The Grey Mountains


The great Dragon, Angurth, lay slee­ping upon his glis­te­ning trea­sure hoard. His dreams we’re an evil mash of fire and battle. Black images of pilla­ged cities, fleeing peoples, and dead kings on blood-soaked fields flit­ted through the dark cor­ri­dors of his mind. He rested content.

Then, wel­ling up from the deep pits of his own other­world, Angurth heard faint but steady com­mands. The words min­gled with his won­der­ful dreams, taking a strong grip on his eerie thoughts.

Awake, awake, great drakes of power. Come forth from your mean caves and holes. Dis­play your mighty, awful splen­dor for all the peoples of all the lands to see and fear. Let them quake and scat­ter before your tumul­tuous ons­laught. You are hungry once again!”

Angurth raised a sleep-heavy eyelid. The words faded away. All was quiet in his warm cavern of gold.

Then he stir­red. Slowly hea­ving him­self up from his great pile of First Age riches, the black golden Dragon unfur­led his lea­thery wings. He cir­cled his gilt bed­ding with lithe, care­fully-placed steps. Each piece of trea­sure lay where he had last left it. His great cham­ber was secure.

I have slept too long,” thought Angurth. It is once again time for the hunt.”

Lea­ving his res­ting place, the waking Dragon sli­the­red through the maze of tun­nels which led out to his cold, wind-blown aerie, high in the Grey Moun­tains.

Middle-earth’s mor­ning sun was brea­king over the snow-cove­red peaks, set­ting Angurth’s scales aflame with a spark­ling brilliance. He spread his bale­ful, black wings as he peered far into the shaded val­leys, miles below. To the first kill!” roared Angurth as he spou­ted a long stream of Dragon-flame into the chill air. Then, lea­ping from his rocky perch, he glided off towards the sun. Far to the south, deep in a magni­ficent black hall heavy with mali­cious deeds and dour thoughts, the Dark Lord, Sauron, knew his mes­sage was dra­wing The Enemy’s evil crea­tures from their slum­ber.


Authors: Craig Paget, Karen McCul­lough & Joseph A. McCul­lough V

Editor/​developer: Kevin Bar­rett

Cover illus­tra­tion: David Martin & Ellisa Mit­chell-Martin

Inter­ior illus­tra­tion: Ellisa Mit­chell-Martin

Layouts: Eric Bruns (addi­tio­nal layouts by Bill Covert)

Color maps: Peter C. Fenlon

Pro­ject spe­ci­fic contri­bu­tions: Series Editor : Jes­sica Ney ; Content Editor : Pete Fenlon ; Page Design & Paste-up : Bill Covert ; Cover Gra­phics : Terry K. Amthor.

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First U.S. Edi­tion, 1992


01 · Guidelines

02 · Introduction

03 · The land

04 · Flora and fauna

05 · Peoples and cultures

06 · Politics and power

07 · Places of note

08 · Avenues of trade

09 · In search of Silver

10 · Vengeance!

11 · The Dark-Ice Fortress

12 · The Legend of Steel Fall

13 · Under siege

14 · The trail of the Gretch

15 · Traitor's proving

16 · The spy from Angmar

17 · Beast's blackmail

18 · Other adventure suggestions

19 · Tables