The Umli

Like the Men called Los­soth, the Umli are mas­ters of the Far North. They live in the woods and high­lands to the east of the Los­soth, in the bit­terly cold regions of north-cen­tral Middle-earth. The Umli remain in these wilds year-round, resi­ding in caves and bra­ving the ter­rible frosts of the dark winter. Unlike Man­nish folk, they can withs­tand the coolest tem­pe­ra­tures and thrive in the icy gales that sweep sou­th­ward off the Encir­cling Sea. The Umli range far out across the realms others call wastes, and they sub­sist by hun­ting, fishing, and gathe­ring. They are unpa­ral­led fora­gers. Sub­sis­ting on edible plants that others might never even see, the Umli uti­lize vir­tually every gift offe­red by the land.

See « Lords of Middle Earth III  » for the full text of this article.


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