13 · Under siege

Set­ting: Norr-dum and Sil­ver­pit, in the sou­thern Ered Mithrin, in T.A. 2589.

Requi­re­ments: A party of mid-level adven­tu­rers, pre­fe­ra­bly with one or more Dwarves and few (if any) Elves- This adven­ture could also be sui­table for a single Dwarf player cha­rac­ter.

Aids: None.

The Grey Mountain colonies

Fol­lo­wing the flight from Khazad-dum five hun­dred years ago. Durin’s Folk have conso­li­da­ted in the Grey Moun­tains. In recent years, though, two of their colo­nies, Long Peak and Thun­der­cleft, have been lost. The tide was turned when one Dragon, Leu­ca­ruth, was slain, but it has brought only a tem­po­rary respite.

Sur­pri­sin­gly, the Dwarves out­wardly appear uncon­cer­ned by their plight, and life goes on in the colo­nies as normal. Howe­ver, the players will soon dis­co­ver that all is not well. Ove­rhea­ring or per­haps wit­nes­sing a heated dis­cus­sion, they will rea­lize that, pri­va­tely, many Dwarves”-of the Royal House and the ruling Coun­cil are trou­bled by the present situa­tion.

This is a chance for the PCs to become invol­ved in the poli­ti­cal intrigue as the Dwarves endea­vor to keep their moun­tain halls.


See sec­tion 7.1, for the des­crip­tion of Norr-Dum.

What hap­pens depends enti­rely upon the actions of the players, whe­ther they choose to side with Dain or with Bonin. Better game-play might be achie­ved if the GM decides to waive the his­to­ri­cal constraints.

The PCs must first gain the trust of either party. It will be easier to gain the trust of Fror, as he is the most ambi­tious. Thror will be reluc­tant to involve out­side help, but Bonin will be less stub­born.

The cor­ners­tone of this adven­ture should be the Ring of Durin III — it is the prin­ciple reason for Dain’s beha­vior, although this is fur­ther magni­fied by Fror. Few Dwarves know of its exis­tence, and those that do will dis­count its influence. Others believe that it was lost in Moria. The GM is encou­ra­ged to bring diplo­macy and role playing to the fore. This is an open-ended adven­ture which could deve­lop into a full-blown cam­paign should the GM so choose. Ulti­ma­tely, howe­ver, the Dwarves should be driven from the Grey Moun­tains.


The rewards gained by the players will vary consi­de­ra­bly. The GM’s dis­cre­tion plays an impor­tant part here ; the stakes are high, so the rewards should reflect the risks taken.


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