Dwarven Short Description Glossary

Note: The following is a series of short descriptions covering the majority of Dwarven characters in the lore of Middle-earth. The accompanying charts detail their related statistics. An * denotes a character created by ICE, while a indicates a character who is illustrated.


Azaghâl Redhammer*
Lvl: 12. Azaghâl Redhammer was the grandson of Zigli (Ryk), the adventuresome brother of Fulla III (Lord of the branch of Barin’s Folk that settled in the Iron Hills during the Second Age). Although a skilled warrior, he is best known as a leader and diplomat. Azaghâl ruled the city of Barak-shathur (located east of the headwaters of the river Cartier’) and served as his people’s envoy to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 1580. He was a fast friend of Durin III, king of the First House of the Naugrim. See I.C.E.‘s Mirkwood 47, 126.


Lvl: 15. Bain was the fourth King of Ruuriik and the fifth Lord of Drúin’s House. Son of Brain the Clumsy or Brain the Echo), Bain ruled the Dwarves of Drúin’s Line for 56 years, in peace and with wisdom. His greatest accomplishment was the establishment of regular trading with the Men of the East.
Báin II*
Lvl: 17. Bain II was the seventh King in the First Line of the House of Drúin and the sixth King of Ruuriik. Son of Thalin and father of Fulla, Bain II ruled Ruuriik for nearly sixty years, effectively staving off an invasion by the Horl tribes in the early Second Age.
Báin III
Lvl: 14, Báin III was the son of Dain the Clerics’ Foe (of Drúin’s Folk) and was widely disliked for his liberal attitudes toward the Avari. He was indeed an Elf-friend, and later travelled throughout much of eastern Endor in the company of the Elves.
Báin VII*
Lvl: 25. King of Drúin’s Line late in the Third Age, he is best known for renewing Ruuriik’s ties with the Womaw of northeastern Endor and defeating the Great Attack in T.A. 3017¬19. Báin VII then led the way into the Fourth Age, forging friendships with the Men of the East after the fall of Sauron and Khamûl. He ruled wisely and with great fervor, inspiring his dwindling folk to make peace with their neighbors.
Lvl: 13. Third son of Thalin, Balin never recovered from envy of his brothers, the High-lord Rain and King Báin II, who despised their wavering young brother. Untouched by the desire to rule Ruuriik, Balin instead concentrated upon forging stronger and lighter weapons, but success eluded him, as did a wife. He died alone at 149 years of age in mid-Second Age.
Lvl: 12. Son of Frúhar and father of Dáin the Cleric’s Foe, Balrim was a largely unsuccessful plotter to overthrow Fulla IL Imprisoned from time to time, Balrim nevertheless managed to live 200 years and left a sizable legacy to Damn.
Balli Goldeneye*
Lvl: 15. Son of Dralin, a Lord of Drúin’s Line. Balli lusted after wealth and power as if he had invented the urge. A brilliant thinker and moving orator, Bali led expeditions into the Mountains and in his old age (around 150) discovered gold and mithril. His eye,” or vision, was said thereafter to be golden, and his family was wealthy for centuries.
Balli the Rash*
Lvl: 14. Bath the Rash was a respected Dwarf –lord among the Tribe of King Drúin the Proud. He was an adventuresome leader who is best known for founding the Dwarf kingdom of Ruuriik in easternmost Endor. His expedition out of Burskadekdar in S.A. 700 resulted in the discovery of a secretive tunnel into the Walled Land, and Balli became the first figure ever to gaze upon the Great Vale tucked between the Mountains of the Wind and the Eastern Sea. Returning to the court of King Drúin the Younger, he wisely convinced his mentor to establish his Kingdom in the protected valley.
Balli (II)
Lvl: 12. Balli (II) Silver eye was the son of Dralin and the grandson of Thráin the Wanderer. He was named for Balli the Rash, but his nickname derived from his legendary sense of finding silver. It was Balli H who discovered the largest three veins of silver in the Mountains of the Wind, all of which were conveniently located in Balli’s home realm of Ruuriik.
Balli (III)*
Lvl: 13. Son of the prosperous Balli (II) Goldeneye and father of the obese Bofur the Breathless, Balli III was a powerful Lord who favored cutting ties with Men and Elves. For centuries, his brand of xenophobia ruled Ruuriik.
Barin North-King*
Lvl: 35. Also called Barin the Scarred, Barin North-king was the Father of the Seventh and Last House of the Naugrim. He led his people northward in the late First Age, but moved his tribe eastward, where they helped tame the remote, mountainous land called Ruuriik. In S.A. 707 Barin’s daughter Bís wed King Drúin the Younger, thus uniting the two Eastern tribes of Dwarves. In return, Barin was granted the lowlands as his fief. He swore allegiance to his new son-in-law, Drúin the Younger, who called the North-king First Vassal. His son, Barin II. helped to make the Dwarf-stronghold at Ruuriik a viable settlement.
Barin II*
Lvl: 27. Son of Barin North-king and second King of Barin’s House, Barin II ruled northern Ruuriik from S.A. 721 until SA. 814. He was a wise and compassionate ruler.
