Lords of Middle-earth™ Volume One

The Immortals: Elves, Maïar & Valar

How would you like to debate Saruman the White or challenge the strength of a Balrog? Could you outride Glorfindel or withstand the presence of the Lord of the Rings? Have you ever felt the need to seek the aid of a Vala? Now you can at least try.

Lords of Middle-earth permits you to meet Endor’s most prominent or powerful individuals, the famous or infamous figures who affect the history of the Middle Land. You can call forth all of the major characters found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Elves, Maïar, & Valar is the first of the three volume Lords of Middle-earth series. Volume Two covers Men, while Volume Three covers the remaining races: Ents, Dwarves, Hobbits, Orcs, and Trolls. Together, these three comprehensive works cover the great figures from each of Endor’s varied races.

It is only fitting that Volume One describes the first beings to enter Tolkien’s world, the spirits called the Valar and Maïar, as well as the Firstborn of the Free Peoples, the Elves. All immortal, they dominate the early history of Middle-earth, and their influence continues to form the foundation of life in Endor. Their power remains unparalleled, although their direct influence in Middle-earth wanes with each passing Age.


Authors: Peter C. Fenlon, Terry K. Amthor, R. Mark Colborn.

Design: Pete Fenlon, Terry Amthor, Mark Colborn, S. Coleman Charlton.

Editing and development: Pete Fenlon, Terry Amthor, Coleman Charlton.

Editorial contributions: Chris Christensen, Olivia H. Johnston, Jessica M.
Ney, John David Ruemmler.

Cover art: Angus McBride.

Interior art: Liz Danforth, James Holloway, Stephan Peregrine.

Cover graphics: Richard H. Britton.

Production: John David Ruemmler, Jessica Ney, Terry Amthor, Rick Britton,
Coleman Charlton, Pete Fenlon.

Special contributions: Deane Begiebing, Kathleen Connor, Bill Covert, Bill
Downs, Kurt Fischer, Bruce Neidlinger, Kurt Rasmussen, Larry Simms, Stirling
Williams, Karl Borg and the traitorous Herring- lappers (Q. Svenskies).

Typesetting: Sylvie Bellamy and Co. of the Design Group, Lynchburg.

Markdown & web conversions, digital layout: Mando.


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Second U.S. Edition 1988

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Table of contents


The Valar

History of the Valar

Nature of the Valar

The Valar and Religion

Vala Character Glossary

Vala Characters List


Maïa History

Maïa Nature

Maïa Sub-Groups

Wizards (Istari)

Maïa Character Glossary

Maïa Characters List

Wizards (Istari) Character Glossary

Istari Characters List


Elven History

Elven Nature

Elven Sub-Groups

Elven Character Glossary

Elven Characters List

Elven Short Description Glossary

Elven Short Description List

The Great Enemies




The Great Enemies Characters List

Using High Level Characters

Generating High Level Characters