Dwarven Characters Glossary

Since there are so many individual Dwarves of note mentioned and recalled in the song and lore of Middle-earth, we have chosen a limited number of characters to focus upon in some detail. Others are discussed more briefly in the section that follows this one. Those Khazâd discussed here are exceptional examples of Dwarves who influenced history or who played vital and striking roles in their culture and times. In a sense, the Dwarves noted below provide the high and unyielding standard against which all of Durin’s Folk measure themselves.

Note: Characters denoted with an * are purely ICE creations and are not noted in Professor Tolkien’s works. Those with a T beside their names are illustrated in this work.


Lvl: 21. Race: Dwarf. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter Home: Belegost. Aka: The Fearless; the Blade of Dwálin.

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-90; Em-70; In-79; Pr-84: Ag-78; Co-92; Me — ; 94; Re-89: SD-77. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-78; Co-92: Ig-91; 79; Pr-84: Appearance: 70.

Skill Bonuses: Climb74; DTrap78; PLock82; Perc65: Rune75; BDev75; Cave83; Chem68; Craft85; Gamb68; Med90; Smith96; Stone101; Track78; Trad55; TrapB86.

A Dwarf-lord of Belegost, Azaghâl was the eldest son of King Dwálin, Lord of the Third House of the Naugrim. As his father’s heir and warlord, he led the Host of Belegost in the struggle against Morgoth during the First Age. Azaghâl fought and wounded the awesome Dragon Glaurung during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears” (F.A. 473). Glaurung slew Azaghâl in the disastrous fray, but the brave Dwarf succeeded in wounding the huge Worm.

Read Sil 193.


Lvl: 28. Race: Dwarf (House of Durin). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Erebor; later Khazad-dûm. Aka: Balin, son of Fundin.

RM Stats: St-95; Qu-92; Em-74; In-95; Pr-71; Ag-89; Co-96; Me-94; Re-87; SD-79. MERP Stats: St-95; Ag-89: Co-96; Ig-89; It-95; Pr-70: Appearance: 80.

Skill Bonuses: Climb78; DTrap85: PLock87; Perc68; Rune81; BDev88; Cave85; Chem78: Craft79: Gamb85; Med92; Smith88: Stone83; Track73; Trad45; TrapB82.

Balin ruled Moria for five years (T.A. 2989 – 94) as the self-proclaimed King of Khazad-dûm.” Originally a follower of King Thráin II during the War of the Dwarves and Ores, he escaped when his overlord was captured by the minions of the Necromancer in T.A. 2845. He then became a follower of Thráin’s son, Thorin Oakenshield.

In T.A. 2941, Balin fought beside King Thorin II (as one of the famed Thirteen Dwarves) in his victorious battle to reclaim Erebor. The Dwarven triumph in the Battle of Five Armies enabled the Naugrim to reestablish the Dwarven Kingdom Under the Mountain,” a grand Dwarf-hold which had been abandoned by the Khazâd after the coming of Smaug the Dragon. At that time, Balin formed an unusual friendship with Bilbo Baggins.

Dáin Ironfoot succeeded Thorin Oakenshield after the latter’s death in the Battle of Five Armies. Balin was sorely hurt by the loss of his friend and did not get along well with Dáin, so he settled with his followers in Erebor rather than accompanying the King to the Iron Hills. Restless and driven, however, Balin resolved to leave Dáin’s fold altogether in T.A. 2989. That year he led an expedition to reclaim Khazad-dûm. He gathered a colony of Dwarves there, but in 2994, Orcs attacked Balin’s realm. Balin perished battling Orcs outside the Great Gates of Moria. He fell in the famous Valley of Azanulbizar, where two hundred years before the greatest of the battles that comprised the War between the Dwarves and the Ores had been fought.

Balin was buried in the Chamber of Mazarbul (the Chamber of Records in Old Moria, on the Seventh Level) which was once his throne-room.

Read Hob 7 – 8, 13, 302 – 303; LotRI 316, 416, 418 – 419; LotRIII 445 – 446, 450. See ICE’S Moria 17, 19 – 20.

Balli Stonehand*

Lvl: 23. Race: Dwarf: (House of Drain the Proud). Profession: Animist. Home: Burskûdekdur; later Ruuriik. Aka: Balli Stonehand, Balli, the Selfless, Demon-slayer, Balli the handsome: Balli Most Forgiving; Múar’s-bane.

RM Stats: St-85; Qu-83; Em-94; In-100; Pr-91; Ag-79; Co-67; Me-99, Re-98; SD-100. MERP Stats: St-85; Ag-79; Cn-67; Ig-99; It-100; Pr-91; Appearance: 93.

Skill Bonuses: Climb70; DTrap65; PLock72; Perc78; Rune86: BDev78; Cave82; Chem83; Craft79; DirSp45; Gamb75: Med89; Smith78; Stone74; Track71; Trad87; TrapB72.

Balli Stonehand was born in the northern Ered Lien (S. Blue Mountains”) in S.A. 2680. Named for Balli the Rash, his life parallels that of the Founder of Ruuriik or in S.A. 2741 the young Dwarven Animist helped refound the great Dwarven Kingdom in the East.” A great friend of Elves and Men and the spirit behind the successes of King Fella VII, the lean, handsome Animist helped unite and strengthen the Two Tribes of Dwáin and Barin.

