Wizards (Istari) Character Glossary


Lvl: 40 (80). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Animist/​Ranger. Home: Originally Valinor; now in eastern Endor. Aka: The (Greater) Blue; Radiant Garland (Alatar — Quenya); Bearer of the Root; the Old Hunter; Lord of Trees; Ntondo Colindo (Quenya); Thondocolin or Helaman (Sindarin).

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-103; Em-100; In-100; Pr-102; Ag-110; Co-100; Me-99; Re-99; SD-97. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-110; Co-100; Ig-101; It-100; Pr-102. Appearance: 103.

Senior of the two Blue Wizards” (Ithryn Luin), Alatar was a brilliant and aggressive emissary from Valinor. (Pallando, once his friend and companion, is a lesser Istar.) The Vala Oromë chose Alatar to journey to the original homelands of Elves and Men, just as the Huntsman did in the First Age. Thus, his interests rooted in the East of Middle-earth but, like Saruman, he had grander visions.


Alatar’s inherent power was considerable, for his peers were mighty. He was third in the hierarchy of the Istari (beneath Saruman and Gandalf) and, like his slightly more senior brethren, Alatar was a peer of Sauron. No Maia stood higher in the eyes of Oromë’s people.

Alatar’s character was in keeping with his origin as a servant of the Huntsman. He was agile and rode exceptionally well, always enjoying the ways of nature. No Istar rivaled his physical skills. The cool hues of the sky and rich landscape — blues and greens — colored his garb and the Elven long bow was his favored weapon. He was outgoing, but he preferred the quiet of the forest and the company of trees.

Alatar stood 6’7” and presented an image of grace. His long, hooded blue robes shone in the moonlight, while their dark green lining suggested the comfort of a cool moss bed on a warm summer day. Of course, in keeping with his Order’s chosen guise, Alatar appeared as an old man; but the fire in his eye, the strength of his voice, and the easy boldness of his movements betrayed his Maia agelessness. Unlike Gandalf, he walked erect, for he shirked the burdens of the world in favor of his own designs.

Alatar’s fate in Middle-earth paralleled those of all his brethren, save only Gandalf. Bound to the land by his assumed body, he succumbed to the weaknesses of the flesh: desire and fear, exhilaration and weariness, pride and jealousy. His tale was familiar; his goals gradually changed and he became enamored of power. No longer bound by his Oath to forego might except to combat might and right the Balance of Things, Alatar embarked on his own mission. His kingdom in the East grew as Sauron’s waned; his quiet machinations threatened the very Balance he was entrusted to protect.

Alatar’s Principal Items

Robes of Aman
Aka: Robes of Loil. Blue outside; green inside. Fashioned in Valinor, they provide him protection as AT 12 (-30) but do not encumber his movements. Hood acts as helm. When worn normally (blue side out), he has a + 50 bonus when hiding in rain, water, or simply against the sky. The robes will reverse 1 round following command, showing the green side, which gives him a + 50 hiding bonus when he attempts to conceal himself in foliage.
Boots of Tracelessness
Blue, they leave no boot prints and make no noise.
Blue Bow
+50 magic Long Bow, it cannot break in normal usage. Fumbles only on unmodified attack roll of 01.
Ancient Root
(E Thrond.) x5 PP enhancer. +25 to holder’s DB and RR. +25 to all spell rolls. This slightly gnarled, 5’ long, magic white staff is actually a living tree root which, when planted in the ground, will become a 100’ tall tree beside or around its holder. Tree becomes staff upon command.

Alatar’s Special Powers

Denial of Vision
An enchanted blue-green tattoo, shaped as a tree, adorns the middle of Alatar’s left palm. Normally invisible, this magic symbol appears when Alatar waves his hand. All who face the symbol within 100’ must make an RR or turn away for 1 – 10 rounds. Victims failing their RR only remember seeing an old man; they hold no recollections of detail.
240PP. Base spell OB is 40; directed spell OB is 80. Alatar knows all Ranger and Animist lists, and all Open Channeling lists (MERP), and all Cleric lists to 5th lvl, and all Closed Channeling lists (RM).


The Grey

Lvl: 35 (70); later 40 (80). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Magician/​Mage. Home: Originally Valinor; now in northwestern Endor. Aka: Elf of the Wand (Gandalf = Eriadoran Northman); Mithrandir (Sindarin); The Grey Wanderer, Dreamer, or Grey Pilgrim (Westron); Tharkun (Khuzdul); Icanus or Oldrin (Quenya).

