Each missile inflicts 2 – 16 points of damage when it hits.

Encounter: Fire Giant Guard

2 · Grand Hall

Two ettins are always here, using their four heads to watch all directions. Each is armed with a huge morning star of black metal (treat as +1 to hit and damage) and a spear. If they throw the latter weapons, they will then arm the right hands with morning stars and the left with maces. If the guard at the gate sounds the alarm, these monsters will move to hold the mouth of the entryway until help arrives from Areas 3, 18, and/​or 21 – 25. The floor of the Grand Hall is reddish-black, highly polished stone, the pillars are carved into the shapes of dwarves straining to hold up the figure atop them, and the light flickers weirdly from burning gases spurting from the walls. The tapestry on the south wall screens the entrance to the Royal Apartment.

Encounter: Ettins [2]

3 · Throne Room and Audience Chambers

Two steps of white veined black marble lead up to this area. The floor is a deep red polished stone, the huge stone pillars of polished obsidian, between them a massive throne of jet and black and white banded onyx, the whole with sard (12 pieces worth 1,000 gp each) and set with 12 fire opals (1,000 gp each) and 12 rubies (5,000 gp each). The walls are inlaid with colored stone to show various scenes of victory by King Snurre over opponents. Behind the throne the wall shows the flaming skull which is Snurre’s own device, flanked by fire giants with clubs over their shoulders. Huge torches burn in bronze cressets. (The secret door is actually one of the flanking giants inlaid on the wall. A cresset to the left of it is pulled down to cause it to swing inward.) 

Four fire giants in chain shirts guard the King at all times, and their positions are shown by the circled numbers. Each has a huge throwing hammer and an axe. Crouching beside either arm of the throne are two large hell hounds which are the King’s constant companions. 

King Snurre himself is seated upon the black seat of the throne. He is clad in black iron armor and a white cloak, and holds a huge two-handed sword. The cloak is white dragon hide, which bestows a +3 bonus to saving throws vs. cold-based attacks and reduces all damage from them by half. When the weapon is swung, flames appear along its blade, for +4 to hit and +6 damage. The King fights as a storm giant when he is armed with his sword, or otherwise as a cloud giant. 

Snurre is 13 feet tall, hugely muscled and extraordinarily ugly, very broad, with bandy legs. His teeth are tusk-like and protruding, almost orange in color. His head beneath his iron helmet is bald, but his side whiskers and beard are bright orange and full. Snurre wears a necklace of coral skulls (worth 15,000 gp) and has a broad girdle set with 66 garnets (100 gp each). He only wears his crown of iron when on his throne; it is otherwise in his bag. The crown is set with six rubies (1,000 gp each), six diamonds (1,000 gp each), and a huge jacinth (10,000 gp).

Snurre Iron Belly, King of the Fire Giants
Fire Giant Guards [4]
Hell Hounds [2]

4 · Chamber of the Queen’s Serving Maids

The length of the hall and chamber proper are covered with hide rugs and wall hangings. Note the one which screens the entrance to the Queen’s private chamber. There are torches on the walls, and six chairs and three small tables along the hallway. At the end there are four beds, eight chests, two wardrobes, and four stools. There are always four fire giantesses waiting in the hallway outside the Queen’s chamber and four giantesses in the end chamber. Each fights fiercely to protect the queen, and those at the end chamber will rush to aid the others. They have swords and fight as frost giants with respect to hit probability and damage. Each wears 2 – 5 pieces of jewelry worth 500 – 2,000 gp each. Amid the 81 hides, pelts, skins, and furs in the end chamber are several of value; numbers 17, 24, 40, 59 and 77 are each worth 1,000 – 4,000 gp. There is no other treasure.

Encounter: Fire Giantesses [8]

5 · Queen Frupy’s Chamber

The floors and walls here are covered with rich rugs and tapestries (of no great value). The place is well lit by torches and a large brazier, and this makes it very hot indeed. The Queen is a veritable harridan, a sly and cunning horror. She is, if anything, uglier than Snurre. Topped by a huge mass of yellow orange hair which looks like a fright wig, Queen Frupy’s face is a mass of jowls and wrinkles, set in the middle of a very large head which sits squarely upon her shoulders. Her body is lumpy and gross, and her skin is covered with bristles the color of her hair. Her little pig eyes, however, are bright with intelligence unusual in a giant. She wears garments of black dragon hide, set with iron studs, and this gives her an effective Armor Class of 2. She fights as a normal fire giant male, but has a +2 hit bonus and +4 to damage. She wears eight pieces of gem-set jewelry (each worth 2,000 – 5,000 gp). She wields an iron scepter as a weapon. Out of sight are two pets, a pair of giant weasels which she dotes upon and which obey her every command. 

