Répertoire des Nains

Lords of Middle Earth III · Copyright I.C.E. © 1989

Note: The fol­lo­wing is a series of short des­crip­tions cove­ring the majo­rity of Dwar­ven cha­rac­ters in the lore of Middle-earth. The accom­pa­nying charts detail their rela­ted sta­tis­tics. An * denotes a cha­rac­ter crea­ted by ICE.

Répertoire des principaux Nains

Name Lvl Notes
Azag­hâl 21 Warrior/​Fighter, Dwarf-lord of Dwálin’s House.
Balin 28 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Moria. Of Durin’s Folk.
Balli 23 Animist/​Cleric, « Sto­ne­hand, » « Múar-slayer, »
Bifur 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Dwálin’s Folk and Thorin’s Co.
Bofur 10 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Dwálin’s Folk and Thorin’s Co.
Bombur 6 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Dwálin’s Folk and Thorin’s Co,
Borin 17 Warrior/​Fighter, Cohort of Thrór in Grey Moun­tains.
Dáin I 17 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Folk.
Dáin II 28 Warrior/​Fighter. King of Durin’s Line in Iron Hills.
Durin I 49 Warrior/​Fighter, Father of Durin’s House.
Durin I (late) 77 Warrior/​Fighter, Father of Durin’s House,
Fulla III 18 Warrior/​Fighter, Lord of Barin’s Folk in West (T.A.).
Fulla VII 25 Warrior/​Fighter, King ; refound Ruu­riik (S.A. 2741).
Gimli 8 Warrior/​Fighter, Member of Fel­low­ship of the Ring.
Gimli (late) 21 Warrior/​Fighter, « Elf-friend. » Lord of Agla­rond.
Náin I 21 Warrior/​Fighter, The Miner.” King of Drúin’s Line.
Naug 28 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Ruu­riik (T.A. 100–280).
Rálin 21 Ranger, Lord of Dwálin’s House, Hammer-keeper.
Thorin II 27 Warrior/​Fighter, « Oaken­shield, » King, Durin’s Folk.

Répertoire des autres Nains

Name Lvl Notes
Azag­hâl 12 Warrior/​Fighter, Lesser Lord, Iron Hills.
Báin 21 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Folk.
Báin 15 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Folk. Son of Bain.
Báin II 17 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Folk. Son of Thalin.
Báin III 14 Ranger, « Elf-friend. » Of Drúin’s Folk.
Báin IV 25 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Folk in Fourth Age.
Balin 13 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Drúin’s Folk, 3rd son of Thalin.
Balli 15 Warrior/​Fighter, « Golden-eye. » Of Drúin’s Folk.
Balli the Rash 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Foun­der of Ruu­riik. Of Drúin’s Folk.
Balli II 12 Ranger, « Silver-eye. » Of Drúin’s Folk.
Balli III 13 Ranger, Of Drúin’s Folk. Son of Balli Gol­de­neye.
Balrim 12 Ranger, Frúhar’s son. Ring x3 PP mult. 24 PP.
Barin 35 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Scar­red. » Father of 7th House.
Barin II 27 Warrior/​Fighter, Heir of Barin North-king.
Barin III 21 Warrior/​Fighter, Last King of Nor­thern Ruu­riik.
Bávor 45 Ranger, « The Swift. » Father of the Second House.
Bís 14 Animist/​Healer, Daugh­ter of King Barin. 28 PP.
Bofur 7 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Breath­less. » Of Drúin’s Line.
Bohór 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Drain’s Line, a son of Fulla II.
Bróin 16 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Folk.
Burin 14 Animist/​Cleric, Mace +4 Chan. sp. adder. 28PP.
Brúin the Faint 14 Animist/​Alchemist, Of Drúin’s Line. 42PP.
Dáiu 13 Scout/​Rogue, Brewer and son of Grís.
Dáin 16 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Cleric’s Foe » of Drúin’s Folk.
Daram 13 Scout/​Rogue, Only son of Drarin the Fool.
Darim 9 Ranger, « Wolf­sbane » of Barin’s House.
Darin 16 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Farin and father of Drain.
Dís 7 Warrior/​Fighter, Royal Maiden of Durin’s House.
Dóm 15 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Thrír, King (T.A. 1640–70).
Dór 8 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Kalin and father of Dwáin.
Dóri 7 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s House and Thorin’s Co.
Dralin 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Thrain the Wan­de­rer.
Drarin 14 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Fool. » King of Ruu­riik.
Drarin 11 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Wise. » Histor. Barin’s House.
Drúhar 18 Warrior/​Fighter, »The War­rior. » Orc-figh­ter.
Drúhar II 9 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Barin’s Line.
Drúin 37 Warrior/​Fighter, The Proud. » Father, Drain’s House.
Drúin 25 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Youn­ger. » Ruuriik’s Foun­der.
Drúin 12 Warrior/​Fighter, Father of Drain II ; mili­tary leader.
Drúin 13 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Deran­ged » Of Drain’s Line.
Drúin II 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Drain and King of Ruu­riik.
Drúnin 17 Warrior/​Fighter, « Orc-slayer. » Lord of Barin’s Folk.
Drúis 7 Ranger, Dwarf-maiden of Barin’s Folk.
Drús II 15 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Barin’s Folk.
Drús III 10 Warrior/​Fighter, « Keeper of Barin’s Hammer. »
Durin II 14 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s House.
Durin III 35 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s House.
Durin VI 28 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s House.
Durin VII 17 Warrior/​Fighter, « Last King » of Durin’s Folk.
Durí the Rider 13 Scout/​Rogue, Dwarf-maiden of Drain’s Line.
Dwáin 12 Animist/​Alchemist Of Drain’s Line. 24PP.
Dwálin 9 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Thorin’s Co.
Dwálin 43 Warrior/​Fighter, Father of the Third House.
Falin 18 Scout/​Rogue, Trai­to­rous member of Durin’s House.
Farin 17 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Bonin. Of Durin’s House.
Farin 10 Ranger, Son of Drús. King of Barin’s Folk.
Fíli 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin s Line and Thorin’s Co.
Flói 10 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Balin’s Co.
Frár 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Balin’s Co.
Freri 12 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Barin’s Folk.
Frerin 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Lord in Durin’s House in Erebor.
Frerin 13 Warrior/​Fighter, Keeper of the Hammer in Ruu­riik.
Freris 10 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Drúin’s Line, Queen of Ruu­riik.
Frór 16 Warrior/​Fighter, Dáin I’s 2nd son.
Frúhar 16 Warrior/​Fighter, Son of Gurh II and father of Balrim.
Fulla 17 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Dáin’s Line.
Fulla II 18 Warrior/​Fighter, « Storm­dod­ger, » King, Drúin’s Folk,
Fundin 15 Warrior/​Fighter, Farin’s son, fathe­red Balin.
Gáin 10 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Folk ; Gd. capt. in Moria.
Gimlin 11 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Unwise. » King of Barin’s Folk.
Glein 12 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Barin’s Folk.
Glein II 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Barin’s Line.
Glóin 13 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Folk in Grey Mtns.
Glóin 16 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Thorin’s Co.
Glorin 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Fourth son of Grís, Drain’s Line.
Glorin 14 Warrior/​Fighter, « Last-king. » 1st Line Barin’s House,
Grís 8 Warrior/​Fighter, Mixed-blood. » Of Drúin’s House.
Gróin 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Dwarf-lord of Durin’s Line.
Grolin 7 Warrior/​Fighter, Pre­ten­der in Drúin’s House.
Gror 15 Warrior/​Fighter, Foun­der of Dwarf-hold in Iron Hills.
Gulla 14 Warrior/​Fighter, Dwarf-lord in Drúin’s Line.
Gura III 18 Warrior/​Fighter. King of Barin’s Folk.
Gurh II 15 Warrior/​Fighter, « Giant-slayer » of Drúin’s House.
Gurim 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Exiled King of Barin’s Folk.
Gurin 12 Warrior/​Fighter, Dwarf-lord of Barin’s Line.
Gurn 10 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Barin’s Folk.
Gurn II 15 Warrior/​Fighter, Sur­vi­vor Lord, Keeper of Hammer.
Kalin 15 Warrior/​Fighter, Betrayer of Drúin’s Folk.
Kíli 12 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Thorin’s Co.
Kuri 9 Warrior/​Fighter, Crafts­man of Barin’s Line.
Líli 7 Scout/​Rogue, Betrayed Balli Sto­ne­hand.
Lóni 8 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Folk and Balin’s Co.
Náin 12 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Line in Iron Hills.
Náin II 17 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Folk until TA 2585.
Náli 12 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Balin’s Co.
Nár 9 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line. Thrór’s com­pa­nion.
Nar 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Second son of Drúin the Youn­ger.
Narvi 14 Animist/​Alchemist. Maker of Moria’s West-gate.
Nori 11 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Thorin’s Co.
Nurís 8 Warrior/​Fighter, Dwarf-maiden of Drúin’s Folk.
Óin 12 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Grey Moun­tain Dwarves.
Óin 6 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Thorin’s Co.
Orí 7 Warrior/​Fighter, Of Durin’s Line and Thorin’s Co,
Rúrin 9 Warrior/​Fighter, « Cliff-lord. » Armo­rer, Drúin’s Folk.
Thalin 17 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Folk.
Thelór 39 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Grim. » Father of 5th House.
Thorin I 19 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Folk for 100 years.
Thorin III 21 Warrior/​Fighter, « Sto­ne­helm. » King of Durin’s Line.
Thráin I 18 Warrior/​Fighter, « The Old. » King, foun­ded Erebor.
Thráin II 19 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Folk in war vs Orcs.
Thráin 16 Ranger, « The Wan­de­rer. » Of Drúin’s Folk.
Thrár 41 Warrior/​Fighter, The Cold. » Father of the 4th House.
Thre­lin 27 Warrior/​Fighter, 3rd King, Thelór’s Folk.
Thrír 17 Warrior/​Fighter, 2nd King, 2nd Line, Drúin’s Folk.
Thrír III 18 Warrior/​Fighter, King, Drúin’s Folk (TA 1565–1640).
Thrís 14 Warrior/​Fighter, « Aven­ger. » Of Thelór’s Folk.
Thrír 28 Warrior/​Fighter, 2nd King, Thrír’s Folk.
Thrór 14 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Durin’s Folk in Exile.
Thro­rin II 14 Warrior/​Fighter, King of Drúin’s Line,
Thurin 10 Warrior/​Fighter, Pre­ten­der in Drúin’s House.
Thúlin 30 Warrior/​Fighter, « Usur­per. » 2nd King, Thelór’s folk.
Tíli 7 Ranger, Car­to­gra­pher of Durin’s Line.