The story of Balli’s early life is clouded, but he left the Blue Mountains as a youth, accompanying his friend, King Fella of the House of Dwáin, on his epic thirty-year journey homeward from exile in the West. While Balli was of the Line of Barin North-king, his family was close to the Kings of Dwain’s Folk and Balli and Fella grew up together as fast compatriots. Balli tutored and counseled Fulla and their quests were the same: they hoped to find and resurrect Ruuriik, the land of their forefathers.

Balli and Fulla arrived in Ruuriik in S.A. 2741. There, they found the besieged remnants of Satin’s Folk, Balli’s kinsmen, who were virtually imprisoned in a delving in the mountains of northern Ruuriik. The fearsome Balrog Mbar ruled Ruuriik and threatened their survival.

Unfortunately, Múar duped Balli and Fulla into helping him gain entry into the Dwarf-hold and the Fire-demon slew scores of Naugrim and wounded Fulla. Balli, however, called upon Mahal and somehow miraculously slew the awful Balrog. During the fight, a Mage under Múar’s sway cast an incantation which turned Balli’s right hand to stone. This unwelcome turn of events gave birth to the stoic Dwarf’s nickname.

After overcoming the Balrog, Balli brought upon himself and his tribe a dreadful retribution. Captured by the Wild Men of Ralian, who served the Nazgûl known as Khamûl the Easterling, Balli refused to reveal the whereabouts of the secret entrance into the inaccessible Dwarf — realm of Ruuriik. The enraged Nazgûl ordered dozens of Balli’s Folk captured and killed before Balli’s eyes. Yet Balk would not betray his people. The Easterling roared with ire, and called upon his legion of assassins to go out across Middle-earth (even to the West) and kill everyone who had offered even a piece of bread and a cup of cold water to the selfless Dwarf. Each assassin, or Slayer,” was told to cry In the name of Balli!” as he murdered his victim and Balli bore witness to every Slayer’s departure. Still the Dwarf refused to speak. Then Khamûl ordered that Balli’s ancestors be disturbed and their tombs desecrated. Still Balli would not talk. In the end the tree planted beneath Balli’s throne-trap eventually impaled the Dwarf, providing an agonizing end to his once-triumphant life (and offering a sight of rare amusement to Khamûl).

The lesson of Balli’s long and important life is clear: that selflessness, like selfishness, has its limits. The proud and fierce Dwarves of Ruuriik have a saying regarding the merit of futile gestures: costly as the silence of guilt” A great cost, indeed.

Balli’s Principal Items
+7 Channeling spell adder. It can burn any herb and release smoke with confers effects of herb on all within 5′ radius. It can be used (1x per year with 1 – 10 rounds meditation) to summon presence of Mahal (Aulë),” enabling the wearer to operate at +70 for all actions for 1 – 20 rounds. 3.5″ long and made of gold and inlaid with silver and mithril, it is attached to a mithril chain and is worn around the neck.
+25 Hammer of Orc-slaying fashioned in Khazad-dûm (Moria).
Boots of Water-walking enable the wearer to walk on calm water as if walking at –25.
Balli’s Special Powers
69 PR Base spell OB is 23; directed spell OB is 45. Balli knows all Animist and Open Channeling lists to 20th level (MERP), or all Cleric and Closed Channeling lists to 20th level and three Open Channeling lists to tenth level (RM).


Lvl: 11. Race: Dwarf. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter Home: Blue Mountains; later Erebor.

RM Stats: St-88; Qu-79; Em-51; In-72; Pr-67; Ag-86; Co-87; Me-82; Re-75; SD-81. MERP Stats: St-88; Ag-79; Co-87; I g-78; It-72; Pr-67; Appearance: 68.

Skill Bonuses: Climb58; DTrap75; PLock77; Perc60: Rune71; BDev68; Cave72; Chem72; Craft70; Gamb64; Med58; Smith78; Stone73; Track65; Trad65; TrapB73.

A follower of Thorin Oakenshield, Bifur was a clarinet-playing member of the famous Company that challenged the might of Smaug the Golden. He lived in Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, after the slaying of Smaug and the subsequent victory at Battle of Five Armies in T.A. 2941. Bifur is fondly remembered in Hobbit lore as one of the four Dwarves who tumbled into Bilbo Baggins smial at Gandalf’s feet, thus beginning a great adventure.

Read Hob 10, 13; LotRI 302.


Lvl: 10. Race: Dwarf. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter — Home: Blue Mountains; later Erebor.

RM Stats: St-81; Qu-75; Em-50; In-ed; Pr-64; Ag-76; Co-80; Me-77; Re-72; SD-79. MERP Stats: St-81; Ag-76; Co-80; Ig-74; It¬70; Pr-65; Appearance: 66.

Skill Bonuses: Climb56; DTrap72; PLock74; Perc56; Rune67; BDev68; Cave71; Chem64; Craft65; Gamb66; Med61; Smith74; Stone74:Track64; Trad56; TrapB72.

Like his companion Bifur (detailed above), Bofur was a clarinet-tooting member of Thorin and Company. Although a descendant of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Bofur was not of Durin’s line. After the death of Smaug in T.A. 2941, Bofur lived in Erebor.

