Mannish Character Glossary · F to Z

Since there are so many notable individuals in the lore of Middle-earth, we have chosen a limited selection of characters to focus on in great detail. The remaining characters are described more briefly in Section 4.3. Those discussed in this section are particularly notable because they are exceptional examples of Men who held particular, and varied, roles in the history of their people. Others in similar roles can be measured by them.

Note: Characters denoted with an * are purely ICE creations. 


Lvl: 24. Race: Dúnadan Profession: Ranger, Home: Minas Tirith; later Ithilien.

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-99; Em-98; In-101; Pr-93; Ag-99; Co-92; Me-88; Re-86; SD-89. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-99; Co-92; Ig-87; It-101; Pr-93. Appearance: 94.

Skill Bonuses: Climb86, Swim75, Ride81, DTrap68, S&H105, Perc98, Rune30, S&W45, Amb15, Li7, AMov70, MASt85, MASw75, BDev185, Acro70, Act50, AnimT62, Cave50, Cont35, Cook62, Dance48, Div58, FAid74, Flet60, For85, Med45, Row40, Sail62, Sig60, Sing35, Ski45, Star45, Subd85, Track120, Tumb50, WeaW84, Wood35, Admin30, Dipl52, Strat61, Tac76.

The younger son of Denethor II, Faramir suffered the fate of being a child unable to please his father. Denethor clearly favored Boromir, doting on his Firstborn while expressing displeasure with everything Faramir did.

A gentle man by nature, Faramir was nevertheless a brave warrior and born leader of Men. He fled his father’s court, seeking purpose in the forests and hills of Ithilien. There, with a band of Rangers, he orchestrated ambushes and reconnaissance missions to learn about Sauron’s troop placements. In this he was very successful, but his location proved fateful for an even more important purpose. During the War of the Ring, he came upon a tired and disoriented Frodo in the woods, and was able to provide the Hobbit and his halfling companion Sam with needed lodging, supplies, and counsel. The antithesis of his older brother, Faramir refused knowledge of the Ruling Ring, realizing its inherent evil nature.

Faramir led the retreat from Osgiliath to Minas Tirith, and was attacked by a Nazgûl out of the sky. Only by Aragorn’s healing powers was he returned to health. During his convalescence he met and fell in love with the injured Éowyn. They later married, and she moved to Gondor when the High King Elessar: granted Faramir the titles of Prince of Ithilien and Lord of Emyn Amen.

Faramir’s Principal Items

(“Forest-blade”) A beautiful sword, +30, with a blade of green-tinted steel and hilts of Lebethron wood. Although a powerful Orc-slaying weapon, it will not harm flora.
+25 longbow.
(“Wood-shadow”) Grey-green cloak which adds +40 to hiding maneuvers made in the forest or deep foliage.
A finely made wrist ornament composed of links of green-tinted metal, inlaid with dark wood. The bracelet is a x4 PP multiplier for Rangers and Animists. Also allows the wearer to use the Ranger Spell Nature’s Awareness 500’ at will without use of PP’s (caster must still pause and concentrate).

Faramir’s Special Abilities

96 PP. Knows all Ranger Base Lists to 20th lvl, and the Animist/​Open Channeling Purification, Concussion s Way, and Weather Ways lists to 10th (MERP); and the Closed Channeling Blood Law list to 5th lvl (RM).

Read LotRII 336; LotRIII 101, 114 – 15, 153 – 62, 171 – 73, 292 – 303, 315, 396, 419, 462; UT 344, 397, 399, 408, 413.


Lvl: 20. Race: Drúadan (Wose). Profession: Ranger. Home: Drúadan Forest, northwest of Minas Tirith.

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-95; Em-63; In-93; Pr-71; Ag-100; Co-100; Me-80; Re-97; SD-79. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-100; Co-100; Ig-88; It-93; Pr-71. Appearance: 62.

Skill Bonuses: Climb130, Swim30(130), Ride25(130), S&H122, Perc72, S&W25, Chan80, Amb16, Li3, BDev124, Acro45, Cook35, FAid40, Flet68, For80, LWork62, Med60, Sig76, Star61, Track88, WeaW77, Wood45, Admin45, Stra50, Tac70.

The Chieftain of the Woses (Drúedain or Drûgs) during the War of the Ring, Ghân proved to be a forgiving Man and a valuable ally. Despite the age-old hatred his reclusive people held for the Rohirrim, he agreed to lead the Riders of Rohan through their woodland realm, enabling them to avoid the Orc army that awaited them on the West Road. In gratitude, King Théoden of Rohan gave the Drúadan Forest to the Woses forever, promising that they would no longer be hunted by the Rohirrim (as they had in the past).

Ghân’s Principal Items

Animist necklet, x3 Channeling PP multiplier.
+20, 2x normal range.

Ghân’s Special Abilities

60 PP. Ghân knows all Ranger Base lists to 20th level and all Animist Base Lists to 10th level.

Read LotRIII 129 – 33, 313; UT 382 – 85. See ICE’s Riders of Rohan 57, 61.

Gríma Wormtongue

Lvl: 8. Race: Rohir/​Dunlending. Profession: Bard. Home: Meduseld in Edoras in Rohan; later Orthanc. Aka: Bitter-spoken;” Wormtongue.

RM Stats: St-78; Qu-96; Em-63; In-77; Pr-98; Ag-100; Co-65; Me-65; Re-88; SD-67. MERP Stats: St-78; Ag-100; Co-65; Ig- 77; It-77; Pr-98. Appearance: 71.

Skill Bonuses: Climb45, Swim40, Ride50, DTrap35, S&H88, Perc67, Act75, Li4, BDev4, Act77, Fals30, Mus25, Sed68, Track44, Trick58, Dipl77, Tac25.

Gríma was born in T.A. 2984. He was the son of Gálmód, the dour advisor to King Théoden. Although a commoner of Rohan, he was raised in the Meduseld in Edoras, for his father’s station made him a virtual member of the King’s household. After Gálmod died, Gríma inherited his position.

Gríma proved to be clever and deceitful, eventually seizing control of King Théoden’s attentions. It is not clear when he entered the service of Saruman, but he became the agent of the White Wizard before the outbreak of the War of the Ring, leaking Rohan’s secrets to Orthanc while poisoning Théoden with lies and disinformation. Although Éomer and others challenged his assertions, Wormtongue successfully fended off their protestations and eventually isolated them from the King’s ear.

Gríma’s betrayal was simply explained. In his own twisted mind, he desired Théoden’s niece, Éowyn, and the White Wizard promised to deliver her to Wormtongue when Rohan capitulated. Gandalf shattered those plans, however, when he arrived in time to heal the King and unmask Gríma and his treachery.

The Counselor fled to his master in Isengard, only to be trapped soon afterwards by the siege of the Ents. Ironically, Gríma later cast a stone out of Orthanc, aimed at Gandalf. It missed, and turned out to be nothing less than one of the Palantíri: The Seeing Stone of Orthanc.

Saruman and his aide escaped the ruin of Isengard, moving north to the Shire where Gríma finally rebelled against his master’s rough treatment, stabbing the (now nearly powerless) Wizard in the back. Wormtongue in turn was lynched by Hobbits (T.A. 3019).

Gríma’s Principal Items

x3 PP multiplier for Bards, of gold.
+15 short sword.

Gríma’s Special Abilities

16 PP. Knows all Bard Base lists to 10th level and two Open Essence lists to 10th level (MERP), and Open Mentalism Attack Avoidance, Detections, and Illusions to 5th level (RM).

Read LotRII 148 – 51, 158 – 60; LotRIII 232 – 24, 369 – 70; UT 340, 345 – 47. See ICE’s Riders of Rohan 7, 38, 61.


Lvl: 93. Race: Adan of the Third House. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Brethil; later Gondolin; finally, Dor-lómin.

RM Stats: St-102; Qu-103; Em-99; In-97; Pr-101; Ag-103; Co-102; Me-95; Re-93; SD-100. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-103; Co- 102; Ig-94; It-97; Pr-101. Appearance: 96.

Skill Bonuses: Climb120, Swim110, Ride135, DTrap70, PLock85, S&H135, Perc142, Amb35, Li15, AMov100, ADef30, MASt120, MASw110, BDev150, Acro80, Act50, AnimT70, Cave45, Cont62, Cook38, Dance80, Div64, FAid90, Flet80, For96, Fren80, Gamb30, Sail70, Sed65, Sig74, Sing60, Ski45, Subd110, Track110, Trad42, TrapB50, Trick40, Tumb80, WeaW56, Ath85, Stra70, Tac68.