Descriptions rapides


Lvl : 21. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter Home : Bele­gost. Aka : The Fear­less ; the Blade of Dwálin. A Dwarf-lord of Bele­gost, Azag­hâl was the eldest son of King Dwálin, Lord of the Third House of the Nau­grim. As his father’s heir and war­lord, he led the Host of Bele­gost in the struggle against Mor­goth during the First Age. Azag­hâl fought and woun­ded the awe­some Dragon Glau­rung during the Nir­naeth Arnoe­diad, the Battle of Unnum­be­red Tears” (F.A. 473). Glau­rung slew Azag­hâl in the disas­trous fray, but the brave Dwarf suc­cee­ded in woun­ding the huge Worm.
Azag­hâl Red­ham­mer*
Lvl : 12. Azag­hâl Red­ham­mer was the grand­son of Zigli (Ryk), the adven­tu­re­some bro­ther of Fulla III (Lord of the branch of Barin’s Folk that set­tled in the Iron Hills during the Second Age). Although a skilled war­rior, he is best known as a leader and diplo­mat. Azag­hâl ruled the city of Barak-sha­thur (loca­ted east of the head­wa­ters of the river Car­tier) and served as his people’s envoy to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 1580. He was a fast friend of Durin III, king of the First House of the Nau­grim. See I.C.E.“s Mirk­wood 47, 126.


Lvl : 15. Bain was the fourth King of Ruu­riik and the fifth Lord of Drúin’s House. Son of Brain the Clumsy or Brain the Echo), Bain ruled the Dwarves of Drúin’s Line for 56 years, in peace and with wisdom. His grea­test accom­plish­ment was the esta­blish­ment of regu­lar tra­ding with the Men of the East.
Báin II*
Lvl : 17. Bain II was the seventh King in the First Line of the House of Drúin and the sixth King of Ruu­riik. Son of Thalin and father of Fulla, Bain II ruled Ruu­riik for nearly sixty years, effec­ti­vely sta­ving off an inva­sion by the Horl tribes in the early Second Age.
Báin III
Lvl : 14, BÁIN III was the son of Dain the Cle­rics” Foe (of Drúin’s Folk) and was widely dis­li­ked for his libe­ral atti­tudes toward the Avari. He was indeed an Elf-friend, and later tra­vel­led throu­ghout much of eas­tern Endor in the com­pany of the Elves.
Báin VII*
Lvl : 25. King of Drúin’s Line late in the Third Age, he is best known for rene­wing Ruuriik’s ties with the Womaw of nor­theas­tern Endor and defea­ting the Great Attack in T.A. 3017¬19. Báin VII then led the way into the Fourth Age, for­ging friend­ships with the Men of the East after the fall of Sauron and Khamûl. He ruled wisely and with great fervor, ins­pi­ring his dwind­ling folk to make peace with their neigh­bors.
Lvl : 28. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Erebor ; later Khazad-dûm. Aka : Balin, son of Fundin. House of Durin. Balin ruled Moria for five years (T.A. 2989–94) as the self-pro­clai­med King of Khazad-dûm.” Ori­gi­nally a fol­lo­wer of King Thráin II during the War of the Dwarves and Ores, he esca­ped when his over­lord was cap­tu­red by the minions of the Necro­man­cer in T.A. 2845. He then became a fol­lo­wer of Thráin’s son, Thorin Oaken­shield. Balin was buried in the Cham­ber of Mazar­bul (the Cham­ber of Records in Old Moria, on the Seventh Level) which was once his throne-room.
Lvl : 13. Third son of Thalin, Balin never reco­ve­red from envy of his bro­thers, the High-lord Rain and King Báin II, who des­pi­sed their wave­ring young bro­ther. Untou­ched by the desire to rule Ruu­riik, Balin ins­tead concen­tra­ted upon for­ging stron­ger and ligh­ter wea­pons, but suc­cess eluded him, as did a wife. He died alone at 149 years of age in mid-Second Age.
Balli Sto­ne­hand*
Lvl : 23. Pro­fes­sion : Ani­mist. Home : Burs­kû­dek­dur ; later Ruu­riik. Aka : Balli Sto­ne­hand, Balli, the Sel­fless, Demon-slayer, Balli the hand­some : Balli Most For­gi­ving ; Múar’s-bane. House of Drain the Proud. Balli Sto­ne­hand was born in the nor­thern Ered Lien (S. Blue Moun­tains”) in S.A. 2680. Named for Balli the Rash, his life paral­lels that of the Foun­der of Ruu­riik or in S.A. 2741 the young Dwar­ven Ani­mist helped refound the great Dwar­ven King­dom in the East.” A great friend of Elves and Men and the spirit behind the suc­cesses of King Fella VII, the lean, hand­some Ani­mist helped unite and streng­then the Two Tribes of Dwáin and Barin.
Balli gol­de­neye*
Lvl : 15. Son of Dralin, a Lord of Drúin’s Line. Balli lusted after wealth and power as if he had inven­ted the urge. A brilliant thin­ker and moving orator, Bali led expe­di­tions into the Moun­tains and in his old age (around 150) dis­co­ve­red gold and mithril. His « eye, » or vision, was said the­reaf­ter to be golden, and his family was weal­thy for cen­tu­ries.
Balli the Rash*
Lvl : 14. Bath the Rash was a res­pec­ted Dwarf –lord among the Tribe of King Drúin the Proud. He was an adven­tu­re­some leader who is best known for foun­ding the Dwarf king­dom of Ruu­riik in eas­tern­most Endor. His expe­di­tion out of Burs­ka­dek­dar in S.A. 700 resul­ted in the dis­co­very of a secre­tive tunnel into the Walled Land, and Balli became the first figure ever to gaze upon the Great Vale tucked bet­ween the Moun­tains of the Wind and the Eas­tern Sea. Retur­ning to the court of King Drúin the Youn­ger, he wisely convin­ced his mentor to esta­blish his King­dom in the pro­tec­ted valley.
Balli (II)
Lvl : 12. Balli (II) Silver eye was the son of Dralin and the grand­son of Thráin the Wan­de­rer. He was named for Balli the Rash, but his nick­name deri­ved from his legen­dary sense of fin­ding silver. It was Balli H who dis­co­ve­red the lar­gest three veins of silver in the Moun­tains of the Wind, all of which were conve­niently loca­ted in Balli’s home realm of Ruu­riik.
Balli (III)*
Lvl : 13. Son of the pros­pe­rous Balli (II) Gol­de­neye and father of the obese Bofur the Breath­less, Balli III was a power­ful Lord who favo­red cut­ting ties with Men and Elves. For cen­tu­ries, his brand of xeno­pho­bia ruled Ruu­riik.
Lvl : 12. Son of Frúhar and father of Dáin the Cleric’s Foe, Balrim was a lar­gely unsuc­cess­ful plot­ter to over­throw Fulla IL Impri­so­ned from time to time, Balrim never­the­less mana­ged to live 200 years and left a sizable legacy to Damn.
Barin North-King*
Lvl : 35. Also called Barin the Scar­red, Barin North-king was the Father of the Seventh and Last House of the Nau­grim. He led his people nor­th­ward in the late First Age, but moved his tribe east­ward, where they helped tame the remote, moun­tai­nous land called Ruu­riik. In S.A. 707 Barin’s daugh­ter Bís wed King Drúin the Youn­ger, thus uni­ting the two Eas­tern tribes of Dwarves. In return, Barin was gran­ted the low­lands as his fief. He swore alle­giance to his new son-in-law, Drúin the Youn­ger, who called the North-king First Vassal. His son, Barin II. helped to make the Dwarf-stron­ghold at Ruu­riik a viable set­tle­ment.
Barin II*
Lvl : 27. Son of Barin North-king and second King of Barin’s House, Barin II ruled nor­thern Ruu­riik from S.A. 721 until SA. 814. He was a wise and com­pas­sio­nate ruler.
Barin III*
Lvl : 21. Last King of the First Line of the House of Barin, Barin III was the last Dwarf-lord to pre­side over Nor­thern Ruu­riik. He was burned to death while figh­ting the Balrog Múar before the Door of Radim­bra­gaz (his home) in S.A. 1157.
Lvl : 45. Bávor was the Father of the Second House of the Nau­grim. During the early Second Age, he led his people into Endor’s Far South. The Mablâd Dwarves of the sou­th­wes­tern Yellow Moun­tains are des­cen­dants of Bávor’s Folk.
Lvl : 11. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter Home : Blue Moun­tains ; later Erebor. A fol­lo­wer of Thorin Oaken­shield, Bifur was a cla­ri­net-playing member of the famous Com­pany that chal­len­ged the might of Smaug the Golden. He lived in Erebor, the Lonely Moun­tain, after the slaying of Smaug and the sub­sequent vic­tory at Battle of Five Armies in T.A. 2941. Bifur is fondly remem­be­red in Hobbit lore as one of the four Dwarves who tum­bled into Bilbo Bag­gins smial at Gandalf’s feet, thus begin­ning a great adven­ture.
Lvl : 14. The ele­gant, beau­ti­ful and gifted daugh­ter of the aged King Bar in (North-king), Bís wed King Drúin of the other eas­tern tribe and joined the two into one King­dom at Ruu­riik in S.A. 707. Bís was a renow­ned archi­tect whose eldest son, Thro­rin, became the second King of Ruu­riik.
Bofor the Breath­less*
Lvl : 7. Bofor was an unfor­tu­nate figure from the Line of Drúin the Proud. Gro­tes­quely fat from birth, Bofor was doomed to live a seden­tary and (for a Dwarf) short life. A for­mi­dable gam­bler, he once lost and regai­ned his family’s immense wealth in one night.
Lvl : 10. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Blue Moun­tains ; later Erebor. Like his com­pa­nion Bifur (detai­led above), Bofur was a cla­ri­net-too­ting member of Thorin and Com­pany. Although a des­cen­dant of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Bofur was not of Durin’s line. After the death of Smaug in T.A. 2941, Bofur lived in Erebor.
Lvl : 11. One of Fulla II’s three sons, Bohr was the weak here­di­tary link in the power­ful ruling family of Drúin’s Line. A sni­ping, homely fellow born with his nose per­ma­nently twis­ted to one side of his puffy, angry face, Bohór never found his place in Ruu­riik. He died alone and pen­ni­less.
Lvl : 6. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Blue Moun­tains ; later Erebor. With his com­pa­nions Bifur and Bofur and Thorin Oaken­shield, the obese Bombur fell into Bilbo Baggins’s life (and across his mat), played his drum, and Hobbit lore was never the same. The clumsy Dwarf nearly drow­ned on their jour­ney ; his rescue cost the party dearly, for they nearly star­ved, car­rying and ten­ding to Bombur ins­tead of fora­ging for food through Mirk­wood.
Lvl : 16. Also known as Brain the Echo, Brain the Clumsy was the son of Thro­rin and was the third King of Ruu­riik (S.A. 859–899). He ruled for only forty years before fal­ling into a chasm in the Moun­tains of Wind. Legend says that he is buried where Naug later lost the North Hammer.
Lvl : 17. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Grey Moun­tains, later Erebor. Aka : Borin, second son of Win II. A Dwarf of Durin’s line, Borin lived with the com­mu­nity in the Grey Moun­tains until T.A. 2590, when he joined Thrór (his nephew) in Erebor, where the magni­ficent Arkens­tone was held. Trea­su­red as The-Heart-of-the-Moun­tain,” the great gem was lost in Smaug’s attack in T.A. 2770 and later reco­ve­red by Bilbo Bag­gins in 2941, after the demise of the golden Dragon. Borin lived from T.A. 2450 until T.A. 2711.
Lvl : 14. A dedi­ca­ted Cleric and Lord of Barin’s Line, Burin lived the life of an aes­thete. He was a master crafts­man who crea­ted the Three Maces of the Wind around S.A. 1055. Burin suc­cee­ded his bro­ther Darim to the throne of the Seventh House of the Dwarves in S.A. 1011. He ruled Nor­thern Ruu­riik for 92 years.
Burin the Faint*
Lvl : 14. Son of the bold Dwarf-maiden Drús II and the Lord Gum II, Burin was born late in the Third Age to power­ful and influen­tial parents. He strug­gled to find his way, and at the age of fifty, struck out on his own, esta­bli­shing a suc­cess­ful tra­ding com­pany. His daugh­ter, Drús III, was one of the reve­red Kee­pers of the Hammer.