Read Hob 10, 13; LotRI 302.


Lvl: 6. Race: Dwarf Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Blue Mountains; later Erebor.

RM Stats: St-91; Qu-35; Em-55; In-60; Pr-44; Ag-16; Co-90; Me-75; Re-73; SD-45. MERP Stats: St-91; Ag-16; Co-90; Ig-74; Ig-60; Pr-55; Appearance: 36.


Skill Bonuses: Climb12; DTrap52; PLock44; Perc67: Rune64; BDev11; Cave41 Chem65; Craft56; Gamb64; Med45; Smith53; Stone51; Track24; Trad45; TrapB42.

With his companions Bifur and Bofur and Thorin Oakenshield, the obese Bombur fell into Bilbo Baggins’s life (and across his mat), played his drum, and Hobbit lore was never the same. The clumsy Dwarf nearly drowned on their journey; his rescue cost the party dearly, for they nearly starved, carrying and tending to Bombur instead of foraging for food through Mirkwood.

While a descendant of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm, Bombur was not of Durin’s line. After Smaug’s death in T.A. 2941, Bombur lived in Erebor, in what one can only surmise must have been roomy quarters, for later in life, six Dwarves were required to move Bombur from here to there.

Read Hob 10, 13, 144 – 150; LotRI 302.


Lvl: 17 Race: Dwarf (House of Durin) Profession: Warrior/​Fighter Home: Grey Mountains, later Erebor. Aka: Borin, second son of Win II

RM Stats: St-91; Qu-87; Em-71; In-85; Pr-70, Ag-82; Co-90; Me-84; Re-81; SD-72. MERP Stats: St-91; Ag-82; Co-90; Ig-82; It-85; Pr-70; Appearance: 74.

Skill Bonuses: Climb74; DTrap81; Plock81; Perc65; Rune76; BDev79; Cave75: Chem64; Craft72: Gamb69; Med58; Smith68; Stone63; Track63; Trad55; TrapB72.

A Dwarf of Durin’s line, Borin lived with the community in the Grey Mountains until T.A. 2590, when he joined Thrór (his nephew) in Erebor, where the magnificent Arkenstone was held. Treasured as The-Heart-of-the-Mountain,” the great gem was lost in Smaug’s attack in T.A. 2770 and later recovered by Bilbo Baggins in 2941, after the demise of the golden Dragon.

Borin lived from T.A. 2450 until T.A. 2711.

Read LotRIII 440, 450

Dáin I

Lvl: 17. Race: Dwarf (House of Durin). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Grey Mountains.

RM Stats: St-94; Qu-81; Em-64; In-82; Pr-66; Ag-78; Co-91; Me-84; Re-77; SD-72. MERP Stats: St-34; Ag-78; Co-39; Ig-79; It¬82; Pr-65; Appearance: 71.

Skill Bonuses: Climb78: DTrap80; PLock81; Perc61; Rune70; BDev76; Cave75; Chem70; Craf74; Gamb74; Med67; Smith72; Stone130; Tracked; Trad65; TrapB72.

King of Durin’s Folk for only four years (from T.A. 2585 until 2589), Dáin I suffered the indignity of losing his life at the door to his own palace in the Grey Mountains. He and his son Frór were slain by a Cold-drake which remains nameless to this day.

Read LotRIII 440, 450.

Dáin II (Ironfoot)

Lvl: 28. Race: Dwarf. (House of Durin). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Iron Hills. Aka: Ironfoot.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-96; Em-64; In-82; Pr-77; Ag-96; Co-100; Me-91: Re-34; SD-90. MERP Stats: St-101: Ag-96; Co-100; IR-87; It-84; Pr-77: Appearance: 73.

Skill Bonuses: Climb81: DTrap86; PLock33; Perc76; Rune81; BDev85; Cave84; Chem84; Craf81; Gamb82; Med67; Smith34; Stone86; Track82; Trad75; TrapB86.

King of Durin’s Folk for almost eighty years (from T.A. 2941 until 3019), Dáin II lived for over two centuries. He was a fierce and renowned warrior who slew the ferocious Orc-king Azog in the Battle of Azanulbizar in T.A. 2799. Six years later, he became Lord of the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, the highlands which lay east of Erebor. Dáin II led an army to rescue the besieged Dwarf-king Thorin II in T.A. 2941 and commanded a Dwarf-force against an army of Orcs and Wargs at the Battle of Five Armies. After Thorin’s death in that battle, Dáin II became King under the Mountain (of Erebor). A beloved and benevolent ruler, Dáin II fell in battle during the War of the Rings as he defended the body of his slain Mannish friend, King Brand of Dale, from desecration.

Dáin Ironfoot’s Principal Items
+35 Axe of Orc-slaying fashioned in Nogrod in the Blue Mountains during the late First Age.
A +25 oval Ithilnaur Warder’s Shield, bears a Sudden Light symbol on the front, permitting the wearer to command the shield (3x/​day) to glow with a blazing light causing all within 14′ diameter (who are gazing in the direction of the shield) to make an RR versus Essence. RR failure results in the victim being stunned for 1 rd/​10 RR failure (e.g., RR failure of 26 victim stunned 3rds).
+30 Hammer of Troll-slaying fashioned in Khazad-dûm (Moria).
Dark brown, they are Boots of Iron, enabling the wearer to kick a foe as if wielding a mace.
+10 Cape of Protection. Water — and windproof, it provides the wearer with + 10 RR and AT bonus.

