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Other Hands is an international gaming journal devoted to fantasy role-playing set in J.R.R, Tolkien’s secondary world of Middle-earth. It is a quarterly, non-profit publication welcoming submissions dealing with any aspect of gaming in the context of Tolkien’s world: scenario ideas, rule suggestions, gaming product reviews, gamemastering aids, bibliographic resources, essays on Middle-earth, and whatever else our readership would like to see in print. In a word, Other Hands aims to be the definitive Tolkien-related gaming journal for a world-wide role-playing community.

Other Hands - Index

Other Hands #1 - April 1993

Editorial: Introducing “Other Hands”

ICE’s open letter to subscribers of “Other Hands”

Beyond the Third Age: Role-playing in all ages of Arda

Corruption in Middle-earth: A look at the use and consequences of power

Beyond Anduin: Rhovanion as the northern frontier of Gondor

Selections from a panel discussion on role-playing and Tolkien’s World

A select bibliography of Middle-earth role-playing (1982–1992)

Product Review - River Running

Other Hands #2 - July 1993

Editorial: So far, so good…

No Elves in the Fourth Age?!

Religion in Middle-earth

Character Profile

Arda in a distant mirror: Some problems of RPG design in Tolkien’s world

Other Hands #3 - October 1993

Editorial: Three Is Company

Thoughts on the Population of Gondor and Arnor

A Response to “Thoughts On the Population of Gondor and Arnor”

Developing a Magic System for Middle-Earth Role Playing

A Journey in the Dark

The Forgotten Race of the Drughu

A Reply to ICE’s “Open Letter”

Scandinavian Influences on Orkish

Product Review: Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetteer

Other Hands #4 - January 1994

Editorial: Happy Yestarë!

Middle-Earth Down Under: An Antipodian Campaign

Winter in Ladros: Report on a First Age Campaign

The Orthanc Fellowship: Notes on a Fourth Age Campaign

Weaving Magical Realism Through Nature

Exile and Return in Tolkien’s World

Metallurgy in the Third Age

More On Population: A Response to Jason Beresford

Ennemies to Protect Us

Other Hands #5 - April 1994

Editorial: Round Two

Semper Fidelis: Some Ideas for a Second Age Campaign

Before The Trial

The Journal of Eponian Círdanea

Tarma Tar-Calion: A Historical Note on the Haven of Umbar

The Queen of Shadow: A Fourth Age Campaign

Call for Reviews!!!

Other Hands #6 & 7 - October 1994

Editorial: Back for more

Bibliography Addendum

Innate Magic in Middle-Earth

The Cult of Benish Armon

Ûvatha the Horseman

Tarma Tar-Calion Revisited

The logistics of Minas Tirith

Umbarean trade with Eriador: A neglected topic

Product Review - Arnor

Eyes of the Blind Night

Other Hands #8 - January 1995

Editorial: Vision or illusion?

The religious rituals of the Dúnedain of Gondor

The Lost Realm of Myr

The Knife of Betrayal

The legacy of Calimendil

Product review - Palantír Quest

Product review - Moria: the Black Chasm

Arda - Annual for Arda-research

Other Hands #9 - April 1995

Editorial: We are not alone

The religious ritual and practice of the Elves of Middle-Earth

The Healers of Gondor

A count of the Khazad

Family business

The Miller’s Tale

Product review - The Kin-strife