The younger brother of Húrin, Húor was a valiant fighter and a friend of the Elves. He was the brave son of Galdor and Hareth, and but a mere youth when he joined his brother to fight the Orcs. Ulmo himself rescued them from the clutches of the Black Enemy’s minions, and they made their way into the secret land of Gondolin — the first mortals to see the Hidden Realm. Turgon accepted them and a great alliance was forged.

At his brother’s side, Húor lead a section of the army of Hithlum in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Q. Battle of Tears Unnumbered”). He predicted the salvation of the Elves and Men by Eärendil, and managed to convince Turgon to retreat into Gondolin. While covering his ally’s withdrawal, he struck in the eye by a poisoned Orc-arrow and died.

Húor’s Principal Items

Sword (Orcring)
(“Goblin-chill”) The mate of Orcruin (see below), it is a +90 white Eog sword with an edge of gleaming, clear Laen. The edge shone with an eerie blue light and grew intensely cold and frosty when near Orcs (range 300’). When it struck an Orc and dealt a critical, it also delivered a Cold critical of equal severity. Upon command, the sword smoked with a chill mist and could be ordered to fire a stream of intense cold up to 3x per day (treat as Firebolt; range 300’; using Cold crits).
(“Shadow”) Full, hooded cloak of dark grey cloth, it provided warmth but was lightweight and unencumbering. It also adds +70 to wearers hiding bonus.
(“Winged-feet”) Tall boots of soft grey leather which allow the wearer to move silently and walk without leaving any trace of footprint. They also add +30 to Climbing maneuvers.

Read UT 17 – 18, 22, 29, 57 – 8, 65, 68, 146, 161. Sil 151, 177, 190 – 92, 232, 237, 381, 382.


Lvl: 100. Race: Adan of the Third House. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Brethil; later Gondolin; finally, Dor-lómin. Aka: Húrin Thalion.

RM Stats: St-106; Qu-102; Em- 100; In-101; Pr-103; Ag-102; Co-104; Me-96; Re-94; SD-104. MERP Stats: St-106; Ag-102; Co-104; Ig-95; It-101; Pr-103. Appearance: 96.

Skill Bonuses: Climb130, Swim120, Ride145, DTrap90, PLock85, S&H150, Perc150, Amb30, Lil7*, AMov100, ADef50, MAst110, MAsw125, BDev275, Acro95, Act80, AnimT45, Cove125, Cont140, Div75, Fals30, FAid110, Flet74, For90, Fren100, Nav80, PSp85, RMa68s, Row82, Sail70, Sed80, Sig90, Sing85, Ski70, Subd100, Track135, Tumb90, WeaW68, Ath80, Dipl90, Stra100, Tac115.

The eldest son of Galdor and Haleth, Húrin the Steadfast represented the mingling of the Second and Third Houses of the Edain. It is hardly surprising that his line produced the greatest heroes of their day. Húrin himself was known as the most able Adan warrior in all of Middle-earth, and his deeds bore proof of the claim. Unfortunately, he was also one of the most tragic figures in Mannish history.

Húrin went to war when he was only fifteen, for it was at that time that Morgoth unleashed the Dagor Bragollach (Q. Battle of Sudden Flame”). The conflict was thrust upon him and he and his brother, Huor (who was but thirteen), went east to do battle with the Black Enemy. During their tortuous journey, they eluded capture by Orcs only by the grace of Ulmo, using a barrier of shrouding mist to conceal their passage. They became lost wandering in the hills, however, unable to find a path. There, while wandering in the wilderness, the pair was rescued by the Great Eagles led by Thorondor. The noble birds brought them to the hidden realm of Gondolin, where King Turgon greeted them warmly. The Noldo King had received dreams from Ulmo about the sons of the House of Hador, and their presaged a great union of Elves and Men.

The brothers remained in Gondolin for a time (long enough to earn Turgon *s friendship and respect— and Maeglin’s hatred) but they soon yearned to return to their kin in Dor-lómin. They feared for the House of Galdor. Turgon granted their request, trusting their word that they not to reveal the secret of his secluded domain.

Seven years after the Fourth Battle (the Dagor Bragollach), Morgoth sent a great force against Hithlum, assaulting the passes of the Shadowy Mountains. It was in this siege that Galdor, Húrin’s father, died — but Húrin broke the siege. With Huor, he led the Edain to join with Maedhros in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Q. Battle of Unnumbered Tears”), the Fifth Battle against the minions of the Fallen Vala. There, Húrin urged Turgon to retreat into Gondolin while his small band covered the withdrawal. Húrin and his brother held the rearguard, but Huor was killed by a poisoned arrow and their valiant force was overwhelmed. Húrin was taken alive, though he fought for a long time alone. He slew seventy Trolls and numberless Orcs before he was buried under the awful carnage. The tenacity and might of his combat saved the Noldo army and struck fear into the evil Angbandrim.

Húrin was taken before Morgoth but he would not reveal the location of Gondolin under any torment. So, the Black Enemy cursed him and his descendants, imprisoning him for twenty-eight years in a high tower of Thangorodrim, and forcing him to view the world in deceptive fragments. Thus, Morgoth broke his unyielding will slowly, crushing it into despair.

Morgoth freed Húrin a year after the death of his son, Turin, and left him to wander through Beleriand. In his anguish, Húrin inadvertently revealed the approximate location of Gondolin. Later, he came to Nargothrond, where he slew Mîm the Petty-Dwarf, and brought the Nauglamír back to Thingol. There, in Doriath, Melian healed him of his sickness, and at last he went to die in peace.

Húrin’s Principal Items

Battle Axe
(“Troll-cleaver”) +75 two-handed axe with a blade of red Laen. It slays Trolls and Orcs.
Sword (Orcruin)
(“Goblin-fire”) The mate of Orcring, it is a +90 black Eog sword with an edge of gleaming black Laen. The edge shone with an eerie red light and grew intensely hot when near Orcs (range 300’). When it struck an Orc and dealt a critical, it also delivered a Heat critical of equal severity. Upon command, the sword smoked with a fiery mist and could be ordered to fire a flaming stream up to 3x per day (treat as Firebolt; range 300’). If bloodied, it smoked and sizzled.
(“Shadow”) Full, hooded cloak of dark grey cloth, it provided warmth but was lightweight and unencumbering. It also adds +70 to wearer’s hiding bonus.
(“Winged-feet”) Tall boots of soft grey leather which allow the wearer to move silently and walk without leaving any trace of footprint. They also add +30 to Climbing maneuvers.

Read UT 17 – 18, 21, 32, 37, 46; Sil 150, 177, 191 – 92, 193 – 94, 232 – 43, 256, 257, 280 – 86, 381, 382; LotRI 355.


Lvl: 28. Race: Dúnadan (remotely Peredhil). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Dol Amroth. Aka: Imrahil the Fair.

RM Stats: St-94; Qu-97; Em-81; In-90; Pr-95; Ag-96; Co-91; Me-73; Re-76; SD-72; MERP Stats: St-94; Ag-96; Co-91; Ig-78; It-90; Pr-95. Appearance: 98.

Skill Bonuses: Climb50; Swim82; Ride60; S&H65; Perc98; Li16; AMov80; Acro45; Act60; Cont40; Dance70; Div70; FAid55; Flet42; For68; Fren40; Herd40; LWork20; Math35; Med30; Mus48; Nav82; PSp94; Row50; Sail70; Sed68; Sig66; Sing45; Star50; Subd66; Track40; WeaW72; Admin85; Appr15; Arch40; Ath65; Dipl70; Stra82; Tac78.

Prince Imrahil was born in the Sea-ward Tower (S. Tirith Aear”) of Dol Amroth and descended from one of the most prestigious families in Middle-earth. A Dúnadan of the House of Dol Amroth, he was the twenty-first Prince in the second line and the twenty-second direct descendant of Imrazôr (“The Númenórean”). Imrazôr’s wife, the Elf-maiden Mithrellas, gave his line Elven blood, and Imrahil reflected his partially Firstborn ancestry. Indeed, he was of royal blood and one of the Lords of the West.

Imrahil ruled the fair city of Dol Amroth, as well as the lands of Belfalas nearby, as the Prince of Dor-en-Emil. He was a fast friend of the Ruling Steward, his Lord and brother-in-law. Denethor II wed Imrahil’s sister Finduilas, making the Prince the uncle of Boromir and Faramir. Still, he served Denethor, for the Princes of his House were vassals of the King of Gondor.