Any intruders entering the place will be commanded by Queen Frupy to kneel in her August Presence and state their business, so that she may fairly dispose of their humble requests. Any so foolish as to do so will be sorry, as Frupy will call forth her pets and herself strike at the most powerful appearing of the intruders. Against a kneeling victim, she gains bonuses of +4 to hit, +8 to damage, and decapitates the victim on a natural 20. She will then bellow for her serving maids to come to her aid.

Queen Frupy
Giant Weasels, Redant and Rogue [2]

Frupy’s chamber contains a huge bed covered with furs (of only 100 – 600 gp value each, 12 total), a small table and two chairs, a stool and dressing table with a huge silver mirror (value 1,000 gp, and it shows invisible or magically changed creatures in their real form), an ebony and mother of pearl wardrobe (filled with her clothing), an iron chest, two bronze caskets, a huge chest of 12 drawers, and two small coffers of copper on each table. 

Each bronze casket has an asp inside. #1 holds 4,000 cp; #2 has 4,000 pp covered by a spell so that they will appear as coppers until they are taken out of her chamber. 

The iron chest has a trick opening in the side which allows the person to get its contents. If the lid of the chest is opened, a cloud of fire englobes all within 10 feet of the chest, doing 6 – 36 points of damage (no saving throw). Inside the chest is a jade box (worth 5,000 gp) with a hidden compartment which can only be detected by means of X-ray vision or true seeing. The compartment contains a scroll with 2 randomly determined 7th level spells — cleric, druid, or magic-user, matching the class of the first such character who examines it. 

All but one of the copper coffers contain unguents and the like. Coffer #3 contains six pieces of very fine, gem-set gold jewelry worth 7,000 – 10,000 gp each, and a jeweled pendant with a stone, from the inky depths of which come flashes of color. (This is a wizard eye device fashioned by the House Tormtor of the Drow, and allows them to see through it.) 

The drawers in the chest contain worthless personal articles, except the fifth drawer from the bottom. There below some underthings Queen Frupy has concealed three potions — fire giant control (to be used by her on the King, of course), delusion, and mammal control.

6 · Chamber of the King’s Guard

Four fire giants rest here before assuming active duty with Snurre; all sleep lightly. They wear chain shirts. There are four cots and four stools in the chamber. Under each cot are two lockers, each containing clothing and 1,000 – 3,000 gp. Each guard carries 12 gems (worth 100 gp each) in a belt pouch, and each is armed with throwing hammer (as those in area 3) and sword. A table in the center of the room has several platters and flagons in it (all worthless) along with a small tun of wine and a cheese covered with mold. (Inside the cheese are 48 gems worth 100 gp each, for this is the repository for the wealth of guards on duty.) There are 12 boulders in the entry hall, six along either wall.

Encounter: Fire Giant Guards [4]

7 · King Snurre’s Private Quarters

The great iron doors to this place bear the blazon of the flaming skull. Six hell hounds roam the outer hall. The walls here are set with torched cressets and draped with crude tapestries. There are six chairs and two benches along the walls, and three tables are interspersed, each with a keg of ale, beer, or mead and leather or horn drinking vessels at hand. Eight normal shields and eight normal swords decorate bare patches on the walls. There is a step up just at the pillar of reddish stone which ends the forehall and marks the entry to the chamber proper.

Encounter: Hell Hounds [6]

The bedchamber of the King contains a huge bed, a table, a small throne of ebony and three lesser chairs, a tall cabinet, four trunks, an iron chest at the foot of the bed, and a bench near the entry. The floor is covered with pelts, and the walls are hung with tapestries (worthless) and trophies: two shields, an axe, four swords, a flail (used to subdue the pyrohydra at area 8) and a hammer. All of these are sized for giants and otherwise normal and non-magical. A ledge on the south wall at 9 feet above the floor holds 39 skulls (human, dwarven, elven, giant, and other various and sundry monsters and creatures), eight helmets and helms, and five sets of armor (two human, one dwarven, two elven, of chain, splint, or plate as desired) of no particular worth. The eight fur pelts on the bed are worth from 1,000 to 4,000 gp each. The containers in the room hold nothing but the personal gear (clothing, footwear, and bits of armor) of King Snurre. On the table are bits of carved ivory, some teeth of animals, bits of wood, and some stones (one of which is carnelian, worth 1,000 gp). Together these items serve the king as a divination device — quite worthlessly, of course. 

