Troll Short Description Glossary

Note: The following is a series of short descriptions covering some select Troll characters in the lore of Middle-earth. The accompanying chart details their related statistics. An * denotes a character created by ICE.


Lvl: 7. A Hill Troll of Cardolan, Agin the Hidden served as a scout and sentry for Ardagor, the Warlord of Cardolan. He lived at the Warlord’s lair at Creb Durga. See ICE’s Cardolan 53. 54, 63.
Lvl: 21. Ardagor, the Bane of Minhiriath and self- proclaimed Warlord of the Empire,” was a 7’8” tall Half-troll with Elven blood. A powerful Mystic in the service of the Witch-king, he commanded an array of forces that dominated the central highlands of Cardolan during the middle of the Third Age. He lived at Creb Durga, an ancient ceremonial site originally built by the proto-Beffraen. See ICE’s Cardolan 49 – 52, 62.


Lvl: 5. Baltab the Sorcerer was a 7’ tall Half-troll from Khand who lived at Barad Perras in the northern Ephel Duath, along the northeastern border of Mordor. He served Gauhîr, who taught him how to manipulate living creatures. Baltab later dominated the Scara-hai Orcs. _See ICE’s Gates of Mordor 16, 22.
Lvl: 12. Also known as Brok the Bestial, Brok is a Hill Troll who resided in a cave east of Cameth Brin in Rhudaur. His lair was about twelve miles east of the Mitheithel. Brok is best known as the thief who, along with his sons Drek, Freg, and Trel, sought the secret entry into Cameth Brin. His band also included Prug (his wife) and his nephews, Krog and Krek. See ICE’s Hillmen of the Troll shows 24 – 25.
Lvl: 18. Bulrakur was the Olog Chieftain of Uruk-Udûn, the army of Orcs entrusted with guarding the area between the Cirith Gorgor (Haunted Pass) and the Carach Angren (Isenmouthe) — the scorched valley that serves as the principal entry into Mordor. He resided at Durthang and later moved to Isenmouthe. Bulrakur reported to Gothmog, but served the Úlair Dwar when the Nazgûl occupied the Teeth of Mordor.
Lvl: 13. Burazog the Hammer was a Cave Troll who served as the Chieftain of the Sharkai, one of the Witch-king of Angmar’s Orc-tribes. See ICE’s Rangers of the North 54.


Lvl: 20. Gorthog the Whisperer was the Half-troll Lord of Sauron’s Northern Slayers, the elite assassins who served the Evil One in the North of Middle-earth. Gorthog ostensibly acted upon the orders of the Úlair Hoarmûrath of Dír and commanded the Nazgûl’s guard when Hoarmûrath resided in Urd. A stealthy and exceptionally murderous Pertorog, Gorthog slew over a hundred Lords and Chieftains during the latter half of the Third Age. He often travelled by air, flying on the back of the Fell Beast Rómok. Before killing his victims, he reputedly visited them at least once, whispering his name and mission and leaving his prey to dwell upon their doom for an indefinite period.


Lvl: 20. Hargrog was the 7’ tall, 450-pound Half-troll Lord of Southern Slayers. Descended from Other IV of Khand (r. T.A. 1300 – 1333), he appeared in the South of Endor around T.A. 1400. Between T.A. 1400 and 1414 he assassinated virtually half of the leaders among the peoples of Ûsakan and Mûmakan. He formed the (Southern) Slayers in T.A. 1633, who operated from his citadel at the tower of Mindo Hargrog in the bamboo forests on the eastern side of the Yellow Mountains. See ICE’s Shadow in the South 9, 10, 31, 56 – 57, 65.
Lvl: 6. Also known as Hunatoth, Huntan was a Forest Troll of Rhudaur who followed Tol-tuk into the ruins of Cameth Brin during the Fourth Age. See ICE’s Hillmen of the Trollshaws 34 – 35.


Lvl: 6. Kadak the Rude (aka Kadash”) was a Forest Troll of Rhudaur, a follower of Tol-tuk. He was imprisoned by Orcs within the ruins of Cameth Brin during the Fourth Age. See ICE’s Hillmen of the Trollshaws 34 – 35.
Lvl: 3. Son of Tol-tuk, Kur-tuk was a Forest Troll of Rhudaur. Like Huntan, Kur-tuk accompanied his father during the latter’s occupation of the ruins of Tanoth Brin during the Fourth Age. See ICE’s Hillmen of the Trollshaws 34 – 35.
Lvl: 15. Lugronk of Moria was the Olog Lord of Balrog’s Troll-guard. He was the third most important figure in the Kingdom of the Balrog. Only the Balrog and the Olog Muranog enjoyed more power in Black Chasm. See ICE’s Moria 50, 69.