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-100; Em-102; In-101; Pr-100; Ag-99; Co-102; Me-100; Re-99; SD-103. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-99; Co-102; Ig-100; It-101; Pr-100. Appearance: 100.

The White

Lvl: 50 (120). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Magician/​Mage. Home: Originally Valinor; now in northwestern Endor. Aka: The White; Glosrandir; etc.

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-100; Em-110; In-108; Pr-105; Ag-99; Co-102; Me-99; Re-101; SD-103. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-99; Co-102; Ig-110; It-101; Pr-105. Appearance: 108.

Of all the five Istari, Gandalf had the greatest feeling for the dangers and burdens of their mission. Manwë chose the Grey Wizard despite Gandalf’s misgivings about his own ability. It was not surprising then that, unlike Saruman and Alatar, Gandalf chose to go to Middle-earth without taking a lesser companion. (Saruman chose Radagast, while Alatar selected Pallando). Gandalf came last and walked alone.

Gandalf’s purposeful independence and tremendous self-discipline led him to journey tirelessly and without want of accolades or reward. He never settled in any one place, nor did he accumulate wealth; thus the label Grey Pilgrim’’ His possessions remained few. Gandalf always remained an emissary of the Valar and never permitted worldly ways to sway his actions. Despite the urges inherent in his adopted form, he resisted pride and avoided the hunger for power. The Grey Wizard exhibited emotions, and his posture and gait spoke of his burden, but his true fire always burned deep.

Gandalf labored through his allies, but he never relied on servants or minions. Rather than using others, he worked with those he befriended, imposing on them only what was necessary to save them and accomplish his appointed mission. His alliances were strong, his friendships intensely powerful, for others reciprocated. The Eldar, in particular, accorded him great love and paramount respect.

Gandalf enjoyed tremendous inherent power, that befitting a servant of Manwë and Varda. Although the shortest of the five Wizards (at 6’4”), outwardly the oldest (he always had grey hair), and second (behind Saruman) in the hierarchy of the Istari, Círdan the Shipwright believed Olórin to be the strongest; and this may be true for, unlike Saruman, Gandalf never aspired to lead as master and so may have yielded to the White Messenger’s desire to lead their Order. Whatever the case, Gandalf’s inner strength — his self control — was greater than that of his brethren, and he was counted by the Valar as the wisest of their servants.

Like the other Wizards, Gandalf’s character reflected that of his master. Manwë’s humility, flexibility, and tremendous restraint were evident in Gandalf. Compassionate and aware of others’ needs, he adapted to — rather than dominated — situations. The Grey Pilgrim favored persuasion over power.

Although practical, insightful, and versatile, Gandalf still exhibited a bit of Manwë’s naivete regarding Evil. Just as Morgoth fooled Manwë, Saruman’s acts stunned Gandalf. The sheer magnitude of Saruman’s transformation surprised the Grey Wanderer, despite Gandalf’s cool suspicions. Nonetheless, Gandalf dealt with Evil better than his compatriots, for he never turned away from it altogether, nor did he delve into its meaning or its dark ways.

The Grey

It is a tribute to Manwë that, despite Gandalf being the sole Istar to carry through on his quest, the mission of the Wizards was fulfilled. It is an even greater testimony to Gandalf s unique qualities. He never ran from his responsibility and always remained a friend of the Free Peoples, even when doom was at hand.

The Elves loved him so much as to entrust him with one of the Three Elven Rings — Narya, the Red Ring of Fire. Círdan conferred the great ring upon him soon after the Grey Wizard’s arrival in Endor.

The Elves’ faith in Gandalf was rewarded, of course, but not without sacrifice. Gandalf the Grey’s adopted body was as vulnerable as those of other Men” and the Wizard perished in the struggle against the Balrog at Moria. Yet, his spirit, his true self, survived.

The White

The hand of the Valar intervened after the death” of the Grey Wizard. Following his return as the White, Gandalf’s body” was intrinsically resistant to all normal elements or attacks (e.g., weather and normal weapons). His spirit resided in a unique, white-haired incarnation. He defended as AT 20 (-60) and used the Large Creature” critical strike table.