Barin III*
Lvl: 21. Last King of the First Line of the House of Barin, Barin III was the last Dwarf-lord to preside over Northern Ruuriik. He was burned to death while fighting the Balrog Múar before the Door of Radimbragaz (his home) in S.A. 1157.
Lvl: 45. Bávor was the Father of the Second House of the Naugrim. During the early Second Age, he led his people into Endor’s Far South. The Mablâd Dwarves of the southwestern Yellow Mountains are descendants of Bávor’s Folk.
Lvl: 14. The elegant, beautiful and gifted daughter of the aged King Bar in (North-king), Bís wed King Drúin of the other eastern tribe and joined the two into one Kingdom at Ruuriik in S.A. 707. Bís was a renowned architect whose eldest son, Throrin, became the second King of Ruuriik.
Bofur the Breathless*
Lvl: 7. Bofor was an unfortunate figure from the Line of Drúin the Proud. Grotesquely fat from birth, Bofur was doomed to live a sedentary and (for a Dwarf) short life. A formidable gambler, he once lost and regained his family’s immense wealth in one night.
Lvl: 11. One of Fulla II’s three sons, Bohr was the weak hereditary link in the powerful ruling family of Drúin’s Line. A sniping, homely fellow born with his nose permanently twisted to one side of his puffy, angry face, Bohór never found his place in Ruuriik. He died alone and penniless.
Lvl: 16. Also known as Brain the Echo, Brain the Clumsy was the son of Throrin and was the third King of Ruuriik (S.A. 859 – 899). He ruled for only forty years before falling into a chasm in the Mountains of Wind. Legend says that he is buried where Naug later lost the North Hammer.
Lvl: 14. A dedicated Cleric and Lord of Barin’s Line, Burin lived the life of an aesthete. He was a master craftsman who created the Three Maces of the Wind around S.A. 1055. Burin succeeded his brother Darim to the throne of the Seventh House of the Dwarves in S.A. 1011. He ruled Northern Ruuriik for 92 years.
Burin the Faint*
Lvl: 14. Son of the bold Dwarf-maiden Drús II and the Lord Gum II, Burin was born late in the Third Age to powerful and influential parents. He struggled to find his way, and at the age of fifty, struck out on his own, establishing a successful trading company. His daughter, Drús III, was one of the revered Keepers of the Hammer.


Lvl: 13. Son of the Dwarven maid Grís and grandson of Barin III, Dáin of the Mug spent his entire life brewing beers. He lived in the Nan Naugrim in the Blue Mountains, where he created Barin’s Mead in S.A. 1300.
Dáin the Cleric’s Foe*
Lvl: 16. Son of Balrim, a Lord of Drúin’s Line, Dáin battled all remnants of the old ways. He questioned the semi-divinity of Mahal and quarreled with other Dwarves in Exile who resided near his home in the Blue Mountains.
Lvl: 13. The only son of Drárin the Fool, Dáram died fighting alongside his father during the Fall of Ruuriik in S.A. 1157.
Lvl: 9. Called Wolfsbane, Darim slew a pack of hungry Wolves when he was only seven years of age. He died in a flood that swept through the Faliodukûm Valley in Ruuriik in S.A. 1011. His brother Burin succeeded him as King of Barin’s House and Lord of Northern Ruuriik.
Lvl: 16. Son of Farin and father of Drúin, this Lord of Barin’s Line failed as a fighter and explorer, at last finding himself successful in commerce. He maintained a flourishing trade with the Men of the East, dealing in arms, baked goods, and mead.
Lvl: 7. Born in T.A. 2760, Dís was a royal Dwarf-maid of Durin’s Line. A sister to Thorin Oakenshield, she was Thráin II’s only daughter and later was a mother to both Fill and Kíli, heroes slain at the Battle of Five Armies. Dís is the only Dwarf-maid among Durin’s Folk prominently mentioned in surviving records. Read LotRIII 449, 450.
Lvl: 15. Son of Thrír III and King before his brother Báin III, Dóm ruled Ruuriik in eastern Endor briefly after T.A. 1640. Since he died after a long illness, suspicion was cast upon his brother, the all-grasping Báin, a master of potions, but no foul play was ever proven.
Lvl: 8. Son of Kalin and father of Dwáin, Dór never rose above the prejudice facing a Dwarf who lacks a martial spirit. He died, sad and alone, at age 145.
Lvl: 7. Of the House of Durin, Dori was one of the thirteen Dwarves to comprise Thorin and Company, the successful expedition that drove Smaug out of Erebor and seized his booty in T.A. 2941. Dori also fought at the Battle of Five Armies. Content to play his flute and eat well, Dori settled in Erebor thereafter. Read Hob 9, 13, 32; LotRI 302; LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 11. Son of Thráin the Wanderer (in the Line of Drain), Dralin spent his entire life in Ruuriik, where he served as the King’s envoy to the court of Barin’s House.