Lvl : 13. Son of the Dwar­ven maid Grís and grand­son of Barin III, Dáin of the Mug spent his entire life bre­wing beers. He lived in the Nan Nau­grim in the Blue Moun­tains, where he crea­ted Barin’s Mead in S.A. 1300.
Dáin I
Lvl : 17. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Grey Moun­tains. King of Durin’s Folk for only four years (from T.A. 2585 until 2589), Dáin I suf­fe­red the indi­gnity of losing his life at the door to his own palace in the Grey Moun­tains. He and his son Frór were slain by a Cold-drake which remains name­less to this day.
Dáin II (Iron­foot)
Lvl : 28. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Iron Hills. Aka : Iron­foot. King of Durin’s Folk for almost eighty years (from T.A. 2941 until 3019), Dáin II lived for over two cen­tu­ries. He was a fierce and renow­ned war­rior who slew the fero­cious Orc-king Azog in the Battle of Aza­nul­bi­zar in T.A. 2799. Six years later, he became Lord of the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, the high­lands which lay east of Erebor. Dáin II led an army to rescue the besie­ged Dwarf-king Thorin II in T.A. 2941 and com­man­ded a Dwarf-force against an army of Orcs and Wargs at the Battle of Five Armies. After Thorin’s death in that battle, Dáin II became King under the Moun­tain (of Erebor). A belo­ved and bene­volent ruler, Dáin II fell in battle during the War of the Rings as he defen­ded the body of his slain Man­nish friend, King Brand of Dale, from dese­cra­tion.
Dáin the Cleric’s Foe*
Lvl : 16. Son of Balrim, a Lord of Drúin’s Line, Dáin bat­tled all rem­nants of the old ways. He ques­tio­ned the semi-divi­nity of Mahal and quar­re­led with other Dwarves in Exile who resi­ded near his home in the Blue Moun­tains.
Lvl : 13. The only son of Drárin the Fool, Dáram died figh­ting along­side his father during the Fall of Ruu­riik in S.A. 1157.
Lvl : 9. Called Wolf­sbane, Darim slew a pack of hungry Wolves when he was only seven years of age. He died in a flood that swept through the Falio­du­kûm Valley in Ruu­riik in S.A. 1011. His bro­ther Burin suc­cee­ded him as King of Barin’s House and Lord of Nor­thern Ruu­riik.
Lvl : 16. Son of Farin and father of Drúin, this Lord of Barin’s Line failed as a figh­ter and explo­rer, at last fin­ding him­self suc­cess­ful in com­merce. He main­tai­ned a flou­ri­shing trade with the Men of the East, dea­ling in arms, baked goods, and mead.
Lvl : 7. Born in T.A. 2760, Dís was a royal Dwarf-maid of Durin’s Line. A sister to Thorin Oaken­shield, she was Thráin II’s only daugh­ter and later was a mother to both Fill and Kíli, heroes slain at the Battle of Five Armies. Dís is the only Dwarf-maid among Durin’s Folk pro­mi­nently men­tio­ned in sur­vi­ving records. Read LotRIII 449,450.
Lvl : 15. Son of Thrír III and King before his bro­ther Báin III, Dóm ruled Ruu­riik in eas­tern Endor brie­fly after T.A. 1640. Since he died after a long ill­ness, sus­pi­cion was cast upon his bro­ther, the all-gras­ping Báin, a master of potions, but no foul play was ever proven.
Lvl : 8. Son of Kalin and father of Dwáin, Dór never rose above the pre­ju­dice facing a Dwarf who lacks a mar­tial spirit. He died, sad and alone, at age 145.
Lvl : 7. Of the House of Durin, Dori was one of the thir­teen Dwarves to com­prise Thorin and Com­pany, the suc­cess­ful expe­di­tion that drove Smaug out of Erebor and seized his booty in T.A. 2941. Dori also fought at the Battle of Five Armies. Content to play his flute and eat well, Dori set­tled in Erebor the­reaf­ter. Read Hob 9, 13, 32 ; LotRI 302 ; LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 11. Son of Thráin the Wan­de­rer (in the Line of Drain), Dralin spent his entire life in Ruu­riik, where he served as the King’s envoy to the court of Barin’s House.
Drarin the Fool*
Lvl : 14. Of the Line of Barin, Drarin was the seventh King of the Seventh House of the Nau­grim. He ruled Nor­thern Ruu­riik in eas­tern Endor and was a contem­po­rary of the heroic Drui­nin Orc-slayer in the Twelfth Cen­tury, Second Age. During the war against the Balrog Múar, facing the deci­ma­tion of his tribe, King Drarin led his war­riors on an impos­sible assault to cap­ture the Troll-guard near Brûl Falio­du­kûm. His host was slaugh­te­red and Drarin and his son Dáram were muti­la­ted in the attack (S.A. 1157).
Drarin the Wise*
Lvl : 11. An early his­to­rian of his Folk, Drarin recor­ded the tale of the two tribes of the East before his death in S.A. 102. A favo­rite of the Kings he served, Drarin advi­sed the rulers of Ruu­riik as well, ser­ving three Kings.
Drúhar the Dawn­war­rior*
Lvl : 18. Drúhar the Dawn­war­rior was the son of Barin II and the third King of Barin’s House (S.A. 814–99). A fero­cious Second Age figh­ter, Drúhar slew a score of Orcs and Eas­ter­lings at the Battle of the Gates. His epi­thet sterns from Drúhar taste for atta­cking his ene­mies at dawn, as they arose or rea­ched for their wea­pons. He died ten years later, ambu­shed by Orcs out­side Ruu­riik.
Drúhar II*
Lvl : 9. Deser­ted by the rem­nants of Drúin’s deci­ma­ted Folk (after Múar’s trea­chery in S.A. 1157). This noble of Barin’s Line fathe­red Glein and fought heroi­cally at the Battle of the Pass in S.A. 1240, slaying ten Orcs with his axe and blade. His grand­son, Drúnin Orc-slayer, aven­ged the slaugh­ter of S.A. 1157.
Lvl : 15. Ano­ther Dwarf-lord who suf­fe­red through the siege and bur­ning of Ruu­riik in S.A. 1157, Drúin fathe­red a son, Drúin II, and fought valiantly in the long and dark Years of Trea­chery. A well-spoken mili­tary leader, Drúin is said to have given moving speeches before battle, ins­pi­ring his troops to remar­kable feats of heroism.
Drúin the Deran­ged*
Lvl : 13. Aptly named, this Dwarf-lord and son of Náin the Miner did battle against all foes and most friends. Records of that time (mid-Third Age) indi­cate that Drúin the Deran­ged slew at least a dozen fellow Dwarves whom he ima­gi­ned had impu­gned his honor, atta­cking some of them as they ate a meal or sipped mead.
Drúin the Proud*
Lvl : 17. Head of the Line of Drúin (of the Lesser Dwarves of the East), Drúin the Proud was the Father of the Sixth House of the Nau­grim. During the early Second Age, he led his people east­ward across the Anduin and sou­thern Ruu­riik arid down into the Chey lands. When he died there around S.A. 673, his son Drúin the Youn­ger remo­ved the House fur­ther to the east, even­tually set­tling the Line in Ruu­riik.
Drúin the Youn­ger*
Lvl : 25. Drúin was born in the Chey lands around S.A. 625 and led his people into the East after his father’s death in S.A. 673. He was the second King of Drúin’s House. Foun­der of the Walled King­dom of Ruu­riik, Drúin fol­lo­wed Balli and boldly led his tribe to their new home high in the moun­tains. Drúin the Youn­ger wed Bís and was the proud father of two mai­dens, Grís and Nurís, a rare feat. In return for Bís’s hand, Drúin gran­ted his aged father-in-law, King Barin, a fief cove­ring the nor­thern half of the King­dom of Ruu­riik. Barin was the­reaf­ter known as First Vassal and King of Nor­thern Ruu­riik.
Drúin II*
Lvl : 14. Son of Drúin and King of Nor­thern Ruu­riik for less than three days, Drúin II became Lord of Barin’s House when King Drarin the Fool per­ished figh­ting at Brûl Falio­du­kûm. A bold war­rior, he led his army against Orcs and Trolls in the Moun­tains of the Wind, losing only one battle, his last. He died figh­ting the Balrog Múar in S.A. 1157.
Drúnin Orc-Slayer*
Lvl : 17. A valiant war­rior and savior of his home­land and tribe, Drúnin slew a score of Orcs at the Battle of the Fall, S.A. 1148. The­reaf­ter, he gathe­red toge­ther the tat­te­red rem­nants of the two tribes and led them to safety in the holy mine in the heart of burned and ruined Dwarf-stron­ghold of Ruu­riik. Drúnin fell in an ambush in S.A. 1152, slain by a party of Eas­ter­lings and Orcs.
Lvl : 7. Drúis was a beau­ti­ful Dwarf-maiden of Barin’s House who dis­co­ve­red the Secret of the North in T.A. 1639. A talen­ted explo­rer, she pro­du­ced a revi­sion of the map of the nor­thern range of the Moun­tains of the Wind.
Drús II (The Bold)*
Lvl : 15. A tena­cious figh­ter and Orc-slayer, Drús II ruled the Line of Barin in Ruu­riik for fifty-six years, until a man­nish Bear-trap tore him in two in S.A. 909. He once stood off a dozen Fale war­riors with his axe and shield, as his kin fled to safety.
Drús III*
Lvl : 10. A Keeper of the Hammer and Lord of Khazad-madûr, Drús III served among the last of the rulers of the great King­dom in the East. A bold and wily cleric, Drús never doub­ted the strength of her tribe and was sad­de­ned by its deci­ma­tion in the Second Age.
Durin I
(The Early Years — Lvl : 49. The Later Years — Lvl : 77). Race : Dwarf (Foun­der of the House of Durin). Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Khazad-dûm. Aka : The Father ; First­king. The most reve­red of all Dwarves, Durin I awoke far back in the Eldar Days, as the Long­beards first stir­red, and tra­ve­led to Aza­nul­bi­zar, the broad and beau­ti­ful valley east of the Misty Moun­tains. A soli­tary pil­grim, he boldly named the vale. Enrap­tu­red by the beauty of a crys­tal-clear lake which he called Kheled-zâram (the Mir­ror­mere), Durin expe­rien­ced a vision : a crown of seven stars swir­led around his head, although it was day­time. Durin’s Crown, as the Dwarves called the halo, is known and held in awe by all Dwarves. At the site of the vision, a wea­the­red stone pillar became Durin’s Stone, ano­ther place held in reve­rence by the Khazâd.
Nearby, Durin foun­ded the great Dwarf-king­dom of Khazad-dûm (or Moria), sha­ping the caves above the lake to suit his tastes, and gathe­red Long­beards to his side. In the Second Age, Durin and his smiths accom­pli­shed a feat unpa­ral­le­led in all of Middle-earth : the buil­ding of the End­less Stair and at its peak, Durin’s Tower. An unen­ding spiral stair­case cut into the living stone, the brea­th­ta­king walk­way takes one thou­sand steps, from the depths of the caverns to the summit of the Sil­ver­tine.
Durin lived for so long that many belie­ved him to be immor­tal. He was not. Yet after his death, five heirs in the Second and Third Ages have so resem­bled Durin I that they recei­ved his name, for many Dwarves belie­ved each to be a rein­car­na­tion of the first Durin.
Durin II
Lvl : 14. Durin II ruled Khazad-dûm in the Second Age, in the 700s. He is thought to have been King at the time of the construc­tion of the enchan­ted West-gate of Moria, built by Narvi and his Dwarf-crafts­men to encou­rage trade bet­ween the Dwarves and the Elves of Ere­gion. Read LotRI 398 ; See ICE’s Moria.
Durin III
Lvl : 35. Second Age King of Khazad-dûm, Durin III ruled the Dwarves when Cele­brim­bor forged the Rings of Power in the 1500s. As a gift, Durin III was given the fore­most of the seven Dwarf-rings by the Elves, who judged him their friend. Unable to be domi­na­ted and control­led by Sauron’s Ruling Ring, Dwarves none­the­less fell victim to greed and as a race, decli­ned in power and fell from grace with the pas­sage of time. (For Durin III’s prin­ci­pal items, see the Durin I entry.) Read LotRIII 445. See ICE’s Moria 14, 18.
Durin VI
Lvl : 28. Born in T.A. 1731, this King of Khazad-dûm lived in rela­tive peace until 1980, when his del­ving under Caradh­ras for the mithril-lode relea­sed the Balrog. The evil spirit slew Durin VI, and the next year, his son, Náin I. Moria was aban­do­ned by the Dwarves after Náin’s death. Read LotRIII 439, 450. See ICE’s Moria 15, 19.
Durin VII
Lvl : 17. Last King of Durin’s Folk, Thorin (III) Sto­ne­helm of Erebor pro­clai­med him­self Durin VII and led his dimi­ni­shed race for­lornly into the Fourth Age. The Dwarves believe that Durin VII is indeed the seventh and final incar­na­tion of Durin the Death­less. Read LotRIII 450. See ICE’s Moria 17, 20.
Durí the Rider*
Lvl : 13. A mas­ter­ful rider whose accom­pli­shed hor­se­man­ship is immor­ta­li­zed in the Scrolls of the Two Tribes, Durí served as a mes­sen­ger of Drúin’s Folk while they lived in the West. She was a friend of Gil-galad of Lindon, who gave the Dwarf-maiden her first horse.
Lvl : 12. Son of Dór and father of Rúrin Clif­flord, Dwáin was a vain and shift­less lord who left no legacy of note.
Lvl : 9. Second son of Fundin, Dwálin was born in T.A. 2772 and was one of the few Dwarves who formed part of Thorin and Com­pany to live into the Fourth Age. After the clean­sing of Erebor, Dwálin set­tled there. Read Hob 7, 13 ; LotRIII 446, 450.
Lvl : 43. Dwálin was the Father of the Third House of the Nau­grim. During the First Age, he led his people into the Blue Moun­tains (S. Ered Luin”). There, to the east of Bele­riand, he foun­ded the city of Bele­gost.