Read Hob 290 – 291; LotRIII 443 – 444, 443 – 449,450, 463; See ICE’s Mirkwood 109.

Durin I

The Early Years

Lvl: 49. Race: Dwarf (Founder of the House of Durin). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Khazad-dûm. Aka: The Father; Firstking.

RM Stats: St-105; Qu-102; Em-96; In-104; Pr-97; Ag-104; Co-105; Me-101: Re-93; SD-77. MERP Stats: St-105; Ag-104; Co-105; Ig-100; It-104; Pr-97; Appearance: 97.

Skill Bonuses: Climb151; DTrap136; PLock133; Perc126; Rune121; BDev102; Cave184; Chem45; Craft111; Gamb65; Med85: Dip70; Smith134: Stone136; Track132; Trad73; TrapB126.

The Later Years

Lvl: 77. Race: Dwarf (Founder of the House of Durin). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Khazad-dûm. Aka: The Deathless.

RM Stats: St-104; Qu-99; Em-105; In-104; Pr-99; Ag-100: Co-106: Me-103: Re-99; SD-93. MERP Stats: St-104; Ag-100; Co-106; Ig-101; It-104: Pr-99; Appearance: 100.

Skill Bonuses: Climb181: DTrap136; PLock133; Perc176; Rune181; BDev102; Cave184; Chem95; Craft181; Gamb95; Med145; Dipl85; Smith184; Stone136; Track182; Trad78; TrapB136.

Durin I

The most revered of all Dwarves, Durin I awoke far back in the Eldar Days, as the Longbeards first stirred, and traveled to Azanulbizar, the broad and beautiful valley east of the Misty Mountains. A solitary pilgrim, he boldly named the vale. Enraptured by the beauty of a crystal-clear lake which he called Kheled-zâram (the Mirrormere), Dunn experienced a vision: a crown of seven stars swirled around his head, although it was daytime. Durin’s Crown, as the Dwarves called the halo, is known and held in awe by all Dwarves. At the site of the vision, a weathered stone pillar became Durin’s Stone, another place held in reverence by the Khazâd.

Nearby, Durin founded the great Dwarf-kingdom of Khazad-dûm (or Moria), shaping the caves above the lake to suit his tastes, and gathered Longbeards to his side. In the Second Age, Durin and his smiths accomplished a feat unparalleled in all of Middle-earth: the building of the Endless Stair and at its peak, Durin’s Tower. An unending spiral staircase cut into the living stone, the breathtaking walkway takes one thousand steps, from the depths of the caverns to the summit of the Silvertine.

Durin lived for so long that many believed him to be immortal. He was not. Yet after his death, five heirs in the Second and Third Ages have so resembled Durin I that they received his name, for many Dwarves believed each to be a reincarnation of the first Dunn.

Durin’s Principal Items
This great and powerful heirloom was twice lost. After Moria was deserted in T.A. 1981, the axe remained hidden in a chamber, apparently unnoticed by the Balrog. Balin’s expedition discovered the axe in 2989 but lost it just five years later, when Balin’s colony was slaughtered by Orcs. The whereabouts of Durin’s Axe remains a mystery.
+20 armor and shield. Fourteen Dwarven symbols (spells) adorn the shield; spells are castable 7 times a day and must be read in Khuzdul as they are inscribed upon the shield. Symbols include: Sudden Light, Stun Relief III, Prayer, and Resistance for all within 14′ radius and other Channeling spells.
Hammer of the Deeps
+30 war hammer can be summoned by the wielder up to 777 away and does double damage.

Read LotRI 1411 – 412: LotRIII 438 – 439: See ICE’s Moria 11.

Fulla III*

Lvl: 18. Race: Dwarf (House of Barin North-king), Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Iron Hills; later Grey Mountains.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-92; Em-69; In-77; Pr-83; Ag-96; Co-98; Me-98; Re-82; SD-81. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-96; Co-98; Ig-85: It-77; Pr-83: Appearance: 80.

Skill Bonuses: Climb84; DTrap80; PLock78; Perc73; Rune81; BDev73; Cave84; Chem62; Craft81; Gamb62; Med80; Smith84; Stone86; Track75; Trad68; TrapB80.

The Dwarf-lord of the small western branch of Barin’s Folk, Fulla considered himself a King. He was a descendant of Balli Stonehand, the Dwarven Animist who went into the East in S.A. 2711. Like all of Balli’s direct heirs,” Fulla was named for Balli’s best friend.

Fulla was a renowned slayer of Orcs, who ruled a pair of Dwarven cities (Azanulinbar and Barak-shathur) in the Iron Hills during the middle years of the Third Age. After his death, his descendants ruled his domain the upper Carnen Valley until the arrival of Durin’s Folk around T.A. 2770.

