Prices for services & goods in Middle-Earth

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Time, if given, is the ave­rage work-hours to manu­fac­ture the item. 



For one person for one night. Costs vary a lot locally.

Ser­vice Price
Suite (they might simply refuse to rent it to you) 4 sp
Pri­vate Room 2 sp
Two Per­sons” Room, per person 50 cp
Common Room (no beds, no locked door nor clo­sets) 7 cp
Common Floor (just a roof ; hea­ting costs extra) 2 cp
Coal/​wood for one night 2 cp
Stable (for one horse, some­times one person, includes feed) 8 cp
Same + Oats 2 cp


For one person. Includes a pint of beer/​ale.

Ser­vice Price
Slaugh­ter (one whole animal, plenty for many)* 5–20 sp
Feast (seve­ral dishes, fine cut­lery and ser­vice)* 2–8 sp
Big Meal (meat and/​or fish, vege­tables) 1 sp
Normal Meal (bread/​porridge, some vege­tables, fish maybe) 20 cp
Light Breakfast/​Light Meal (no meat) 10 cp
Poor Meal (bread, water, very little vege­tables) 2 cp
1 pound of bread 2 cp
Rations, dried, 1 person, 1 day, pre­serves a month 20 cp
Great­bread, 1 day for 1 person, pre­serves a year 50 cp
Way­bread (not Lembas, but very good), 1 day/​1 person 1 sp

* = must pre-order


Costs vary a great deal.

Ser­vice Price
Large mug of beer (1.5 liters) 15 cp
Small mug of beer (a pint/0.5 liters) 5 cp
Jug of cheap wine (a pint/0.5 liters) 10 cp
Cup of cheap wine 5 cp
Cup of hard liquor (80% of volume is alco­hol) 15 cp
Cup of good brandy (40%) 30 cp
Cup of High­land Whis­key (Dun­len­dings” mighty pro­duct) 2 sp
Bottle of High­land Whis­key (one liter) 24 sp

(Bottle of High­land Whis­key is chea­per in Dun­land : Cup of High­land Whis­key costs 25 cp, one-liter bottle 3 sp.)

Sauna, Baths and Laundry

Often com­bi­ned.

Ser­vice Price
Simple Bath 1 cp
Sauna and Bath 2 cp
+ Ser­vice 10 cp
+ Ser­vice of a Pretty Washer 40 cp
+ Ser­vice of a Pretty and Gene­rous Washer (See Bro­thel”)
Laun­dry (one set of clothes) 15 cp
+ quick dry (may leave burns or holes) 5 cp
Barber, rough hair­cut or sha­ving 5 cp
Barber, pro­fes­sio­nal hair­cut and/​or sha­ving 20 cp
Barber, fine cut and sha­ving 150 cp
Hair­dres­ser, eve­ry­day coif­fure 100 cp
Hair­dres­ser, fine coif­fure, finest pow­ders etc. 3+ sp


Ser­vice Price
Amateur/​Quack (no magic, poor herbs if any) 20 cp
Poors” Doctor (no magic, poor herbs if any) 50 cp
Doctor (no magic, herbs are paid sepa­ra­tely) 2 sp


Ser­vice Price
Porter (two hours job) 10 cp


Civi­li­zed city bro­thel ; there cer­tainly are chea­per options.

Ser­vice Price
Admis­sion fee (varies a lot) 1 sp
Old or ugly gigolo/​prostitute 50 cp
Ave­rage 2 sp
Good-loo­king 5 sp
Beautiful/​Handsome or Best of the House 5 sp

Addi­tio­nal ser­vices (often ille­gal, not always avai­lable)

Ser­vice Price
Virgin, as above, plus addi­tio­nal cost at least 20 sp
Non-human huma­noid (addi­tio­nal cost depends on race) +2 to +50 sp
Three­some (two paid par­ti­ci­pants), addi­tio­nal cost 2 sp
Bon­dage, addi­tio­nal cost 10 sp

Bad stuff (evil and very pro­ba­bly very ille­gal)

Ser­vice Price
Minor, add per each year of age below 16 years (if human) 2+ sp
Per­ver­sions, addi­tio­nal cost 20 sp


Edu­ca­tion Price
Uni­ver­sity, one aca­de­mic term (must pass entrance exam) 200+ sp
Figh­ting school, one month (100 hours of study) 25 sp
Book, prin­ted (if avai­lable) 50+ sp
Book, hand­wor­ked 100+ sp

There are 32 weeks of effec­tive study on one Uni­ver­sity term. It is equal to 1000 hours of stu­dying — if the student works hard. Usually there is no magic nor combat/​physical skills, just know­ledges and some social skills. Cost includes free use of libra­ries and turns at labo­ra­to­ries etc. Only part of study is lec­tures, also there are « home­work », talks, exams, essays, debates, speeches, etc.

Rare skills or famous schools/​dojos/​teachers may cost a lot more.

Cost of studying other skills

For these costs, we assume it is some rather common skill, such as lea­ther­wor­king or riding. Tea­cher is ave­rage, and there is a small school or work­shop to study at.