Lvl : 18. A mid-Third Age Dwarf of noble heri­tage and a mar­tial spirit, Falin sought to over­throw King Báin and funded a scheme to embar­rass or under­cut the Dwarf king’s power and pres­tige. See ICE’s Moria 67.
Farin, Son of Borin
Lvl : 17. Born in T.A. 2560, Farin was the son of Bonin and fathe­red Fundin and Groin before his death in 2803. Farin was first in the rene­wed line of Kings under the Moun­tain. Read LotRIII 450.
Farin, Son of Drús*
Lvl : 10. Cousin of King Gurn, Lord of Barin’s Folk, Farin was a Lord in Nor­thern Ruu­riik. He died figh­ting Orcs in S.A. 884.
Lvl : 14. Born in T.A. 2859, Fíli lived a short (by Dwar­ven stan­dards) but heroic life. Of Durin’s line, the fiddle-playing Fíli could proudly claim Dís as his mother and called Thorin II Uncle.” At the Battle of Five Armies, in 2941, Fíli and his bro­ther Kíli were slain by Orcs as they valiantly attemp­ted to defend Thorin’s body from dese­cra­tion. Read Hob 8, 13, 291 ; LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 10. An espe­cially fierce war­rior and Orc-slayer, Flói was hit by an Orc-arrow and slain in battle out­side the Great Gates of Moria in T.A. 2989. The war­rior had fol­lo­wed Balin there in an ill-fated attempt to rid the region of evil beings and in the effort, sur­ren­de­red his life. Flói was buried in a site of honor near Lake Kheled-zâram (the Mir­ror­mere), for Balin’s Dwarves had no access to the burial tombs inside Khazad-dûm at that time. Read LotRI 418.
Lvl : 11. Frár too tra­ve­led with Balin to take hack the halls of Khazad-dûm from defi­ling Orcs and Trolls. Like many of his com­pa­triots, Frár was slain in battle at Durin’s Bridge in T.A. 2994, just five years after the colony had pro­clai­med Balin Lord of Moria.” The inci­dent is recor­ded in the famed Book of Mazar­bul. Read LotRI 419.
Lvl : 12. Bro­ther to Drús, Freri ruled in the Line of Barin, in Ruu­riik, early in the Second Age. He was slain by Eas­ter­lings on a scou­ting foray at the age of 112.
Frerin of Erebor
Lvl : 14. A royal-bloo­ded war­rior-Dwarf of Erebor, Frerin was Thráin II’s youn­ger son. Bro­ther to Thorin Oaken­shield and Dís, Frerin esca­ped Erebor with his family in T.A. 2770 during the attack by Smaug the Golden. The­reaf­ter he, like so many of his kind, lived in heart-ren­ding exile. At the battle of Aza­nul­bi­zar (in T.A. 2799), Frerin was slain beside Fundin as they led the first assault upon the Orcs inha­bi­ting Moria. Read LotRIII 440, 443, 450.
Frerin of Ruu­riik*
Lvl : 13. A Keeper of the Hammer and Lord of Khazad-madûr, Frerin per­ished mid-Second Age at the hands of the Slayer Ûlthug.
Lvl : 10. Daugh­ter of Róin, Freris mar­ried Fulla and gave birth to Fulla II Storm­dod­ger, renow­ned in his tribe in Ruu­riik. Freris was said to be the pret­tiest Dwarf-maiden in five cen­tu­ries, and many songs and poems cele­bra­ted her wit and demea­nor.
Lvl : 16. Of royal blood, Frór was Dáin I’s second son. With his father, who was King of the Grey Moun­tains colony, Frór was killed by a great Cold-drake at the gate to their vast hall in T.A. 2589. Not long the­reaf­ter, the Grey Moun­tain Dwarves moved on, in search of a more hos­pi­table cli­mate. Read LotRIII 440,450.
Lvl : 16. Son of the Dwarf-lord Gurh II, Frúhar sired Balrim. This noble of Drúin’s Line is most note­wor­thy for his poems and songs, some of which remain in the lore of lost Ruu­riik to this day.
Lvl : 17. Báin II was the eighth King in the First Line of the House of Drúin and the seventh King of Ruu­riik. He was the eldest son of Báin II. Fulla ruled his tribe for nearly eighty years (S.A. 914–993) before yiel­ding the throne to his son, Fulla II Storm­dod­ger.
Fulla II Storm­dod­ger
Lvl : 18. A power­ful war­rior full of guile, Fulla II car­ried on the Line of Drúin for over a cen­tury, yiel­ding control of the tribe to his son Thrír in S.A. 1095). He was the eighth King of Ruu­riik and the ninth Lord of Drúin’s House. Fulla II had an uncanny knack of out­gues­sing storms and it is said, was never caught in the wilds by an unex­pec­ted storm, a rare gift in the wild and moun­tai­nous regions in which he lived and ruled.
Fulla III*
Lvl : 18. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Iron Hills ; later Grey Moun­tains. House of Barin North-king. The Dwarf-lord of the small wes­tern branch of Barin’s Folk, Fulla consi­de­red him­self a King. He was a des­cen­dant of Balli Sto­ne­hand, the Dwar­ven Ani­mist who went into the East in S.A. 2711. Like all of Balli’s direct heirs,” Fulla was named for Balli’s best friend.
Fulla was a renow­ned slayer of Orcs, who ruled a pair of Dwar­ven cities (Aza­nu­lin­bar and Barak-sha­thur) in the Iron Hills during the middle years of the Third Age. After his death, his des­cen­dants ruled his domain the upper Carnen Valley until the arri­val of Durin’s Folk around T.A. 2770.
Fulla VII*
Lvl : 25. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Ruu­riik (eas­tern Endor). Aka : Fulla Sto­ne­hand. Heir of Drúin’s line, the stun­ted and homely Lord Fulla led an expe­di­tion of Dwarves into the East in S.A. 2711. The party roamed east­ward, star­ting from the Blue Moun­tains and stop­ping in the Iron Hills along the way. Their jour­ney took thirty years, but even­tually (S.A. 2741) they rea­ched their des­ti­na­tion : the Dwarf-hold of Khazad-madûr in Ruu­riik.
By the end of S.A. 2741, Fulla and Balli had ended the hor­rible reign of the Demon-king and recap­tu­red the whole Dwarf-realm. They clean­sed the ancient sub­ter­ra­nean capi­tal of Ahulë (Akhuz­dah) of Orcs and began rebuil­ding the ancient domain. After great rejoi­cing and the music of flutes and fiddles and drums in the halls, the heroic Dwarf-lord was crow­ned Fulla VII, King of Ruu­riik. As such, Fulla became the over­lord of the Two Tribes of the Walled Land : both Drúin’s and Barin’s Folk.
Lvl : 15. Like almost every Dwarf-war­rior of the Third Age, Fundin fell in battle. Son of Farin (of Durin’s line), he fathe­red Balin and Dwálin and was killed by Orcs at the Battle of Aza­nul­bi­zar in T.A. 2799. Read LotRIII 443,450.


