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Quelques docu­ments (majo­ri­tai­re­ment en anglais), issus de dif­fé­rents sites, pour vous aider à enri­chir l’univers de la Terre du Milieu en tant que Maître de Jeu.

Inté­res­santes mais option­nelles, ces infor­ma­tions peuvent par­fois être contra­dic­toires ou sujettes à dis­cus­sion.

Documents de la section

In Middle-earth seve­ral dif­ferent cur­ren­cies are in use. Cultures who do not use coins, trade in goods but often use metal bars as a sub​sti​tute​.In fact the first coi­nage was inven­ted by the Dwarves and ori­gi­nally deve­lo­ped out of very small, ela­bo­rate shaped, metal bars and later Medals and Amu­lets ori­gi­nally given away as Tokens.

Auteur : np@​co.​jyu.​fi (Mr. Niilo Paa­si­virta)

Alter­nate ver­sion of a com­pre­hen­sive list of prices for ser­vices & goods in Middle-Earth.

Auteur : Michal Domanski — mdoman@​plearn.​edu.​pl

Medie­val XVth cen­tury price list.

Auteur : Mark L. Evans

Over many years of play we deve­lo­ped an exci­ting and detai­led cam­paign game set in nor­thern Middle-earth, begin­ning in the year 2941 of the Third Age of the Sun (the year of Bilbo’s adven­ture as recor­ded in The Hobbit), and conti­nuing through the War of the Ring to the cur­rent year, which is 1 Fourth Age, when the Ring­kee­pers sail from the Havens. 

Here is a list of won­de­rous or magi­cal items that were used through the cam­paign.