Lesser Demons (LotR RPG)

Lesser demons (former Maiar) were in ser­vice to Mor­goth during the First Age. 


Tall as a troll, though gaunt framed and now­here near as broad, with bla­cke­ned, wrink­led skin, wiry hair like iron, and eyes like points of flame set within the face of a demo­nic hag. Their long fin­gers are made of bone and end in ter­ri­bly sharp claws that can rend mail.


They used to hunt the Eldar long ago, tra­cking them by scent and trap­ping them with cun­ning. It is not known how many served Mor­goth, but some few could cer­tainly have esca­ped the Brea­king of Than­go­ro­drim in the First Age and remain hidden still in the wild and remote places of the world, abi­ding in their hatred for the Eldar and all who aid them.

Attri­butes : Bea­ring 18 (+6), Nim­ble­ness 10 (+2), Per­cep­tion 10 (+2), Strength 17 (+5), Vita­lity 18 (+6), Wits 12 (+3)

Reac­tions : Sta­mina +9, Swift­ness +4, Will­po­wer +8, Wisdom +7

Health : 23

Defense : 12

Ini­tia­tive : +4

Skills : Inti­mi­date (Fear) +16, Observe (Spot, Smell) +7, Track (Scent) +6, Unar­med Combat : Claws (Rend, Impale) +10

Special Abilities

Bite: The Gam­braug will typi­cally use its bite attack only against Grab­bed oppo­nents (see Claws, below), but its fear­some teeth do 2d6+3 damage.

Breath: For a cost of 2 actions, a Gam­braug can breath a cloud of green sickly poison. Any oppo­nents in front of the Gam­braug (90 degrees) and within close combat range, or who pass through the cloud over the next round, must make a Sta­mina or Swift­ness test to resist the effects of its poison :

Claws: The Gam­braug can use its claws with the bene­fit of both the Ambi­dex­trous (no penalty) and Two-Handed Figh­ting Edges. Each claw does 2d6+1 damage. On a super­ior suc­cess or better with a Rend attack, the opponent must make a Swift­ness test against TN 10 or their armor’s damage absor­bed” rating is redu­ced by 1 until repai­red (this does not affect shields or natu­ral armor). On a super­ior suc­cess or better with an Impale attack, then the opponent is caught in a ter­rible grip, and is consi­de­red to be Grab­bed (+5 TN to any action other than trying to break free ; must make an oppo­sed Strength test to break free). If the Gam­braug suc­ceeds at two Impale attacks on the same opponent, then the opponent’s TN modi­fier for being Grab­bed increases from +5 to +10, and the Gambraug’s Strength modi­fier is increa­sed by +2 for oppo­sed tests to break free of its grip.

Cree­ping Sha­dows: The sha­dows thi­cken at the approach of a Gam­braug. Within 90” of the Gam­braug the sha­dows are deeper and light sources seem muted, all sight based rolls are at –1, in addi­tion to any other modi­fiers such as those for natu­ral dark­ness. Within 60” the sha­dows are thick and mun­dane light sources illu­mi­nate only 2/3 as far (magi­cal light is only noti­cea­bly muted), and all sight based rolls are at –2. Within 30” the sha­dows are so deep that mun­dane light sources only illu­mi­nate 1/3 as far (magi­cal light illu­mi­nates only 2/3 as far, unless cast by one with a Bea­ring score grea­ter than 1/2 that of the Gam­braug), and all sight based rolls are at –3.

Hide: The Gambraug’s bla­cke­ned, wrink­led hide pro­vides 3 points of armor and grants it immu­nity to fire.

Terror: The Gambraug’s mere pre­sence inflicts terror. Its Inti­mi­date (Fear) skill ope­rates conti­nuously at half effect (+3 from Bea­ring, +8 from skill = +11).


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