Lvl : 10. The trai­to­rous and venal cap­tain of the guards of Moria in T.A. 1640, Gáin accom­pa­nied a party of adven­tu­rers hoping to claim the heir­looms and other trea­sures hidden deep within Khazad-dûm. See ICE’s Moria 67.
Lvl : 8 (Lvl : 21 after F.A.). Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Erebor, the Lonely Moun­tain. Aka : « Elf-friend »; « Lock­bea­rer »; « Son of Glóin. » A valuable and able member of the Fel­low­ship of the Ring (TA. 3018–19), Gimli was the son of Glóin, of the Lonely Moun­tain colony. His uncle Óin and his father had both accom­pa­nied Thorin Oaken­shield to Erebor in T.A. 2941, toge­ther with eleven other Dwarves, Gan­dalf and Bilbo Bag­gins, to stay Smaug and to reclaim the King­dom under the Moun­tain. (Their struggle is recor­ded in Bag­gins” book, « There And Back Again. ») Thus, Gimli’s impres­sive accom­plish­ments should not sur­prise us.
Unlike many of his fellow Dwarves, Gimli sur­vi­ved the War of the Ring and was named Lord of the Glit­te­ring Caves (of Agla­rond, in Helm’s Deep). He proved to be a devo­ted ally to the Men of Rohan and Gondor as well as to Elrond’s Elves.
A Fourth Age entry in the Red Book states that Gimli sailed west over the Sea with Lego­las after the Pas­sing of Eles­sar (Aragon II) in F.A. 120. This unique honor was accor­ded a rare Dwarf who pos­ses­sed com­pas­sion and fore­sight as well as cou­rage and tena­city.
Gimlin the Unwise*
Lvl : 11. An early ruler of the Line of Barin in eas­tern Endor, Gimlin chose to attack the Orcs and Trolls of the Moun­tains of the Wind in their caves, as they slept.” His body was never found.
Lvl : 12. Son of Drúhar II, Glein ruled as King of Nor­thern Ruu­riik and Lord of Barin’s House from S.A. 1032–¬1103. He fell at the hands of Fale Eas­ter­lings in the Battle of the Moss in S.A. 1103.
Glein II*
Lvl : 14. Son of Gurn II, Sur­vi­vor Lord, Glein tasted defeat early, at the Battle of Living Rock (near the gates into Ruu­riik) in S.A. 1157. He was sur­roun­ded by Orcs and cut to pieces, but he single-han­dedly held the defile while his fol­lo­wers safely made their retreat.
Lvl : 13. King of Durin’s Folk in the Grey Moun­tains (from T.A. 2283 until 2385), Glóin was the son of Thorin I. (He is not to be confu­sed with Glóin, son of Gróin, who lived into the Fourth Age.) Read LotRIII 450.
Glóin Son of Groin
Lvl : 16. Of Durin’s line, Glóin boldly accom­pa­nied Thorin Oaken­shield in his attempt to reclaim Erebor from Smaug in T.A. 2941. Sur­vi­ving the battle, Glóin became weal­thy and influen­tial among his Folk, and in T.A. 3018, he tra­ve­led (with his son Gimli) to Riven­dell, where he coun­se­led with Elrond and Lady Gala­driel. Read Hob 9 ; LotRI 300, 316–317 ; LotRIII 445,450.
Lvl : 14. Fourth son of the famed Dwarf-maiden Grís Mixed­blood, this noble of Drúin’s Line never found his place among the com­ba­tive and mar­tial ele­ments of Ruuriik’s ruling elite. Glorin is remar­kable in that he main­tai­ned a steady and pro­fi­table tra­ding rela­tion­ship with Men throu­ghout the trou­bled early Second Age.
Glorin Last­king*
Lvl : 14. As his name states, Glorin was the last King of the First Line of the House of Barin in Ruu­riik. After suc­cee­ding King Drúin the Fool in S.A. 1157, he died figh­ting the Demon-king Múar. His reign lasted only a week. For­tu­na­tely, his deci­ma­ted tribe sur­vi­ved, but in greatly redu­ced num­bers.
Grís Mixed­blood*
Lvl : 8. Dwarf-maiden noted in song and story, Grís was the daugh­ter of Drúin the Youn­ger, ruler and hero of the Second Tribe of Ruu­riik. She fathe­red four sons, none of whom was des­ti­ned to rule their folk. Immen­sely talen­ted, she advi­sed her hus­band wisely and was the sister of Nurís, Nár and King Thorin.
Lvl : 11. Of Durin’s line, Gróin was Farina’s son and fathe­red Gin and Glóin. Gróin lived in the Third Age, from 2671–¬2923. Read LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 7. In T.A. 1640, Grolin, a trai­tor playing the part of a court jester among the com­monly dour Dwarves, served with the noble and mar­tial Dwarf Falin, who year­ned to over­throw King Báin (to whom Grolin him­self bore an uncanny resem­blance). See ICE’s Moria 67.
Lvl : 15. Also of Durin’s line, Gror was Dáin I’s youn­gest son and later fathe­red Náin. Gror is the foun­der of the Dwarf stron­ghold in the Iron Hills, in T.A. 2590, and the grand­fa­ther of Dáin (II) Iron­foot. Read LotRIII 440, 450.
Lvl : 14. Son of Gurin (of the Line of Drúin), this Dwarf-lord chal­len­ged Báin for control of the tribe and its army early in the Second Age. He lost the argu­ment and sur­ren­de­red to a quie­ter fate, dying of brain fever at the age of 145.
Gura III
Lvl : 18. Son of Glein II, Gura III ruled in Ruu­riik for 55 years. Of the Line of Barin, Gura refor­ti­fied the Dwarf cita­del in the Moun­tains and held off the Orcs and Trolls bea­ting at the gates for ages. He died abed at 132 years of age.
Gurh II*
Lvl : 15. Son of Thráin the Wan­de­rer, a Lord of Drúin’s Line, Gurh II fathe­red Frúhar early in the Third Age. A leader in Ruuriik’s society, the mar­tial Gurh bat­tled Giants and Orcs and sur­vi­ved to the age of 194. He died ten­ding his rock garden near the Hidden Gate.
Lvl : 11. Son of Dáram, Gurim was the right­ful heir to the King­ship in the Line of Baring. As a child, he was forced to leave Ruu­riik during the war with Múar in S.A. 1157. His father and his mother accom­pa­nied Drúin’s Folk west­ward to the Blue Moun­tains. Gurim lived only 80 years, ever heart­bro­ken.
Lvl : 12. Son of the famed Dwarf-maid Grís Mixed­blood, Gurin and his three bro­thers chal­len­ged King Bróin for control of the East-dwarves in Ruu­riik for 100 years. A sol­dier and smith, he proved to be an irra­tio­nal diplo­mat. Gurin fathe­red Gulla.
Lvl : 10. Son of Drúhar, Gum ruled the Dwarf-tribe of Barin brie­fly in the Second Age.
Gurn II
Lvl : 15. Also called the Sur­vi­vor Lord, Gurn was a noble Dwarf-lord who led Barin’s Folk into Khazad-madûr during the last days of the Fall of Ruu­riik (S.A. 1157). His strength and vigi­lance enabled the besie­ged Dwarves to sur­vive nume­rous assaults by the armies of Múar. This impri­so­ned rem­nant of Barin’s Folk stayed in Khazad-madûr long after Gurn’s death in S.A. 1180. A reve­red cleric, he was also a Keeper of the Hammer.