A brave leader in the War of the Ring, Imrahil briefly ruled Gondor after the death of Denethor (during Faramir’s incapacity). His daughter Lothíriel married King Éomer of Rohan, further cementing the bond between Gondor and the Horse-realm.

Imrahil’s Principal Items

Sword (Aercrist)
(S. Sea-cleaver”) +30 two-handed blade of pale blue steel, allows the wielder to parry attacks from any direction, and will float on water.
(“Foam-light”) +30 scale armor of a silver- white mithril alloy, protects as AT Pl/​17 and has the additional power of being able to float in water (and hold the wearer at the surface).

Imrahil’s Special Powers

56 PP. The Prince knows two Open Channeling lists to 10th lvl (MERP), and the Open Mentalist lists of Cloaking and Attack Avoidance to 5th level (RM).

Read LotRIII 23, 50, 119, 148 – 52, 181,487; UT 246, 248, 286, 316. See ICE’s Havens of Gondor 11, 28.


Lvl: 50 Race: Dúnadan. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Númenór, later Minas Ithil.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-99; Em-79; In-86; Pr-96; Ag-98; Co-99; Me-91; Re-84; SD-52; MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-98; Co-99; Ig-87; It-86; Pr-96. Appearance: 95.

Skill Bonuses: Climb90; Swim92; Ride112; DTrap40; PLock65; S&H128; Perc135; Amb22; Li15; AMov60; ADef20; MASt110; MASw125; Acro90; Act85; Cont70; Dance90; Div25; Fals25; FAid55; Flet42; For45; Fren60; Gamb62; Nav90; Sail85; Sed91; Sig84; Sing72; Ski40; Subd99; Track80; Admin100; Appr40; Arch87; Ath60; Dipl80; Stra65; Tac82.

The elder son of Elendil, Isildur was one of the Faithful who survived the Akallabêth of Númenór. Prior to his departure, he made his way into the palace courtyard at Armenelos and stole a fruit of Nimloth the White Tree. He suffered grievous injury but slipped away to recover, and thus assured the survival of the tree’s line. He escaped from the Downfall, and in the cataclysm his ship —and that of his brother Anarion — were both driven southwards towards the Bay of Belfalas. The vessels bearing their father Elendil and his retainers went North, towards Eriador and Lindon.

Isildur and Anárion founded the Kingdom of Gondor and ruled jointly from Pelargir, and then Osgiliath. Isildur later built the fortified hill-city of Minas Ithil and was Lord of Ithilien until S. A. 3429, when Sauron’s forces invaded Gondor and seized his home town. He fled to Amor to gather an army, and soon returned to aid his beleaguered brother.

Isildur stood with his father and the Elven High-king Gil-galad as they faced Sauron on the slopes of Orodruin in S.A. 3441. Both Elendil and Gil-galad fell before the might of the Dark Lord, but their deaths were not in vain. As the Evil One broke Narsil and struck down Elendil the Tall, Isildur grasped the hilt-shard of the sword and cut the Ruling Ring from Sauron’s burning hand. His focus of power stripped away; the Dark Lord could not retain his form. He passed into the Shadows.

As the sole surviving Dúnadan King after the War of the Last Alliance (Anárion was killed outside Barad-dûr in S.A. 3440), Isildur returned with the Ring of the Dark Lord to Minas Anor. He ruled Gondor for two years and then set off for his father’s capital at Annúminas in Amor. It was on his journey north to take the throne of Amor that he was ambushed by Orcs. In the ensuing Battle of Gladden Fields (T.A. 2), Isildur lost the One Ring, as well as his life.

Isildur’s Principal Items

Note: As heir of Elendil, Isildur is the High-king of the Dúnedain after S.A. 3441. See Elendil for the hereditary items associated with that office.

(Helm of Isildur) +40 silver-and ivory- inlaid black Ithilnaur (mithril alloy) helmet of a Karma design, shaped like a stylized fish with a prominent ridge of whitish scales. It also adds +40 to all of wearer’s RRs. A x6 (Channeling) PP multiplier, it serves as one of the two Crown-helms of Gondor. After S.A. 3440, it is the sole Crown-helm.
(“Star-flame”) +45 mithril sword, glows with a bright white light, and can fire a lightning Bolt (range 300’) lx per day. It also delivers an Electricity critical equal in severity to any regular critical strike it happens to yield.
The One Ring
Although Isildur possessed the One Ring for nearly two years, he almost never wore it and certainly did not test its powers. It is perhaps more merciful that he died, betrayed by the Ring, rather than lived to endure what would surely have befallen him eventually had he lived. The Ring would have tempted him to use it and, in the end, he would have been overcome by its evil seduction. (For a description of the One Ring, see LOMEI p. 101 – 02).

Isildur’s Special Powers

Isildur knows three Base Ranger lists to 10th lvl (MERP), and the Mentalist Open Spell lists Delving, Self Healing and Damage Resistance to 10th level (RM).

Read LotRI 83, 319, 320, 331 – 2; LotRIII 394; Sil 337, 346, 360 – 61, 364, 365, 366; UT 215, 271 – 83, 300, 304, 308 – 10, 370, 383.


Lvl: 150 Race: Sinda-Maia (Mortal). Profession: Bard (Illusionist, Lay Healer, Mystic). Home: Originally Thingol’s Kingdom of Doriath; finally, in Tol Galen. Aka: Tinúviel.

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-106; Em-109; In-106; Pr-115; Ag-106; Co-99; Me-105; Re-109; SD-105; MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-106; Co-99; Ig-109; It-106; Pr-115. Appearance: 125.

Skill Bonuses: Climb162; Swim170; Ride145; S&H285; Perc280; Rune255; S&W178; Chan80; Amb20; Lil5; AMov100; MASt140; MASw160; Acro135; Act200; AnimT168; Cont110; Dance300; Div125; FAid180; For115; Med210; Mus300; Sail110; Sed300; Sig150; Sing320; SpMas242; Star185; Subd120; Track80; Tumb155; WeaW110; Ath150.

Lúthien was the most beautiful of all the Children of Ilúvatar, and while wearing the Nauglamír was considered the most entrancing sight outside of Valinor. Her powers were such to match her beauty, for she was the daughter of the Maia Melian and the Elven High-king Thingol. (Thingol was also called Elwë, one of the original Elves who, with his brother Olwë, led the Teleri out of Cuiviénen.) Under the tutelage of her Ainu mother, Lúthien mastered the art of song as no other in Middle-earth before her or since.

Lúthien fell in love with the mortal Beren, against the wishes of her father. Thingol sent Beren on a mission to prove himself worthy of Lúthien: to steal a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth and return with it to Doriath. Only by the power of Lúthien was this possible, for she sang a song so beautiful as to enthrall Sauron and the Black Enemy himself. She and her beloved cut a Jewel from the Crown and escaped. As they fled, however, Morgoth’s Fell-wolf, Carcharoth, attacked Beren and bit off the hand that bore the Silmaril. Beren and Lúthien made it to Doriath, despite Beren’s wound, and they were married.

Unfortunately, Beren was later killed when he tried to hunt down the Wolf Carcharoth and recover the Jewel. Lúthien was so bereaved that she died of anguish. Her spirit passed westward to the Halls of Mandos.

Upon reaching the doors of the Halls, she sang to Námo (the Vala who held the Doom of all the children of Ilúvatar) and so moved him that he granted Beren and her another life together — an act of surpassing compassion which has yet to be repeated. Thus, Lúthien Tinúviel and Beren were reunited, on the isle of Tol Galen where they lived out their mortal lives in bliss.


Lúthien was tall (6’6”), fair-haired, and possessed clear blue-violet eyes. She was without question the most beautiful and graceful woman ever born in Middle-earth. An unsurpassed singer and dancer, she favored flowing gowns of gossamer pastels.

Lúthien’s Principal Items

Mother’s Gift
Wreath of ever-beautiful flowers about Lúthien’s head. A x10 PP multiplier, it maintains Concentration Spells, without the wearer needing to concentrate, for 1 rnd per wearer’s lvl. It protects the head as a full helm and negates 50% of head criticals (roll 01 –50).
The Sash of Yavanna
A multi-hued silken sash, it provides wearer with a constant Displacement V protection spell, adding +88 to her DB. With 1 rnd’s concentration, wearer can become translucent, subtracting 50 from all Perception rolls attempting to see her.
The Veil of Daeron
Lightweight dancer’s garb, deflects attacks as AT 20 and adds +100 to all spell RRs.
The Dagger of the Dancer
+88 blue mithril dagger which strikes like a battle-axe. It yields double concussion hits, and has a range of 8000’ (regardless of wielder’s strength). It incurs no penalties, and instantly returns to thrower’s hand if it rests within 100’. For every critical it yields, it delivers an additional Impact and Puncture Critical (of same severity). If used to parry, wielder may also cast Deflections V or Bladeturn V.

