The Elves, or Firstborn, were the first of Eru’s Children to awaken. Born under the stars before the ascension of the Moon and the Sun, they retain a special love for light and an inner spirit endowed with unique gifts. They call themselves the Quendi, or Speakers,” for they were the first to utter words; and, even now, no race understands language and song like the Firstborn. Fair and fine featured, brilliant and proud, immortal and strong, tall and agile, they are the most blessed of the Free Peoples. Yet, despite their gifts, they a cursed race — one burdened by the Hand of Fate.

An Overview of Elves

Like the other Free Peoples, such as Men and Dwarves, the Elves have many branches and many figures of note. Their tale is one of long migrations, prideful wars, and grand achievements. It includes many players.

Documents of the section

A list of all the known Elves from Middle-Earth.


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