Lvl : 15. Second son of the famed Dwarf-maiden Grís Mixed­blood, Kaolin joined his older bro­ther Dáin to attempt a bloo­dless over­throw of King Bróin of Ruu­riik. Of the Line of Drúin, the proud and com­ba­tive Kalin failed in the coup, spent seve­ral years impri­so­ned in his house, and emer­ged chas­ti­sed in the Second Age. Kalin fathe­red Dór and died of Orc-wounds in S.A. 1430.
Lvl : 12. Of Durin’s line, the fiddle-playing Kíli and his bro­ther Fíli joined Thorin (their uncle) and Com­pany and died at the Battle of Five Armies (in T.A. 2941) defen­ding their fallen leader’s body from dese­cra­tion by Orcs and their Wargs. Read hob 8, 13, 291 ; LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 9. An artist at heart, Kuri vani­shed in the Moun­tains of the Wind in S.A. 1210, sear­ching for just the right shade of gray for an ornate set of sto­ne­ware. He was the unfor­tu­nate son of Freri.


Lvl : 7. A Dwarf of Barin’s House, betrayed his cousin Balli by sel­ling Balli’s battle plan to the agents of Khamûl the Nazgûl. Khamûl in turn cap­tu­red Balli. Líli was later brought to jus­tice by King Fulla Sto­ne­hand, who slew the trai­tor with one blow of his hammer.
Lvl : 14. A Dwarf of the Lonely Moun­tain, Lóni accom­pa­nied Balin to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 2989 and was killed by Orcs five years later while defen­ding Durin’s Bridge from ram­pa­ging Goblin hordes. Read LotR 1419.