Lúthien’s Special Powers

1350 PP. Lúthien knows all Base Bard, Animist and Ranger lists to 10th lvl (MERP), and all Base Illusionist, Mystic, Bard, Lay Healer, and Open and Closed Essence and Mentalist lists to 90th level (RM).

Note: Lúthien’s DB will be enhanced to 230 while wearing the Nauglamír and to 280 while that necklace holds the Silmaril. However, all opponents will receive a +40 to attacks against the wearer of the Silmaril because of their intense desire for the gem.

Read UT 57 – 8, 79, 84, 157; Sil 91, 123, 148, 165 – 88, 198, 234 – 36, 306, 307; LotRI 258 – 61; LotRIII 388.

Mouth of Sauron

Lvl: 50. Race: Black Númenórean. Profession: Mage/​Sorcerer. Home: Mordor. Aka: Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dûr.

RM Stats: St-71; Qu-91; Em-101; In-99; Pr-96; Ag-98; Co-84; Me-93; Re-87; SD-72; MERP Stats: St-76; Ag-98; Co-84; Ig-101; It-99; Pr-96. Appearance: 36.

Skill Bonuses: Ride110; S&H135; Perc140; Rune90; S&W102; Chan45; Amb11; Li21; Act87; Fals60; Math45; Med75; PSp175; Sig84; SpMas124; Star89; Trick95; WeaW60; Admin105; Appr79; Dipl120; Stra86; Tac75.

The Mouth of Sauron was the Dark Lord’s special aide and his most powerful mortal servant. Although not magically immortal like the Ringwraiths, the Mouth lived far beyond his natural lifespan. As it states in the LotRIII, p. 202:

… this was no Ringwraith but a living man. The Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dûr he was, and his name is remembered in no tale; for he himself had forgotten it, and he was a renegade, who came of the race of those that are named the Black Númenóreans; for they established their dwellings in Middle-earth during the years of Sauron’s domination, and they worshipped him, being enamored of evil knowledge. And he entered the service of the Dark Tower when it first rose again, and because of his cunning he grew ever higher in the Lord’s favor; and he learned great sorcery, and knew much of the mind of Sauron; and he was more cruel than any Orc.”

The Mouth was in his prime when he entered Sauron’s service in S.A. 3320, after the Downfall of Númenór and Sauron’s return to Mordor. Afterwards, he slowed the aging process, using his sorcerous skills to artificially prolong his life without suffering any noticeable side effects. His memory, however, remained like that of any other Man, and was limited in what it could retain. In the course of his thirty-four hundred- and thirty-nine-year life, the Mouth of Sauron forgot more than any Man could learn in four normal lifetimes. Thus, he even came to forget his name and origin, for they were not essential to his plans.

As the Lieutenant of Barad-dûr, the Mouth was left in charge of all operations of the sprawling fortress-city, including the garrison placement, defenses and supervision of the guests”. A sadistic and twisted being, the Mouth delighted in torture, and relished the thought of tormenting the Hobbits once they were caught.

Surpassed in rank only by the Lord of the Nazgûl himself, the Mouth was close to Sauron’s counsels, and the Evil One promised his lieutenant a domain including all the Western lands, knowing that Saruman in Isengard was unsuitable. The dreams embraced by the Mouth of Sauron came to naught, however, as the destruction of the Ruling Ring brought to ruin all of his subtle plans and devices.

The Mouth’s Principal Items

(“Cloak of the Abyss”) Black robes of some enchanted material which seem to absorb all light. They are disturbing to look upon, causing all within 50’ who fail a RR to become queasy and dizzy (-25). They add +80 to nocturnal hiding maneuvers, and +30 to wearer’s DB. All Light-related attacks (including lightning) are at –50.
(“Voice of the Dark Tower”) mithril and black Laen amulet capable of amplifying the wearer’s voice, allowing him to be heard over great distances.
Fashioned of black steel, it is a x6 PP multiplier for Mages/​Sorcerers, and can store as many of six spells (each up to 30th level) at a given time.
Designed after the lordly helms of the Númenórean Kings, this helm is all black and trimmed with glittering scales and dark gems. It shields the wearer from all mental attacks at +30 levels and also protects from 25% of head criticals (roll 01 – 25).

The Mouth’s Special Powers

200 PP. The Mouth of Sauron knows all Base Mage, Base Bard, Open Channeling, and Open Essence lists to 10th lvl (MERP), and all Base Sorcerer Lists to 50th level, four Closed Essence lists and five Closed Channeling lists to 20th lvl, and three Base Mentalism and Closed Mentalism lists to 5th level (RM).

Read LotRIII 202 – 06.

Ovatha II*

Lvl: 25. Race: Variag. Profession: Scout/​Rogue. Home: Originally various oases in southern Khand; later Khand Amu; still later Sturlurts a capital of Khand. Aka: Ovathalto; King of Khand; Lord of the Variags; the Horse-slayer; the Young; the Relentless One.

RM Stats: St-97; Qu-100; Em-36; In-92; Pr-80; Ag-100; Co-91; Me-49; Re-97; SD-86. MERP Stats: St-97; Ag-100; Co-91; Ig-73; It-92; Pr-80. Appearance: 37.

Skill Bonuses: Climb64; Swim25; Ride104; DTrap55; PLock45; S&H80; Perc82; Amb12; Li3; AMov50; MASt40; MASw30; BDev18; Acro68; Act45; AnimT60; Cave60; Cook50; Dance60; FAid35; For90; Herd.50; Mus40; Nav64; RMas20; Sed45; Sig62; Sing30; Star64; Subd30; Track82; Trad78; TrapB25; Trick64; Tumb30; WeaW68; Admin30; Athl60; Dipl35 ; Stra64; Tac90. 

Ovatha the Young was the grandson of his namesake and heir to the lordship of the Orath tribe of the Variag nations. He ascended the throne in T. A. 1636, at the age of thirteen, when his father Ovag Ito died of the plague while campaigning in Nûrad. Three years later he entered the great Variag trade center and capital” at Khand Amu and became the Khûrdriag (V. King of All the Tribes”) of his people. He was the second Variag to unite Khand during the Third Age. During the succeeding decades, Ovatha ruled from the saddle and expanded Variag influence deep into Harad, throughout Nûrad, and across Chey Sart. The so-called Horse-slayer ruled much of central Endor.

Ovatha Ito weighed 170 pounds and stood 5’9” tall, average by Variag standards. His most notable feature was the self-inflicted diamond-shaped scar that surrounded his facial area and lent him a frightening air. The scar, an ancient and theretofore abandoned symbol of spiritual power, was dyed a deep sienna color. His lip-ring was much more contemporary.

Ovatha’s long black hair flowed to his waist, and he used four golden bands to bind it in a ponytail. The wide hairbands matched the gold spikes that punctuated his grey and black rigid leather breastplate. In turn, his armor blended well with his dark grey breeches, his black knee boots, and his black and red cape. Ovatha’s helm, like most Variag head armor, was shaped like a pointed pot and sported bat-wing ear guards.

In keeping with Variag tradition, Ovatha and his two brothers ritually married the High Priestess Aivaisa. (Note that there is no real marriage among the Variags). He gave her a daughter (Ovaisa Ito) and a son (Othour Ito).

Ovatha’s Principal Items

(“Bloodrunner”) +25 long-bladed, Cat-slaying, sword-lance made of greyish wood from the olive trees of Nûrn. 8’ long, it is a traditional Variag weapon which appears as a cross between a spear and a thin, razor-sharp, two-hand sword (and can be used in either capacity). This weapon remembers” melees, and allows wielder an extra + 10 bonus against opponents the weapon (but not the wielder) has previously faced. When thrown as a spear, it returns to the caster in 1 – 2 rds.
(“Horse-slayer”) +20 kine-horn, Horse-slaying, short bow. Its arrows strike like those from a long bow.
This intricately carved gold ring is a +3 (Channeling) spell adder. It is worn by the senior male in the Ito line and generally passes from father to eldest son.