Fulla III’s Principal Items
+10 plate armor (AT PI/20) wears as chain mail (AT Ch/​15), adds +10 to the wearer’s RR.
A +15 Axe of Shield-slaying which, parried (i.e., doesn’t yield hits). Attacks foe’s shield at 7th level. RR failure results in foe’s shield being cut in half.
Horn of Fear
A Dragon-horn inlaid in silver, gold, and onyx. When blown it enables all Dwarves within earshot to make a RR versus any spells as if they are 20th level. Attacks all others within 1000′ (designated by the wielder) like a 20th level Fear spell. It is usable 3x per day.
Heavy Crossbow
Magazine of seven bolts automatically reloads weapon every half round. It takes 3 rounds to load magazine.
Hammer of Returning
+30 Hammer of Returning. (Fulla has an OB of 90 with this weapon.)

See ICE’s Mirkwood (or Northern Mirkwood).

Fulla VII*

Lvl: 25. Race: Dwarf Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Ruuriik (eastern Endor). Aka: Fulla Stonehand.

RM Stats: St-94; Qu-56; Em-I00; In-97; Pr-86; Ag-56; Co-100 (later 48); Me-98; Re-98; SD-91. MERP Stats: St-94; Ag-56; Co-100 (later 48); Ig-98; It-97; Pr-84; Appearance: 12.

Skill Bonuses: Climb44; DTrap64: PLock18; Perc79; Rune87; BDev13; Cave76: Chem52; Craft21; Gamb32: Med60; Smith24; Stone26; Track55; Trad78; TrapB47.

Heir of Drúin’s line, the stunted and homely Lord Fulla led an expedition of Dwarves into the East in S.A. 2711. The party roamed eastward, starting from the Blue Mountains and stopping in the Iron Hills along the way. Their journey took thirty years, but eventually (S.A. 2741) they reached their destination: the Dwarf-hold of Khazad-madûr in Ruuriik.

Fulla’s aim was to rid his forefather’s home in Ruuriik of the Balrog, Múar, and to free the Tribe of Barin from the Fire-spirit’s deadly grip. In the struggle, Múar entered the Dwarf-stronghold and killed Lord Dáin and his son before Balli the Animist slew the mighty Balrog. Fulla was scarred in the melee yet remained a powerful and steadying influence upon his folk.

By the end of S.A. 2741, Fulla and Balli had ended the horrible reign of the Demon-king and recaptured the whole Dwarf-realm. They cleansed the ancient subterranean capital of Ahulë (Akhuzdah) of Orcs and began rebuilding the ancient domain. After great rejoicing and the music of flutes and fiddles and drums in the halls, the heroic Dwarf-lord was crowned Fulla VII, King of Ruuriik. As such, Fulla became the overlord of the Two Tribes of the Walled Land: both Drúin’s and Barin’s Folk.

A lifelong friend of Balli Stonehand, the Balrog-slayer, Fulla took the moniker Stonehand” in homage to his companion and adviser, who was later captured and executed by the Nazgûl Khamûl. Fulla’s Folk became more reluctant to trade with and to aid outsiders after Balli’s death, and King Fulla, who lived to be 212, died a sad, embittered Dwarf.

Fulla VII’s Principal Items
+40 plate armor (AT P1/20) wears as chain mail (AT Ch/​15), adds +20 to the wearer’s RR.
The North Hammer
see Naug Zigildûm.
Demon Hammer
see Naug Zigildûm.
Ring of Summoning
see Naug Zigildûm.
Belt of Daggers
see Naug Zigildûm.


Lvl: 8 (21 after F.A.). Race: Dwarf (of Durin’s Folk). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Erebor, the Lonely Mountain. Aka: Elf-friend”; Lockbearer”; Son of Glóin.”

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-94; Em-77; In-98; Pr-74; Ag-92; Co-100; Me-98; Re-91; SD-83. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-93; Co-100; Ig-94; It-98; Pr-74; Appearance: 84.

Skill Bonuses: Climb72; DTrap76; PLock73; Perc71; Rune77; BDev76; Cave73; Chem62; Craf71; Gamb58; Med68; Smith72; Stone67; Track55; Trad58; TrapB72.


A valuable and able member of the Fellowship of the Ring (TA. 3018 – 19), Gimli was the son of Glóin, of the Lonely Mountain colony. His uncle Óin and his father had both accompanied Thorin Oakenshield to Erebor in T.A. 2941, together with eleven other Dwarves, Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins, to stay Smaug and to reclaim the Kingdom under the Mountain. (Their struggle is recorded in Baggins’ book, There And Back Again.”) Thus, Gimli’s impressive accomplishments should not surprise us.

After the death of Smaug and the rebuilding of the Dwarf — kingdom under Erebor, Glóin rose to leadership among his Folk. Chosen as an emissary to Elrond, whose friendship the Dwarves desired Glóin took along his son, Gimli. Thus, the young Dwarf joined the Fellowship and became the first of his race to see the trees of the Naith of Laden since Durin’s Day, an extraordinary honor. On the mission, Gimli befriended both Legolas and Lady Galadriel, who was so moved by the Dwarfs devotion that she gave him three golden strands of her hair, a treasure of great value and a symbol of amity between the two distinct and often hostile Wes.