Gandalf the Grey’s Principal Items

Robes of Aman
Grey outside and inside. Fashioned in Valinor, they provide him protection as AT 12 (-30) but do not encumber his movements. Blue-grey hat acts as helm.
Glamdring (Foe-hammer)
+30 magic Elven Broadsword made of the mithril alloy Ithilnaur (Moon-fire). It is an Orc-slaying holy weapon which glows cold blue around Orcs (dim within 1000’; and very bright within 100’). Fumbles only on unmodified attack roll of 01.
x9 PP enhancer. + 30 to holder’s DB and spell rolls. A small crystal globe nestles in the tip of this slightly gnarled, 6’ long, magic oak staff. Gandalf’s attack spells (e.g., his fire balls) spring forth from this recessed orb. The globe glows any brightness or color on mental command (as a 10 mile Beacon or a 300’ Utter light spell).

Narya (Red Ring of Fire)

One of the Three Elven Rings of Power created by Celebrimbor and the Smiths of Eregion. Composed of a large, orb-like ruby placed in a seemingly delicate, red-gold setting. The ruby glows” like fire, but the ring is invisible to all but Sauron and the Bearer of the One Ring. Narya’s specific powers:

Generally, Narya has the power to rekindle the fire of Men’s hearts, for it embodies the Secret Fire. In a sense, it is the incarnation of the passion for life and freedom — the antithesis of the darkness that subdued Men in the grim days of the War of the Ring. Narya, then, was the ideal tool for Gandalf. (With the destruction of the One and the end of his quest, Narya loses its power and becomes visible.)

Gandalf the Grey’s Special Powers

Gandalf has the ability to understand the feelings of others with whom he converses, just as if he were raised one of their kind.
05PP; later 210PP. Base spell OB is 40; directed spell OB is 80. Gandalf knows all Mage lists, and all Open Essence lists to 20th lvl (MERP), and all Closed Essence lists to 20th lvl, and the Mentalist Mind Speech and Seer Mind Vision lists (RM).

Gandalf the White’s Principal Items

As above except for the Robes of Aman.

White Robes
White outside; silver-white inside. Fashioned by the Lady Galadriel, they are beautiful and durable, but unenchanted.

Gandalf the White’s Special Powers

As above, except for the following.

360PP. Base spell OB is 60; directed spell OB is 120. In addition to the Grey’s spells, Gandalf the White knows the Mentalist Brilliance list and the Astrologer Way of the Voice list to 20th lvl (RM). His Hand of Fire True spell has a range of 3000’; his Firebolt OB is +90.

See ICE’s Rangers of the North 36 – 38. Read Hob 17 – 20, 26, 29, 100, 184, 258, 265, 280 – 86; LotRI 32, 45, 47 – 72, 75, 102, 289 – 429, 432 – 521; LotRII 46, 86, 125 – 70, 183, 188 – 262, 353; LotRIII 19 – 52, 86, 100, 125 – 26, 259, 277 – 88, 303 – 04, 308 – 10, 317 – 41, 368, 383 – 84, 418, 447 – 48, 455 – 56, 459, 460.



Pallando stood 6’6” and walked with a powerful and tireless stride. He had indigo eyes and black hair. Like Gandalf, Pallando travelled far and wide; but unlike the Grey Pilgrim, the lesser Blue Wizard eventually fell away from his mission and settled among those who would follow his word.

Pallando’s word eventually became quite terrifying for, as in keeping with Námo’s people, Pallando was capable of dealing with death and darkness. This lent strength to his selection as one of the Istari, but it eventually became his downfall. As Sauron’s dominion over the East shrank away, Pallando’s presence grew. Strangely, it was Alatar who became his chief rival.

Pallando’s Principal Items

Robes of Aman
Sea-blue outside; dark blue inside. Made in Valinor, they provide wearer with protection as Chain/​AT 12 (-30), but they do not encumber his movements. His hood serves as a helm; his sleeves act as greaves.
Black Staff
This 6’ long black, yew staff is a x5 PP device. Provides +20 bonus to holder’s DB and RR. +20 to all spell rolls.
Earring of Souls
Earring made of a deep black laen orb stores the souls taken by his Ring of Soul-taking (see below). Stores up to six souls (limit 40 total levels). Souls (spirits) are released upon command and, if Pallando touches a spiritless object or body with his hand, they can be united with a form. If they are released without taking a form (i.e., Pallando touches nothing with his hand), the spirit dissipates at a rate of 1 rd/​lvl of spirit.
Ring of Soul-taking
Ring made of iron and set with a black laen orb. When wearer points ring at victim and concentrates, victim must make RR vs. Channeling. (Target of 41st level or higher is immune.) Failure results in victim’s spirit (soul) being separated from his body. If wearer also wears Earring of Souls, the spirit is immediately conveyed to the Earring; however, if the Earring has no room for the spirit (i.e., it is full”), the spirit simply dissipates. (See Earring above.) The Ring of Soul-taking can be used offensively in conjunction with Earring. When wearer concentrates and the spirit fails an RR vs. Channeling, wearer can burn the spirit as a Lightning Bolt (Range + OB = spirit’s lvl x 5), thereby consuming the spirit.

