Arda - Annual for Arda-research

Since 1982, a small band of Scandinavian enthusiasts from the academic world have been producing Arda, an occasional — It’s supposed to be annual, but isn’t — publication devoted to the writings ofJ.R.R. Tolkien. There are currently seven volumes of Arda, each of which contains a number of essays (occasionally by leading Tolkien scholars, such as Tom Shippey) and reviews of Tolkien-related events and books of the year. Each volume contains between 100 and 250 pages.

Arda is bilingual (English/​Swedish), but extensive summaries are given in the language other than that used in an article. Article quality ranges from the excellent to the trivial, but many of the best actually appear in English (as mastery of that language is required of Scandinavian scholars).

Although Arda contains no material that is directly related to Middle-earth gaming and does not review gaming products, it may nevertheless be of interest to gamemasters seeking to enhance their campaign by venturing deeper into Tolkien’s writings. Examples of such pieces include studies of Rohirrim time-reckoning (Arda 1982 – 1983), Hobbit matchmaking (Arda 1983 – 1984), distance and time calculations for Sam and Frodo’s trek through Cirith Ungol (Arda 1986), the cosmology of Middle-earth and the nature of Beorn (Arda 1987).

As postage and exchange rates vary (US airmail for a single volume may range anywhere from $ 10 to $20), it is best to inquire about prices directly from the editor:

Arda, c/​o Anders Stenström
Stiernhielmsgatan 5B, S-753 33 Uppsala, Sweden


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