Troll Character Glossary

Note: The following detailed descriptions cover four important and representative Endorian Trolls. A number of other Trolls are described in Section 8.3. Characters denoted with an * are purely ICE creations and are not noted in Professor Tolkien’s works.

Bert Huggins

Lvl: 7. Race: Stone-troll. Profession: Scout/​Rogue. Home: Rhudaur. Aka: Búrat the Tongue.

RM Stats: St-100; Qu-66; Em-45; In-82; Pr-93; Ag-90; Co-100; Me-65; Re-39; SD-28. MERP Stats: St-100; Ag-90; Co-100; Ig-52; In-82; Pr-93. Appearance: 17.

Skill Bonuses: Climb60, DTrap30, PLock30, S&H54, Perc40, Amb14, Cook82, Gamb25, Track75, Trap50, Trick25.

Bert Huggins

Bûrat the Tongue is known in Hobbit-lore as Bert Huggins,” for he was one of the Hugath tribe of Slone Trolls that dominated the Trollshaws (S. Pinnath Tereg”) region of Rhudaur. He resided with his brothers Tom and William Huggins in the hills north of the Angle and the Great East Road. There they raided local ruins, robbed travelers, and terrorized the fauna of the surrounding woodlands.

Over the course of time, the Huggins accumulated a superb treasure. Their hoard included the magic Elven swords Orcrist and Glamdring (both made in Gondolin), as well as the Númenórean knife that Bilbo Baggins called Sting. In addition, they acquired a small amount of gold, silver, and jewels.

In T.A. 2941, Bert and his brothers trapped the Dwarves of Thorin’s Company as they passed through the wilds of Rhudaur. Fortunately for the Naugrim, though, the Istar Gandalf fooled the Trolls into quarreling over how to cook the prisoners, and the Huggins brothers were caught by the morning sun. Like his two brothers, Bert turned to stone.

Bert Huggins’ Principal Items
+15 Club which delivers twice the normal amount of concussion hits.
+20 Spear which weighs forty pounds and can only be effectively wielded by a Troll, Ent, or Giant. It strikes like a mounted lance.

Read Hob 46 – 52.


Lvl: 40 Race: Pertorog (Half-troll). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Barad-dûr in Mordor. Aka: Lieutenant of Morgul; Captain of the Dark Tower; Warlord of Gorgoroth; Warlord of Mordor; Gothmog II.

RM Stats: St-102; Qu-99; Em-11; In-99; Pr-98; Ag-99; Co-102; Me-66; Re-96; SD-43. MERP Stats: St-102; Ag-99; Co-102; Ig-81; ln-99; Pr-98. Appearance: 04.

Skill Bonuses: Climb70, Ride82, DTrap50, PLock35, S&H82, Perc90, Amb20, Runes40, Chan30, Ling50, AMov40, MArt35, Gamb25, Strat70, Subd60, Tac60, Track75, Trap35, Trick25.

Gothmog, the Half-troll was the greatest of the Pertorog and one of the most feared warriors in Sauron’s service. He was the Warlord of the Host of Gorgoroth, Sauron’s main Orc battle army, and served as the Witch-king’s Lieutenant throughout the War of the Ring. During the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Gothmog led the Host that crossed the Anduin at Cair Andros and fell upon the city from the north. He later took command of all of the Mordorim after Éowyn slew the Lord of the Nazgûl, and the foul Half-troll nearly achieved the victory his master had so long sought. Only the intervention of Aragorn II and the Army of the Dead prevented Sauron’s armies from taking Minas Tirith.

Gothmog’s Principal Items
+25 three-head flail made from the horny skulls of three very small baby Dragons. Any critical strike delivered by the weapon is treated as being two levels higher in severity.
+20 Battle-axe of Returning which serves as a Man-slaying weapon. Gothmog can throw the axe like a one-hand weapon up to 200’ (without a range penalty).
A +6 Essence/​Mentalism spell adder, the black Ithilnaur collar adds +15 to Gothmog’s DB and RRs.
Gothmog’s Special Abilities
80 PP. Knows Essence Perceptions, Essence’s Ways, and Unbarring Ways to 5th level (MERP) and Sense Mastery, Mind Mastery, and Telekinesis lists to 5th level (RM).

Read LotRIII 148.


Lvl: 20. Race: Olog (Black Troll). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Morkai Aka: Skull-taker; Lord of Skulls; Warlord of the North; Captain of the Uruk-Engmair; Hands of the Witch-king; Ostoher’s Bane; Arnor’s Bane.