Pallando’s Special Powers

Pallando can touch any creature and, assuming it fails its RR, read its future for the next sixty days (i.e., 1 day x his lvl). The images are as clear as the target’s mental state.
360PP. Base spell OB is +40; directed spell OB is + 60. Pallando knows all Ranger and Animist spell lists and all Open Channeling lists (MERP), and all Closed Channeling and Seer lists (RM).


Lvl: 40 (60). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Animist. Home: Originally Valinor; now in western Mirkwood in Rhovanion. Aka: The Brown; The Joyful Guest (Radagast = Rhovanion Northman); Bird Lover; Aiwendil (Quenya); Bird Tamer, the Fool, or the Simple (by Saruman).

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-100; Em-102; In-104; Pr-101; Ag-100; Co-103; Me-97; Re-96; SD-80. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-100; Co-103; Ig-96; It-104; Pr-101. Appearance: 101.

The last to be chosen for the journey to Endor, Radagast the Brown was the weakest of the five Istari. Yavanna chose him as a guardian of the Olvar (plants), counting on the Brown Wizard to look after interests which might escape the attention of the other Istari.

Unfortunately, Radagast became so committed to this trust that he became too concerned with the Olvar. His thirst for plant and animal lore drove him further and further away from his intended path. Enamored of the wilds of Middle-earth, he eventually lost sight of his quest. He simply settled down at his home at Rhosgobel, tending to flowers, looking after the trees and beasts of the Anduin Valley and the neighboring forest, and keeping birds. Radagast looked to birds as his favored companions.

Saruman reluctantly took Radagast as his companion upon Yavanna’s request. This boded poorly; from the outset, the chief Istar never respected his compatriot. The White Wizard was the first Istar to set foot in Endor and, although Radagast soon joined him, Saruman never mentioned the Brown Wizard’s landing. Later, as Saruman himself fell from grace and abandoned his embassy, he began to use Radagast as a dupe. Radagast played the part well.

Although apparently unconcerned with politics and the ways of speaking folk, Radagast remained faithful to his heritage. His failure was never rooted in pride or a thirst for power; rather, well-meaning passions born out of his adopted form spurred him to seek, and eventually embrace, Endor’s lesser creatures’’ As his love for the Olvar and lesser Kelvar grew, the Brown Wizard retreated from the drama and complexities unfolding around him, spending more and more time tied to Rhosgobel. He appeared increasingly naive.

Radagast nonetheless served a purpose. His stewardship in western Mirkwood helped stay the spread of Evil out of Dol Guldur, and his call to his friends (the beasts) spread word of the impending War of the Ring and led to Gandalf’s release from imprisonment at Orthanc.

Radagast had fine, brown hair and stood 6’5”, but he walked with a curious gait and often slouched. His joviality, apparent simplicity, and unhurried homebound ways belied his true strength. As a Wizard, he was a master of shapes and hues, and knew much about manipulating plants and beasts. Radagast could be a formidable foe, whatever his relative shortcomings.

Radagast’s Principal Items

Robes of Aman
Brown outside and inside. Fashioned in Valinor, they provide him protection as AT 12 (-30) but do not encumber his movements. Brown hood acts as helm.
6’5” hickory staff is a x8 PP multiplier. +20 to wielder’s DB, RRs, and all spell rolls.
(S. Erivagil”) +30 Holy Sword made of enchanted, silvery wood. It is hard as steel. Slays” Orcs and Men, but cannot be used against living plants or non-speaking animals (e.g., it will harm a Troll but it will not hurt a Cat).

Radagast’s Special Powers

Radagast can understand or communicate with any bird, and he can ascertain the bird’s deepest feelings and mental images as if the bird were an extension of himself. In other words, the visions Radagast sees through the bird’s mind are not limited by the bird’s mental shortcomings; rather, they are dependent on the Brown Wizard’s mind.
240PP. Base spell OB is +40; directed spell OB is + 60. Radagast knows all Ranger and Animist spell lists and all Open Channeling lists (MERP), and all Closed Channeling and Cleric lists (RM).

