Orcish Character Glossary

Note: Remember that stats among Orcs are relative to those of other Orcs. Characters denoted with an * are purely ICE creations and are not noted in Professor Tolkien’s works. Those with a t beside their names are illustrated in this work.


Lvl: 24. Race: Uruk. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Khazad-dûm (Moria). Aka: King of Khazad-dûm; King of the Uruk-hai; Slayer of Thrór; the Great Fang.

RM Stats: St-102; Qu-90; Em-22; In-80; Pr-87; Ag-100; Co-102; Me-50; Re-90; Sd-40. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-100; Co-101; Ig-90; In-80; Pr-87. Appearance: 62.

Skill Bonuses: Climb60, Ride74, DTraps76, Plock62, S&H108, Perc92, Amb10, AMov30, MAst78, FAid62, Fren66, Gamb74, Lead78, S&T88, Subd94, Track78, TrapB45, Trick40.


Azog remains one of the greatest Orcs in the histories. His physical gifts were tremendous and, at least in reference to other Orcs, he was a veritable mental giant. He murdered and decapitated the great heir of Durin, Thrór, and branded his name on the fallen Dwarf’s head. In his arrogance, he offered a pouch of small money to the Dwarves as wergeld for his act of brutality. The Dwarves became enraged and waged war against the Orcs with dauntless ferocity, hunting in every Orc-den for Azog. This was the Great War of the Dwarves and the Orcs of the Third Age’s 29th century. Azog was finally found and slain by Dáin II Ironfoot at the Battle of Azanulbizar (Dimrill Dale) in T.A. 2799, before the great East-gate of Moria, although Azog succeeded in also slaying Náin. Azog’s head was then set on a stake, and the pouch of wergeld stuffed into its mouth.

Important Date

Died T.A. 2799.

Azog’s Principal Items
A +15 dull grey steel Axe of Dwarf slaying with ornate black steel decor, it delivers twice the usual concussion hits.
Bracers and Greaves
Protects wearer from arm or leg critical strikes on 01 – 30.
Azog’s Special Abilities
Awesome strength
Wields his battle-axe with one hand; his Martial Arts Strike attacks do double concussion hits.
Azog’s Lesser Items

Read LotRIII 441 – 443; UT 321, 327.


Lvl: 22. Race: Uruk. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter Home: Misty Mountain Deeps; later Mount Gundabad. Aka: Bolg of the North; the Large; Son of Azog; the Great Fang; King of Gundabad.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-92; Em-30; In-80; Pr-77; Ag-101; Co-103; Me-65, Re-86; Sd-45. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-100; Co-101; Ig-90; In-80; Pr-87. Appearance: 67.

Skill Bonuses: Climb62, Ride78, DTraps76, Plock62, S&H106, Perc88, Amb10, AMov30, MAst66, FAid52, Fren56, Gamb62, Lead68, S&T78, Subd102, Track76, TrapB54, Trick35.


Bolg was the strongest son of Azog and succeeded his father as Orc-lord of the North in TA. 2799. A huge and powerful Uruk, he was as dangerous as his sire. Bolg ruled his Orc-kingdom from his capital at Mount Gundabad and later commanded the army of Orcs and Wargs at the Battle of the Five Armies (T.A. 2941). He was slain in that battle by the awesome Northman hero, Beorn.

Important Date

Died T.A. 2941. 

Bolg’s Principal Items
A +20 Maul of Shield- and Armor-slaying (struck items failing a RR vs a 15th level attack are hewn in half), it is a giant black alloy spiked mace/​hammer that strikes as a war mattock and delivers crush criticals, twice normal concussion hits, (x3 concussion hits if Bolg wields it 2-handed).
+20, black alloy metal breastplate that protects wearer from torso and abdomen critical strikes on 01 – 50. (See note on armor below.)
A +25 siege weapon stolen from an overrun Gondorian frontier installation, this device resembles a heavy crossbow which yields x3 normal concussion hits and has twice the usual range, Bolg can fire the engine as if it were a normal heavy crossbow. Normally it requires two beings to man the machine. Naturally, it uses special arbalest bolts (5x bolt cost).
Bolg’s Special Abilities
Mass and Constitution
Bolg takes half damage from concussion hits, and heals twice as quickly as would be normal for his constitution. Crits against Bolg are reduced one level in severity.
Bolg’s Lesser Items

Read Hob 265, 274; LotRIII 448.