Flaming jets of gas and a huge iron brazier full of glowing coals light the whole place in an eerie manner. The secret door to the north is very well concealed, and it can be located only 1 in 10 by magical means, never by such normal means as possessed by an elf, for example. (The same is true of the door to Area 8, but magical means locates it 1 in 4, as it is not as well concealed and is only 1 foot thick). A projecting stone to the left of the secret door, 12 feet above the floor, is pushed in to cause the 4-foot-thick portal to pivot to form an opening 4 feet wide on either side, and 10 feet high.

8 · Cave

A 10-headed pyrohydra lurks to either the north (1−3) or south (4−6) if it hears any creature coming up the steps to its lair. It attacks by surprise 3 in 6 normally. It is very vicious, as the King beats it and torments it for fun, and hopes to take revenge on virtually any other living thing. It attacks by biting on the first attack with as many heads as possible. It will breathe fire for 10 points/​head, and 1 – 10 heads will breathe in a single round, though any one head may only breathe twice per day.

Encounter: Pyrohydra

9 · King Snurre’s Treasure Cave

There is a chimney up the southeastern wall. The cave is filled with a pile of 28,000 cp, three mounds of 4 – 16 worthless tapestries and furs, several dozen bales of valueless cloth, scores of various vessels and containers, and urns and vases of pewter and brass and bronze (plus 12 of silver and six of gold worth 200 – 1,200 gp each). There are also eight iron trunks, six chests, and five large coffers. Details of all are given below. 

Each trunk is about 7 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet. Each chest is about 5 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet. Each coffer is about 2 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot. 

The locks are large, rusty, and impossible to open by thieves’ tools. They must be opened by Bend Bars attempts or knock spells. 

10 · Arsenal Complex

Two fire giant guards are always at the ready here. If summoned or attacked, they bring the chimera at Area 11, if they can. Each giant has a spear, sword, and three throwing rocks at hand. There are torches to provide light and a bench in the place.

Encounter: Fire Giant Guards [2]

A. This wing contains 30 huge swords, two ballistas, 44 spears, 18 throwing hammers, six maces, nine great axes, and a quantity of giant-sized throwing boulders. Hidden in the far southwestern corner under the spears is a longbow +1 and a quiver of 20 arrows +1.

B. This wing contains another supply of stones for use as missiles, 11 massive clubs, 17 fire giant helmets, three chain shirts, and 17 studded leather jacks — all armor for giants, of course. There are also 17 giant-sized shields here; one is a shield of missile attraction –2, 8 big barrels of oil are stored at the southern end of the place.

11 · Chimera Pen

The fire giants keep a large chimera here. This creature will attack on sight, as it hates everyone except fire giants. It has no treasure.

Encounter: Chimera

12 · Advisor’s Chamber

Eight gnoll servants/​bodyguards are lounging here, for they obey only the commands of the Advisor or the King or Queen. The Advisor is a grossly fat but very strong and quite fast renegade mountain dwarf named Obmi. He is in his spartan study, room A. 

The chamber contains a mixture of small, medium, and large furniture. There is a small table, a plush chair with a footstool, and a couch in small size. There is a long table, two benches, two chairs, and 12 chests sized for man-like creatures. There are four huge chairs, a table, and a footstool sized for giants. There are rugs on the floor, tapestries on the walls, and bronze cressets with flaming torches. The chests contain the bedrolls, personal gear, and the treasure of each gnoll (200800 gp each). Chests #3, #8, #19, and #12 contain bottles of wine and spirits and are locked.

Encounter: Gnolls [8]

A. The door to this study appears to be locked from the outside. Obmi is here at work on the problems besetting his King. He has been Snurre’s advisor for 25 years, spending 5 years as a slave before that. He is armed only with a dagger hidden in his boot, hard at work on several scrolls on the plain wooden desk in the room. There is a case against the north wall which contains various maps, scrolls, etc., all written in fire giant or dwarvish. He uses a plain wooden box as a footstool, and it seemingly holds old clothes of his, but in a false bottom are hidden 92 gems — two diamonds (5,000 gp each), eight opals (1,000 gp), 13 aquamarines and 10 topaz (500 gp), 12 amethysts, 13 spinels, and 16 tourmalines (100 gp), and two bloodstones, three citrines, eight onyx, and five zircons (50 gp). Also in the cell is a rude wooden pallet on which he rests occasionally. 