Drarin the Fool*
Lvl: 14. Of the Line of Barin, Drarin was the seventh King of the Seventh House of the Naugrim. He ruled Northern Ruuriik in eastern Endor and was a contemporary of the heroic Druinin Orc-slayer in the Twelfth Century, Second Age. During the war against the Balrog Múar, facing the decimation of his tribe, King Drarin led his warriors on an impossible assault to capture the Troll-guard near Brûl Faliodukûm. His host was slaughtered and Drarin and his son Dáram were mutilated in the attack (S.A. 1157).
Drarin the Wise*
Lvl: 11. An early historian of his Folk, Drarin recorded the tale of the two tribes of the East before his death in S.A. 102. A favorite of the Kings he served, Drarin advised the rulers of Ruuriik as well, serving three Kings.
Drúhar the Dawnwarrior*
DA: 18. Drúhar the Dawnwarrior was the son of Barin II and the third King of Barin’s House (S.A. 814 – 99). A ferocious Second Age fighter, Drúhar slew a score of Orcs and Easterlings at the Battle of the Gates. His epithet sterns from Drúhar taste for attacking his enemies at dawn, as they arose or reached for their weapons. He died ten years later, ambushed by Orcs outside Ruuriik.
Drúhar II*
Lvl: 9. Deserted by the remnants of Drúin’s decimated Folk (after Múar’s treachery in S.A. 1157). This noble of Barin’s Line fathered Glein and fought heroically at the Battle of the Pass in S.A. 1240, slaying ten Orcs with his axe and blade. His grandson, Drúnin Orc-slayer, avenged the slaughter of S.A. 1157.
Lvl: 15. Another Dwarf-lord who suffered through the siege and burning of Ruuriik in S.A. 1157, Drúin fathered a son, Drúin II, and fought valiantly in the long and dark Years of Treachery. A well-spoken military leader, Drúin is said to have given moving speeches before battle, inspiring his troops to remarkable feats of heroism.
Drúin the Deranged*
Lvl: 13. Aptly named, this Dwarf-lord and son of Náin the Miner did battle against all foes and most friends. Records of that time (mid-Third Age) indicate that Drúin the Deranged slew at least a dozen fellow Dwarves whom he imagined had impugned his honor, attacking some of them as they ate a meal or sipped mead.
Drúin the Proud*
Lvl: 17. Head of the Line of Drúin (of the Lesser Dwarves of the East), Drúin the Proud was the Father of the Sixth House of the Naugrim. During the early Second Age, he led his people eastward across the Anduin and southern Ruuriik arid down into the Chey lands. When he died there around S.A. 673, his son Drúin the Younger removed the House further to the east, eventually settling the Line in Ruuriik.
Drúin the Younger*
Lvl: 25. Drúin was born in the Chey lands around S.A. 625 and led his people into the East after his father’s death in S.A. 673. He was the second King of Drúin’s House. Founder of the Walled Kingdom of Ruuriik, Drúin followed Balli and boldly led his tribe to their new home high in the mountains. Drúin the Younger wed Bís and was the proud father of two maidens, Grís and Nurís, a rare feat. In return for Bís’s hand, Drúin granted his aged father-in-law, King Barin, a fief covering the northern half of the Kingdom of Ruuriik. Barin was thereafter known as First Vassal and King of Northern Ruuriik.
Drúin II*
Lvl: 14. Son of Drúin and King of Northern Ruuriik for less than three days, Drúin II became Lord of Barin’s House when King Drarin the Fool perished fighting at Brûl Faliodukûm. A bold warrior, he led his army against Orcs and Trolls in the Mountains of the Wind, losing only one battle, his last. He died fighting the Balrog Múar in S.A. 1157.
Drúnin Orc-Slayer*
Lvl: 17. A valiant warrior and savior of his homeland and tribe, Drúnin slew a score of Orcs at the Battle of the Fall, S.A. 1148. Thereafter, he gathered together the tattered remnants of the two tribes and led them to safety in the holy mine in the heart of burned and ruined Dwarf-stronghold of Ruuriik. Drúnin fell in an ambush in S.A. 1152, slain by a party of Easterlings and Orcs.
Lvl: 7. Drúis was a beautiful Dwarf-maiden of Barin’s House who discovered the Secret of the North in T.A. 1639. A talented explorer, she produced a revision of the map of the northern range of the Mountains of the Wind.
Drús II (The Bold)*
Lvl: 15. A tenacious fighter and Orc-slayer, Drús II ruled the Line of Barin in Ruuriik for fifty-six years, until a mannish Bear-trap tore him in two in S.A. 909. He once stood off a dozen Fale warriors with his axe and shield, as his kin fled to safety.
Drús III*
Lvl: 10. A Keeper of the Hammer and Lord of Khazad-madûr, Drús III served among the last of the rulers of the great Kingdom in the East. A bold and wily cleric, Drús never doubted the strength of her tribe and was saddened by its decimation in the Second Age.