Lvl: 30. Race: Uruk. Profession: Animist/​Cleric. Home: Barad-dûr. Aka: Vesall (Or. Misery”); Saurukbolvag (Or. Sauron’s Orc-curse”).

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-92; Em-30; In-100; Pr-97; Ag-96; Co-100; Me-96; Re-86; SD-75. MERP Stats: St-98; Ag-96; Co-100; Ig- 86; In-108; Pr-97. Appearance: 77.

Skill Bonuses: Climb92, Ride94, DTraps78, Pl/​ock98, S&H1I8, Perc114, Rune104, S&W94, Chan76, DSp68, Amb15, AMov35, MAst76, FAid96, Fren98, Gamb74, Lead92, S&T94, Subd112, Track88, TrapB84, Trick45.

Bolvag filled the same place among Sauron’s Orc-minions as did Storlagga under Morgoth: that of High-priest and Ordainer (judge) of his Dark Lord’s cult. Bolvag is a special” Orc, perverted to outstanding potential by Sauron’s craft (as were the Uruk-hai). Brilliant, he rarely emerged from the dark Underdeeps of Barad-dûr. Bolvag incited Sauron’s Orcish minions into unquestioning fear and worship, if not devotion. He maintained a circle of sixty-six Orcish priests who harassed and spied upon the Evil One’s minions.

Sauron maintained a line of Bolvags — all Orc Priests — dating back to the Second Age. The last perished when Barad-dûr was destroyed at the end of the Third Age.

Bolvag’s Principal Items
A x4 Channeling PP multiplier, it receives commands from Sauron within 66 miles instantly at no cost, +26 RR, casts True Aura 6x daily.
Priestly Robes
+33, they protect as AT RL/12. Wearer may levitate at will and fly up to 150’/rd, and he may cast Deflect I or Bladeturn I spells (each 3x/​day).
(“Bolvag’s Ire” or Hatred Curse”) a +25 War Hammer of Elf- and Orc-slaying that delivers 2x concussion hits and burns with a dark, magical fire (any critical strike is accompanied by a Heat critical of equal severity).
Boots of Orc-running. Allows wearer to run at full speed on top of Orcs while making no maneuver rolls. This power works whether the Orcs are prone or standing in a mob (e.g., with the wearer sprinting from head to head).
Bolvag’s Special Abilities
90 PP. Knows five Animist base lists and five Open Channeling lists to 20th lvl (MERP) and all Cleric base lists to 20th lvl and all Evil Cleric base lists to 30th lvl (RM).
Bolvag has acute hearing, scent, and Darkvision (his Perception bonuses are 2x normal for related rolls).


Lvl: 11. Race: Uruk. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Mount Gram in southwestern Angmar. Aka: Shire-bane; King of Mount Gram.

RM Stats: St-97; Qu-86; Em-40; In-78; Pr-70; Ag-80; Co-92; Me-45; Re-73; Sd-32. MERP Stats: St-97; Ag-80; Co-92; Ig-73; In-78; Pr-70. Appearance: 33.

Skill Bonuses: Climb52, Ride58, DTrap72, Plock52, S&H74, Perc25, Amb5, AMov10, MAst45, FAid25, Fren25, Gamb30, Lead50, S&T74, Subd25, Track30, TrapB20, Trick15.


