Entish Short Description Glossary

Lvl: 31. A contemporary of Fangorn, Barkmaster was a tough old oak of an Ent: gnarled, wizened and unbowed, he acknowledged no master and proclaimed himself: longest lived of all,” but for Treebeard, presumably. Typically shy, he was rarely seen after TA 1000 and is believed to have settled into Fangorn Forest posing as an oak tree most unfriendly to Orcs and servants of Sauron.
Elmlimb the Impetuous*
Lvl: 27. A contemporary of Fimbrethil, Elmlimb traveled with the Ent-maiden whose disappearance so saddened Treebeard. At twelve feet of height, she was smallish, but her elegant arched branches long ago in the Second Age sent every Ent in the wood into a fit of swooning. Yet no Entings survived her. Ent songs recall her tendency to step forward while looking elsewhere as well as her charm; it is sung that she could trip and fall over a pebble were it in her path.
Lvl: 29. A gentle, retiring Ent some fourteen feet tall, Limbkeeper is renowned among Tree-shepherds for tending their bruises and aches. He regularly trims the branches of Ents who need such care and never waits for a thank you. Assumed to be among those Ents gathered in Fangorn Forest, Limbkeeper has not been seen by Man nor Elf since mid-Second Age.
Loblolly the Lithe*
Lvl: 26. A slender evergreen with haunting brown eyes, Loblolly disappeared in Second Age Endor, searching for the most beautiful garden in all of Middle-earth. Loblolly held a special place in her heart for Mannish farmers who grew flowers and would pass the long summer days singing them lullabies as they worked in the gardens and slept beneath her shade. She has not been seen since the rise of Sauron in the Third Age.
Lvl: 28. An Ent-maiden of incomparable beauty and grace, Palebirch disappeared in eastern Endor in mid-Second Age.
Lvl: 33. A wise and ancient seven-toed beech-like Ent, Rootcouncil is among those Treeherds consulted by Treebeard before making any decision of import. This light — barked and handsome Shadow of the Forest was much sought after by Ent-maidens in the First Age, when they cared about Entings and the propagation of the race. It is said in Elvish song that Old Rootcouncil has scattered more nuts across Middle-earth than all other tress combined, a tribute to his age and fecundity.


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