Durin II
Lvl: 14. Durin II ruled Khazad-dûm in the Second Age, in the 700s. He is thought to have been King at the time of the construction of the enchanted West-gate of Moria, built by Narvi and his Dwarf-craftsmen to encourage trade between the Dwarves and the Elves of Eregion. Read LotRI 398; See ICE’s Moria.
Durin III
Lvl: 35. Second Age King of Khazad-dûm, Durin III ruled the Dwarves when Celebrimbor forged the Rings of Power in the 1500s. As a gift, Durin III was given the foremost of the seven Dwarf-rings by the Elves, who judged him their friend. Unable to be dominated and controlled by Sauron’s Ruling Ring, Dwarves nonetheless fell victim to greed and as a race, declined in power and fell from grace with the passage of time. (For Durin III’s principal items, see the Durin I entry.) Read LotRIII 445. See ICE’s Moria 14, 18.
Durin VI
Lvl: 28. Born in T.A. 1731, this King of Khazad-dûm lived in relative peace until 1980, when his delving under Caradhras for the mithril-lode released the Balrog. The evil spirit slew Durin VI, and the next year, his son, Náin I. Moria was abandoned by the Dwarves after Náin’s death. Read LotRIII 439, 450. See ICE’s Moria 15, 19.
Durin VII
Lvl: 17. Last King of Durin’s Folk, Thorin (III) Stonehelm of Erebor proclaimed himself Durin VII and led his diminished race forlornly into the Fourth Age. The Dwarves believe that Durin VII is indeed the seventh and final incarnation of Durin the Deathless. Read LotRIII 450. See ICE’s Moria 17, 20.
Durí the Rider*
Lvl: 13. A masterful rider whose accomplished horsemanship is immortalized in the Scrolls of the Two Tribes, Durí served as a messenger of Drúin’s Folk while they lived in the West. She was a friend of Gil-galad of Lindon, who gave the Dwarf-maiden her first horse.
Lvl: 12. Son of Dór and father of Rúrin Clifflord, Dwáin was a vain and shiftless lord who left no legacy of note.
Lvl: 9. Second son of Fundin, Dwálin was born in T.A. 2772 and was one of the few Dwarves who formed part of Thorin and Company to live into the Fourth Age. After the cleansing of Erebor, Dwálin settled there. Read Hob 7, 13; LotRIII 446, 450.
Lvl: 43. Dwálin was the Father of the Third House of the Naugrim. During the First Age, he led his people into the Blue Mountains (S. Ered Luin”). There, to the east of Beleriand, he founded the city of Belegost.


Lvl: 18. A mid-Third Age Dwarf of noble heritage and a martial spirit, Falin sought to overthrow King Báin and funded a scheme to embarrass or undercut the Dwarf king’s power and prestige. See ICE’s Moria 67.
Farin, Son of Borin
Lvl: 17. Born in T.A. 2560, Farin was the son of Bonin and fathered Fundin and Groin before his death in 2803. Farin was first in the renewed line of Kings under the Mountain. Read LotRIII 450.
Farin, Son of Drús*
Lvl: 10. Cousin of King Gurn, Lord of Barin’s Folk, Farin was a Lord in Northern Ruuriik. He died fighting Orcs in S.A. 884.
Lvl: 14. Born in T.A. 2859, Fíli lived a short (by Dwarven standards) but heroic life. Of Durin’s line, the fiddle-playing Fíli could proudly claim Dís as his mother and called Thorin II Uncle.” At the Battle of Five Armies, in 2941, Fíli and his brother Kíli were slain by Orcs as they valiantly attempted to defend Thorin’s body from desecration. Read Hob 8, 13, 291; LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 10. An especially fierce warrior and Orc-slayer, Flói was hit by an Orc-arrow and slain in battle outside the Great Gates of Moria in T.A. 2989. The warrior had followed Balin there in an ill-fated attempt to rid the region of evil beings and in the effort, surrendered his life. Flói was buried in a site of honor near Lake Kheled-zâram (the Mirrormere), for Balin’s Dwarves had no access to the burial tombs inside Khazad-dûm at that time. Read LotRI 418.
Lvl: 11. Frár too traveled with Balin to take hack the halls of Khazad-dûm from defiling Orcs and Trolls. Like many of his compatriots, Frár was slain in battle at Durin’s Bridge in T.A. 2994, just five years after the colony had proclaimed Balin Lord of Moria.” The incident is recorded in the famed Book of Mazarbul. Read LotRI 419.
Lvl: 12. Brother to Drús, Freri ruled in the Line of Barin, in Ruuriik, early in the Second Age. He was slain by Easterlings on a scouting foray at the age of 112.
Frerin of Erebor
Lvl: 14. A royal-blooded warrior-Dwarf of Erebor, Frerin was Thráin II’s younger son. Brother to Thorin Oakenshield and Dís, Frerin escaped Erebor with his family in T.A. 2770 during the attack by Smaug the Golden. Thereafter he, like so many of his kind, lived in heart-rending exile. At the battle of Azanulbizar (in T.A. 2799), Frerin was slain beside Fundin as they led the first assault upon the Orcs inhabiting Moria. Read LotRIII 440, 443, 450.
