The Maïar composed the vast majority of the Ainur who came to Eä in the beginning. Although servants of the Valar, they share the nature of their greater brethren.

Like the Valar — and indeed all the Ainur — the Maïar are im¬mortal spirits without need of form. Their corporeal bodies simply enable them to interact with Eru’s Children, and permit them to per¬form their primary task, which is the tending of Arda. This role per¬mits them to interact with the inhabitants of Middle-earth more directly than do the Valar, for the Maïar carry their masters’ word and serve as their intermediaries.

An Overview of the Maïar

The number of Maïar is unknown; however, these lesser spirits make up the people of the Valar and are numerous enough to nur¬ture their own societies and raise their own great war-host. Their varie¬ty is great and their tale reflects this varied character; and, although the Maïar were born before Existence itself, they share many of the passions and shortcomings of lesser peoples.

Documents of the section

A list of all the known Maïar from Middle-Earth.

A list of all the known Istari from Middle-Earth.


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