Lvl: 20. Muranog of Moria was the 8’ tall Olog who served as the Balrog’s High Lieutenant and court favorite. A master of deception and diplomacy, he was brilliant by the standards of Black Trolls. He was given command of the Valaruko’s forces soon after his appearance in Moria, which occurred only a few years after the awakening of the Balrog. Muranog’s presence in Moria insured Sauron of a steady flow of information about the Balrog’s subterranean domain. Another Olog, Lugronk, was Muranog’s only rival for the Balrog’s ear. See ICE’s Moria 48, 50, 69.


Lvl: 5. Obirt the Caster was a brilliant Half-troll of Cardolan who served the Warlord of Cardolan. He resided at the Warlord’s lair at Creb Durga. See ICE’s Cardolan 53 – 54, 63.
Lvl: 10. Ognor the Knife was Cave-troll from the Pinnath Ceren (S. Red Hills”) who served the Warlord of Cardolan. He served as guard at the Warlord’s lair at Creb Durga. See ICE’s Cardolan 53 – 54, 63.
Lvl: 19. Orkamûr was the Olog Captain of the Witch-king’s Guard in Carn Dûm, the capital of Angmar. As such, he was among the most powerful of the Úlair’s minions.


Lvl: 15. Rugrul was the Olog Chieftain of the Uroth-burm, one of the Witch-king of Angmar’s Orc-tribes. Particularly sensitive to daylight, he was among the first of the Olog-hai. See ICE’s Rangers of the North 55.


Lvl: 11. Saggo the Eye was a Hill Troll of Cardolan who served as the Warlord’s Guard-leader at Creb Durga. He was a startlingly capable organizer who proved adept at protecting his master’s lair. See ICE’s Cardolan 53 – 54, 63.


Lvl: 7. A brutal Forest Troll from Rhudaur, Tol-tuk led the band of Tereg that briefly occupied Tanoth Brin during the Fourth Age. His band also included Huntan, Waren, Kurash, and Kur-tuk. See ICE’s Hillmen of the Trollshaws 34 – 35.
Tom Huggins
Lvl: 7. The Hobbit Bilbo called Tûma Hugath Tom Huggins” and immortalized the Stone Troll in the work entitled There and Back Again. Tom lived in the Trollshaws of Rhudaur with his brothers Bert and William Huggins. Together, they had a lair in Rhudaur in which they had stashed some rather fantastic items, obtained by luck and pluck from (most likely) other, more intelligent Trolls. Among their riches were the swords Orcrist and Glamdring, as well as the Númenórean short blade that Bilbo Baggins named Sting. Bert and his two brothers encountered Thorin and Company in T.A. 2941. Fooled by Gandalf into quarreling even more vehemently than usual about how to cook the fine brace of Dwarves that they had captured, the three Huggins were caught in the sunlight and turned to stone. They may still be seen, to this day, in the Trollshaws. Read Hob 46 – 52.
Lvl: 22. Tormog the Sly was the Half-troll Lord of the Western Slayers. A preeminent assassin, he served the Dark Lord as a regulator of Sauron’s more important unreliable minions. Tormog lived at Barad-dûr, where he also advised the Evil One about plots within and without Mordor’s armies.


Lvl: 12. Ufgamog the 9’6” tall, greenish Cave-troll was the King of Moria’s Uruk-Ungingúrz. the Orcs Sowing Steely Death.” He served the Balrog as the master of the Sixth Level of Moria and led the attack against the Fellowship in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Frodo’s blade Sting drew blood from his foot. _Read LotRI 421 – 22. See ICE’s Moria 48, 69.
Lvl: 24. The Olog Uthcú served as one of the Nazgûl Akhôrahil two Warlords during the early campaigns of the Army of the Southern Dragon. He commanded the host that conquered Tulwang in T.A. 1399. Killed fighting Hyarmendacil II in T.A. 1551, he was succeeded by the Haradan Lord Tel Azef. See ICE’s Shadow in the South 9.


William Huggins
Lvl: 4. Also known as Waragan the Green, Waren is a Forest Troll of Rhudaur. He followed Tol-tuk into the mins of Tanoth Brin during the Fourth Age. See ICE’s Hillmen of the Trollshaws 34 – 35.
William Huggins
Lvl: 7. William Huggins’ real name was Wûluag Hugath. He was a Stone-troll from the Trollshaws of Rhudaur who, along with his two brothers Bert and Tom, captured the Dwarf Thorin and his Company (save Bilbo) in T.A. 2941. Like his brothers, William was tricked by Gandalf into arguing about how to cook the captured Naugrim and was caught in the sunlight. He turned to stone. Read Hob 46 – 52.


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