Annexes · 4ème Âge

Quelques docu­ments (majo­ri­tai­re­ment en anglais), issus de dif­fé­rents sites, pour vous aider à enri­chir l’univers de la Terre du Milieu en tant que Maître de Jeu.

Inté­res­santes mais option­nelles, ces infor­ma­tions peuvent par­fois être contra­dic­toires ou sujettes à dis­cus­sion.

Documents de la section

Auteur : Michael Mar­ti­nez — January 7, 2000 — sui​te101​.com

Many people are curious about how the Fourth Age would have unfol­ded had Tol­kien writ­ten much about its his­tory. Unfor­tu­na­tely for curious fans Tol­kien felt the wonder of Middle-earth sort of died with Ara­gorn. After his time « the dynasts des­cen­ded from Ara­gorn would become just kings and gover­nors like Dene­thor or worse » (Tol­kien, « Let­ters », p. 344).

Auteurs : Divers — 2007 — RPGNet Forum archives

A RPGNet dis­cus­sion. « I saw the last epi­sode of LOTR last night again, and won­de­red, what would the Fourth Age be like for rpg pur­poses ? »

Auteurs : Divers — 2008 — RPGNet Forum archives

A RPGNet dis­cus­sion. « I am about to run a game set in the 4th age of Middle-Earth. What would be some story hooks to use in this period ? »

Auteurs : Divers — 2003 — RPGNet Forum archives

A RPGNet dis­cus­sion. « Ins­pi­red by this thread I remem­be­red that I have had seve­ral requests from my players to run a LoTR 4th age game.
I have a couple of ideas of what the Elves and Orcs are doing but I’d like to steal from er, I mean, hear some ideas from other GMs who have done a 4th age game or who are plan­ning one.
What is your 4th age Middle Earth like ? »