If Obmi hears noise in the outer area, he uses a peep hole in the door to watch, and if the intruders (PCs) are winning he yells for them to help him. He claims that the giants have held him (a prince!) captive for 10 years, trying to trick information out of him when torture failed, or to subvert his loyalty to dwarfdom. He further claims that several humans in black robes aid the giants in their questioning. Finally, he asks to be allowed his armor and weapons in order to gain sweet revenge upon Snurre, for he knows exactly where the King will be! If disbelieved and worst comes to worst, Obmi bolts for room B, bars the door, and equips himself as quickly as possible.

Encounter: Dwarf Obmi, Fighter 9 / Thief 11

If equipped with items from area B: AC –2 (plate +2, shield +2); THACO 9; Dmg by weapon (axe +1: 2 – 7, hammer +3: 4 – 7); SA gauntlets of ogre power; SD ring of invisibility. The THACO figures should be adjusted for ability score and magical weapon bonuses. 

B. In this chamber, Obmi has a soft bed, a small stand, a table and chair, a cabinet, two iron chests, an arming rack, and stores of food and ale. His plate +2 and shield +2 are laid out on a rack near the door, and his axe +1 and hammer +3 are on the wall above. Underneath the armor are his gauntlets of ogre power (+3 to hit, +6 damage). His ring of invisibility is on the small stand near his bed. Chest #1 contains 8,493 gp. Chest #2 holds 904 pp, a silver ewer and silver bowl, each set with nine red garnets (100 gp each) and three violet garnets (500 gp each). The bejeweled silver set is worth 6,000 gp intact. 

Upon entering the room, Obmi palms the ring, dons the armor (2 rounds), puts on the gauntlets (1 round), thongs the axe to his belt (1 round), hefts the hammer and holds the shield (1 round). At first opportunity he will attack the party and raise a hue and cry for help, but he will do so only when he knows help will be able to come. Obmi knows a bit about the drow, and he will bargain that, or anything else, to save his life. If faced with no quarter to be given, he will fight to the very end.

13 · Council Room

The King and his council meet here, but the place is now empty. There is a long table and five great chairs around it. Against one wall is a stepped platform with a small chair beside it. There are hides covering parts of the polished black floor, and rude tapestries adorn the walls. There are several torches in the room, but none are lit. 

A. Within this alcove is a table with a flat chest upon it. If the chest is lifted or moved, six poisoned arrows shoot from the north wall, striking at the same hit probability as do fire giants, and inflicting 2 – 8 points of damage. The arrows strike the south wall and shatter if they miss interposing creatures. The chest is locked and full of stones. There is a map of the area hanging on the wall. There are large chests against the north and south walls, the northern one filled with 8,438 sp, the southern one with 4,188 gp and six bone batons with runes of fire giant upon them. Each is a pass saying: Official business on behalf of KING SNURRE THE FEARSOME.” Both chests are locked, of course. 

B. Four extra chairs are stored in this alcove, and a huge cabinet holds 83 scrolls and 367 pieces of paper or parchment. Most are worthless, but the 68th scroll tube contains a set of instructions for the King, telling him to gather forces of hill, stone, frost, and fire giants, along with whatever strength he can raise in ogres, ogre magi, cloud giants, and any other creatures for an all-out attack on the provinces to the east and northeast. The scroll promises powerful help from drow. It is signed Eclavdra.” The papers are message copies to and replies from various types of giants and others already mentioned above. 

One says: The fire giant of stone left and left elbow” in dwarf.

14 · Door Guard

Two fire giants with swords stand guard here at all times.

Encounter: Fire Giants [2]

15 · Kitchen

This place is typically filled with busy workers: a fire giant matron who is huge and fat; four fire giantess servants; and 12 gnoll thralls. There are benches, counters, a table, several stools, three cupboards, various bins and barrels, and miscellaneous kitchen gear around the place. The area to the east is a natural fire pit, where flaming gases are used to roast whole creatures. The circle to the northwest indicates where a 6-foot diameter chute goes down to the lava pool on dungeon level 2. It is slippery and greasy from garbage, and it empties 2 feet above the lava. The servants and gnolls will fight only under the direction of the matron.

Fire Giant Matron
Fire Giantesses [4]
Gnolls [12]

16 · Storage Chamber

This place is jammed full of barrels of ale and mead, boxes, sacks, hampers, smoked sides of meat, smoked fish, cheese, sausages, etc. There are smaller boxes of salt, and spices (worthless hot peppers) in a copper container. There are tuns of wine and casks of beer near the door. Heaps of hard bread are everywhere.