Golfimbul was the commander of the Orcs defeated by Hobbits in the Battle of Green-fields (T.A. 2747) in the North-farthing of the Shire. He was slain by the great Bandobras Took (aka. Bullroarer”), who became famous for the victory. Although the Hobbits called him an Orcish king, Golfimbul was actually little more than a tribal Chieftain. The battle itself would have been considered a relatively minor skirmish among most other races. However, from the Hobbitish perspective, war and adventure arc rare. Thus, the skirmish was great, and so was the victory.

Golfimbul is most noted for being responsible for the game of golf. As Hobbit tales recall, the game was invented by accident when the Orc-lord’s head rolled into a hole after being clubbed off by Bullroarer’s mighty blow.

Golfimbul’s Items of Note

Read Hob 30.


Lvl: 8. Race; Uruk. Profession; Warrior/​Fighter. Home; Minas Morgul.

RM Stats: St-98; Qu-65; Em-40; In-70; Pr-55; Ag-70; Co-100; Me-50; Re-66; SD-22. MERP Stats: St-91; Ag-70; Co-100; Ig-66; In-78: Pr-55. Appearance: 29.

Skill Bonuses: Climb45, Ride40, DTraps45, Plock25, S&H50, Perc25, Amb5, AMov10, MAst50, FAid25, Fren20, Gamb15, Lead40, S&T52, Subd62, Track25, TrapB10: Trick10.


Gorbag was a sergeant of Orcs in Minas Morgul. Slain by Shagrat in T.A. 3019 in a bloody quarrel over Frodo’s magic treasures — the Hobbit’s mithril shirt, elvish cloak, and magic sword — he was a victim of his own greed, as well as the tendency for Orcs to settle disputes with force. When Gorbag and Shagrat fought, both their companies suffered dearly, and the quarrel ended with many Uruk-hai slain. Gorbag had a lot of grit and could stand wounds for a long time, but he was too slow when it came time to strike.

Gorbag’s Items of Note

Read LotRII 437; LotRIII 223 – 224. See ICE’s Shelob’s Lair 29, 37.


Lvl: 14. Race: Uruk. Profession Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Barad-dûr.

RM Stats: St-96; Qu-96; Em-39; In-90; Pr-65; Ag-97; Co-95; Me-77; Re-85; Sd-30. MERP Stats: St-96; Ag-93; Co-95; Ig-66; In-85; Pr-65. Appearance: 51.

Skill Bonuses: Climb58, Ride40, DTraps54, Plock35, S&H60: Perc52, Amb5, AMov15: MAst62, FAid35, Fren56, Gamb25, Lead64, S&154, Subd86, Track45, TrapB25, Trick25.


Grishnákh was the wily and cunning captain of the Orc-troop of Barad-dûr, Orcs who collaborated with Saruman’s Uruk-hai in attacking the Fellowship of the Ring at Parth Galen (T.A. 3019). From his quarrels with Saruman’s Uruks, it is obvious that Grishnákh knew a great deal about the tension between Sauron (and his Nazgûl) and Saruman. He also succeeded in learning the nature of the One Ring, and sought it for himself.

Grishnákh’s Company killed Boromir and captured Merry and Pippin. He succeeded in capturing the Hobbits from a guard of (Isengard’s) Orcs of the White Hand while they were surrounded by the Riders of Rohan. His party was finally caught and wiped out by the Rohirrim after Merry and Pippin had been brought far enough to enable them to escape.

Grishnákh was short and broad, with crooked legs and long arms that hung almost to the ground. One of the cleverest, most ambitious, and most savvy of the Orcs fighting in the War of the Ring.

Grishnákh’s Items of Note

Read LotRII 60 – 75; LotRIII 511.


Lvl: 5. Race Uruk. Profession: Scout/​Thief. Home: Barad-dûr; later the Tower of Cirith Ungol.

RM Stats: St-88; Qu-99; Em-56; In-67; Pr-21; Ag-98; Co-82; Me- 47; Re-60; Sd-40. MERP Stats: St-88; Ag-98; Co-82; Ig-60; In-67; Pr-21. Appearance: 23.