RM Stats: St-101; Qu-98; Em-21; In-90; Pr-97; Ag-96; Co-100; Me-76; Re-83; SD-36. MERP Stats: St-101; Ag-99; Co-100; Ig-80; In-90; Pr-97. Appearance: 07.

Skill Bonuses: Climb50, Ride35, DTrap60, S&H90, Perc80, Amb12, Runes25, Ling4, Gamb25, Strat90, Subd40, Tac70, Track70, Trap30, Trick20.


Rogrog was the Olog Warlord of the Uruk-Engmair, the confederation of Orc-tribes under the sway of the Witch-king of Angmar. He commanded the principal forces facing the Arnorian successor states (Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur) during the struggle between the Northern Dúnedain and the Witch-kingdom from T.A. 1300 through T.A. 1975. His minions occupied the wilds of the Lone Lands (S. En Egladil”) throughout most of this era.

In T.A. 1409, Rogrog led his forces through Rhudaur and down the Gwathló Valley, striking Cardolan from the East. The assault crushed the hard-pressed Dúnedain, and the Half-troll’s armies swept northwestward along the Old North Road (S. Iaur Men Formen”). Rogrog’s Orcs sacked the Cardolani capital at Thalion (Metraith) and cut the Dúnadan Kingdom in half. The King of Cardolan, Ostoher, fled northward into the Barrow Downs (S. Tyrn Gorthad”) in hopes of reaching Arthedain, but the Half-troll’s Orcs cut him off before he could take refuge in the Old Forest. Rogrog and his main army force-marched during the evening and struck the encircled Cardolani at the Kings’ Circle just before dawn. There, the huge Black Troll cut Ostoher down with a single blow of the Blood Spike, ending the line of Dúnadan Princes in Cardolan.

Rogrog’s Principal Items
Fire Mace
+20 red steel Mace of Firebolts enables user to cast three +20 Firebolts (range 120’) per day.
Slaying Balls
+30 rocks, these nine 9” diameter black crystal spheres that can be thrown up to 200’ (without range penalty) and strike as slaying weapons so long as wielder calls out name of target while throwing.
Blood Spike
+60 Club of Man-slaying.

See ICE’s Rangers of the North 54; Cardolan Cover, 2.


Lvl: 20. Race: Pertorog (Half-troll). Profession: Warrior/​Fighter. Home: Mindo Clytac in Hent; later Barad Aelifuin in Burskadekdar. Aka: The Eastern Slayer; Scalp-taker; Clytac; Captain of the Yrch-Gwaen (S. Orcs of the Wind”).

RM Stats: St-103; Qu-96; Em-04; In-90; Pr-91; Ag-46; Co-101; Me-70; Re-70; SD-40. MERP Stats: St-103; Ag-46; Co-101; Ig-70; In-90; Pr-91. Appearance: 08.

Skill Bonuses: Climb84, Swim40, Ride30, DTraps84, PLocks80, S&H80, Perc80, Rune20, S&W30, Amb21, Ling5, AMov15, Acro25, Cont47, Cook53, Fals47, FAid34, For27, Gamb64, Nav33, RMas43, Track41, Trad49, TrapB51, Trick65.

Ûlthug was the Half-troll Lord of the Eastern Slayers, Sauron’s assassins in the Far East of Endor. Perhaps the first of his kind, the so-called Scalp-taker” was half Nûriag and half Stone Troll and was therefore uniquely strong and somewhat slow. He stood nine and a half feet tall, had bluish eyes, and was known for his long, white, cylindrical tongue, which he used as a means of spitting on his victims. Unlike other Half-trolls, he was too large to mount a Fell Beast, so his range was limited. Nonetheless, Ûlthug succeeded in killing over thirty Lords during his awful tenure. 

Ûlthug’s Principal Items
Spirit Flail
Flail which absorbs 1 – 20 Co points (victim’s RR failure = perm, rather than temp Co) from target each time it yields hits and strikes with a bonus equal to the points absorbed until it again yields hits. Victims losing all of their Co points die.
+30 Spear of Elf-slaying which can be thrown around any one comer of up to 90° (within 100’).
Ûlthug’s Special Abilities
Ûlthug’s saliva is toxic. He can spit up to 100’ (every other round), striking the victim like a +15 Firebolt.


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