The Noegyth Nibin

Aka: Petty-dwarves ; (S. Nibin Nau­grim”); (S. Nibin-noeg”); (Dun. Ta-Fa-Nilch”); (Bef­fraen Cam-Pryf-y-er”, Croo­ked Worms”); (Bef­fraen Byan-Hager-Barf-y-er”, Little Ugly Beards »).

The Noe­gyth Nibin are a lesser branch of the Khazâd, bani­shed from the great Dwar­ven cities of the east in the elder days. Mis­ta­ken by the Elves of Bele­riand for evil crea­tions of Mor­goth, the Noe­gyth Nibin were for many years hunted and slain. This time of per­se­cu­tion wei­ghed ever hea­vily in their hearts, and from it grew bit­ter­ness and a hatred for all the Quendi. Only the Orcish tribes were more scor­ned by the Petty-dwarves.

See « Lords of Middle Earth III  » for the full text of this article.


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