Skill Bonuses: Climb10, Ride10, DTraps25, PLock25, S&H50, Perc25, Amb5, AMov10, MAst25, Fren15, Gamb5, Lead10, S&T10, Subd50, Track25, Trick5.

Lagduf was an Uruk posted to the Tower of Cirith Ungol during the War of the Ring. A companion of Muzgash and a member of Shagrat’s troop, he was killed in T.A. 3019 when Gorbag and his platoon came looking for Frodo’s mithril coat. While very quick and fairly clever, Lagduf was neither quick nor clever enough to escape the minions of his master’s rival.

Lagduf’s Items of Note

Read LotRIII 217, 222.


Lvl 7. Race: Uruk. Profession: Scout/​Thief. Home: Isengard (Angrenost).

RM Stats: St-83; Qu-96; Em-69; ln-68; Pr-70; Ag-92; Co-80; Me-50; Re-49; Sd-70. MERP Stats: St-83; Ag-92; Co-80; Ig-49; ln- 68; Pr-70. Appearance: 70.

Skill Bonuses: Climb15, Ride15, DTraps35, Plock35, S&H52, Perc35, Amb5, AMov10, MAst35, FAid5, Fren25, Gamb5, Lead15, S&T20, Subd35, Track58, Trick25.

An Orc of the White Hand, Lugdush was an Uruk from Isengard who served in Ugluk’s band. He stayed close to and in front of Ugluk in the marching order and served as the troop’s lead scout and tracker. Lugdush was part of Ugluk’s partially successful raid deep into northern Rohan in T.A. 3019; however, on the band’s return journey, he and all his companions were wiped out by the Éored at the borders of Fangorn.

Lugdush’s Items of Note

Read LotRII 64.


Lvl: 9. Race: Uruk. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Isengard (Angrenost).

RM Stats: St-97; Qu-94; Em-39; In-43; Pr-61; Ag-93; Co-99; Me-35; Re-54; Sd-75. MERP Stats: St-97; Ag-93; Co-99; Ig-54; In-43; Pr-61. Appearance: 48.

Skill Bonuses: Climb45, Ride45, DTraps20, Plock20, S&H66, Perc62, Amb10, AMov20, MAst56, FAid35, Fren45, Gamb15, Lead35, S&T25, Subd64, Track25, Trick15.

Mauhúr was a Uruk-captain from Isengard who, in early T.A. 3019, led a party of the Orcs of the White Hand in an attempt to break the ring of Rohirrim which surrounded Ugluk and Iris raiders. Unsuccessful, he and his troop were driven off and hunted down by the Riders.

Mauhúr’s Items of Note

Read LotRII 72, 75 – 76.


Lvl: 7. Race: Uruk. Profession: Scout/​Thief. Home: Tower of Cirith Ungol.

RM Stats: St-83; Qu-96; Em-69; ln-68; Pr-70; Ag-92; Co-80; Me-50; Re-49; Sd-70. MERP Stats: St-83; Ag-92; Co-80; Ig-49; ln-68; Pr-70. Appearance: 70.

Skill Bonuses: Climb15, Ride15, DTraps35, Plock35, S&H56, Perc35, Amb5, AMov15, MAst35, FAid5, Fren25, Gamb5, Lead15, S&T25, Subd58, Track35, Trick15.

Muzgash was an Orcish soldier of Shagrat’s company. He died in T.A. 3019 during the quarrel between his troop, which was from Cirith Ungol, and Gorbag’s Orcs from Minas Morgul over Frodo’s mithril coat. Like Lagduf, he was slain during the light.

Read LotRIII 217, 222.


Lvl: 3. Race; Orc. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Tower of Cirith Ungol.

RM Stats: St-57; Qu-44; Em-20; In-13; Pr-31; Ag-40; Co-60; Me-25; Re-24; Sd-35. MERP Stats: St-57; Ag-40; Co-60; Ig-24; In-13; Pr-31. Appearance: 24.