Ovatha’s Special Powers

25 PP. Directed spell OB is 10. Ovatha knows three Open Channeling lists to 5th level (MERP), and two Closed Channeling lists to 5th lvl (RM).
Ovatha can distinguish the nature of any movement that he can detect within 100’.
Ovatha can communicate to trained associates and certain animals (e.g., hounds and horses) silently using high-pitched whistles (up to 1000’).

Parnelion Sey*

Lvl: 28. Race: Ahar. Profession: Bard. Home: The Red Holes (Ah. Delik Kizil”) of Jayir Ahar. Aka: Wind-speaker; High-king of Kargagis Ahar (Ah. Ahar Nations Together”).

RM Stats: St-86; Qu-99; Em-96; In-90; Pr-100; Ag-76; Co-54; Me-99; Re-97; SD-73. MERP Stats: St-86; Ag-76; Co-54; Ig-98; It-90; Pr-100. Appearance: 74.

Skill Bonuses: Climb45; Swim20; Ride90; PLock65; S&H60 ; Perc70; Rune60; S&W80 ; Chan30; Amb8; Li6; AMov35; ADef35; MASt20; MASw25; BDev14; Acro25; Act50; AnimT60; Cave25; Cook40; Dance64; FAid70; For60; Herd80; Math40; Med55; Mus100; Nav80; PSp35; RMas35; Sig60; Sing80; SpMas40; Star50; Subd15; Track60; Trad45; TrapB25; Trick25; Tumb35; WeaW50; Admin40; Ath35; Craf40; Dipl60; Stra50 Tac50.

Parnelion Sey was the son of a wealthy Ahar priestess and a Chey warlord named Arpa Reluka. His fattier died while fighting as a mercenary in the service of Atakul Sey, the King of the Kul Ahar, during the Second Variag Wars. Raised by his mother Vizona in Atakul’s court at Savage Breaks, Parnelion displayed an early affection for lore and debate and, by the age of ten, he was adopted into the Sey clan as an apprentice story-master. (Note that the Sey had Chey cousins, and that Parnelion was distantly related to the Chey-king and Ringwraith Ren the Unclean.)

Events to the west conspired to wreck Parnelion’s ascension through the court ranks, however, as the Chey peoples fell under the sway of Darkness. United under the rule of a Variag-appointed puppet prince called Uma Kalcuna, the Chey crossed the river Numahar and quickly defeated their Ahar neighbors. The other Ahar tribes submitted to the invaders, offering hostages and tribute.

By this time, Parnelion’s rise had alarmed elements of the Sey court, who offered the young man as a hostage. The twelve year- old Parnelion accompanied a host of fellow captives and traveled to the strange Chey hold at Ulk Chey Sart. There, he remained for five years, learning Chey ways and delving into alchemy. It was the first of two invaluable lessons abroad.

When the Chey lords perished in a Variag-inspired coup, the new lords sent Parnelion to the Variag capital of Sturlurtsa Khand. This sprawling cosmopolitan trade city surrounds a strategic oasis tucked in the southern foothills of the Ephel Dúath (S. Fence of Shadow”) southeast of Mordor and is renowned for its rich but exceedingly brutal lifestyle. While residing there for four years, Parnelion witnessed a whole new world — a society grounded in the interrelations between jealous, ruthless rivals, peoples with norms rooted in swift retribution. The young man learned how to fight and weave shrouds of carefully worded promises and threats which confused the best of diplomats.

Playing upon his keepers’ needs and beliefs, Parnelion convinced the Variag Lord Gour Ito that he could aid the Variag interests among the Ahar upon his release. Gour agreed and sent Parnelion home in hope that the twenty-one-year-old bard would sway his brethren to the Variag cause. It was a mistake that cost the Variags their holdings east of the Numahar and eventually resulted in Gour Ito’s execution.

Parnelion returned home to a changed land. His family slain following the Chey purges, his allies were few. With the Sey lords either death or in exile, the young man counted no mentors among his own people. So, he sought aid from the storytellers, the priestly loremasters of the Ahar, quickly distancing himself from the Variag and Chey cause.

Gour and his Chey allies became incensed and ordered Parnelion’s capture. This warrant only served to instill the bard with an aura of legitimacy. Ahar allegiance and pride focused on his narrow shoulders, Parnelion set about uniting his fellow bards and he developed a powerful and knowledgeable network that transcended the traditional tribal boundaries. Eleven years after returning home, at the age of thirty-two, Parnelion Sey came out of his refuge at the Red Holes and led his people in an uprising that swept the Chey out of Ahar territory. The Ahar tribes united as the Kargagis Ahar for the first time in fifteen hundred years and invaded Chey Sait with utter fury. Parnelion’s warlord lieutenant, Alafar Mem, led his hard-riding army to victory, crushing a combined army of Chey horse and Variag infantry at the Grass Tombs.

Thus, the Chey threat ended for a time, and Parnelion Sey presided over the renewal of the Ahar nations. During the next fifty-four years, the Bard enjoyed the unprecedented honor of being the master of all the Ahar Warrior-kings. In a land where bards never held office and were never permitted to rule directly (being strictly advisors), Parnelion served as absolute overlord.


Parnelion Sey stood 5’2” tall and, small by Ahar standards. The long, braided pony-tail that accentuated his receding black hair was permanently dyed with a purplish hue, which was common in ancient Ahar society. This feature set him apart from his contemporaries who, like Parnelion, were beardless, grey-skinned, and black-eyed and enjoyed only subtle distinction. Parnelion wore a mail hood rather than a helm, and flowing purple wool robes adorned with bands of white stylized deer.

Compact of build, Parnelion weighed 120 pounds; yet he was sinewy and could be competitive in physical contests, even against much larger opponents. For the most part, though, Parnelion relied on wit to win. He was a brilliant orator and possessed an exceptionally rich, lyrical voice.

Parnelion’s two wives, Raesha and Eona, bore him three daughters and a son.

Parnelion’s Principal Items

(“Wind-sweeper”) +20 spear made of purplish wood from the Dogfruit trees of Ibav. When cast with the wind, it has a bonus equal to 20 + the wind speed (in mph), and it suffers no range penalties.
(“Quieter”) +15 ivory-inlaid composite bow. Whenever it yields a critical strike, the victim must make a RR versus firer’s lvl. Failure of 01 – 50 results in victim being unable to speak for 1 – 100 days; failure of 51+ results in victim permanently losing the power of speech.
(“Whispering Crier”) Horn capable of sending clear sounds up to distance equal to user’s level. Should user so designate, the horn will — with concentration — only send sounds to particular recipients or places.

Parnelion’s Special Powers

84 PP. Base spell OB is 53; directed spell OB is 20. Parnelion knows all Base Bard lists to 20th lvl, and two Open Channeling lists to 5th level (MERP), and three Closed Mentalism lists to 10th lvl, and three Open Mentalism lists to 5th lvl (RM).
Parnelion can distinguish the cultural background of anyone who speaks to him.

Pharazôn (Ar-)

Lvl: 55. Race: Dúnadan (Númenórean). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter, Home: Armenelos, Númenór. Aka: The Golden;” Tar-Calion (Q Heir of Light”).

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-96; Em-65; In-80; Pr-102; Ag-97; Co-97; Me-88; Re-95; SD-70; MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-97; Co-97; Ig-94; It-80; Pr-102. Appearance: 100.

Skill Bonuses: Climb60; Swim112; Ride86; Perc96; Lil8; AMov80; MASt120; MASw95; Acro80; Act110; Div70; Fals80; Math72; Med80; Mus65; Nav124; Sail90; Sed87; Sig60; Star25; Trick45; Tumb40; WeaW70; Admin90; Dipl120; Stra135; Tac118.

The twenty-fourth and final King of Númenór (S.A. 3255 – 3319), Ar-Pharazôn was the son of Gimilkhâd and the nephew of Tar-Palantír. When his uncle died a few years after his father, he resolved to seize the throne. Palantir’s daughter Miriel, the designated Queen, was forced to marry Pharazôn, and he took the scepter of rulership for his own.

Like Gimilkhâd, Ar-Pharazôn was unhappy with Palantir’s policies of friendship to the Elves. This made him a very popular king, for sentiment in Númenór was increasingly hostile regarding the Eldar, and the King’s Men and the common folk were both overwhelming prejudiced against the immortals. They were also greedy, which suited the new King quite well. Hungry for power and land, Ar-Pharazôn led the greatest campaign of conquest that had ever been seen by Men in Middle-earth. In S.A. 3262, he landed a huge army at Umbar and defeated the Dark Lord, who was then at the height of his power. Humbling the Lord of the Rings, the Golden King forcing him to surrender and return to Númenór as a prisoner of the Dúnedain.