Unlike many of his fellow Dwarves, Gimli survived the War of the Ring and was named Lord of the Glittering Caves (of Aglarond, in Helm’s Deep). He proved to be a devoted ally to the Men of Rohan and Gondor as well as to Elrond’s Elves.

A Fourth Age entry in the Red Book states that Gimli sailed west over the Sea with Legolas after the Passing of Elessar (Aragon II) in F.A. 120. This unique honor was accorded a rare Dwarf who possessed compassion and foresight as well as courage and tenacity.

Gimli’s Principal Items
+25 Axe of Shield- and Orc-slaying fashioned in Erebor before T.A. 1977 and refined in the Blue Mountains. If k strikes a shield, the shield-bearer must make a RR (at his lvl), failure resulting in the shield being cleaved in half.
A +30 Shield of Delving, enables bearer to ascertain nature of any weapon striking the surface.
+20, strikes as a flail.
Dark brown, they are Boots of Stone-running.
+15 Cape of Hiding. Water and windproof, it provides wearer with +15 bonus for Hiding and Stalking maneuvers.

Read LotRI 315, 361, 365 – 366, 453 – 454, 461 – 462, 464 – 465, 481, 486 – 487; LotRII 193, 195; LotRIII 317, 387, 449 – 451; See I.C.E.‘s Mirkwood 109.

Náin I

Lvl: 21. Race: Dwarf. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Moria (Khazad-dûm), Aka: Last King of Khazad-dûm.

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-84; Em-72; In-88; Pr-70; Ag-82; Co-90; Me-88; Re-81; SD-74. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-82; Co-90; Ig-85; It-88; Pr-70; Appearance: 78.

Skill Bonuses: Climb76; DTrap80; PLock77; Perc67; Rune73; BDev78; Cave75; Chem68; Craf73; Gamb68; Med70; Smith78; Stone77; Track73; Trad58; TrapB79.

Son of Durin VI, Náin I ruled the upper chambers of the great Dwarven stronghold of Khazad-dûm (Moria) in T.A. 1980; the Underdeeps belonged to the evil First Age Fire-spirit known as the Balrog, which had slain his father. lust a year after his assumption to rule, Náin I too was killed by the Terror, and his followers abandoned their once-elegant and ancient mansions to the Balrog and other, lesser evils.

Náin I’s Principal Items
+20 plate armor (AT Pl/​20) that wears as soft leather (AT SL/6). Also, 14 Dwarven symbols on shield; see Durin l’s Principal Items above for explanation.
+20 plate armor (AT Pl/​20) that wears as soft leather (AT SL/6). Also, 14 Dwarven symbols on shield; see Durin I’s Principal Items above for explanation.
Hammer of Durin III
+30 war hammer that delivers double damage and can be summoned by wielder up to 777’.

Read LotRIII 439, 450. See ICE’s Moria 15, 19.

Naug Zigildûm

Lvl: 28. Race: Dwarf (of Barin’s Folk), Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Ruuriik- Aka: The Hammer; the Mirror-lord.

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-91; Em-49; In-96; Pr-63; Ag-100 (later 26); Co-98; Me-77; Re-94; SD-34. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-100; Co-98; Ig-66: It-96; Pr-63- Appearance; 92.

Skill Bonuses: Climb92 Swim45; Ride25; S&H90; Perc70; Rune25; Chan10; Amb14; Li5; AMov35; ADef65; BDev18; Acro35; Act15; Cont30; Cook35; Dance45; Div35; FAid55; For45; Med65; Mus20; Nav85; RMas70; Sig45; Sing25; Star80: Subd30; Track90; Trad70; Trick60; Tumb30; Craf45; Dipl78.

Naug Zigildûm was the son of Orí and the Dwarf Lord Galin Drúinakh. He became King of Ruuriik in T.A. 100 and ruled the Walled Land in easternmost Endor until his death in T.A., 280. His reign marked the dawn of the Age of the Hammer in the East.

Since the marriage of Naug’s parents symbolized the union of the Two Tribes of Ruuriik, young Naug enjoyed a great deal of popularity from the outset of his very special life. Naug’s father Galin, the second Lord of Ahulë and chief counsellor to King Fulla XIV of Ruuriik, was the old and wise uncle of Barór. the Lord of Barin’s Folk- Naug’s mother Orí, King Fulla’s favorite niece, was the daughter of Fullin.

Aside from completing the restoration of Ruuriik begun by Fulla XIV, Naug is best known for having recovered the famous North Hammer from the Halls of the Mirror. He journeyed to the foul Halls in early S.A. 3441. The subterranean chambers were located deep beneath the mountain called Umlaher Danali, the highest peak in the Iron Mountains, and once comprised an upper Deep within Utumno. Most of the Halls survived Utumno’s destruction in the First Age. They were partially restored by the servants of the Nazgûl Hoannûrath of Dír in the late Second Age, who used the delving to house the enchanted Mithril Mirror- Wrested from the Dwarf-lord Zigilûk along with the North Hammer, the Mirror was purportedly a gift from Mahal (Aulë) and was therefore sacred to the Naugrim.

