The Astromundi Cluster

The Astromundi Cluster is a 1993 boxed set accessory for the Spelljammer campaign setting, part of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

The Astromundi Cluster describes a unique crystal sphere composed of free-floating asteroids. The sphere’s weak barriers encourage free passage between the Prime Material Plane and the Inner Planes, resulting in a bizarre and potentially explosive mix of creatures.The Celestial Almanac” lists dozens of locales, from the outcast colony of Chakarak to the orchard-laden Boyarny. The Astrogator’s Guide” provides game statistics for the Doombat and other new ships.

The Astromundi Cluster is designed by Sam Witt, and published by TSR in 1993. The box cover painting and interior art was by David O. Miller, with the booklet cover painting by Jeff Easley.

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Table des matières


Book 1 - The Astrogator's Guide

Factions of the Shattered Sphere

Celestial Features

Player characters

Ships and equipment

Book 2 - The Celestial Almanac

Trade and piracy

The Almanac

Magic and miscellany

Book 3 - Adventures in the Shattered Sphere

Astromundi Powers

Adventure ideas

The Sundeath

Mystery of the Arcane

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