Lvl : 12, Son of Grór (of the House of Durin), Náin was the father of Win Iron­foot. At the battle of Aza­nul­bi­zar in T.A. 2799, Náin chal­len­ged Azog, the Orc-chief­tain, to combat and was slain. In fit­ting retri­bu­tion, Náin” s son then behea­ded Azog and led the Dwarf-host of the Iron Hills to vic­tory at the gates of Moria. Read LotRIII 443, 450.
Náin the Miner — Lvl : 17. Second son of King Thro­rin, Náin ruled the King­dom of Ruu­riik (in eas­tern Endor) after the unti­mely death of his bro­ther, Bróin the Echo. Obses­sed with dis­co­ve­ring gold and mithril in the Moun­tains of Wind, Náin passed half his life in such pur­suits and unco­ve­red little of value. Unable to find a wife, he moped for twenty years before his death in the Second Age.
Náin I
Lvl : 21. Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Moria (Khazad-dûm), Aka : Last King of Khazad-dûm. Son of Durin VI, Náin I ruled the upper cham­bers of the great Dwar­ven stron­ghold of Khazad-dûm (Moria) in T.A. 1980 ; the Under­deeps belon­ged to the evil First Age Fire-spirit known as the Balrog, which had slain his father. lust a year after his assump­tion to rule, Náin I too was killed by the Terror, and his fol­lo­wers aban­do­ned their once-ele­gant and ancient man­sions to the Balrog and other, lesser evils.
Náin II
Lvl : 17. King of Durin’s Folk from T.A. 2488 until 2585, Náin II lived and ruled in the Grey Moun­tains, just after the foun­ding of a colony in Erebor. He was a rarity among Dwarf-regents, dying off the bat­tle­field and abed at 247 years of age. Read LotRII 450.
Náli — Lvl 14. A fierce figh­ter, Náli left the Lonely Moun­tain and tra­ve­led with Balin to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 2989, where he was later killed in combat with Orcs while unsuc­cess­fully defen­ding Burin’s Bridge. Read LotRI 419.
Lvl : 14. Second son of King Drúin the Youn­ger, Nár grew up in the vast caverns of Ruu­riik under the sway of his older bro­ther, Thró­rin, who even­tually ruled the Dwarf-king­dom. A keen-eyed bat­tler of Orcs and Eas­ter­lings, Nár died in battle at 112 in the Second Age. (He is not to be confu­sed with Nar, com­pa­nion of Thrór.)
Nar Thrór’s-Friend
Lvl : 11. An old and trus­ted com­pa­nion of King Thrór’s, Nar was unce­re­mo­niously sent by the Orcs inha­bi­ting Khazad-dam to taunt the Dwarves with news of Thrór’s brutal murder at the claws of Azog. The cas­ting of the behea­ded King’s body from the Great Gates of Moria fomen­ted the War bet­ween the Dwarves and the Orcs, which began in T.A. 2793 and lasted for six years, lea­ding to the decline of Durin’s Folk as a race. Read LotRIII 441–442,
Lvl : 15. A Second Age stone wright, Narvi carved the magni­ficent Doors of Durin, the West-gate of Khazad-dûm. Built of Ithil­din (deri­ved from mithril), the gate was enchan­ted by the Elven-smith Cele­brim­bor, who kindly engra­ved Narvi’s name upon it. Read LotRI 398.
Naug Zigil­dûm
Lvl : 28. Race : Dwarf (of Barin’s Folk), Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Fighter. Home : Ruu­riik- Aka : The Hammer ; the Mirror-lord. Naug Zigil­dûm was the son of Orí and the Dwarf Lord Galin Drúi­nakh. He became King of Ruu­riik in T.A. 100 and ruled the Walled Land in eas­tern­most Endor until his death in T.A., 280. His reign marked the dawn of the Age of the Hammer in the East.
Aside from com­ple­ting the res­to­ra­tion of Ruu­riik begun by Fulla XIV, Naug is best known for having reco­ve­red the famous North Hammer from the Halls of the Mirror. He jour­neyed to the foul Halls in early S.A. 3441. The sub­ter­ra­nean cham­bers were loca­ted deep beneath the moun­tain called Umla­her Danali, the highest peak in the Iron Moun­tains, and once com­pri­sed an upper Deep within Utumno. Most of the Halls sur­vi­ved Utumno’s des­truc­tion in the First Age. They were par­tially res­to­red by the ser­vants of the Nazgûl Hoan­nû­rath of Dír in the late Second Age, who used the del­ving to house the enchan­ted Mithril Mirror- Wres­ted from the Dwarf-lord Zigi­lûk along with the North Hammer, the Mirror was pur­por­tedly a gift from Mahal (Aulë) and was the­re­fore sacred to the Nau­grim.
Lvl : 11. Of the House of Durin, Nori was a member of the famed Dwar­ven group of twelve, Thorin and Com­pany. They set out in T.A. 2941 to reclaim Erebor from Smaug, and with the death of the Golden Dragon and the vic­tory at the Battle of Five Armies, they suc­cee­ded in their quest. The flute-playing Nori remai­ned in the recap­tu­red Dwarf-dwel­lings at Erebor and lived com­for­ta­bly, a res­pec­ted war­rior and seeker. Read Hob 9. 13,32 ; LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 8. A lithe and lovely Dwarf-maiden, Nurís was one of Drúin the Younger’s two daugh­ters ; the other was Grís Mixed­blood. Much to her father’s cha­grin, Nurís never wed, consi­de­ring her­self much better loo­king than any other Dwarf in his­tory and a sui­table match for the hand­so­mest of Men. Unfor­tu­na­tely, none came along, and she died alone and child­less at 127 years of age early in the Second Age.


Lvl : 13. Grand­son of Thorin I, of Durin’s Folk, Óin was King of the Grey Moun­tain Dwarves from T.A. 2385 until 2488, when he died. This Dwarf-king is not to be confu­sed with the later Óin, a com­pa­nion of Thorin Oaken­shield. Read LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 12. The elder son of Gróin, Óin lived for over 200 years in the Third Age. A member of Thorin and Com­pany, he remai­ned in Erebor after Smaug’s death in T.A. 2941 and fathe­red Gimli Elf-friend. In T.A. 2989, he accom­pa­nied Balin to Khazad-dûm. Five years later, Óin was slain by a ten­ta­cled Wat­cher in the Water at the Orc-infes­ted stron­ghold also known as Moria. Read Hob 9 ; LotRI 302, 418–419 ; LotRIII 450.
Lvl : 13. The flute-playing Orí was one of Thorin Oakenshield’s twelve cohorts on his famed expe­di­tion to drive Smaug from the Lonely Moun­tain and to seize the Dragon’s trea­sure. Later, Orí tra­vel­led to Khazad-dûm with Balin and Óin in T.A. 2989. He died a hero in T.A. 2994 defen­ding the Cham­ber of Mazar­bul, slain by a host of Orcs as he recor­ded the last valiant efforts of the expe­di­tion in the Book of Mazar­bul, a must-rea­ding for every Dwarf. Read Hob 9, 13 ; LotRI 302, 418 ; LotRIII 450.


Lvl : 21. Race : Dwarf (of Dwálin” s Folk). Pro­fes­sion : Ranger. Home : The Nan Nau­grim in the wes­tern Fred Luin. Aka : Second of the Seven Lords of the Stone Hammer.
Rálin was born at Zagra­ga­thol in the Ered Luin around S.A. 3380. The second son of King Rúlin, he was fated from birth to be the Second of the Seven Lords of the Stone Hammer. Accor­ding to Dwar­ven legend, the Hammer, also known as the Great Stone Hammer, was a gift from Mahal (Aulë) to Dwálin, the King of the Second Tribe of the Khazad (and later the Lord of Bele­gost)- It was one of Seven Ham­mers of the Seven Tribes. (Ano­ther of these enchan­ted sym­bols was the North Hammer des­cri­bed above.)
In the years that fol­lo­wed this strange mee­ting of mis­mat­ched com­pa­nions, Rálin gathe­red the remai­ning parts of the Great Stone Hammer. He then played a major part of the united effort that lead to hal­ting the awful legacy of Ungo­liant called the Eägoth (« Enemy of Exis­tence »), as well as the des­truc­tion of three evil Avar Mages : Arda­nien, Mour­mael­gax, and Jírd­fos.
Rúrin Clif­flord
Lvl : 15. Son of Dwáin, a noble Dwarf of the Line of Drúin, Rúrin lived a soli­tary exis­tence, expe­ri­men­ting to create the per­fect armor for his endan­ge­red tribe. His vital work was inter­rup­ted by Orc-wars and Giants and even a Balrog, but he resu­med, and at his death in mid-Second Age, had neared suc­cess. The col­lapse of the Ruu­riik King­dom doomed the conti­nua­tion of his meti­cu­lous research, which was lost in the cham­bers where he passed most of his 158 years.