Skill Bonuses: Climb10, Ride10, DTraps5, Plock5, S&H30, Perc15, AMov15, MAst5, FAid5, Fren15, Gamb5, Lead5, Subd30, Track5, Trick5.

Radbug was an Orc posted to the Tower of Cirith Ungol during the War of the Ring (T.A. 3018 – 19). He was murdered by his captain, Shagrat, for insubordination after the Orcish quarrel over Frodo’s treasures. Radbug flouted Shagrat’s authority after the captain had lost the use of one arm. However, Shagrat still managed to squeeze Radbug’s eyes out. Graceless, rude, and stupid. Radbug is representative of the type of warriors who comprised the majority of the Mordorim.

Radbug’s Items of Note

Read LotRIII 222.


Lvl: 10. Race: Uruk. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Tower of Cirith Ungol.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-97; Em-60; ln-88; Pr-76; Ag-92; Co-102; Me-65; Re-84; Sd-65. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-92; Co-102; Ig- 84; In-88; Pr-76. Appearance: 74.

Skill Bonuses: Climb50, Ride50, DTraps35, Plock45, S&H70, Perc70, Amb5, AMov25, MAst56, FAid35, Fren45, Gamb15, Lead45, S&T25, Subd70, Track25, Trick15. 

An extremely ferocious, tough, and cunning Uruk, Shagrat was the Captain of the Orc-troop at Cirith Ungol during the War of the Ring. He was one of very few Orcs who survived the quarrel over Frodo’s equipment (the mithril shirt, Elvish cloak, and magic sword). In the bloody skirmish, Shagrat was wounded and lost the use of one arm. Nonetheless, he still managed to squeeze the eyes out of Radbug, and threatened another (Snaga). The Orc-captain claimed the captured booty and eventually took his precious bundle to Sauron in Barad-dûr — with nearly disastrous consequences.

Shagrat was a large Orc. Unusually tall, he had very long arms that reached to the ground, large fangs, and after his fight with Gorbag’s company, many claw scars on his face.

Shagrat’s Principal Items
Long Knife
strikes as a +15 scimitar, hilt wrapped in red leather.
Shagrat’s Lesser Items

Read LotRII 437, 439 – 446; LotRIII 222 – 225. See ICE’s Shelob’s Lair 29, 37.


Lvl: 5. Race: Orch. Profession: Scout/​Thief. Home: Isengard (Angrenost). Aka: Snargah.

RM Stats: St-80; Qu-100; Em-43; In-88; Pr-56; Ag-97; Co-89; Me-55; Re-80; Sd-75. MERP Stats: St-80; Ag-97; Co-89; Ig-80; In-88; Pr-56. Appearance: 43.

Skill Bonuses: Climb10, Ride10, DTraps25, Plock25, S&H50, Perc25, Amb5, AMov10, MAst15, FAid15, Fren15, Gamb5, Lead15, S&T10, Subd35, Track50, Trick5.

A scout from Ugluk’s band, Snaga (B.S. Slave”) was a lesser Orc (Orch). The Uruk-hai and Half-orcs referred to him (and others of his kind) as Slave,” but his real name was Snargab. Snaga was slain when Ugluk’s troop was overrun and overwhelmed by Éomer’s Éored in T.A. 3019.

Snaga’s Items of Note

Read LotRII 67.


Lvl: 7. Race: Orch. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Tower of Cirith Ungol. Aka: Slugat.

RM Stats: St-92; Qu-99; Em-45; In-78; Pr-36; Ag-100; Co-93; Me-40; Re-40; Sd-80. MERP Stats: St-92; Ag-100; Co-93; Ig-40; In-78; Pr-36. Appearance: 20.