Frerin of Ruuriik*
Lvl: 13. A Keeper of the Hammer and Lord of Khazad-madûr, Frerin perished mid-Second Age at the hands of the Slayer Ûlthug.
Lvl: 10. Daughter of Róin, Freris married Fulla and gave birth to Fulla II Stormdodger, renowned in his tribe in Ruuriik. Freris was said to be the prettiest Dwarf-maiden in five centuries, and many songs and poems celebrated her wit and demeanor.
Lvl: 16. Of royal blood, Frór was Dáin I’s second son. With his father, who was King of the Grey Mountains colony, Frór was killed by a great Cold-drake at the gate to their vast hall in T.A. 2589. Not long thereafter, the Grey Mountain Dwarves moved on, in search of a more hospitable climate. Read LotRIII 440, 450.
Lvl: 16. Son of the Dwarf-lord Gurh II, Frúhar sired Balrim. This noble of Drúin’s Line is most noteworthy for his poems and songs, some of which remain in the lore of lost Ruuriik to this day.
Lvl: 17. Báin II was the eighth King in the First Line of the House of Drúin and the seventh King of Ruuriik. He was the eldest son of Báin II. Fulla ruled his tribe for nearly eighty years (S.A. 914 – 993) before yielding the throne to his son, Fulla II Stormdodger.
Fulla II Stormdodger
Lvl: 18. A powerful warrior full of guile, Fulla II carried on the Line of Drúin for over a century, yielding control of the tribe to his son Thrír in S.A. 1095). He was the eighth King of Ruuriik and the ninth Lord of Drúin’s House. Fulla II had an uncanny knack of outguessing storms and it is said, was never caught in the wilds by an unexpected storm, a rare gift in the wild and mountainous regions in which he lived and ruled.
Lvl: 15. Like almost every Dwarf-warrior of the Third Age, Fundin fell in battle. Son of Farin (of Durin’s line), he fathered Balin and Dwálin and was killed by Orcs at the Battle of Azanulbizar in T.A. 2799. Read LotRIII 443, 450.


Lvl: 10. The traitorous and venal captain of the guards of Moria in T.A. 1640, Gáin accompanied a party of adventurers hoping to claim the heirlooms and other treasures hidden deep within Khazad-dûm. See ICE’s Moria 67.
Gimlin the Unwise*
Lvl: 11. An early ruler of the Line of Barin in eastern Endor, Gimlin chose to attack the Orcs and Trolls of the Mountains of the Wind in their caves, as they slept.” His body was never found.
Lvl: 12. Son of Drúhar II, Glein ruled as King of Northern Ruuriik and Lord of Barin’s House from S.A. 1032 – ¬1103. He fell at the hands of Fale Easterlings in the Battle of the Moss in S.A. 1103.
Glein II*
Lvl: 14. Son of Gurn II, Survivor Lord, Glein tasted defeat early, at the Battle of Living Rock (near the gates into Ruuriik) in S.A. 1157. He was surrounded by Orcs and cut to pieces, but he single-handedly held the defile while his followers safely made their retreat.
Lvl: 13. King of Durin’s Folk in the Grey Mountains (from T.A. 2283 until 2385), Glóin was the son of Thorin I. (He is not to be confused with Glóin, son of Gróin, who lived into the Fourth Age.) Read LotRIII 450.
Glóin, Son of Groin
Glóin, Son of Groin
Lvl: 16. Of Durin’s line, Glóin boldly accompanied Thorin Oakenshield in his attempt to reclaim Erebor from Smaug in T.A. 2941. Surviving the battle, Glóin became wealthy and influential among his Folk, and in T.A. 3018, he traveled (with his son Gimli) to Rivendell, where he counseled with Elrond and Lady Galadriel. Read Hob 9; LotRI 300, 316 – 317; LotRIII 445, 450.
Lvl: 14. Fourth son of the famed Dwarf-maiden Grís Mixedblood, this noble of Drúin’s Line never found his place among the combative and martial elements of Ruuriik’s ruling elite. Glorin is remarkable in that he maintained a steady and profitable trading relationship with Men throughout the troubled early Second Age.
Glorin Lastking*
Lvl: 14. As his name states, Glorin was the last King of the First Line of the House of Barin in Ruuriik. After succeeding King Drúin the Fool in S.A. 1157, he died fighting the Demon-king Múar. His reign lasted only a week. Fortunately, his decimated tribe survived, but in greatly reduced numbers.
Grís Mixedblood*
Lvl: 8. Dwarf-maiden noted in song and story, Grís was the daughter of Drúin the Younger, ruler and hero of the Second Tribe of Ruuriik. She fathered four sons, none of whom was destined to rule their folk. Immensely talented, she advised her husband wisely and was the sister of Nurís, Nár and King Thorin.
Lvl: 11. Of Durin’s line, Gróin was Farina’s son and fathered Gin and Glóin. Gróin lived in the Third Age, from 2671 – 2923. Read LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 7. In T.A. 1640, Grolin, a traitor playing the part of a court jester among the commonly dour Dwarves, served with the noble and martial Dwarf Falin, who yearned to overthrow King Báin (to whom Grolin himself bore an uncanny resemblance). See ICE’s Moria 67.