Lvl : 17. Son of King Báin of Ruu­riik, Thalin ruled the Eas­tern Dwarf-tribes for more than a cen­tury in the Second Age, through an era of strife with their Man­nish neigh­bors and outright War against the Orcs and Eas­ter­lings native to the region. Thalin fathe­red Báin II, Róin and Balin.
Thelór — Lvl : 39. Thelór was the Father of the Fifth House of the Nau­grim. At the begin­ning of the Second Age, he led his people nor­th­ward, where they brie­fly set­tled in the peak that would later be Mount Gun­da­bad. He later remo­ved his people east­ward to the Moun­tains of Rhûn. Thelór was slain there during a fight with his bro­ther Thúlin.
Thorin I
Lvl : 19. King of Durin’s Folk for a hun­dred years (begin­ning in T.A. 2190), Thorin I led a contin­gent of Dwarves from Erebor north to the Grey Moun­tains, where he was the first King of that colony. He died in T.A. 2289. Read LotRIII 440, 450.
Thorin II
Level : 27. Race : Dwarf (of Durin’s Folk). Pro­fes­sion : Warrior/​Figh­ter. Home : Erebor ; later Dun­land ; later Ered Luin. Aka : Thorin Oaken­shield. Master of the golden harp and a tena­cious figh­ter, Thorin II was born in T.A. 2746. He was the eldest son of the Dwarf-king Thráin II. At twenty-four, he and his family were igno­mi­niously chased from Erebor by Smaug ; they lived as exiled in Dun­land until 2790. At the age of 53, he fought boldly at the Battle of Aza­nul­bi­zar, where he earned the moni­ker « Oaken­shield » by using an oak limb as both a club and a shield in bea­ting back Orcs. Fol­lo­wing that debi­li­ta­ting vic­tory, Thráin II moved his fol­lo­wers to the Blue Moun­tains (S. « Ered Luin »). When his father disap­pea­red on a jour­ney to Erebor in T.A. 2845, Thorin IT was crow­ned King of Durin’s exiled Folk.
For nearly a cen­tury, Thorin II tended to his people, buil­ding their num­bers and wealth. Thorin II (the just-crow­ned King Under the Moun­tain) was killed shortly the­reaf­ter in the Battle of Five Armies, wiel­ding mer­ci­lessly the Elf-sword Orcrist until he fell. His dying words to Bilbo Bag­gins, prai­sing the Hob­bits pos­ses­sion of both cou­rage and wisdom, is one of Middle-earth’s most moving fare­wells. Thorin II was entom­bed under the Lonely Moun­tain with the Arkens­tone of Thráin, a brilliant white gem of ines­ti­mable value, upon his chest. The Orcrist was laid upon his tomb, glo­wing a vivid blue to warn of the approach of Ores.
Thorin III
Lvl : 21. King of Durin’s Folk in Erebor after Sauron’s fall and a war­rior-hero of the War of the Ring, Thorin Sto­ne­helm (as he was known) led his race into the Fourth Age. He was born in T.A. 2866. Read LotRIII 450, 469.
Thráin I — Lvl : 18. King of Durin’s Folk for over 200 years (T.A. 1981–2190), Thráin the Old (as he was called by Thráin II) led the Dwarves from Khazad-dûm and into Erebor, where in T.A. 1999, he foun­ded the King­dom under the Moun­tain. Deep within the Lonely Moun­tain, Thráin I dis­co­ve­red the Arkens­tone, heir­loom of Durin’s House which was later lost to Smaug and then reco­ve­red by Bilbo Bag­gins. Read Hob 22 ; LotRIII 439–450.
Thráin II
Lvl : 19. King of Durin’s exiled Folk for sixty years (T.A. 2790–2850), Thráin II led the Dwarves against the Orcs and Wargs in their War (in T.A. 2793–99): he lost an eye at the fate­ful Battle of Aza­nul­bi­zar. Driven by greed and a lust for power, Thráin II left the Blue Moun­tains with his fol­lo­wers in T.A. 2841, hea­ding for the Lonely Moun­tain. In 2845, after years of incon­clu­sive wan­de­ring, the valiant but vain King was seized by Orcs in Mirk­wood and impri­so­ned in Dol Guldur. His Dwar­ven Ring of Power was taken away, the last of the Seven Rings, and he him­self was tor­tu­red for five years, but Thráin II heroi­cally mana­ged to give the Key to Erebor and a map of the Lonely Moun­tain to Gan­dalf before his death in T.A. 2850. The son of Thrór, he fathe­red Thorin Oaken­shield, Frerin and Dís. Read Hob 22–26 ; LotRI 351 ; LotRIII 440–447.
Thráin the Wan­de­rer*
Lvl : 16. Not to be confu­sed with later Kings of the Third Age, Thráin the Wan­de­rer was the son of Drúin the Deran­ged, a Lord of Drúin’s Line in eas­tern Endor. He passed most of his adult life (80 years) sear­ching for a more secure fief. Thráin died bat­tling Orcs in the Moun­tains of the Wind in the Second Age.
Lvl : 43. Thrár was the Father of the Fourth House of the Nau­grim. Like Dwálin, he led his people west­ward into the Blue Moun­tains (S. « Ered Luin ») during the First Age. There, to the east of Bele­riand, he foun­ded the city of Nogrod (K. « Tumun­za­har »). Thrár and his sons died bat­tling the Sindar and Ono­drim at the Battle of Sam Athrad. His nephew Thrúr became second King of Thrár’s Folk.
Lvl : 27, Thre­lin was the third King of the Fifth House of the Nau­grim. He became King after his mother Thrís slew his uncle Thúlin.
Thrír III*
Lvl : 18. Son of Fulla Lon­gaxe and King of Ruuriik’s Dwarves for 7 years, Thrír III reco­gni­zed the gro­wing threat to his tribe in the middle years of the Third Age. He was wise enough to main­tain a strong tinny and fathe­red Dóm before he died in T.A. 1640.
Lvl : 14. Thrís was the daugh­ter of Thelór, the Father of the Fifth House of the Nau­grim. She slew Thelór’s bro­ther Thúlin after he killed her father. Her eldest son, Thre­lin, became the third King of Thelór’s Folk.
Lvl : 14. A long-lived King of Durin’s Folk, Thrór ruled his exiled Folk for over 200 years, until T.A. 2790. In T.A. 2590, Thrór led the way from the Blue Moun­tains, where Dra­gons threa­te­ned their exis­tence. Smaug drove him and his fol­lo­wers from Erebor in T.A. 2770 : twenty years later, Thrór retur­ned to Khazad-dûm, where he was slain and muti­la­ted by Azog and Com­pany, igni­ting the War bet­ween the Dwarves and the Orcs. His map of the Lonely Moun­tain later helped Gan­dalf and Bilbo and the Dwarves in their quest to defeat Smaug and to reoc­cupy Erebor. Read Hob 1 ; LotRIII 440–441, 450.
Thró­rin II
Lvl : 14. A Lord of the eas­tern House of Drúin, Thró­rin was Bofur’s son and bro­ther to the heroic Dwarf-maiden, Durí the Rider. Thró­rin left no such stir­ring legacy. An able but lazy admi­nis­tra­tor, he wat­ched idly as the King­dom of Ruu­riik col­lap­sed around him, fal­ling to evil crea­tures and the Dwarves” stub­born refu­sal to seek help from Men and Elves. He died in the middle of the Second Age, in the reign of Thrír.
Lvl : 28. Thrúr was the second King of the Fourth House of the Nau­grim. He led the rem­nants of his people out of Nogrod at the end of the First Age. Thrúr suc­cee­ded his uncle Thrár as King after the latter died at the Battle of Sam Athrad.
Lvl : 30. Thúlin was the second King of the Fifth House of the Nau­grim. He became King after killing his bro­ther Thrár in a quar­rel and was in turn slain by his niece Thrís (daugh­ter of Thrár).
Lvl : 10. Bro­ther of Thrír and second son of Fulla II, Thurin and his other bro­ther, Bohór, half-hear­tedly sup­por­ted various plots to unseat their bro­ther, King of Ruu­riik for three-quar­ters of a cen­tury. At various times, he was bani­shed, impri­so­ned and igno­red. A feck­less war­rior, he is little remem­be­red in Dwar­ven tales and songs.
Lvl : 7. A Dwarf of Khazad-dûm, the aged and infirm Tíli funded an expe­di­tion in T.A. 3000 to redis­co­ver (and to reclaim!) the great Dwar­ven trea­sures hidden in Moria. He fur­ni­shed crude sketches and offe­red a wealth of gold for the suc­cess­ful reco­very of Khazad-dûm’s wealth. Se ICE’s Moria 67.


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