Skill Bonuses: Climb15, Ride15, DTraps35, Plock45, S&H56, Perc35, Amb5, AMov25, MAst35, FAid5, Fren15, Gamb5, Lead15, S&T25, Subd58, Track25, Trick15.


A lesser Orc of Shagrat’s band, Snaga’s real name was Slugat. His Uruk companions called him Snaga, an epithet meaning Slave,” for he was not of the Uruk-hai.

In T.A. 3019, Snaga fought in and survived the skirmish with Gorbag for Frodo’s magical treasures. He was tough and wily and escaped the powerful Shagrat (though he was wounded at the time). He was also bold enough to challenge Shagrat’s judgement. A confident shot with bow and arrow, he was reliable enough (by Orc standards) to be made Samwise’s personal guard. However, Snaga was not as clever as Sam, and paid for his stupidity with a severed hand (by Sam’s swordsmanship) and a broken neck (taken from a fall in his headlong rush).

Snaga’s Items of Note

Read LotRIII 222 – 223, 226 – 227.


Lvl: 53. Race. Orc-demon. Profession: Animist/​Sorcerer. Home: Angband; later Forodwaith. Aka: The Great Sorcerer;” Hrizgdraugur (Or. Pain Ghost”); Illskari (Or. Spirit of Hatred”).

RM Stats: St-99; Qu-97; Em-100; In-99; Pr-103; Ag-100; Co-101; Me-88; Re-92; Sd-70. MERP Stats: St-99; Ag-100; Co-101; Ig-92; In-100; Pr-103. Appearance: 22 (100).

Skill Bonuses: Climb92, Ride94, DTraps82, Plock115, S&H144, Perc153, Rune157, S&W94, Chan166, DSp82, Amb20, AMov45, MAst86, FAid113, Fren94, Gamb82, Lead147, S&T117, Subd162, Track95, TrapB97, Trick84.

Shortly after Morgoth twisted the spirits of Maïar into Balrogs, he began the dreadful work which gave birth to Orcs. Storlagga was one of the veiny first of his making. Storlagga’s soul was delved from the spirit of a Noldo whose misguided awe and curiosity drew him too far along Morgoth’s path.

As one of the very first Orcs, and the greatest of their spell casters, Storlagga became a primary inculcator of the worship of Morgoth. Part Elf/​demon (from the twisting of Morgoth) and part wraith, the ensorcelled Orc-demon worked alongside his mentor and companion, the dreadful corrupting Maia known as Fankil (aka: Fangli” and Fukil”). Storlagga served Morgoth with complete devotion, bending each new generation of tortured Orc-spirits to the worship and service of their horrid master.

Eventually, Storlagga tied Angband, avoiding the insane wrath of the Dark One, the ire incurred by the loss of a Silmaril from Morgoth’s Iron Crown by Beren Erchamion. Storlagga’s further adventures are unknown.

