12 · The Legend of Steel Fall

Set­ting: The head­wa­ters of a tri­bu­tary of the Forest River, at the top of Cirith Him­ni­nond — Steel Fall. This adven­ture can be set any time after c.400 in the Third Age.

Requi­re­ments: An expe­rien­ced party of brave (or fool­hardy) adven­tu­rers willing to dare a visit to a Dragon’s lair in search of riches.

Aids: None.

Dragon wealth

Talk has fil­te­red throu­ghout the set­tle­ments of Nor­thern Rho­va­nion of an incre­di­bly rich Dragon’s hoard, lying vul­ne­rable and unde­fen­ded within a lair in the cen­tral Ered Mithrin. Eager PCs may attempt to claim this wealth, if they dare !

Obstacles and rewards

The prin­ciple obs­tacle for the cha­rac­ters will be Uruial him­self (see 4.32, 7.5). Should the players over­come him, the rewards will be fan­tas­tic, although some could prove dan­ge­rous. The hoard creates pro­blems too ; trans­port will be extre­mely dif­fi­cult. Some­how, word of a Dragon’s death always gets out.


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