The long, heroic tale of Naug’s Quest for the Hammer is too involved to document here. Suffice it to say, the Dwarven Prince retrieved the prized North Hammer and returned to Ruuriik in early T.A. 1. Unfortunately, it was lost again when Naug was slain by Auris Shug in T-A- 280. According to legend, the Hammer slipped from Naug’s grasp and plunged into a chasm the moment before Auris killed him.

Naug’s accomplishments are many- Among other feats, he killed Sauron’s famous Slayer” or assassin, Shurûn Dûrax, in S.A. 3436. He also defeated Pilafs, the Warden of Mithrisars, in an epic melee during Midyears S.A. 3440.

Naug and his wife Núis had seven children: Nís, Balló, Róin, Furin, Drúhór, Narin, and Núrin. Both Balló and Róin died during the Dank Rising in T.A. 221, so Naug was succeeded to the throne by his third son Furin II.

Naug’s Principal Items
The North Hammer
+35 Returning Hammer of the North-king; one of the Seven Hammers of the Seven Tribes of the Naugrim.
• Variable range: 70’ against Dwarves; 140 against Men and Elves; 700’ against Orcs and Giant Races; 1400’ against Dragons.
• Detects Dragons, sources of Evil, and sources Magic within 700’.
• Controls the Earth of Arda” within 14’ of the wielder (within 70’ if wielder stands in Ahulë).
• Provides wielder with a +35 Presence and RR bonus- Stores 7 Channeling spells.
• On any given day, it is a Hammer of Dragon-slaying that permits wielder to cast a +35 Firebolt once per day or a Holy weapon that also:
• Enables wielder to make RR vs Evil Channeling spells at 77th level;
• Halves effects of fire attacks against wielder;
• Enables wielder to understand Khuzdul;
• Enables everyone within 14’ to make RRs versus Fear at 35th level;
• Heals wielder of 7 hits damage a round.
Demon Hammer
+15 Hammer of Demon-slaying with a range of 100’ (no range penalty) that returns one round after being thrown.
Ring of Summoning
+3 Channeling spell adder made from mithril and inlaid with red ivory- The ring can summon one 21st level Dwarven Hero” each day- This enchanted illusionary warrior will fight alongside the ringbearer for 2¬20 rounds, ignoring stunning or bleeding wounds.
Belt of Daggers
A white Kine skin hilt inlaid with silver that provides wearer with a +5 DB. The belt holds seven daggers:
• +10 Dagger of Returning with a range of 300’ (no range penalty);
• +10 Dagger of Giant-slaying;
• +10 Dagger of Troll-slaying;
• +15 Dagger of Returning with a range of 200’ (no range penalty);
• +15 Dagger of Cat-slaying;
• +15 Dagger of Orc-slaying;
• +20 Dagger of Returning with a range of 100’ (no range penalty).


Lvl: 21. Race: Dwarf (of Dwálin’ s Folk)- Profession Ranger- Home: The Nan Naugrim in the western Fred Luin. Aka: Second of the Seven Lords of the Stone Hammer.

RM Stats: St-99; Qt-98; Em-87; In-99; Pr-89; Ag-100; Co-100; Me-88; Re-91; SD-98. MERP Stats; St-99; Ag-100; Co-100; lg-90; It-99; Pr-89- Appearance: 89.

Skill Bonuses: Climb91; Swim55; Ride70; DTraps107; PLocks77; S&H87; Perc85; Rune49; S&W49; Chan77; Amb28: L17; AMov77; Acro35; Appr49; Cave91; Cont49; Dipl77; FAid77; For91; Lead77; Nav49; Smith49; Stone49; S&T77; Track91; Trad49; TrapB49; Trick35; Wea35.

Rálin was born at Zagragathol in the Ered Luin around S.A. 3380- The second son of King Rúlin, he was fated from birth to be the Second of the Seven Lords of the Stone Hammer. According to Dwarven legend, the Hammer, also known as the Great Stone Hammer, was a gift from Mahal (Aulë) to Dwálin, the King of the Second Tribe of the Khazad (and later the Lord of Belegost)- It was one of Seven Hammers of the Seven Tribes. (Another of these enchanted symbols was the North Hammer described above.)

As a Lord of Dwálin’s Folk during the late Second Age, the quest bound Rálin to gather the Hammer’s seven pieces. After years of wandering and searching, his path crossed and joined that of a mixed band of Free Peoples including the Half-elf Bard, Randae Linvairë (see LoME II); the Half-elf Sorceress, Chinta Kari; and the Womaw Ranger, Tash Enámó.

In the years that followed this strange meeting of mismatched companions, Rálin gathered the remaining parts of the Great Stone Hammer. He then played a major part of the united effort that lead to halting the awful legacy of Ungoliant called the Eägoth (“Enemy of Existence”), as well as the destruction of three evil Avar Mages: Ardanien, Mourmaelgax, and Jírdfos.

Rálin remained a Lord of the Stone Hammer and a Lord Warder of the Ered Luin until the end of his days in the early Third Age.