Storlagga’s Principal Items
(B.S. Ring of the Eye”) A gold mithril ring, this x6 PP multiplier is shaped like an Orc-skull, with ruby eyes and diamond tusks. The ring possesses many powers associated with the Rings of Power, albeit at a lesser level. It allowed Storlagga to watch anywhere in his domain except where forbidden specifically by Morgoth, thus enabling him to keep an iron grip on his underlings. Likewise, the ring had something of its own will and intelligence, driving its wearer further along Morgoth’s path. The ring unnaturally prolongs life, eventually transforming Storlagga into a wraith. It allows the wearer to cast evil spells at l/​6th the normal PP cost and it may store up to six spells of up to 13th level. Highly intelligent, the ring enables the wielder to cast spells from the Fire Law and Wind Law lists up to his own level.
(B.S. Red Nail”) A +66 red Eog staff, the Rauzgnagli delivers x3 concussion hits and may inflict up to two additional criticals of the wielder’s choice. When thrown, it strikes as a lance. The stave may be thrown up to 666’ (normal range penalties), always returning to wielder’s hand (after 1 – 2 rnds flight). Wielder may torture a helpless target by inflicting 1 hit/​point per round on the victim and healing himself (or wasting the hit) at the same rate. Such a process causes excruciating pain.
Black Cloak
Possessed seemingly of a life of its own, this cloak constantly whips and whirls around the wearer, casting either Bladeturn III or Deflect III upon command every round. In addition, it allows the wearer to fly up to 666’/rd (3x/​day).
Storlagga’s Special Abilities
Physical Endurance
Treat Storlagga as a Large Creature” for purposes of resolving critical strikes. He does not physically age or tire. Non-magic weapons do not harm him (although they do deliver hits). However Storlagga is vulnerable to the invoking of Varda and must make a RR versus the level of the invoker each time the name Elbereth” is spoken (RR failure causing Storlagga to take flight for 1 – 100 hours).
May temporarily assume a fair and awesome form, appearance of 100 (costs Storlagga 1 PP/​rd).
106 PP. Base spell OB is 53; directed spell OB is 135. Knows all Open Essence and Open Channeling lists to 10th lvl (MERP), all Sorcerer base lists to 25th lvl, all Evil Magician and Evil Cleric lists to 20th lvl, and nine Closed Essence and Closed Channeling lists to 10th lvl (RM).
Storlagga’s Lesser Items
Red Robes
+66 spider-silk robes protect as AT RL/12 and give wearer a +33 RR versus the elements.
Dagger of Scarring
+10 dagger that strikes as a short sword and inflicts cursed wounds (permanent scars).

Read for information on the Maïa Fankil LTales1 107, 236 – 237.


Lvl: 3. Race: Orch. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Tower of Cirith Ungol.

RM Stats: St-75; Qu-77; Em-25; In-35; Pr-30; Ag-78; Co-83; Me-38; Re-42; Sd-40. MERP Stats: St-75; Ag-78; Co-83; Ig-42; In-35; Pr-30. Appearance: 22.

Skill Bonuses: Climb10, Ride5, DTraps5, Plock5, S&H30, Perc15, AMov15, MAst5, FAid5, Fren15, Gamb5, Lead5, Subd30, Track5, Trick5.

An extremely unfortunate Orc, Ufthak was a member of Cirith Ungol’s garrison who was captured and eaten by Shelob in T.A. 3019. A small party of Orcs had the opportunity to rescue him while he was captured and bound by Shelob, but did not, fearing the wrath of the Great Spider. Such is the bravery of Orcs. 

Read LotRII 445.


Lvl: 15. Race: Uruk. Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Isengard (Angrenost).

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-87; Em-55; ln-45; Pr-90; Ag-99; Co-100; Me-48; Re-72; Sd-90. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-99; Co-100; Ig-72; In-45; Pr-90. Appearance: 70.

Skill Bonuses: Climb60, Ride60, DTraps54, Plock35, S&H90, Perc86, Amb10, AMov25, MAst64, FAid35, Fren64, Gamb45, Lead68, S&T54, Subd90, Track45, TrapB25, Trick35.

A large black Uruk in the Army of the White Hand, Ugluk was the commander of the raiding party from Isengard that slew Boromir and captured the two Hobbits, Meriadoc and Peregrin. Ugluk had a deep growling voice and he was a powerful warrior. By Orcish standards, he was remarkably intelligent and his troop was extremely well-disciplined. His troops did not break until the end in their final battle with Éomer’s Éored. despite being cut off before they could enter the shelter of Fangorn. Even Éomer had enough respect for Ugluk to pay the Uruk the high compliment of dismounting to fight him. Unfortunately for Ugluk, though, the Rohir slew him in the duel.

Ugluk’s chief failure was his blind allegiance to Saruman. He never realized that his master was the unwitting thrall of Sauron. The Orc-captain was therefore unwilling to back down to Grishnákh, the Orc from Barad-dûr.

Ugluk’s Items of Note

Read LotRII 60 – 72, 78 – 79.


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