In his pride and self –assurance, however, the Ar-Pharazôn made a fatal mistake. Sauron remained a prisoner for only a very short time; before long, he was Ar-Pharazôn’s chief counselor. The King desired most the one thing he could not win by conquest in war — immortality — and Sauron convinced him that the way to greatness was the worship of Melkor and the path of Darkness.

In the ensuing years, Faithful were openly persecuted, the White Tree was burned, and Ar-Pharazôn presided over human sacrifices to the Black Enemy. Sauron’s revenge upon the proud Edain was almost complete. He then persuaded the King that the Númenóreans could indeed wrest eternal life from the Valar. The Dark Lord noted that the land of Valinor, not its people, held the secret of immortality.

Arrogant beyond reason, Ar-Pharazôn spent nine years building the greatest fleet ever constructed by Men. In S.A. 3319, the Great Annament was complete and the Golden One led his armada westward toward Aman, to the shores forbidden to mortals. The Ainur mourned, for the proud Edain broke the Ban of the Valar altogether and were bent on conquering the Undying Lands. The doom of the Dúnedain was sealed. As Ar-Pharazôn set foot in Aman, the Akallabêth (Ad. Downfall”) began.

So, the Valar laid down their Guardianship of Arda and asked their master Ilúvatar (Eru), to take matters into his own hands and rebalance the world. The One opened Eä, swallowing Númenór in a great cataclysm and entombing Ar-Pharazôn and his entire fleet deep beneath the earth until the Changing of the World.

Ar-Pharazôn’s Principal Items

4 – 50 full plate armor of a lightweight golden alloy, protects as AT Pl/​20 and reduces all criticals delivered by one severity level. The armor shone with a gold light.
(“Blade of the Sun”) +90 broadsword of gold alloy, the sword delivers 2x normal concussion hits. It will become a two- handed sword on command, and will also flame, delivering a Heat critical (of equal severity) in addition to any other critical strike it yields.
(“Tall Helm of the Golden King”) Fashioned of gold and yellow gems, it protects from head and neck criticals 50% of the time (roll 01 – 50).
Cloak of Sunset
Scarlet cloak which adds +30 to DB.
Scepter of the Sea-lords
Symbol of the High- captain of the Uinendili of Númenór, the Guild of Venturers. It was fashioned of mithril, a rod three feet long designed to resemble a stalk or branch. At the tip was a beautifully made flower with five tall petals. Set within the flower, on tall stamens, were five glittering white adamants. The scepter shimmered with a silvery light, and conferred upon its holder a True Aura. It also allowed free use of the Base Mage Wind Law (MERP) or the Mentalist list Gas Manipulation (RM) although it did not confer this power upon Ar-Pharazôn.

Read LotRIII 390, 392, 454; Sil 333 – 45, 359; UT 165, 215, 224, 317.

Randae Linvairë*

Lvl: 16. Race: Avaradan (Peredhil). Profession: Bard. Home: Luindor by the Bay of Illuin (northeast Endor). Aka: (S. Shadow Wanderer”, Weaver of Songs”).

RM Stats: St-89; Qu-99; Em-88; In-71; Pr-99; Ag-97; Co-65; Me-52; Re-78; SD-91; MERP Stats: St-89; Ag-97; Co-65; Ig-80; It-71; Pr-99 Appearance: 96.

Skill Bonuses: Climb60, Swim65, Ride45, S&H80, Perc66, Rune20, S&W35, Li7, AMov20, ADef20, MASt45, Acro35, Act40, Dance55, Div30, Med45, Mus70, Nav25, Sed72, Sig35, Sing84, Skate92, Ski97, Smith21, Star52, Subd60, Tumb55, WeaW40, Appr50, Arch60, Ath45, Dipl25.

A Peredhil born in S.A. 3241 in Luindor — a land in the Far Northeast on the shores of the Bay of Illuin —Randae Linvairë was a Prince. Although only Half-elven, he was second in line to rule the Elven kingdom behind his elder brother Aldaron. This was an empty title, however, since Luindor had for centuries been a subject state of the Mannish realm of Urd.

Exiled in his own land and burdened with an insane younger sister, Elerien, Randae became a wanderer. He was a Minstrel of questionable repute in his youth, known more for his penchant for trouble than his singing skills. One skill he learned young, however, was skating.

Anyone from the temperate lands of Gondor would scoff at the value of such an ability, but in the frozen lands about the icy Bay of Illuin and near the shadowy realm of Dir, the lakes and rivers are ice-coated most of the year and serve as reliable highways when land passage is impossible. Randae grew up in a cold land.

Luindor was all the colder because it was overshadowed by the dominance of the Urdar— Mannish tribes originating even further north. They were once allies with the Avari of Luindor, but a former friend of the Elves, Hoarmûrath of Dir, turned on them in lust and jealousy of their immortality. When the Urdar attacked Luindor the realm was able to fend off the initial assault by strength of arms and the use of the magical Book of Icelore. A mighty tome, the Book allowed control of the weather in the chill lands, giving the Avari a decided advantage.

But Hoarmûrath stole the book and eventually won control of most of the North. That was in S.A. 2053, nearly twelve hundred years before the birth of Randae. Strangely, Hoarmûrath lived on from that time until Randae’s day, the mortal king seeming to exist in order to goad his armies into maintaining their rule.

It was traditional that the heir of Luindor, at the age of 25, would take a journey for one year to find the Book of Icelore and return with it to free the realm. At the proper time, Aldaron departed, but he did not return at the end of the year. Randae, just nineteen, vowed that he would uncover the reason for Hoarmûrath’s longevity himself, and use his knowledge to overthrow the evil leader.

With his childhood friend Hellui, he set off to find the truth. From perils both Mannish and supernatural the two barely es-caped, in the process becoming embroiled in the wars of others and travelling to the distant south of Middle-earth, all the while following clues along Hoarmûrath’s twisted trail. Joining with allies from the East, he survived a terrifying clash with the forces of Waw and was reunited with his brother — only to see him perish in battle. Aldaron fell while in single combat with three Trolls, deep beneath the earth in the secret subterranean halls of Vulm Shryac.

There he learned Hoarmûrath’s secret: the mortal Man was a Wraith-king, a slave of Sauron the Dark Lord of Mordor. He also received a weapon of great power: Luingurth, sword of Blue Death. But he met a greater foe in Mourmaelgax, a Demon of Surpassing might, servant of Darkness and guardian of this nether-realm.

Randae and his companions drove off the demonic monster in a battle which shook the ancient halls, and discovered a lair of the Úlairi, and inside was the Book of Icelore.

He returned in triumph to Luindor and led his people in a revolt in S.A. 3261, freeing his land from the yoke of Mordor. Randae ruled Luindor for nearly three hundred years, but chose mortality, passing on the crown in T.A. 130.

Randae’s Principal Items

Great Sword (Luingurth II)
(“Blue Death”) +15 clear blue Laen Holy Sword. +45 versus Evil opponents. Wielder operates at twice normal strength vs. Undead, and the sword is a slaying weapon when employed against Dragons or Trolls which were born by the leave of Morgoth (i.e., born during the Elder Days). Becomes and Perceives invisibility and Changing (upon command, the sword can become a dagger, broadsword or two-handed sword, can become invisible, and see changed or invisible objects and beings). The sword is highly intelligent and speaks to its wielder mentally. It will dance” to protect its wielder, and provides a 30th level, 6’ radius aura of protection vs. Channeling (add +30 to RRs). It also emits a +30 lance of cold blue flame (treat as firebolt with a range of 300’) 3x per night, yielding Cold rather than Heat criticals.
Despite the differing powers between this incarnation of Luingurth and the one possessed by Ringlin, most scholars agree that it is in fact the same blade. It came into Randae’s hands as a sheath full of blue dust, and when reunited with its hilts in a Holy Stump, it recreated itself, altering its function to better suit its new owner.
An Elven ring of significant power, it allows the wearer to resist the Presence of Great Demons— even a Valarauko, and provides protection vs. all spells as if the wearer were 30 levels higher than actual. Designed of mithril with an amethyst set, it is possibly one of the early rings made by Celebrimbor in Hollin.
(“The Book of Icelore”) Large volume, bound in sheets of clear Laen, containing permanent Runes of up to 60th from the Channeling list Weather Ways to 60th level, all Spells having a 600-mile radius.
A small silvery sphere, the Orb allows any Bardin possession of it to cast Base Bard spells up to ten levels above his own, providing he knows the list. It is also a x6 PP multiplier.

