09 · In search of Silver

Set­ting: The lost” colony of Celeb-ost, in the North-eas­tern Grey Moun­tains. any time after T.A. 2110.

Requi­re­ments: Hardy adven­tu­rers of mid-to-high level, willing to pene­trate the mys­te­rious fast­ness of Celeb-ost. Magic will prove useful, as will Dwarves, although this could be a mixed bles­sing — see 6.24, and 7.3.

Aids: None, save for the many rumors cir­cu­la­ting around Erebor (or Norr-dum. Thun­der­cleft, etc.), or even Dor­wi­nion, per­tai­ning to the fabu­lous wealth of the lost city, and its rough loca­tion.

Dissension in erebor

The early days of the Erebor set­tle­ment were trou­bled times for the Dwarves as they tried to forget the loss of their ances­tral home, Khazad-dum. One talen­ted smith, Narvi V, was dis­sa­tis­fied with the slow­ness of the rebuil­ding. A cha­ris­ma­tic leader, he convin­ced two hun­dred of his fel­lows to leave the Lonely Moun­tain and go with him to start a new colony — against the will of their King, Thrain I.

They tra­ve­led north, beyond the Withe­red Heath, away from the other Dwar­vish out­posts, to found a seclu­ded moun­tain set­tle­ment — Celeb-ost. They were never seen by any other Dwarves again.

They did, howe­ver, conduct trade with the Dor­win­rim. For nearly twenty years this colony pros­pe­red — then nothing. No-one has seen or heard from them since that time.

The rumors soon began to sur­face when the Dwarves of Erebor later star­ted tra­ding with the Dor­win­rim them­selves. There was talk of a hidden Dwarf city of incre­dible wealth.

The PCs may be hired by inter­es­ted Dwar­ven groups (e.g., Kings, mer­chants, his­to­rians, etc.) to seek out the city on their behalf. Alter­na­ti­vely, they may, having heard the rumors, seek Celeb-ost on their own ini­tia­tive.


The PCs must first travel to the nor­thern Grey Moun­tains, which, depen­ding on when this is under­ta­ken, could be an adven­ture in itself. They must then attempt to find Celeb-ost. But having found the city, they still have to find an entry ; if the main gates arc not barred (see 7.3) this should not prove dif­fi­cult. Once inside the Halls of Celeb-ost the chal­lenge becomes much grea­ter.


The rewards for the PCs can poten­tially be very great, but there is a spe­cial catch (sec 6.24). In addi­tion to that, if the adven­ture was ini­tia­ted by the Dwarves, a (large) per­cen­tage of the wealth will go to them. Or, if the adven­ture was an inde­pendent one, the Dwarves may still hear of the suc­cess. There would he little sur­prise in this ; there is not a lot you can do with that much silver in Nor­thern Rho­va­nion- In any case, the Dwarves will want their share–


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