Lvl: 15. Also of Durin’s line, Gror was Dáin I’s youngest son and later fathered Náin. Gror is the founder of the Dwarf stronghold in the Iron Hills, in T.A. 2590, and the grandfather of Dáin (II) Ironfoot. Read LotRIII 440, 450.
Lvl: 14. Son of Gurin (of the Line of Drúin), this Dwarf-lord challenged Báin for control of the tribe and its army early in the Second Age. He lost the argument and surrendered to a quieter fate, dying of brain fever at the age of 145.
Gura III
Lvl: 18. Son of Glein II, Gura III ruled in Ruuriik for 55 years. Of the Line of Barin, Gura refortified the Dwarf citadel in the Mountains and held off the Orcs and Trolls beating at the gates for ages. He died abed at 132 years of age.
Gurh II*
Lvl: 15. Son of Thráin the Wanderer, a Lord of Drúin’s Line, Gurh II fathered Frúhar early in the Third Age. A leader in Ruuriik’s society, the martial Gurh battled Giants and Orcs and survived to the age of 194. He died tending his rock garden near the Hidden Gate.
Lvl: 11. Son of Dáram, Gurim was the rightful heir to the Kingship in the Line of Baring. As a child, he was forced to leave Ruuriik during the war with Múar in S.A. 1157. His father and his mother accompanied Drúin’s Folk westward to the Blue Mountains. Gurim lived only 80 years, ever heartbroken.
Lvl: 12. Son of the famed Dwarf-maid Grís Mixedblood, Gurin and his three brothers challenged King Bróin for control of the East-dwarves in Ruuriik for 100 years. A soldier and smith, he proved to be an irrational diplomat. Gurin fathered Gulla.
Lvl: 10. Son of Drúhar, Gum ruled the Dwarf-tribe of Barin briefly in the Second Age.
Gurn II
Lvl: 15. Also called the Survivor Lord, Gurn was a noble Dwarf-lord who led Barin’s Folk into Khazad-madûr during the last days of the Fall of Ruuriik (S.A. 1157). His strength and vigilance enabled the besieged Dwarves to survive numerous assaults by the armies of Múar. This imprisoned remnant of Barin’s Folk stayed in Khazad-madûr long after Gurn’s death in S.A. 1180. A revered cleric, he was also a Keeper of the Hammer.


Lvl: 15. Second son of the famed Dwarf-maiden Grís Mixedblood, Kaolin joined his older brother Dáin to attempt a bloodless overthrow of King Bróin of Ruuriik. Of the Line of Drúin, the proud and combative Kalin failed in the coup, spent several years imprisoned in his house, and emerged chastised in the Second Age. Kalin fathered Dór and died of Orc-wounds in S.A. 1430.
Lvl: 12. Of Durin’s line, the fiddle-playing Kíli and his brother Fíli joined Thorin (their uncle) and Company and died at the Battle of Five Armies (in T.A. 2941) defending their fallen leader’s body from desecration by Orcs and their Wargs. Read Hob 8, 13, 291; LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 9. An artist at heart, Kuri vanished in the Mountains of the Wind in S.A. 1210, searching for just the right shade of gray for an ornate set of stoneware. He was the unfortunate son of Freri.


Lvl: 7. A Dwarf of Barin’s House, betrayed his cousin Balli by selling Balli’s battle plan to the agents of Khamûl the Nazgûl. Khamûl in turn captured Balli. Líli was later brought to justice by King Fulla Stonehand, who slew the traitor with one blow of his hammer.
Lvl: 14. A Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain, Lóni accompanied Balin to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 2989 and was killed by Orcs five years later while defending Durin’s Bridge from rampaging Goblin hordes. Read LotR 14, 19.


Lvl: 12, Son of Grór (of the House of Durin), Náin was the father of Win Ironfoot. At the battle of Azanulbizar in T.A. 2799, Náin challenged Azog, the Orc-chieftain, to combat and was slain. In fitting retribution, Náin’ s son then beheaded Azog and led the Dwarf-host of the Iron Hills to victory at the gates of Moria. Read LotRIII 443, 450.
Náin the Miner
Lvl: 17. Second son of King Throrin, Náin ruled the Kingdom of Ruuriik (in eastern Endor) after the untimely death of his brother, Bróin the Echo. Obsessed with discovering gold and mithril in the Mountains of Wind, Náin passed half his life in such pursuits and uncovered little of value. Unable to find a wife, he moped for twenty years before his death in the Second Age.
Náin II
Lvl: 17. King of Durin’s Folk from T.A. 2488 until 2585, Náin II lived and ruled in the Grey Mountains, just after the founding of a colony in Erebor. He was a rarity among Dwarf-regents, dying off the battlefield and abed at 247 years of age. Read LotRII 450.