See ICE’s Southern Mirkwood 27 – 28, 55. Read Hob 121; LotRI 336 – 37, 339 – 42.


The White (before T.A. 2953)

Lvl: 50 (100). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Alchemist/​Astrologer. Home: Originally Valinor; now in Endor, usually in the Northwest. Aka: Curumo (Quenya); Curunír (Sindarin); Lan; Man of Skill; the White; the Wise; the Ring-expert; the Chief Wizard.

RM Stats: St-90; Qu-100; Em-102; In-110; Pr-115; Ag-98; Co-101; Me-101; Re-100; SD-85. MERP Stats: St-90; Ag-98; Co-101; Ig-109; It-110; Pr-101. Appearance: 109.

The Many-colored (T.A. 2953 – 3018)

Lvl: 50 (100). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Alchemist/​Astrologer. Home: Originally Valinor; now at Orthanc in Isengard (Angrenost), at the southern end of the Misty Mountains. Aka: Curumo (Quenya); Curunír (Sindarin); Man of Skill; the Many-colored; the White Hand; the Ring-maker (by himself); Sharkey (by his minions).

RM Stats: St-90; Qu-100; Em-102; In-101; Pr-103; Ag-98; Co-101; Me-101; Re-100; SD-75. MERP Stats: St-90; Ag-98; Co-101; Ig-101; It-101; Pr-103. Appearance: 110.

Sharkey (T.A. 3019 – 20)

Lvl: 12 (50). Race: Maia (Istar). Profession: Alchemist/​Astrologer. Home: Originally Valinor; now in the Shire in Eriador. Aka: Curumo (Quenya); Curunír (Sindarin); Old Man; the Downfallen Wizard; Sharkey (by his minions and the Shire-folk).

RM Stats: St-89; Qu-91; Em-99; In-100; Pr-99; Ag-90; Co-90; Me-99; Re-99; SD-25. MERP Stats: St-89; Ag-90; Co-90; Ig-99; It-100; Pr-99. Appearance: 89.

Saruman (Curumo) was the Chief of the Order of Wizards (S. Heren Ithryn”), and the greatest of the Maïar who served the Vala Aulë. (Sauron, who was once one of Aulë’s People, was no longer a servant of the Smith). Sable-haired and smooth-tongued, he was a master of diplomacy; cunning and wise, he was a brilliant scholar who quickly mastered mechanical devices and the ways of alchemy. The White Wizard aptly suited his title as the Man of Skill’’

Saruman traveled extensively his first 1400 years in Endor, studying his enemies and researching their tools and methods. In T.A. 2463 the White Council rewarded his expertise by appointing him head of their group. Following this time, Saruman’s transformation slowly surfaced. His decline accelerated when he settled at Orthanc in the vale renamed the Nan Curunír in T.A. 2759. Tempted by the Seeing-stone (Palantír) that resided in the tower, he assured his own doom for, although Saruman was a master of minds, he proved no match for Sauron of Mordor. The Lord of the Rings took hold of the White Wizard’s mind.


Saruman’s encounters with the Palantír confused and twisted the White Wizard, leading him to believe that, by serving the Dark Lord, Saruman could stave off his own inevitable defeat. In helping bring about a new order based on Men to the world, Saruman believed he could gain Sauron’s favor. Then, by finding the One Ring, Saruman hoped to supplant the Dark Lord as master of Middle-earth.

Saruman’s connection to Aulë proved significant. As a servant of the Smith of the Valar, he inherited the characteristic fascination about creating things and fashioning unique objects. He shared this trait with Sauron, as well as Aulë’s Children — the Dwarves. Unfortunately, those having such a predilection often succumbed to intense materialism, losing sight of the spiritual side of the Balance. Others’ cares and needs retreat from their minds. Saruman fell into this trap and gradually became more concerned about making and gathering things than he was about fulfilling his quest.

6’7” tall and strong of build, Saruman was undoubtedly the most imposing of the Istari. He was slightly bigger than the lithe Alatar and carried himself in a self-assured and rather lordly manner. Confident, he was always at ease among the most powerful of figures, although he initially betrayed no real arrogance or false pride. He was rather aloof, however, and others confided in him because of his great knowledge and skill and not because of any emotional bond.