Randae’s Special Powers

32 PP. Randae knows all Bard Base lists to 15th level (MERP), but with the Orb he can cast spells to 25th. He also knows Mentalist Cloaking, Mind’s Door and Movement to 10th level (RM).

Ringlin Sindacollo*

Lvl: 20. Race: Linadan (Peredhil). Profession: Bard. Home: Horlshekturiak (in Ralian). Aka: (S. Chilling-glance”, Grey- cloaked”) Hidden Hope; Last King of Rudge.

RM Stats: St-81; Qu-96; Em-60; In-95; Pr-96; Ag-95; Co-95; Me-74; Re-92; SD-80. MERP Stats: St-81; Ag-95; Co-95; Ig-93; It-96; Pr-96. Appearance: 101.

Skill Bonuses: Climb70, Swim82, S&H90, Perc84, Rune40, S&W35, Amb10, Li20, AMov80, ADef50, MASt125, MASw110, Acro40, Acl55, Cont50, Fren55, Sig42;

Ringlin’s real origins are clouded by the events that surrounded the loss of his blood father, and left his mother a hollow shell of broken dreams. What is known is exceptional and strange. His mother Tiliwini (Si. Last Maiden”) was a Linadan woman from Ralian, the Land of Countless Waters, in southeastern Endor She was apparently called by many names, and still answers to the elder calls, leading many to believe that she sought to shield her identity for some reason beyond the norm. This would not seem any odder than her two hundred and seventy-nine year stay in sleep.

The body of Telwen was taken from the battlefield of Syclax following the epic struggle for Rudge and the Thurl Ralian Fen. She had not been wounded, but lay in a deep trance that baffled the greatest of her kind, and led the Lords of the Blue Forest to believe that she was doomed to remain forever in sleep. To her kin, she was the object of utmost attention and despair. Two hundred and seventy-nine years later, however, she awoke. Telwen was not the same as she had been, and did not speak as she rose from her bed of sea flowers; all the memories of a life rich in history and adventure had been seemingly erased from her mind. For the next nine or so months she walked the forest trails of Horl, but showed no signs of real thought or passion. She did show the signs of pregnancy. In the dead of winter that same year, she gave birth to Ringlin Sindacollo.”
Andraax S.A. 3190

Ringlin left his sheltered Linadan home early in life to seek out the answers to his frightening and mysterious parentage. His mother was mute and unable to interact with the world about her, and his father was a man unknown. What Ringlin would discover was even more terrifying that he could have imagined. In the meantime, however, he became embroiled in a power struggle between young heirs to power in the eastern realms and several other factions, all Dark Powers which threatened to plunge all Middle-earth into anarchy. The Unholy Sars (Morgoth’s Blood Pools) had been opened again, and the Power of the Black Enemy was being felt (albeit indirectly).

Arxdukanga, the high priest of a Dark Cult in the Orocarni, was the key to the Sars’ power, and to Ringlin’s past — for he was in fact Luingurth (S. Blue Death”) the Blade-master, an Eldarin Lord among his people. He fashioned the sword that bore his name, a powerful and peculiar weapon. When Luingurth the forger turned to darkness, he made six blades: the Irgaak swords, which were said to be able to summon the Harvest of Fools”.

It became clear to Ringlin that his doom was simple yet horrible: he must go to Angsars-morthrog, face the Priests of Darkness and slay his own father. In the final conflict he was joined by many illustrious Lords of the East, and in the actual assault on the Sars was aided by a powerful Wizard Alatar.

The destruction of Arxdukanga’s legacy was successful, but the effort so drained Ringlin that he soon grew tired of the World. He died a mortal death at a young age.


Ringlin was slight of stature for one of his kind, being only 6’ tall and weighting perhaps 160 lbs. He had blonde hair and fair skin — but perhaps his most distinguishing feature were his ice-blue eyes (hence his name).


Ringlin’s family is as unusual and terrifying as any that night be found in the legends of the East. As was revealed to him in his late adolescence, his hidden father was indeed Luingurth, the Avar Blademaster who betrayed his kindred and sought an unholy alliance with the spirit of Morgoth. His mother, an Linadan Princess, was virtually paralyzed by grief throughout Ringlin’s youth and young adulthood. She recovered after the demise of Arxdukanga, although she died soon afterward.

Ringlin’s Principal Items

Great Sword (Luingurth)
(“Blue Death”; The Lord Blade of Cuiviénen) +45 clear blue Laen Holy Sword. Doubles wielder’s strength when combatting Evil Priests (e.g., spell users). x6 Channeling/​Mentalism PP multiplier, which becomes invisible upon command and allows wielder to perceive invisibility with 1 rnd’s concentration. Upon command, the sword also can become a dagger, broadsword or two-handed sword. Highly intelligent, it speaks to its wielder mentally. It has the power to transform all fire attacks within 12 feet to cold, and all cold attacks to a cool breeze. It gives the wearer immunity to the Ire” of Melkoric servants, and Mentalism/​Channeling protection vs. all but its maker (Luingurth or Arxdukanga).
Forged by Luingurth the Blade master in the early Second Age, it was one of the greatest weapons ever made and later returned in many forms throughout Middle-earth. After he turned to evil, Luingurth forged the Irgaak swords, which were able to summon the Harvest of Fools”. They were not of the same caliber as Luingurth, however, and were eventually defeated, being no match for the Blue Laen blade. At various times the sword would refuse to fight any foes, claiming its purpose was to combat Arxdukanga alone, and at other times it would defend against the Irgaak swords. Plainly, it had a personality of its own.
(“Hammers of the Cloudlords”) Matched rings of a mithril alloy which allow the wearer to punch foes with the force of +5 warhammers. By utilizing Martial Arts techniques, Ringlin was able to wield the rings as weapon kata attacks.
(“Geenian Gé”) +15 killing-bola (known in the East as a Gé).
(“Bracelets of Ice”) Matched wristbands which allow Martial artists to parry attacks. These bracers are fashioned of mithril with fine grooved inlays and provide a +30 bonus to trained wearer’s DB.
Unencumbering robes of lightweight cloth, this Elven garment is able to blend in with surroundings adding +80 to wearer’s Hiding attempts (while static). The robes also give the wearer AT SL/3.

Ringlin’s Special Powers

40 PP. Base Spell OB is 20 (50 in Angsars- Morthrog). Ringlin knows all Base Bard lists to 10th level, and all Open Essence lists to 10th lvl (MERP), With the capabilities of a Mentalist, Ringlin has access to Arcane spells denied to Monks. He knows all Mentalist Base lists (except Sense Control) to 20th, Telekinesis, Brilliance, Illusions and Delving to 10th level (RM).
Because of his unique ancestry and purpose, while in Angsars-morthrog Ringlin temporarily gained powers far beyond the norm. During the attack upon the evil Priests Etarkas he became strong and nearly invincible. His Mind Shout slew Upo, a demonic Lord and one of the feared Twelve of Mithrisars. This expenditure took its toll, however, and Ringlin was never the same afterwards.


Lvl: 24. Race: Rohir. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Meduseld, in Rohan. Aka: Chief of the People;” Théoden Ednew.

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-100; Em-75; In-72; Pr-69; Ag-94; Co-85; Me-75; Re-91; SD-86. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-94; Co-85; Ig-88; It-72; Pr-69. Appearance: 86.

Skill Bonuses: Climb85, Swim60, Ride135, Perc70, Li7, AMov80, MASt80, Acro60, Act45, AnimT120, Cave50, Cont35, Cook40, Dance65, Fren65, Gamb50, Herd35, Sig72, Subd80, Track75, WeaW64, Admin40, Ath80, Dipl72, Stra80, Tac86.

Théoden Ednew was born in Minas Tirith in T.A. 2948. A Rohir Warrior, his father was Thengel and his mother was Morwen of Lossarnach. He succeeded his father as the seventieth King of Rohan in T.A. 2980, and was the last of the Second Line of the Mark.

Théoden’s reign, like that of his father’s, was plagued by the unfriendly presence of Saruman in Isengard. As the Wizard’s power grew and his minions multiplied, the Riddermark was increasingly threatened. Worse, Saruman used powerful spell and the convenient treachery of Gríma Wormtongue to weaken Théoden, and only the intervention of Gandalf saved Rohan from being completely subverted to the needs of the evil Istar.