Lvl 14. A fierce fighter, Náli left the Lonely Mountain and traveled with Balin to Khazad-dûm in T.A. 2989, where he was later killed in combat with Orcs while unsuccessfully defending Burin’s Bridge. Read LotRI 419.
Lvl: 14. Second son of King Drúin the Younger, Nár grew up in the vast caverns of Ruuriik under the sway of his older brother, Thrórin, who eventually ruled the Dwarf-kingdom. A keen-eyed battler of Orcs and Easterlings, Nár died in battle at 112 in the Second Age. (He is not to be confused with Nar, companion of Thrór.)
Nar Thrór’s-Friend
Lvl: 11. An old and trusted companion of King Thrór’s, Nar was unceremoniously sent by the Orcs inhabiting Khazad-dam to taunt the Dwarves with news of Thrór’s brutal murder at the claws of Azog. The casting of the beheaded King’s body from the Great Gates of Moria fomented the War between the Dwarves and the Orcs, which began in T.A. 2793 and lasted for six years, leading to the decline of Durin’s Folk as a race. Read LotRIII 441 – 442.
Lvl: 15. A Second Age stone wright, Narvi carved the magnificent Doors of Durin, the West-gate of Khazad-dûm. Built of Ithildin (derived from mithril), the gate was enchanted by the Elven-smith Celebrimbor, who kindly engraved Narvi’s name upon it. Read LotRI 398.
Lvl: 11. Of the House of Durin, Nori was a member of the famed Dwarven group of twelve, Thorin and Company. They set out in T.A. 2941 to reclaim Erebor from Smaug, and with the death of the Golden Dragon and the victory at the Battle of Five Armies, they succeeded in their quest. The flute-playing Nori remained in the recaptured Dwarf-dwellings at Erebor and lived comfortably, a respected warrior and seeker. Read Hob 9, 13, 32; LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 8. A lithe and lovely Dwarf-maiden, Nurís was one of Drúin the Younger’s two daughters; the other was Grís Mixedblood. Much to her father’s chagrin, Nurís never wed, considering herself much better looking than any other Dwarf in history and a suitable match for the handsomest of Men. Unfortunately, none came along, and she died alone and childless at 127 years of age early in the Second Age.


Lvl: 13. Grandson of Thorin I, of Durin’s Folk, Óin was King of the Grey Mountain Dwarves from T.A. 2385 until 2488, when he died. This Dwarf-king is not to be confused with the later Óin, a companion of Thorin Oakenshield. Read LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 12. The elder son of Gróin, Óin lived for over 200 years in the Third Age. A member of Thorin and Company, he remained in Erebor after Smaug’s death in T.A. 2941 and fathered Gimli Elf-friend. In T.A. 2989, he accompanied Balin to Khazad-dûm. Five years later, Óin was slain by a tentacled Watcher in the Water at the Orc-infested stronghold also known as Moria. Read Hob 9; LotRI 302, 418 – 419; LotRIII 450.
Lvl: 13. The flute-playing Orí was one of Thorin Oakenshield’s twelve cohorts on his famed expedition to drive Smaug from the Lonely Mountain and to seize the Dragon’s treasure. Later, Orí travelled to Khazad-dûm with Balin and Óin in T.A. 2989. He died a hero in T.A. 2994 defending the Chamber of Mazarbul, slain by a host of Orcs as he recorded the last valiant efforts of the expedition in the Book of Mazarbul, a must-reading for every Dwarf. Read Hob 9, 13; LotRI 302, 418; LotRIII 450.
Rúrin Clifflord
Lvl: 15. Son of Dwáin, a noble Dwarf of the Line of Drúin, Rúrin lived a solitary existence, experimenting to create the perfect armor for his endangered tribe. His vital work was interrupted by Orc-wars and Giants and even a Balrog, but he resumed, and at his death in mid-Second Age, had neared success. The collapse of the Ruuriik Kingdom doomed the continuation of his meticulous research, which was lost in the chambers where he passed most of his 158 years.


Lvl: 17. Son of King Báin of Ruuriik, Thalin ruled the Eastern Dwarf-tribes for more than a century in the Second Age, through an era of strife with their Mannish neighbors and outright War against the Orcs and Easterlings native to the region. Thalin fathered Báin II, Róin and Balin.
Lvl: 39. Thelór was the Father of the Fifth House of the Naugrim. At the beginning of the Second Age, he led his people northward, where they briefly settled in the peak that would later be Mount Gundabad. He later removed his people eastward to the Mountains of Rhûn. Thelór was slain there during a fight with his brother Thúlin.
Thorin I
Lvl: 19. King of Durin’s Folk for a hundred years (beginning in T.A. 2190), Thorin I led a contingent of Dwarves from Erebor north to the Grey Mountains, where he was the first King of that colony. He died in T.A. 2289. Read LotRIII 440, 450.
Thorin III
Lvl: 21. King of Durin’s Folk in Erebor after Sauron’s fall and a warrior-hero of the War of the Ring, Thorin Stonehelm (as he was known) led his race into the Fourth Age. He was born in T.A. 2866. Read LotRIII 450, 469.