Rálin’s Principal Items
The Great Stone Hammer
One of the Seven Hammers of the Seven Tribes of the Naugrim, the Stone Hammer is a bluish Laen war hammer that passed through the line of the Kings of Dwálin’s Folk. It breaks down into seven pieces: handle, base, head, hilt, crosspiece, 1st gem, and 2nd gem. All powers except for its basic combat bonus of +35 only function if the wielder is a Dwarf.
It requires at least the handle, base, and head to function as a +35 war hammer that can be thrown to 70’ with no range penalty and returns (Longdoors) to thrower’s hand after striking. Its bonus is +77 versus minions of the essence of darkness incarnate.” It does 7x normal damage against truly evil” super-large creatures. Its range is 700’ vs truly evil” greater beasts, Lords, and enemies.” It detects Trolls, Balrogs, Evil, Power, Mithril, and Ire within 700. It stores” up to 7 Channeling spells.
Its other powers gradually appear as the other four pieces are added:
• Hilt: becomes a Holy weapon; +50 to fear” RRs of all allies within 70’R; x7 spell multiplier, spells cast while holding it give targets a –35 RR Mod if they have a true death of spirit”.
• Crosspiece: wielder makes RRs as if he were 77th level. Flames (as a Fireball) seven times per day (wielder is immune); reduces the concussion hit damage from each attack against the wielder by 7.
• 1st Gem: +35 to RRs of all allies” within 14’ R; becomes a +32 Dragon-slaying” weapon upon command; makes wielder immune to all natural fire and halves wielder’s damage from magical fires; and it detects Dragons and Demons within a 7000’ radius.
• 2nd Gem: controls the earth of Arda within 7000’ of its focus (one specific point chosen by the wielder that cannot change until the wielder dies); provides a throwing range of 7000 against creatures that have struck the wielder within 7000 hours; and allows wielder to speak Quenya.
Rálin’s Special Powers
42 PP. Base spell OB is 21; directed spell OB is 30. Knows all Ranger Base lists to 20th level and all Open Channeling lists to 10th (MERP), and all Closed Channeling lists to 5th (RM).
Rálin’s Lesser Items of Note
Mithril Mail
+20 Mithril chainmail, wears as AT Ch/​13, but protects as AT Pl/​19.
+25 Full Shield, may cast Protections Sphere V (with a 30’ R) 7 times per day.
+21 to RRs versus Channeling spells.

Thorin II

Level: 27. Race: Dwarf (of Durin’s Folk). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Erebor; later Dunland; later Ered Luin. Aka: Thorin Oakenshield.

RM Stats: St-92; Qu-88; Em-79; ln-85; Pr-82; Ag-92; Co-91; Me-89; Re-86; SD-82. MERP Stats: Sr-92; Ag-92; Co-91; Ig-87; It-85; Pr-82; Appearance: 84.

Skill Bonuses: Climb84; DTrap86; PLock82; Perc79; Rune83; BDev80; Cave84; Chem78; Craf83; Gamb74; Med79; Smith88; Stone82; Track83; Trad70; TrapB86.

Master of the golden harp and a tenacious fighter, Thorin 11 was born in T.A. 2746. He was the eldest son of the Dwarf-king Thráin 11. At twenty-four, he and his family were ignominiously chased from Erebor by Smaug; they lived as exiled in Dunland until 2790. At the age of 53, he fought boldly at the Battle of Azanulbizar, where he earned the moniker Oakenshield” by using an oak limb as both a club and a shield in beating back Orcs. Following that debilitating victory, Thráin 11 moved his followers to the Blue Mountains (S. Ered Luin”). When his father disappeared on a journey to Erebor in T.A. 2845, Thorin IT was crowned King of Durin’s exiled Folk.

For nearly a century, Thorin 11 tended to his people, building their numbers and wealth. Then, in T.A. 2941, he resolved to lead them on a quest to take back Erebor from Smaug and to claim the Dragon’s booty for their own. Blessed by Gandalf, the expedition of Thorin and Company succeeded, but Thorin II (the just-crowned King Under the Mountain) was killed shortly thereafter in the Battle of Five Armies, wielding mercilessly the Elf-sword Orcrist until he fell. His dying words to Bilbo Baggins, praising the Hobbies possession of both courage and wisdom, is one of Middle-earth’s most moving farewells. Thorin 11 was entombed under the Lonely Mountain with the Arkenstone of Thrain, a brilliant white gem of inestimable value, upon his chest. The Orcrist was laid upon his tomb, glowing a vivid blue to warn of the approach of Ores.

Dáin Ironfoot succeeded Thorin II as King of the Dwarves of Erebor.

Thorin II’s Principal Items
Orcrist (S. Goblin-cleaver”)
+30 magic Elven broadsword made of the mithril alloy Ithilnaur (S. Moon-fire”). One of two matching swords forged by Elves in Gondolin in the First Age, the Orcrist was rescued from the den of Stone-trolls in Eriador by Thorin Oakenshield. Like its twin, Glamdring, the blade of the sword glows with a bright blue flame when Orcs or Trolls approach (dim within 1000’, and very bright within 100’). Fumbles only on an unmodified roll of 01.
A gleaming white gem of unheard-of value, the Arkenstone was entombed with Thorin under Erebor in T.A. 2941. In T.A. 2770, Smaug the Golden had seized the prize jewel after chasing the Dwarves of Erebor from their home.

Read Hob 10 – 13, 16, 39, 282 – 283, 287 – 288; LotRIII 440, 443, 445, 447 – 448, 450. See ICE’s Moria 17, 19.


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