Stu­dying gives addi­tio­nal DP to spend on the skill, as much as the student wants, as long as he/​she has the time and money. Stu­dying also gives expe­rience, usually 32 points per day.

Basics for a skill:

Edu­ca­tion Price
The very basics (allo­wing fur­ther study) 25 hours at 20 cp = 5 sp
Addi­tio­nal course (first rank for skill) 75 hours at 20 cp = 15 sp
Addi­tio­nal study (1 point of DP to the skill) 50 hours at 20 cp = 10 sp

If the cha­rac­ter is wor­king and stu­dying, he/​she can only study effec­ti­vely 2 hours per day. Other­wise, the maxi­mum amount is usually 25 hours per week — most tea­chers will not agree to teach more. Stu­dying includes prac­tice etc. 2 hours per day, but it is not coun­ted to study time.

Lan­guages can be lear­ned by tal­king with others (mem­bers of the party), if the tal­kers stay toge­ther most of the time. 25 days of this « lan­guage bath » gives one rank to the lan­guage, up to the rank the other speaker(s) have.

In any case, lan­guage ranks above 7th cost double ; in study time, and in deve­lop­ment points.



Prices in silver, for a one year period.

Rent Price
One-room dwel­ling in town 50 sp
Craftsman’s small work­shop and home in town 200 sp
Merchant’s house in town 300 sp


Prices in gold.

Estate Price
Small farm, 10+ miles from city, no buil­dings, 5 hec­tare 50 gp
Small plot near town, no buil­dings, max. 1 hec­tare 40 gp
One-room dwel­ling in town, ave­rage area 100 gp
One-room dwel­ling in town, fine area 140 gp
Craftsman’s home in town (2 rooms, kit­chen, bath, small work­shop) 500 gp
Merchant’s house in town (3 rooms, kit­chen, bath), ave­rage area 600 gp
Hobbit-house in town (4 rooms, kit­chen, bathroom) 650 gp
Man­sion in town (living room, 2 bedrooms, kit­chen,
hall, cellar, 2 floors, bal­cony), ave­rage area
1000 gp
Palace in town (two big rooms, 4 bedrooms, kit­chen, hall, cellar, servant’s rooms,
2 floors, bal­cony, stables, own small garden, fence), rich area
8000 gp
One tower (built, round, 20” dia­me­ter, 30” tall) 400 gp
Great tower (5 floors (55” tall), 50” dia­me­ter) 4500 gp
Mighty tower (7 floors (75” tall), 50” dia­me­ter) 6000 gp
200” stone wall (10” thick, 20” high) 4000 gp
Small castle (2 towers, gate, gate­house, walls, large stone keep) 6000 gp

Daily Wages (Gondor)

Ser­vice Price
Labou­rer 120 cp
Craftsman’s Appren­tice 130 cp
Crafts­man 140 cp
City Guard 200 cp
Postman/​messenger, wal­king 16 cp per mile (usually about 200 cp/​day)
Postman/​messenger, riding 8 cp per mile (usually about 200 cp/​day)
Offi­cer (Guard) 300 cp
Offi­cial (Ave­rage) 500 cp


Ordinary Clothes

Pro­fes­sio­nally made.

Clothes Price Time
Dress (woman’s), common 500 cp 40 h
Dress (woman’s), rich 1200+cp 80 h
Panties/​knickers, fine (silk etc.) 200 cp 16 h
Panties/​knickers, ordi­nary 75 cp 8 h
Pants, lea­ther 200 cp 16 h
Pants, linen 200 cp 16 h
Robes, ceremonial/magician’s fine 2000+cp 80 h
Scarf 50 cp 4 h
Shirt, linen 150 cp 16 h
Shirt, woolen 100 cp 16 h
Skirt 200 cp 16 h
Socks or foot clothes, pair of 20 cp 4 h
Sto­ckings, fine (silk etc.) 300 cp 32 h
Under­pants 50 cp 8 h

Mending Clothes

(per piece)

Ser­vice Price
Ama­teur (work qua­lity varies a lot) 20 cp
Tailor 50 cp


Uten­sil Price Time
Bottle, glass, 0.5 liter 50 cp 6 h
Bottle, glass, 1 liter 75 cp 6 h
Silver goblet (small, 0.2 liter) 400 cp 52 h
Wooden plate (1” in dia­me­ter) 10 cp 4 h
Wooden spoon 5 cp 4 h

Storing goods

One trunk, per month, sto­rage not warmed.

Ser­vice Price
Inn­kee­per (not all are honest) 20 cp
Guard­house (much better) 1 sp

Miscellaneous Stuff (Gondor)

Mis­cel­la­neous Stuff Price Time
Good Gaunt­let (one piece), steel and lea­ther 500 cp 32 h
Lute (« Ibanez ») 1500 cp 80 h
Flute, good qua­lity, wooden 1500 cp 80 h
Genuine « Fender » Lute (+5 Qua­lity) 5000 cp 160 h


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