Thráin I
Lvl: 18. King of Durin’s Folk for over 200 years (T.A. 1981 – 2190), Thráin the Old (as he was called by Thráin II) led the Dwarves from Khazad-dûm and into Erebor, where in T.A. 1999, he founded the Kingdom under the Mountain. Deep within the Lonely Mountain, Thráin I discovered the Arkenstone, heirloom of Durin’s House which was later lost to Smaug and then recovered by Bilbo Baggins. Read Hob 22; LotRIII 439 – 450.
Thráin II
Lvl: 19. King of Durin’s exiled Folk for sixty years (T.A. 2790 – 2850), Thráin II led the Dwarves against the Orcs and Wargs in their War (in T.A. 2793 – 99): he lost an eye at the fateful Battle of Azanulbizar. Driven by greed and a lust for power, Thráin II left the Blue Mountains with his followers in T.A. 2841, heading for the Lonely Mountain. In 2845, after years of inconclusive wandering, the valiant but vain King was seized by Orcs in Mirkwood and imprisoned in Dol Guldur. His Dwarven Ring of Power was taken away, the last of the Seven Rings, and he himself was tortured for five years, but Thráin II heroically managed to give the Key to Erebor and a map of the Lonely Mountain to Gandalf before his death in T.A. 2850. The son of Thrór, he fathered Thorin Oakenshield, Frerin and Dís. Read Hob 22 – 26; LotRI 351; LotRIII 440 – 447.
Thráin the Wanderer*
Lvl: 16. Not to be confused with later Kings of the Third Age, Thráin the Wanderer was the son of Drúin the Deranged, a Lord of Drúin’s Line in eastern Endor. He passed most of his adult life (80 years) searching for a more secure fief. Thráin died battling Orcs in the Mountains of the Wind in the Second Age.
Lvl: 43. Thrár was the Father of the Fourth House of the Naugrim. Like Dwálin, he led his people westward into the Blue Mountains (S. Ered Luin”) during the First Age. There, to the east of Beleriand, he founded the city of Nogrod (K. Tumunzahar”). Thrár and his sons died battling the Sindar and Onodrim at the Battle of Sam Athrad. His nephew Thrúr became second King of Thrár’s Folk.
Lvl: 27, Threlin was the third King of the Fifth House of the Naugrim. He became King after his mother Thrís slew his uncle Thúlin.
Thrír III*
Lvl: 18. Son of Fulla Longaxe and King of Ruuriik’s Dwarves for 7 years, Thrír III recognized the growing threat to his tribe in the middle years of the Third Age. He was wise enough to maintain a strong tinny and fathered Dóm before he died in T.A. 1640.
Lvl: 14. Thrís was the daughter of Thelór, the Father of the Fifth House of the Naugrim. She slew Thelór’s brother Thúlin after he killed her father. Her eldest son, Threlin, became the third King of Thelór’s Folk.
Lvl: 14. A long-lived King of Durin’s Folk, Thrór ruled his exiled Folk for over 200 years, until T.A. 2790. In T.A. 2590, Thrór led the way from the Blue Mountains, where Dragons threatened their existence. Smaug drove him and his followers from Erebor in T.A. 2770: twenty years later, Thrór returned to Khazad-dûm, where he was slain and mutilated by Azog and Company, igniting the War between the Dwarves and the Orcs. His map of the Lonely Mountain later helped Gandalf and Bilbo and the Dwarves in their quest to defeat Smaug and to reoccupy Erebor. Read Hob 1; LotRIII 440 – 441, 450.
Thrórin II
Lvl: 14. A Lord of the eastern House of Drúin, Thrórin was Bofur’s son and brother to the heroic Dwarf-maiden, Durí the Rider. Thrórin left no such stirring legacy. An able but lazy administrator, he watched idly as the Kingdom of Ruuriik collapsed around him, falling to evil creatures and the Dwarves’ stubborn refusal to seek help from Men and Elves. He died in the middle of the Second Age, in the reign of Thrír.
Lvl: 28. Thrúr was the second King of the Fourth House of the Naugrim. He led the remnants of his people out of Nogrod at the end of the First Age. Thrúr succeeded his uncle Thrár as King after the latter died at the Battle of Sam Athrad.
Lvl: 30. Thúlin was the second King of the Fifth House of the Naugrim. He became King after killing his brother Thrár in a quarrel and was in turn slain by his niece Thrís (daughter of Thrár).
Lvl: 10. Brother of Thrír and second son of Fulla II, Thurin and his other brother, Bohór, half-heartedly supported various plots to unseat their brother, King of Ruuriik for three-quarters of a century. At various times, he was banished, imprisoned and ignored. A feckless warrior, he is little remembered in Dwarven tales and songs.
Lvl: 7. A Dwarf of Khazad-dûm, the aged and infirm Tíli funded an expedition in T.A. 3000 to rediscover (and to reclaim!) the great Dwarven treasures hidden in Moria. He furnished crude sketches and offered a wealth of gold for the successful recovery of Khazad-dûm’s wealth. See ICE’s Moria 67.


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