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Auteur : Méphisto et Lau­re­lin

Une des­crip­tion assez com­plète des créa­tures de la Terre du Milieu, sans élé­ment de règles.

Auteur : Andrew C. Peter­son

J.R.R. Tol­kien had a fas­ci­na­tion with trolls. From the comi­cal adven­tures of the trolls in The Hobbit to the poem Troll Sat Alone on His Seat of Stone” and to the battle with the Cave Troll in the mines of Moria it is clear that trolls were an impor­tant part of his nar­ra­tive world-buil­ding. Howe­ver, Tol­kien seemed unsure about the ori­gins of these crea­tures.

Auteur : Tyel­las — Edi­to­rial ack­now­led­ge­ments to Aaye­sha, Nekron’s Love­song, and Sharka

An over­view of the Middle-Earth facts about the orcs envi­sio­ned by J.R.R. Tol­kien, from their quo­ti­dian side (what they eat, how they repro­duce) to more exis­ten­tial issues of orcs in the Middle-Earth cos­mo­logy.

Auteur : inconnu

Great Eagles don’t get any res­pect ! In The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Great Eagles are trea­ted like figh­ter jets. Howe­ver, in game terms, they are often trea­ted nothing more than giant eagles. This is a shame because Great Eagles are more than just super-size birds, they are ser­vants of the Valars.

Auteur : Copy­right © 2003–2005, The Thain’s Book — www​.tuck​bo​rough​.net — thain@​tuckborough.​net

A des­crip­tion of all the major & iconic Middle-Earth mons­ters.

Auteur : inconnu

A Lord of the Rings RPG mons­ter. Lesser demons (former Maiar) were in ser­vice to Mor­goth during the First Age.

Auteur : Eye of Sauron

A Lord of the Rings RPG Middle-Earth bes­tiary. From the Ste­ward and the King web­site.

Auteur : Goth­mog http://​www​.enworld​.org/​m​ed20/

A des­crip­tion of all the major & iconic Middle-Earth mons­ters, with d20 stats.