10 · Vengeance!

Set­ting: In the Nar­rows, c. 1640, and Bar-en-Bai­ra­nax in the south-wes­tern Ered Mithrin.

Requi­re­ments: A brave party of adven­tu­rers (some Beor­nings would help) of mid-to-high level, who are not afraid to attempt what has defea­ted so many.

Aids: Food and mis­cel­la­neous equip­ment pro­vi­ded by Beor­nan, as well as the aid of Beor­nan him­self.

A Dragon’s wrath

A week or two ago, the son of Beor­ning was killed, along with a group of other Beor­ning youths, by the winged Cold-drake Bai­ra­nax. A group of elders, inclu­ding Beor­nan, had tried to stop them and had fol­lo­wed later in an attempt to save them. This only resul­ted in their deaths, also at the hands of the Dragon. Beor­nan was the only sur­vi­vor, and that was by chance. In an effort to get away from Bai­ra­nax, Beor­nan appa­rently stum­bled into the ter­ri­tory of ano­ther Drake. Bai­ra­nax, fol­lo­wing, was set upon by the other Dragon, an Ice-drake named Lomaw. As the two Drakes fought, Beor­nan was able to escape.

Ange­red and grief-stri­cken at the loss of his son and many of his people, Beor­nan seeks ven­geance. He rea­lizes that a lone attempt would be futile. He is willing, though, to lead a party on a sortie against the Dragon.


In c. T.A. 1640 the Nar­rows are a dan­ge­rous land. The Ang­ma­rim supply trains tra­verse the Men Mithrin. They are guar­ded by Orcs and Eas­ter­lings, and both groups are not adverse to a bit of rai­ding on the side. Wolves prowl the bor­ders of the land and Trolls roam the foo­thills. Worst of all, of course. are the Dra­gons. Aside from Bai­ra­nax him­self, Scatha, Hyar­leuca. and Haurn­file hunt regu­larly in this region.

Beor­nan will not be a very friendly tra­ve­ling com­pa­nion either. He will rarely speak, and if ano­ther Beor­ning (or a Dwarf) is present he will com­mu­ni­cate through them. He will elect him­self leader, and expect to be obeyed.

Should the players manage to endure all of these trials they will face Bai­ra­nax at his lair, Bar-en-Bai­ra­nax.


If Beor­nan and the players manage to defeat Bai­ra­nax, the riches of his hoard will be theirs. Beor­nan may take a few select items, but cares little for wealth. Howe­ver, if able, he will claim the body of the Drake. As far as he is concer­ned this is not a nego­tiable issue.


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