17 · Guest Chamber

The doors to this room are closed on the outside by a great bar, as King Snurre does not fully trust the three rakshasas who are the guests therein. Naturally, the party entering will see the three creatures as inoffensive and/​or trustworthy types. There are four beds, two tables, two chairs, two stools, two wardrobes, three chests, and a foot stool (in reality a chest with an illusion cast upon it), rugs, tapestries, and flaming torches in the place. There is no apparent treasure in the place, but each rakshasa carries 100 to 400 gp and two to twelve 100 gp value gems. The disguised chest holds a jeweled scepter worth 10,000 gp, four potions (ESP, extra-healing, invulnerability, undead control) and a scroll of five cleric spells (detect lie, true seeing, continual darkness, cure critical wounds, symbol of persuasion).

Encounter: Rakshasas [3]

18 · Barracks

Currently only six fire giants are housed here. They typically lounge around sharpening weapons and telling lies about their abilities. There are eight cots, eight stools, and eight hampers in the place. Each cot is heaped with skins. The hampers contain the giant’s personal gear. Pegs on the wall hold their bags and cloaks. There are five clubs, three axes, six spears, and six shields scattered about. The place is lit by flaming gas jets. There is no treasure around, but one of the clubs is hollowed out to hold the boys’ party fund: 149 pp, 271 gp, 160 ep, 233 sp, 184 cp, and 31 gems worth 100 gp each.

Encounter: Fire Giants [6]

19 · Giantess’ Quarters

Eight fire giantesses make this room their home. This torch lit chamber has 12 cots, eight stools, eight boxes, a table, a bench, and pegs with various garments and the like. Each giantess wears one to three pieces of silver jewelry worth 100 – 400 gp each, but worth only 10% of that if damaged.

Encounter: Fire Giantesses [8]

20 · Communal Quarters

Five giantesses care for 15 young giants and giantesses here. All have weapons (kids’ toys for the youngsters) and will fight. There are six cots and 12 bunks along the walls. In each wing are a bench, three chairs, six stools, one long table, and various boxes, hampers, and cupboards. The only treasure in the place is the giantesses’ gold jewelry: each wears one to three pieces worth 200 – 800 gp each or 10% of that if damaged.

Fire Giantesses [8]
Fire Giant Young [15]

21 · Entry Hall to the Kennels

Six young hell hounds scuffle and play hereabouts. They are part of the pack at area 22, and will flee to there by the safest route if threatened.

Encounter: Hell Hounds [6]

22 · Kennel Chamber

Four large and two medium hell hounds are here. If the young at area 21, are attacked and yelp, the six beasts will split into two groups, half circling southwest, and the other half circling south and then west. They love their handler at area 23. They have no treasure.

Encounter: Hell Hounds [6]

23 · Kennel Keeper’s Quarters

Here dwells the Keeper and his wife. These fire giants will rush to the aid of their charges if they hear a commotion outside. Each has a sword and club. Due to their size and strength, the Keeper’s wife fights as a male, and the Keeper gains +1 to hit and +3 to damage. 

The Keeper’s chamber contains a large bed, a table, two chairs, a bench, a chest, a cabinet, three barrels (beer and ale), two buckets, and a crate (dried meat for the hounds). There are torches burning. Pegs hold wearing apparel and two bags. The second bucket has a false bottom which holds 199 pp and 68 gems worth 50 gp each. There is a shield, axe, and four javelins of lightning on the wall to the north. There are hides and pelts on the floors and walls. A number of skins and furs are heaped on the bed and bench. One of the six on the bench is a hell hound cloak which allows the wearer to appear to all observers as a hell hound and if it is worn for three full turns the wearer gains the abilities of a 7 dice hell hound. If it is worn for 8 consecutive hours, the wearer becomes a true hell hound, and remains such forever. This magical pelt is used to wrap a cursed longsword –2. There are three other hell hound hides in the chamber, all quite normal.

Hound Keeper — Fire Giant
Fire Giantess

24 · Guard Post

Two fire giants are on duty here at all times. Each is armed with sword and spear and has four boulders nearby. An iron cylinder near the north wall is struck to sound the alarm if intruders are seen.

Encounter: Fire Giants [2]

25 · Barracks

Eight fire giants are loafing and gaming here. There are 10 cots, 10 chests, a table, two benches, four stools, and a large wardrobe about the place. There are several pegs here and there, and they hold cloaks, capes, shields, and five bags. There are only worthless giant items in the chests and other containers. The guards here have swords and spears. The largest fights with a battle axe +3 (man-sized) after throwing his spear. There are also 21 boulders in the place. The easternmost of the three pillars has a secret door and contains 7,842 gp and three pieces of gem-studded jewelry worth 1,000 – 8,000 gp each.

Fire Giant Large
Fire Giants [7]


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