The crisis was at its worst in early T.A. 3019, in the midst of the War of the Ring. Théoden’s mind was heavy when Saruman’s armies attacked across the Fords of Isen (S. Ethraid Angren”). Théodred, the Rohir King’s only one child and heir, died in the first battle by the river, and the Riders were scattered in a later confrontation on the same spot. Doom appeared near, but the Grey Wizard’s healing hand reversed matters. Théoden’s strong allies and vassals, coupled with the fortuitous aid from Fangorn’s Ents, provided the Rohirrim with their victories at Helms Deep and Isengard.

Théoden and his army recovered to go to the aid of Gondor at Pelennor Fields. There, the King of the Mark led his Riders against the army of the Witch-king, scattering the Orcs north of Minas Tirith and driving the Haradrim southward. It was at the moment of his greatest victory that he perished, for the Lord of the Nazgûl flew down upon Théoden and his horse, felling the charging Rohir and killing his mount. Although Théoden’s niece, Éowyn, slew the Ringwraith and his Fell Beast, the Rohir King could not be saved. He died after passing the Royal Banner of the Mark to Éowyn’s brother Éomer. His body was laid to rest in Minas Tirith, where he was born.

As Théoden’s successor, his loyal nephew Éomer (son of Théodwyn) became Rohan’s eighteenth King (T.A. 3019). He ordered Théoden’s remains removed to Rohan and placed in the eighth barrow-tomb of the Second Line. Thus, the Rohirrim finally buried their fallen monarch outside Edoras.

Théoden’s Principal Items

(Herugrim) +35 Orc-slaying broadsword of fine steel inlaid with delicate patterns and designs wrought of gold.
(Horse-lord’s Shield) +30 Shield. When raised in the face of a horse the wielder may, upon command, force the horse to make a RR (versus wielder’s lvl). Failure results in horse fleeing in fright for 1 – 100 rds. The shield affects any horse it is directed at, within a range of 100’, and can used 7x a day.
+20 silver-inlaid chain- and scale-mail shirt protects like plate armor, AT Pl/​17.

Read LotRII 43 – 50, 128 – 6, 147 – 72; LotRIII 26, 29, 55, 59 – 61, 65, 76 – 94, 109, 127 – 45, 176, 314, 436 – 37; UT 277, 290, 315, 340, 346 – 47, 355, 359 – 60, 363 – 69. See ICE’s Riders of Rohan 7 – 9, 38, 61.


Lvl: 27. Race: Northman. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Rhovanion Aka: Wood-dweller.”

RM Stats: St-95; Qu-99; Em-73; In-64; Pr-71; Ag-99; Co-98; Me-89; Re-88; SD-42. MERP Stats: St-95; Ag-99; Co-98; Ig-89; It-64; Pr-71. Appearance: 62.

Skill Bonuses: Climb94, Swim80, Ride114, DTrap59, Acro30, AnimT65, Dance45, Flet50, For40, Fren90, Gamb54, Herd60, LWork50, Mus34, Sed58, Sig35, Sing29, Star20, Subd86, Track90, Trad35, TrapB35, Trick80, WeaW50, Wood25, Admin15, Appr15, Dipl45, Stra50, Tac72.

A vain Northman Warrior born in Buhr Widu in T.A. 1210, Vidugavia was the only son of the Prince (Rh. Huithyn,” lit. High- chieftain) Marhaidrics to live through the brutal Clan-war of 1208- 22. He was his father’s only heir and, in T.A. 1234 — after a one-year struggle for power — he became the Lord of the Waildung tribe of Eothraim. During the next fourteen years, he united the surrounding Éothraim and Gramuz tribes. In T.A. 1248, his Northman warriors helped the Dúnadan Regent Minalcar defeat an Easterling incursion and, with Minalcar’s support, he proclaimed himself King of Rhovanion later the same year. Two years later, in T.A. 1250, Minalcar sent his son Valacar to Buhr Widu as a sign of his personal commitment to Vidugavia’s people.

Vidugavia also enjoyed the support of the Gondorian monarchs Namarcil I and Calmacil, for he protected the routes through Rhovanion. In return, the Kings of the Gondor insured his control over his self-styled Northman Kingdom. Minalcar’s accession in T.A. 1304 further strengthened the ties between the two peoples. As Rómendacil II, Minalcar kept his son and heir Valacar in Buhr Widu, providing a constant conduit for dialogue between the Northmen and their Dúnedain allies.

In T.A. 1264 Valacar married Vidugavia’s only daughter and oldest child, Vidumavi. Their child, Eldacar, was Vidugavia’s grandson. While the Northman King died only a week after Eldacar was born, he perished knowing that his grandchild stood in line to become the twenty-first King of Gondor,

Vidugavia had three sons: Vidric (b. 1237), Viduic (b. 1239), and Viduimer (b. 1247).

Vidugavia’s Principal Items

+20 Undead-slaying broadsword, it is an ancient Dúnadan weapon recovered from a Troll-hoard, finely made with a golden hilt.
Short Bow
+20, it fires 2x normal range and suffers no range penalties.
+15 chain armor with greaves, which encumbers wearer like AT SL/6.

Read LotRIII 405; UT 311. See ICE’s Sea-lords of Gondor 9; Riders of Rohan 6, 9, 18, 60; Southern Mirkwood 57 – 58.

Vrak Tanûk*

Lvl: 21. Race: Lochan Womaw. Profession: Ranger. Home: Lochas Drús in southeastern Endor. Aka: Tanvar.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-100; Em-60; In-90; Pr-74; Ag-100; Co-96; Me-75; Re-65; Sd-95. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-100; Co-96; Ig-70; In-90; Pr-74. Appearance: 85.

Skill Bonuses: Climb110, Swim75, Ride100, DTrap55, PLock45, S&H100, Perc120, Rune55, S&W60, Chan100, Amb12, AMov50, Acro55, Admin40, Act45, Cave40, Dipl60, FAid80, Flet70, For130, Lead90, Med60, Nav85, PSp75, Row35, Sail40, Sig55, Ski25, Star35, Stra90, Track110, Trad65, TrapB50, Trick60, Tumb40, Wea25

A distant cousin of Demik Dral, Vrak Tanûk was the last of his line when he reestablished the Ryt ac Piri (the Guild of the Light) at Tarsa. He, among others, was responsible for Demik Dral’s return to the way of the light and for the ultimate defeat of Mûl Baas. (For more on his life and times see Demik Dral”.)

A man of such a stature that few could ignore, Vrak stood 6×8” in height with a powerful build. His skin is deep cream, his hair lightest brown, his eyes hazel (that turn blue on moonlit nights).

Vrak’s Principle Items

White Axe
a handaxe made of white shalk alloy. It repels metal; normally, in fact, the axe cannot get closer than 6” to metal. Thus, the axe is –60 against foes in metal armor, but is useable as a +40 wall shield against metal weapons. It will also cut organic material as a knife cuts skin. Against opponents wearing only organic armor the axe is +50 and the opponent has AT No/​2 (ignore DB from organic armor).
Ultimate Bow
a +40 composite bow made of black Dir wood. It has with 4x normal range. Wielder with a 96 or better in Qu (and Ag) may make two missile attacks each round (-20 penalty).
Sword of the Light
This weapon is a 10’ long two-handed sword. When in the possession of good” being, it weighs and handles the same as a normal two-handed sword, but when it is released it takes on the weigh and mass appropriate for its size. Treat as a +20 two handed sword in melee, and it can be thrown as a +50 javelin (resolve attacks on the Mounted Lance table).
Helm of the Light
A full helm with two large Kregora horns. When worn by a true member of the Guild of the Light, an area of 10’ R around the wearer has a 30th level Dispel True in effect.
Stone of Mind Talking
a black Laen stone (the size of an egg); adds +10 to possessor’s DB; allows the user to employ the silent tongue (treat as Mind Tongue with a range of 1 mi./level, but both speakers must know” the silent tongue). Acts as a portable mouth” of the Eye of Sotor. There is no range limit for silent tongue communication when both speakers” are at mouths”.

Vrak’s Special Powers

21 PP. +5 adder. Knows all Ranger base lists to 20th, knows 5 open and 5 closed Channeling lists to 5th.
Speaks the language of owls;
Requires only 5 hr. of sleep at night;
Fluent in the silent tongue”.


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