The Many-colored

Saruman renounced his guardianship over Orthanc in T.A. 2953, claiming the fortress and the surrounding valley as his own. He began gathering an army of Orcs, Wolves, Wargs, and evil Men, and transformed the once-placid Wizard’s Vale (Nan Curunír) into a fortified realm of mines and factories.

At this time Saruman’s hair gradually turned white, but his robes — which he had rewoven — took on a subtle, many-colored aura, the hues of fine, multi-colored thread. The symbolic transformation accompanied a very real change, for Saruman the Many Colored dedicated himself to nothing less than dominion over Middle-earth.


Saruman’s minions in Orthanc called him Sharkey. During the struggle against Rohan and the Ents of Fangorn (at the time of the War of the Ring), virtually all of them perished; but some, the chief being Gríma Wormtongue, fled northwestward with the Wizard after the fall of Isengard. The majority of Saruman’s creations perished during the debacle and the Istar was drained. Weakened by the loss, he aged quickly during the last days of the Dark Lord. The Chief Wizard was little more than a pale and sickly image of his former self.

After a brief reign of terror in the Shire, Sharkey met an inglorious end at the hand of Wormtongue. His spirit worn and tied to his adopted form, his body slain, Saruman passed from Endor altogether. (He was the first Istar to leave’’)

Saruman the White’s Principal Items

Robes of Aman
White outside and inside. Fashioned in Valinor, they provide him protection as AT 12 (-30) but do not encumber his movements. White hood acts as helm.
6’6” white, Mallorn staff is a x10 PP multiplier. + 30 to wielder’s DB, RRs, and Base Alchemist spell rolls; +20 to all other spell rolls. Continuous Protections True spell for holder.
Mithril. Stores 10 spells/​day. Provides immunity from fire and cold and gives wearer a +20 DB. Doubles damage of fire spells cast through it, and allows wearer to detect illusions (e.g., gives wearer an RR). Wearer has +20 RR versus detection spells.
(S. Glosovagil”) +30 Holy Sword made of enchanted mithril alloy. The symbols on its blade are only visible under moonlight. Sword will not harm Dwarves.

Saruman the White’s Special Powers

Craft and Item Lore
Saruman the White can examine any non-organic solid object and discern its basic composition, probable origin, worth, and approximate power, as well as the techniques involved in shaping the object.
50 PP; later 300 PP. Base spell OB is +40; directed spell OB is +80. After T.A. 2500, his base spell OB is +50; directed spell OB is +100. Saruman the White knows the Light Law and Fire Law spell lists, all Bard lists, and all Open Essence and Channeling lists (MERP), and all Closed Channeling and Essence, and all Alchemist and Astrologer lists (RM).

Saruman the Many-colored’s and Sharkey’s Principal Items

As Saruman the White, except for the following. 

Multi-colored Robes
Appear white, outside and inside, until they move; then they glisten with many colors. Rewoven and colored Robes of Aman, they provide him protection as AT 12 (-50) but do not encumber his movements. Multi-colored hood acts as helm. Those who gaze upon the Robes must make an initial RR versus 5th level Essence; failure results in a fixation upon the colors for 1 – 20 rounds.
Ring of Angrenost
A +5 Alchemist’s spell adder. Iron, inlaid with gold and silver, it enables wearer to produce results from Base Alchemist spells in 10% of the normally required time. Objects produced with aid if the Ring have an inherent +10 bonus.

Saruman the Many-Colored’s Special Powers

As above except for the following.

300 PP. Base spell OB is +50; directed spell OB is +100. Saruman the Many Colored knows the Light Law and Fire Law spell lists, all Bard lists, and all Open Essence and Channeling lists (MERP), and all Closed Channeling and Essence, Evil Magician lists, and all Alchemist and Astrologer lists (RM).

Sharkey’s Special Powers

As above except for the following.

2 PP. Base spell OB is + 6; directed spell OB is +12. Sharkey knows the Light Law and Fire Law spell lists, all Bard lists, and all Open Essence and Channeling lists (MERP), and all Closed Channeling and Essence, and all Alchemist and Astrologer lists (RM).

See ICE’s Isengard 27, 46, 47; Riders of Rohan 35, 61; Rangers of the North 32 – 33, 55. Read LotRI 78, 337 – 44; LotRII 21 – 242, 97 – 300, 322 – 25, 340,367; LotRIII 351 – 74; etc.


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