You hold in your hands the keys to some of spelljamming’s greatest mysteries. Are all neogi necessarily evil? What do the Arcane really want? Do the illithids have a home world?

The answers to all of these questions and many more lie within the bounds of the secluded Astromundi Cluster. Long-sought answers lie here to be uncovered by brave explorers, as well as treasures no groundling could imagine. But be forewarned: the Cluster is not a forgiving place. Ships that enter Clusterspace sometimes never leave, unable to escape from a crystal sphere that was more than willing to let them in. Travelers whisper tales of numerous undead and ever-present slave ships. Some speak of golden hell-Barges, great ships manned by tanar’ri warriors.

This setting is described in three books: The Astrogator’s Guide, Adventures in the Shattered Sphere, and The Celestial Almanac. In addition to these books there are two posters: a Planetary Display of the Cluster, and a cutaway display of a crystal citadel and Highport. You’ll also find 24 cards with pictures and descriptions of new ships, Lunar Displays, pictures of important races and other useful information. Some of the cards are intended to be used as visual aids for the players, so feel free to flash these around.

The Astrogator’s Guide is the only part of this set that should be used by the players directly. Chapter One covers the basics of the Astromundi Cluster and its various races. A basic history of the sphere, and its politics, major powers, and overall physical characteristics are provided. All of this information is known to Clusterborn characters, but PCs from other spheres will have to learn it through experience. Information in this chapter is very broad and vague, allowing players to draw their own conclusions.

Chapter Two of The Astrogator’s Guide details the special rules that will be needed for play in the Astromundi. You’ll find information on the different character races within the Cluster, and how their isolation from outside influences has made them different from typical” individuals of their kind. This chapter also contains guidelines for generating Clusterborn PCs and covers the deities worshiped in the Astromundi Cluster. This section details the basics of life in the Shattered Sphere, and should be read thoroughly to avoid confusion later on.

In Chapter Three, new equipment and ship types are presented. This section contains important new tools for the wandering adventurer, from line-casters to crystal ships.

The second book, Adventures in the Shattered Sphere, describes how to set up and maintain a campaign based in Clusterspace. Book Two covers all the details on integrating outside characters into the Astromundi Cluster. You’ll also find interesting adventure themes and locales, and ideas for long-and short-term goals for your campaign. Most importantly, the secret goals of the many factions in the Shattered Sphere will be revealed.

The third book, The Celestial Almanac, examines the physical characteristics of the Astromundi Cluster, including the secrets of successful trade and piracy and an overview of the Cluster’s economy. The heart of the Almanac is devoted to detailed descriptions of the many ports, cities, and asteroids that make up the Cluster.

Now, read the books, study the maps a bit and prepare to jam into adventures the likes of which you’ve never seen. For the intrepid explorer, the greatest adventures await!


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